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Double Penetration

This story is about a meeting between three consenting adults who became connected through a shared love of sexual exploration and intimacy. All were over eighteen years old at the time they met. I was one of them and I have the consent of the other two to share what happened. This is my recollection of the time we spent together.

It was early summer when I drove to the North of England with my close friend Nicole. Our plan was to meet Charlotte in her newly built studio in an isolated rural setting. Nicole was talkative for most of the journey but as we turned onto a narrow country road she suddenly became uncharacteristically quiet.

I looked across at her in the passenger seat and smiled, absorbed as I always was by her beautiful face, her dark skin and the long hair falling across her shoulders. Her knees were pressed close together but the sight of her thighs just revealed by the short black skirt she was wearing thrilled me as we approached our final destination.

“It’s the next right after this large tree,” I said.

“Wow,” she replied. “I can’t believe I’m finally here.”

We took the turning and then wiggled through a narrow single lane track with high hedgerows before entering an open gate into a yard. It was as I had remembered it. Converted farm buildings and tall trees surrounding a neatly paved yard. I immediately recognised Charlotte’s Santorini black Range Rover parked to the right. She had made the journey here from her home which I knew was about fifteen miles away in the next county.

I felt both excitement and tremendous responsibility. I had planned this moment. Carefully, over many weeks of delicate conversation, I had contrived to bring two people I cared for very much, together in one place. To both meet each other and to join me in an exotic sexual experience that I knew might surpass anything that I had ever known.

“Is that Charlotte’s car?” asked Nicole.

“Yes,” I replied. “I imagine she’ll be waiting for us. She’s always early and always super-organised!”

“The total opposite of me you mean! What if she doesn’t like me, Steven?” Nicole stroked my shoulder as she said this and I felt the insecurity in her voice.

“I know she’ll like you, Nicole. She’ll love the way your excitement builds and the way you lose yourself in passion. And how gorgeous you are of course! You mustn’t worry.”

We got out of the car and walked towards the simple white door that separated the innocent country scene from the interior where the darkest of fantasies unfolded in Charlotte’s palace of pleasure. I had stepped through that door only three times since the studio had been completed and each time Charlotte had shocked and delighted me with a new naughtiness. I am no prude but, my word, Charlotte had an imagination and determination to thrill that still reverberated through my body, many weeks after I had last been here. Charlotte was something else.

I took Nicole’s hand and pressed the doorbell once. I turned to her and placed a kiss on her cheek. I had known her for none delightful months and we had shared some of the most intimate and fiercely erotic moments of my life. A joyful and unrepentant sexual being, Nicole was freely bisexual and had a sex drive higher than anyone else I had ever met. She had virtually made me sign a contract that she could still have sex with whomever she pleased even though we had become close and we had an emotional commitment to each other. We certainly had a caring and warm relationship, but I knew that at any moment she could easily seduce someone else, boy or girl if the fancy took her.

It was a curious friendship. Nowhere near the middle of the bell curve of human relationships but I accepted it and of course she was very comfortable with me sleeping with other people as long as I told her the details afterwards! I had known Charlotte for much longer and whilst our working lives meant that we were always so far apart, we had shared some intense moments together when I was in her part of England for work. Moments so exquisite and memorable that despite our geographical distance from each other, we had remained in touch and whenever possible I had made the effort to see her. Every time was thrilling and when I started seeing Nicole, Charlotte loved to hear all the details and through her own interest in human sexuality, seemed to share in my pleasure.

Charlotte’s sexual preferences were also unconventional. From an early age she had been fascinated by the feminine beauty of a woman’s body. The allure of breasts, the promise of moist and pliant folds of flesh between her legs. Charlotte had been captivated by the female form and worshiped the delicate curves of a woman’s body. And yet, emotionally, she also craved the attentions of men. Loved the feel of men touching her, men caressing and kissing her. Men pushing their hard cocks deep into her. She wanted love and hot, passionate sex with both men and women to fulfil her desires and as a tall, elegant izmir escort bayan and ravishingly beautiful blond goddess, she could more or less attract whomever she pleased.

Charlotte had one more criterion that was important to her. She needed human warmth, honesty and respect. Attributes she had in abundance herself and ones which she appreciated in others. Charlotte was one of the loveliest people I’d ever met and to look into her eyes was like seeing the whole world reflected back at you. Her empathy and understanding were bewitching and the promise of her willing body and passionate, naughty imagination filled me with desire whenever I was close to her.

Three months before, I had conceived the idea that I might bring Nicole to meet Charlotte. The thought of having my two shamelessly bisexual lovers meet and indulge with me every pleasure we had known separately, yet now together as a three, captivated me. The phrase “threesome” came to mind but the level of warmth and affection I felt for these two gorgeous young women seemed to make such a phrase rather crass. I wanted this to be something really special for all of us, founded on the love and respect I felt. The meeting would also be based on what I hoped were the positive impressions they had of each other from my own candid revelations!

It only took one ring on the doorbell and ten seconds of waiting before Charlotte answered the door. She wore a long black velvet coat, delicately embroidered and full length to hide any trace of what she was wearing beneath. Her hair was glowing and elegantly styled and her smile immediately put Nicole at ease as she kissed her cheeks and spoke enthusiastic words of welcome. Charlotte lavished Nicole with kisses and an enthusiastic appreciation of her appearance.

“Ooo, Nicole,” she cried, “You are so beautiful. You are gorgeous. Steven didn’t warn me quite how ravishing you are!” Charlotte whispered her appreciation into Nicole’s ears as she kissed her and wrapped her arms around her. “Oh, yes,” she said with mock distain. “And I guess it’s nice to see you as well!” as she turned to face me with a cheeky grin. “It’s lovely to see you both together. I couldn’t sleep last night I was so excited!”

We went inside and Charlotte took us on a tour of her studio. It was, quite simply, a place designed for sex. Every fetish and craving could be indulged here. Charlotte delighted in explaining that her own blood, sweat and tears had gone into every tiny detail of the design, layout and fabric of the building. She hired it out to couples and groups with very particular requirements and also arranged to make video recordings of the illicit activities that took place, occasionally making an appearance herself in cameo as a dominatrix. More often than not though Charlotte used this place to indulge her own very personal passion for the darker side of sexual exploration. Only very select individuals were invited to spend time with Charlotte here.

On the ground floor a large bathroom and reception room might have indicated that the building was simply a comfortable, welcoming retreat in the country but at the end of the corridor a double staircase beckoned and we took the right side of it first so that Charlotte could show off the illicit delights of her dungeon space. The room was as I remembered but now more fully equipped. New straps and fixings, low leather couches and a big wooden X shaped cross formed the centre of one of the walls. Opposite were leather bound pieces of furniture with attachment points for restraint. She had personally picked out all of the specialist exotic equipment that furnished the dungeon and she had painted walls and ceilings, screwed fittings to the walls and hung the straps and chains to her own exacting desires.

It was certainly a compelling sight to see the dungeon and for me, and I imagined Nicole in particular, it was a very exciting moment in our tour. Nicole found pleasure in restraint, in vulnerability and in pain and over the last few months she had introduced me to this world. It had shocked me at first but gradually, I had become more and more enthralled by Nicole’s fascination with these taboo acts and soon I was fully immersed in the fulfilment of her dark fantasies. After seeing the dungeon we went across to the other part of the staircase were soon in a beautiful bedroom with candle holders and drapes to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

“My vanilla space,” Charlotte said with a sparkle in her eye. I knew there was nothing vanilla about what went on in here! Joining this room, a walk-in dressing room revealed Charlotte’s taste for leather and latex. All manner of costumes, masks and boots made our minds race with what clothing Charlotte had hidden under her long coat! Charlotte invited us to help ourselves to refreshments in the reception room and freshen up. “Take as long as you wish,” she said. “I’ll be in the dungeon preparing so as soon as you are ready, just come on up.”

Charlotte escort izmir looked intently at Nicole and me as she said this and it was impossible not to miss the heavy weight of sex pervading every syllable that she uttered. Charlotte’s brilliant blue eyes shone and the dark makeup around her eyes intensified her sultry expression as she voiced her invitation. She then smiled before sauntering out of the room with a flick of her blond hair and the sway of her hips leaving a tantalizing taste of the delights to come.

Nicole and I showered and quickly changed into fresh clothes. I had jeans and a black shirt. Nicole opted for matching red and black suspenders, stockings, panties and bra and nothing else. Her hair was free and wild, cascading over her shoulders and back. She was obviously determined to make a strong impression from the start. I had never seen her look so ravishing. Standing in front of the mirror she touched up her make-up. A kohl pencil painted smoky traces around her dark eyes and she took time to ensure her lashes were perfect. In a final touch, she painted a deep red wing over each eyelid, the red fibre mascara glittered with specks of gold that caught the light over the mirror and created a dazzling counterpoint to her red and black lingerie. Nicole looked fabulous and as she turned to me I took her hands and shared my thoughts.

“Wow, Nicole. You look fantastic, Nicole,” I said. “I love that little ‘go faster stripe’ on your eye. You are like a little human Ferrari,” I joked.

“Not a time for jokes right now, Steve!!” Nicole shot back, eyes flashing with playful admonition.

I chuckled but responded reassuringly. “You definitely look great. Very sexy. Very elegant. Irresistible. “So what do you think about Charlotte?”

“You know what I think! From the very first moment you showed me her pictures. She’s gorgeous!” said Nicole.

She continued, “And I am very turned on right now. I think we are going to have a lovely time together but I have a little trepidation, I must admit. From what you’ve said about her, I hope I can bring you both enough pleasure?”

“There’s no pressure here, Nicole,” I said, to reassure her, “Charlotte is a warm and empathetic person. She seems to read my thoughts and turns me on effortlessly just by being herself. You’ll see!”

Nicole took my hand again and looked straight into my eyes. Again a little flash of concern manifested itself in her expression. “I know you’ve reassured me about this already but Steven, you know my job and my family background. Are you absolutely certain that it’s a good idea to let Charlotte video everything that goes on today? It’s not going to end up on Pornhub or OnlyFans is it?”

I squeezed her hands and kissed her on the cheek before replying. “Nicole,” I said. “I would trust Charlotte with my life. She’s a person of absolute integrity and trustworthiness. I know she’ll want to watch it herself or with us but she would never share it with anyone else. It’s just not in her nature to ever betray a trust like that.”

We made our way to the dungeon. A heavy wooden door marked its entrance and I stopped for a moment at the door, sliding my arms around Nicole and kissed her softly on the cheek and lips. She responded, her increased breathing signalling her desire and excitement at what lay beyond the portal in front of us. The bass notes of rock music penetrated the wooden barrier and as I pressed my fingers to the door, I felt the vibrations. I knew Charlotte’s taste in music but could not quite discern the particular piece that was playing.

I turned the handle slowly and pushed the door inwards. Soaring guitar chords of alternative rock burst through the entrance and the view inside caused me to inhale sharply, such was the great rush of sensations that suddenly washed over me. Candles from tall metal tripods lit the room with soft flickering light and I noticed that there was one in each of the four corners of the room and a low central one. The subtle lighting added to the atmosphere and incense sticks sent vertical spiralling smoke snakes into the heat trails of the candles. It had an air of mystery and sensuality.

And then there was Charlotte.

Charlotte sat at the back of the room on a large throne-like chair. One elegant leg lay crossed over the other and her hands laid on the arm rests. Her heavy coat removed, she sat in repose with a see-through top and black suspenders and stockings looking like some goddess from my most exotic wet dream. The volume of the music dropped a little as Charlotte’s finger moved lightly over her phone.

I took Nicole’s hand and led her forward. The room smelled of a heady mix of incense and leather and the heavy aromas added to the feeling of excitement. I glanced at Nicole and she was looking straight at Charlotte, eyes shining and wide with anticipation. Charlotte stood up and walked slowly towards us, her platform boots adding to her height making her look imposing and very sexy. Her izmir escort arms spread as we met in the centre of the room and she spoke with confidence and authority.

“Welcome to my dungeon!” Charlotte said and she swiftly made it clear she would be leading the first episode of our adventure. “My lovely Nicole. It’s such a pleasure to entertain you here at last. Are you ready to place yourself in my hands and let me do whatever I want to you?”

“Yes, I am” replied Nicole clearly.

“And you will let Steven do whatever he wants to you as well?” Charlotte’s question prompted Nicole to turn to face me for a moment and she looked at me with serious eyes and gave a simple response.

“Yes”. Nicole brushed my hand as she replied then returned her eyes to Charlotte.

“And finally,” Charlotte said with a serious expression across her face. “Are you happy that I video record everything that happens between us when we are together?”

“Yes,” said Nicole, glancing briefly at remote control that Charlotte held in her hand.

“Ooo, I’m going to have some fun!” said Charlotte and she moved closer to Nicole and whispered softly in her ear. “Do you have some safe words, my darling?” Spoken so softly that I barely heard the words. Nicole responded in a similarly muted fashion to preserve the secret trust they were only just beginning to build.

Nicole whispered back “Just red and yellow,” followed by something I couldn’t quite make out.

I caught Charlotte’s eyes momentarily as she again quizzed Nicole. Her eyes flashed with mischief and she whispered a little louder so I could clearly hear “And is it OK if I push you all the way to yellow?”

This caught Nicole off guard and I saw the momentary surprise in her face. “Oh,” she said, hesitating for a moment and thinking about her response. “Yes, you can. Perhaps not over and over but, yes. Maybe if you increase the intensity quite slowly so I can enjoy the build-up as well as that feeling I get when I’m close to my limits?”

My mouth was dry now with the thrill of this quiet conversation. I looked at the faces of these beautiful girls and saw their pupils were wide with excitement. I moved around behind Nicole and put my hands on her shoulders and Charlotte moved placed a kiss on each of Nicole’s cheeks before saying “Are you ready?” Nicole nodded and as if from nowhere Charlotte produced a sash blindfold and placed it over Nicole’s eyes. I stroked Nicole’s shoulders and felt the goose bumps on the skin of her arms. I could tell she was excited.

Charlotte and I now came together in front of Nicole. Both of us placed an arm around Nicole to hold her close and then very deliberately, our mouths moved close together in front of her so that she could hear and sense our lips moving against each other’s. Charlotte kissed me. She moaned her appreciation of my tongue probing into her mouth and met my lips with her own searching tongue. We kissed hard, breathing and moaning right in front of Nicole’s face, pausing periodically to kiss her face and neck before returning to devouring each other tantalisingly close to Nicole’s own lips.

Charlotte now pulled back slightly and with a slight flick of her head, she indicated it was time to lead Nicole to her fate. She led the blindfolded girl by the hand to a corner of the room where she had installed a powered hoist. Two metal cords from the ceiling were attached by robust carabiners to an inverted V shaped bar. A control panel on the wall nearby controlled the hoist but at the moment the bar was just the right height to fasten Nicole’s arms above her head. Wrist and forearm straps on each side secured her arms above her head and I directed Nicole’s fingers to two grips that she could hold onto. When she was secure, Charlotte moved to the wall and pushed a button to slowly raise the bar. With a gasp, Nicole felt the pull and as Charlotte stopped the hoist, I noticed that Nicole was now held on tip-toes, her stocking and suspender clad body primed for whatever Charlotte and I decided to do to her.

Charlotte moved to the wall again and flicked her phone a few times, leaving it on a shelf. The music changed to her favourite artist. The one whose face was tattooed on her leg. Charlotte raised the volume and a pulsing guitar riff intensified the atmosphere and made my heart race. It was the perfect tune for what we were about to do. Reaching up to hooks on the wall, Charlotte retrieved two floggers and handed one to me. She pulled me in for one hard kiss before we moved again to Nicole, helpless and strung up waiting for us.

Charlotte walked around Nicole’s stretched body like a predator admiring her kill. Using the handle end of the flogger Charlotte delicately touched Nicole’s belly and she immediately jumped at the sudden touch even though it was light and gentle. Nicole was in a heightened state of expectation and Charlotte and I would play with her like this. I touched Nicole’s raised arm just below the elbow and she reacted in a similar way, her chest moving rapidly with her breathing. I let my fingertips slide down her arm to her side, skipping the fastenings of her bra and continuing down to her hips before crossing onto her sensitive exposed belly.

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