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Christine had returned to the old family home after her husband Harold had been killed in a plane crash. She was an experienced math teacher in her early 30s. Unlike teachers in some subjects, her skills were desired by most districts, including the schools in her old home town. So now she was a well-regarded faculty member at the high school, popular both with other teachers and their students, as well as parents.

Her younger sister Susan and Susan’s husband Jim had been living in the large house where the two sisters had come of age. When Christine let Susan know that she was coming home once she had handled the formalities of selling the house Harold and she had enjoyed during their marriage, Susan wrote her that she really should live with them.

“The house as you know is huge,” Susan said, “and there’s more than enough room for you. Besides, we’d enjoy the company.”

Christine chuckled now, as she thought of how things had developed. Susan worked in advertising as a freelance and had fairly irregular income; her husband was a machinist who had decent work but also was not regularly employed so they were very appreciative when Christine volunteered to contribute more than her share to the costs of running the house, not that these were terribly high since their parents had paid the mortgage off before their deaths.

Christine had met a few men at the church she returned to attending—Susan and Jim had no use for church, she learned—and through a few of her old friends still in town. She did not like the idea of going to bars to meet men and also figured it was still a bad idea for a teacher to be seen in that kind of setting.

She had enjoyed married life with Harold. Neither wanted children and now Christine was appreciative because it made her move home that much easier. What she really missed, though, was the wonderful sex life she and her husband had enjoyed. Both were insatiable and both enjoyed ranging into kinky zones.

Christine was a small-to-middling town girl who learned from Harold’s West Coast upbringing. The couple found they enjoyed getting into spanking scenes and soon each gave and received strokes with canes, switches, and even a martinet. Christine gradually began to assume a more dominant role in the relationship and had even gone so far as to have her husband happily render toilet service for her.

After she moved back into the old family home, which Susan and Jim had had for themselves for about five years since their parents had passed on, she found herself asking Susan how her marriage was.

“Well, you know, Chris,” Susan began, “Jim and I do have disagreements because our income stream can be erratic. Frankly, at times we behave very badly toward each other.”

Christine’s eyes flashed at hearing this and she responded, calmly, by asking more.

“Maybe the two of you need some discipline at times,” she suggested in a slightly bland tone.

“Discipline?” Susan asked. “You mean…something like spanking?”

“Well…yes,” Christine answered. “It can be both useful and exciting.”

“Is casino siteleri this something you have done?” Susan pressed. “Chris, you do strike me as the take-charge type even more than when we were growing up and Mom used to put you in charge. In fact, I remember one time when she let you spank me.”

This was enough to start Christine’s juices flowing right into the crotch of her panties.

“Maybe you want to talk to Jim about this,” Christine answered. “Yes, it’s something I might be prepared to provide if the two of you think it would help and that you might even like it.”

Susan grinned and said she would talk to her husband.

“I have to confess, Chris, that I still remember that spanking,” Susan went on. “It did hurt but it did get me very turned on.”

Christine smiled and said that it might make all three living in the house feel better in several ways.

Christine had trouble keeping her composure until she was back in her own bedroom that night under the covers with her hand in her panties probing her gushing sex. She ran her fingers through her plenteous pubic hair and reflected on how hard she had worked to maintain her delightful figure. Chris was proud of her 36C chest but also that her weight never rose above 137 lbs. Her sandy blonde hair added to her overall attractiveness and she had noticed some of the boys in her high school math classes making eyes at her.


That night Susan explored with Jim the prospect of allowing Christine to become their regular disciplinarian.

“Do you think she would want to follow through and join us in our bedroom?” Jim asked. “Your sister is quite attractive and I hope that wouldn’t make you jealous, sweetie.”

“I have a feeling she would join us, darling,” Susan responded, with a grin. “If I know my older sister, she’s jilling right now in there as we speak. I hope I can trust you not to fall head over heels when I give in and let you fuck her brains out because she’s probably dying for your lovely tool up her wazoo.”

“Sweetie, you know I adore you and that goes for that wonderful cunt between your legs,” Jim responded with affection as Susan lay back, spread her legs and welcomed her husband’s amply-sized cock into her snug love tunnel. They proceeded to make very pleasant love for quite a while, but kept their moaning quite low to avoid bothering Christine whose room was only down the hall.

The next day Susan winked at Christine over breakfast and smiled at her once Jim took off on a job.

“We’re game, sis,” she said smoothly, “so you’d better get that strong hand ready to wallop our behinds later.”

Christine laughed and said she hoped all would enjoy this even though she agreed that spanking could serve laudable disciplinary purposes. She suggested to Susan that she inform Jim that the two of them should report to Christine’s room at about nine that night.


Christine spent some time that afternoon preparing for the session that she figured could shape her life at her old homestead. She put on fresh white silky panties to canlı casino make herself feel good, a matching lacy white bra and garter belt, with seamed stockings beneath a crisp white blouse and grey flannel skirt. With her smart burgundy pumps, she decided she was perfectly outfitted to dominate her sister and brother-in-law.

Jim was interested in trying out the idea Susan had broached to him. But he wasn’t that fascinated to change his work clothes once he arrived home. Susan, however, found an ancient pair of little girl panties she had somehow kept in her bottom drawer, with little bunnies on them and managed to squeeze into them as her figure had remained girlish. She matched them with a short skirt and cute blouse.

Dinner was a bit constrained as neither Chris nor Susan had put on their costumes until retiring to their rooms. But promptly at nine, Susan and Jim rapped on Christine’s door.

“Come in,” she said loudly enough to be heard and both Susan and Jim gasped when they saw her crisp outfit.

Once they were standing before her, with Christine seated demurely by her bed in a straight chair, Christine intoned, “I understand you both have been quite naughty for some time so you are prepared to be disciplined so as to correct these attitudes.”

Susan responded for both as she recalled the similar phrases their mother had used before spankings, “Yes, Miss Christine, we are prepared to take our medicine.”

“Very well,” Christine responded, “you will pay attention to the rules that I will spell out for you both from now on. I shall keep track of your behavior during the week so that each Friday at this time we will resolve any naughtiness right here. You will each keep a small notebook that I will use to enter demerits or other comments on your behavior. Each week I will grade you in Conduct based on my observation and what is entered in the notebooks.”

She began the current review then.

“I have noticed that you have not been cleaning up after yourselves,” she said. “I will demand improvement in your tidiness. This applies to your persons. Now both of you will lower your pants or lift your skirt and lower your underpants so I may check them for cleanliness.”

Susan’s face turned red and Jim almost lost it at this severe invasion of privacy but both lowered their underpants.

Christine inspected them and commented on the various stains in Susan’s little panties and Jim’s skidmarked boxer shorts.

“These are unacceptable and will earn you penalty points,” she stated. “And if I don’t see real improvement in the cleanliness of your underpants by next time, you both be waering little girl panties, and yes, you could find yourselves diapered. Now both of you bend over the bed. Susan, we will start with you. Come and lay over my lap.”

Susan cringed at the horrid thought of being put into a diaper like an infant but quickly complied with the order as her husband lay over the bed facing away.

Christine adjusted Susan’s middle over her lap, made sure the little panties were below Susan’s bottom, and kaçak casino began to spank her white cheeks quite firmly as Susan began to whimper and then groan as the spanks increased in intensity and her bottom reddened.

Interrupting the spanks as Susan’s cheeks showed the results of the spanking, Christine let her finger run down Susan’s furrow, feeling the seeping wetness her younger sister was exuding.

“Hmm,” Christine commented, “it appears some little girl is getting nice and hot from this experience.”

Susan could only moan in response as the insinuating finger slipped into her soaking vagina and moved in and out as she resisted the urge to rotate her hips in rhythm with the finger.

Christine withdrew her finger and told Susan to return to the couch and to bend over next to her husband.

Then she summoned Jim to her lap and the meek-faced man slowly advanced, with a proud erection emanating from his crotch. Christine made no acknowledgment of his hard-on except to motion him across her lap with her little finger. Then she opened her stockinged legs to catch his tool between her thighs and press them close in on it.

Christine smiled and put a controlling hand over his waist as she began to spank his equally white bottom. Jim felt the hard spanks but resolutely held back from showing any sign that he was hurting.

Finally, Christine reached between his legs and let her fingernail run up from the base of his scrotum to the tip of his turgid member. Jim had involuntarily released a dollop of precum from this intensely pleasurable touching and hoped he could keep from blowing his wad entirely.


Christine had Jim return to bend over next to his wife. She then directed both of them to strip entirely.

Gazing at her attractive sister and her handsome husband, Chris grinned as she informed them that part of their discipline would include their engaging in what she referred to as directed sex.

“You will be enjoying each other but performing strictly in compliance with my directions,” she explained. “If you should decide not to do what you are told, this cane will serve as a reminder.” She gave the thin yellowish cane a whish through the air that impressed her sister and brother-in-law.

“Now, Susie,” she went on, “you will get up on the bed on all fours, on your hands and knees with your legs quite widely spread. Then Jim, you may get behind her and carefully penetrate her pussy with your cock, but you may only insert the head, no more.”

As both of them moved into position to comply with Chris’s directions, she stood next to them, helping Jim guide his piston into her sister’s cute little cunt. Chris then put her hand right round his shaft to keep all but the head from entering the warm vagina.

“Oh, Miss Christine,” Susie squealed, “I want that tool deep inside me, please!!”

“You will have to earn that privilege, Susie,” Christine intoned, not releasing her grip on Jim’s tool. She took her other hand and calmly inserted her middle finger into his tight anal rosette.

Jim realized quickly that with this stimulation, he would have trouble holding off a very major cum building in his loins.

Christine smiled as she advised him, “You won’t cum, Jim, until I say so, unless you want to feel my cane on your bare cheeks.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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