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I was in my red flannel jammies and Daddy was wearing his blue flannel ones when I went into his bedroom to say goodnight. I don’t always do that. I used to when I was little but I don’t anymore except when I feel like it for some reason and I did feel like it then. Daddy was sitting at the computer and he was typing. I decided to sneak up on him and give him a surprise hug. I tip toed barefoot across the wood floor. Even though I am eighteen and a senior in high school, I still love surprising Daddy and making him laugh and I was almost giggling myself as I thought about him jumping in his chair when I put my arms around him.

Hmmmm, Daddy seemed to be in some kind of a chatroom, I realized, when I looked over his shoulder at the screen. I got a little closer. Jeepers, what kind of a chatroom was this? It said, “Incest” in big letters on the side of the screen. Daddy finished typing what he was saying and hit the enter key. I had to blink twice when saw what came on.

“Bigdick: yeah, I have this same incest fantasy all the time. It is driving me crazy.”

I must have made a noise because Daddy suddenly turned around. I thought he was going fall out of his char. His face got beet red as he looked at me. He sputtered but he didn’t really say anything. Daddy was trying to block my view of the screen by sitting up as high as he could but I could see half the screen over his shoulder.

“Ninehardinches: Tell us about it bigdick. Is she a hot? Does she love to fuck?”

This was very interesting. Plus it was making me tingle all over. Daddy’s computer chair is wide and it swivels. It cost a lot of money, I know, because I was with my Mom when she bought it for him for Christmas last year.

“Hmmm, Daddy, I want to see this,” I said, and I hopped onto his lap, folding my legs under me between Daddy’s legs and the arms of his chair.

Daddy went “oomph” but he didn’t push me away. I think he was too startled to do anything. I leaned into him, looking over his shoulder at the screen. I could feel my left breast pressing Daddy’s face through the flannel top. It felt nice but I was more interested in the naughty words that kept popping up on the screen.

“Daughterfucker: So, bigdick, are you the same bigdick who was telling us about your Thanksgiving dinner fantasy where the cherry pie gets burned up in the oven so they put the cunt up on the table and the family eats her for dessert?”

I squealed when I read that. I couldn’t believe that Daddy could be so naughty. I was very disappointed in him and very excited at the same time. I couldn’t figure myself out. Well, I decided to let Daddy know that I knew all about his naughty ways so I started to read Daughterfucker’s statement out loud for Daddy, who couldn’t see it of course because his face was buried in my flannel top. I was about half way through reading it when Daddy moved his mouth on my breast. Then he bit my nipple through the flannel, not hard but he bit it and he moved his teeth back and forth on it almost making me pass out!

“Hey, what are you doing?”, I yelled, pulling back from him.

“I was just biting on one of canlı bahis your jammy top buttons, what’s the matter with that?”

“That wasn’t a button, Daddy!”

Daddy laughed. His face was still red but he looked more together, like he was starting to enjoy himself.

“Well, I guess it was one of your buttons, sweetheart, the buttons you show off all the time in those tight jerseys you like to wear.”

“Hmmm,” I said, because he was right about that. “So, Daddy who is the person in your fantasy who gets up on the table. Let’s see, um, is it Aunt Ginger because she is very pretty.”

Daddy laughed. “No it’s not her.”

“Well, is it Grandma. I mean she is kind of old but she is very nice. Or is it Nancy, she and Greg are coming this year and she is very cute (Greg is my brother, he is 24 and Nancy is his wife, she is the same age).”

Daddy shook his head. It wasn’t either of them.

“Hmmmm. It can’t be Mom because she is your wife and that’s not incest. Hmmm, you don’t mean….me, do you Daddy?” My nipple was still tingling from Daddy’s bite and I was still totally amazed he had done that to me and just as totally amazed about his fantasy, which of course was to fuck me if I knew what incest meant, which I did. Hmmmm, I thought, Daddy was bad to have thoughts like that! I am really disappointed in him. I wonder what it would be like.

Daddy groaned. “It’s hard enough looking at you but to have you sitting in my lap and teasing me when you are half undressed is UNFAIR.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. It wasn’t my fault I look like I do but I guess it was my fault that I wear tight jerseys a lot and short shorts and bikini swimsuits and that I do this because I like it when guys look at me and I even liked it when I would catch Daddy doing it, to be honest, but I mean I never like encouraged him to get naughty with me the way he was being naughty now. All of a sudden, Daddy got a lot naughtier. A wild look came over his face then he grabbed the front of my jammy top and totally ripped it open, making all the buttons pop off and go flying all over the place.

“Daddy!”, I cried, shocked at what he had done. I looked down at myself. My breasts were exposed, like totally, and they were peeking at Daddy with their hard pointy nipples and Daddy was peeking back at them. He was more than peeking!

“Sorry, sweetie, I had to do that,” Daddy said. He was breathing a little heavily, I thought. “I’ll buy you some new pajamas. Don’t tell your mother, ok.”

“Ok, Daddy.” I could feel something underneath me that I hadn’t felt before. I had a pretty good idea what it was. I don’t know if Daddy was aware of it then or not, I mean aware that he was pushing a big bulge against me right where my cunt is, because Daddy was just staring at my breasts as if he couldn’t believe he was seeing them right there in front of his face almost. I squirmed a little on his bulge. Mmmmmm, I liked it. Daddy’s eyebrows shot up.

“Whoa, watch that sweetheart.”

“Ok,” I giggled, and I slid off the bulge. Now it was in front of me and both Daddy and I looked down at it. The buttons were open on bahis siteleri Daddy’s jammy fly and in the opening his white boxers were showing stretched tightly over the bulge. I was very impressed at how big and strong looking the bulge was. It seemed like the bulge was trying to escape from that open fly but the underpants were holding it back.

Then the bulge began to wiggle.

“Oh!”, I squealed when I saw the bulge do that. I have an uncle who can wiggle his ears and I guessed that Daddy could do the same thing with his hardon and that he was wiggling it to see if he could make it slip through his shorts. He could have just reached down and taken it out but he didn’t do that. Instead, he kept wiggling and wiggling it. I could have reached down too, but I didn’t either. I was too afraid for one thing. So Daddy and I watched the bulge wiggle and I think we both got the idea in our minds that if the bulge could wiggle free and get out of Daddy’s jammies and stick up in the air and be a big hard cock then the bulge would be able to have whatever it wanted and if the bulge failed then it would have to stay where it was and be disappointed, and Daddy and I were like an audience watching to see which one would happen.

Daddy was trying so hard with his wiggling the sweat began to run down his cheeks. He gritted his teeth as he watched the bulge move this way and that way in the open fly of his jammies. And then it happened, like all at once. He had wiggled it until he got the fly of his boxers lined up with the open jammy fly and then it just, bang, popped right out, like a jack in the box and I found myself staring at Daddy’s cock.

“Oh gosh,” I whispered. I could see why Daddy called himself Bigdick in that chatroom.

Daddy didn’t say a word. Suddenly his arms went around me and then my jammy bottoms were coming off and my panties with them. I held my breath and closed my eyes. I felt the air on myself where my panties had been. Daddy pulled the jammy bottoms and my panties completely off and dropped them on the floor. He picked me up by my hips and put me over his cock.

I looked down as I was being lowered to where Daddy wanted me. I lost sight of Daddy’s big hardon a second before I felt it against my cunt. The cock pushed into the opening of my cunt and then Daddy just let me sink down on it. His cock was too big for me, really, so it went in a little at a time, slow but steady because my cunt of course wasn’t strong enough to hold me up. My weight forced my cunt to open wider and wider for Daddy’s big invader and then, pretty soon, it was in me all the way and I mean all the way. Daddy lifted me then and I rode part way off his cock but not all the way and then he let me down again, then up and down and up and down and down and up and down and up. Daddy is real strong. I don’t think any of the boys I know could have just lifted me up and down like that so easily, as if I were a sex doll or something, but that is what Daddy did.

Neither one of had said anything since we had first watched his bulge wiggle and we still weren’t talking to each other. I was moaning, though, and sighing and gasping. bahis şirketleri My breasts were bouncing as Daddy fucked me and Daddy was watching them do that. My breasts are pretty firm so they don’t bounce a lot even when I am being bounced but they do a little and they are cute when they do and Daddy liked watching them, I could tell. He also liked fucking me. His eyes got watery and he was breathing through his mouth and he began to make these mumbling noises that sounded a little like words but I couldn’t understand them. I came before Daddy did, which was no big surprise. I was thrashing around and making noises and I think I hit Daddy in the face without meaning to but it didn’t slow him down. He pumped me as fast as he could, driving his cock into me really hard and making me want him to fuck me forever and then he came, and boy was it something! His orgasm was so forceful it made me cum all over again, but right in the middle of his spurting Daddy let go of me and I lost my balance and fell off him onto the floor. Daddy’s cum shot up in the air and landed right on me, all over breasts and my face.

I lay there panting with Daddy’s cum on me, gazing up at him as his own gaze cleared and he looked down at me. A strange look came over Daddy’s face.

“What the heck is going on?”

“Well, you just fucked me Daddy for one thing.”

“Good heavens, Elsie, did I really fuck you? Oh my God!!”

I sat up, feeling the cum getting sticky on my face. I didn’t wipe it off because I wanted Daddy to see what he had done since he seemed a little confused about things.

“It hurts my feelings, Daddy, if you don’t even remember that you fucked me. I mean you really shouldn’t fuck me, Daddy, but if you are going to fuck me you should at least remember that you did. What is the matter with you? Are getting senile or something.” I felt cross now. I stood up and picked up my jimmies and started putting them back on.

“I…I do remember. Of course I do. I just am dazed by it all and amazed that it happened. I got carried away by the moment. I hope you are ok.”

I wiped my face now and I wiped the cum off my breasts while Daddy watched me. I could see he was starting to feel better.

“I’m ok,” I smiled. “You wanted to fuck me, Daddy, you told the people in the chatroom that you did.”

“A dream come true,” Daddy smiled.

“Yes. Sometimes people have the same dream over and over again,” I said softly, buttoning up my jammy top but doing it very slowly so Daddy could have a nice long look at my breasts.

Daddy laughed in a strange way, as if is something was getting stuck in his throat.

“Yes, yes, sweetheart. Dreams do that. Maybe they come true a lot, too.”

I yawned and stretched. I felt warm all over and very happy and sexy, too, and I kissed Daddy on the cheek and walked to the door, making sure I wiggled my bottom as I went.

“So, Daddy, do you think Grandma will be making a cherry pie for Thanksgiving?”, I asked.

Daddy laughed. “We’ll find out tomorrow, honey. She always does.”

“Maybe she will burn it up this time by mistake,” I said, making Daddy laugh again before I left the room and went to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a fun day. Thanksgiving was always great. We always had wonderful food and a lot of company and a good time.

Next Chapter – Thanksgiving Dinner

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