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Mary sat down at the table with her mother. She eyed the food spread out for dinner anxiously. There were pickled eggs and deviled ham sandwiches, a roast beef and two heads of boiled cabbage. Her stomach rumbled and she shifted in her seat, waiting for her mother to finish talking on the phone.

Finally, she hung up the receiver. Mary heaped her plate with eggs and cabbage and dug in heartily. Her mother did likewise, albeit at a bit more civilized pace. Caroline was a voluptuous woman, and she could eat more than all of her daughters combined. She wore a tight corset that seemed to make her already huge breasts even bigger. She patted her bosom and swallowed another pickled egg.

Mary massaged her stomach, which was rapidly filling with greasy food. She let out a small, soft burp, sighing in relief.

Caroline slammed her fork down. She straightened in her seat and drew her breath in sharply. Mary stopped eating and looked up timidly. “Mary!” she reprimanded. “You know better than that.”

Mary swallowed. “I’m sorry, Ma.” She straightened up and tucked her hair back, folding her hands in her lap. Her belly gurgled and she let out a loud, three-second-long belch that blew her napkin off the table.

Caroline raised an eyebrow and smiled. “That’s better.” She picked up Mary’s napkin and handed it back to her. “I won’t have my daughter letting out small belches.” She adopted a rakish pose, one hand behind her head, pushing her hair forward slightly, the other upon her hip. Winking at Mary, she unleashed a massive belch that made Mary’s seem tiny by comparison. Flecks of dinner flew from her throat. The table physically vibrated.

Mary smiled shyly at Caroline. “That was beautiful, Ma,” she said, blushing. She wiped a speck of egg off her cheek.

Caroline smiled back. “Why, thank you, Mary. It felt beautiful, too.” She patted her corset and paused, her eyes widening in surprise. A gurgling sound came from her waist. She shifted in her seat, patted her breasts, and let out the deepest, throatiest burp she had ever produced. One would have thought the sound came from an ogre or a giant, not an attractive 25-year-old woman. She laughed. “That one was simply unladylike! My goodness! Now, Mary, help me clear the table and we’ll go to bed.”

After the dishes were done, Caroline and her daughter got dressed for bed. Mary wore her undermost petticoat, and her mother wore only her corset. Mary couldn’t help staring at Caroline’s impressively large breasts.

“I… I… Your breasts are very nice, Ma,” she finally got out.

Caroline smiled and hefted one, stroking it gently. “Thank you, dear. You know, these produce so much milk that I was able to feed both you and our house cats at the same time.”

Mary blinked in surprise. “Wow. What do you… I mean, now that you’re not…” she trailed off weakly.

Her mother spread the comforter out on the bed. “What do I do with the excess milk? Well, whenever I do some baking and we’re low on milk…” She winked at her daughter and patted a breast.

Mary was shocked. “You mean… whenever I’ve eaten any of your cooking… your breastmilk was in there?”

Caroline ran a brush through her long, dirty blonde hair. “Most of the time, yes, dear. It’s absolutely full of good nutrients. Besides, you drank plenty of it when you were small.”

Mary protested. “But… but.. that’s different!”

“Is it?” Caroline sat upright and looked at Mary. “You know, I’m actually feeling a little full just now.” She placed both hands under her breasts and tested their weight. “How about a little warm milk before bedtime?”

Mary had to admit, warm milk did sound nice. But from her own mother? Then she thought that since she had drunk from her as a baby, it couldn’t hurt. Besides, milk helped her to sleep. She hopped up onto the bed next to her mother. “Ok.”

Caroline smiled. “Lay down in my lap, dear.” She pulled a pillow up for Mary’s head to rest on.

Mary positioned herself under her mother’s massive left breast. It was considerably larger than her own head. Caroline leaned down slightly and gently nudged Mary’s lips with her nipple.

Mary’s opened her mouth slightly and accepted the nudge. She ran her tounge around the nipple and began to suck. Almost immediately, warm milk splashed into her mouth and down her throat. She hummed softly and swallowed, suckling for more.

Her mother slid her hand under Mary’s head, propping it up gently. “That’s a good girl. Just like that.” She patted Mary’s hand.

Mary kept gulping milk down. She knew she’d probably had enough, but she wanted more. Small amounts of air rose in her throat, but she swallowed the bubbles back down, focusing on drinking.

Caroline pulled away from Mary and shifted position. “All right, Mary, the other one needs some attention.”

Mary gasped when her mother pulled away, searching for a nipple. She eagerly latched onto the right breast and began suckling again.

Her mother laughed. “You’re thirsty tonight, aren’t you? Mama’s casino oyna got plenty of milk, don’t you worry.” She massaged Mary’s belly, which was now bulging slightly.

Finally, Mary could drink no more. She stopped sucking, her mother’s nipple still in her mouth, eyes half-closed in contentment.

Caroline repositioned her breasts. “Done already? There’s still more in there.”

Mary sat up and moaned in pleasure. She licked her lips and held her swollen belly. “My stomach feels… ” She hiccuped.

Her mother held out her arms. “Sounds like someone needs to be burped. Come on.”

Mary was surprised, but she allowed Caroline to pull her into her arms. She placed one hand on the back of Mary’s head, moving it over her shoulder. The other hand she used to pat Mary firmly in the small of her back in regular intervals.

Mary felt an odd sense of security in her mother’s embrace. The patting had a soothing effect, and she relaxed. Suddenly her stomach rumbled. She felt air rising in her throat and an enormous belch escaped her lips. She instantly felt relieved, and made a soft sound of happiness.

Caroline patted her again. “Ooo! That was a good one! That’s my girl.” She lifted Mary up a little higher and continued the pats. “Come on, baby, I know there’s more in there.”

Mary let out several more burps and a few more large belches, receiving praise from her mother each time. Then, she felt another burp come up to the surface. However, this one felt a bit odd. She let it out anyway. A gurgling sound came out of her mouth, as well as a sizable amount of milk. It flowed over her lips, dribbling down her chin.

Caroline sat Mary up in front of her. “Oops! You spit-up a little. That’s all right.” She picked up a stray pillowcase and wiped Mary’s mouth. “All better.”

Mary hiccuped, sending a few drops of milk onto her mother’s face. Caroline wiped them off. “Who’s my good girl?” She leaned forward and kissed Mary’s nose.

Mary belched again. “Ohhhh…” She held her stomach. “That was… -burrp-… Oh, yes…”

Her mother stroked her hair. “I’m glad you liked it.” She leaned close to Mary and winked at her. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Mary cocked her head. “What is it?”

Caroline beckoned with her index finger. “Come here and I’ll show you.”

Mary scooted in close to her mother. Her head was just level with Caroline’s massive cleavage.

Her mother kissed the top of her head and leaned to one side, letting out a small sigh of relief. “PHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT! Ahh, that’s better.” She giggled.

Mary gasped. “Did you… did you just… fart?” Her question was answered quickly, however, when a strong, rotten-egg stench rose from her mother’s lower region. Mary coughed. “Oh my God! Ma!”

Caroline waved her hand in front of her nose. “Oooo… I must have eaten a good supper.” She sniffed the air. “Mmmm… Oh yes…”

Mary blinked back tears and held her nose. “How can you stand that?”

Her mother raised an eyebrow. “I think it smells good. Don’t you?” She squinted in concentration and pushed out three more large farts. “PHHRRRRRRRRRRT! PPLLLRRRRRRRRT! PHLRBLRLPLRLB LRPPRLBRRRRRRT!” She laughed. “Oh, God yes! That’s so good…” She rubbed her stomach and moaned in pleasure.

Mary gagged. The smell was thick and horrible. She began inching away from her mother.

Caroline stopped her, grabbing her arm. “Mary! I haven’t given you your surprise.” She reached down next to the bed and produced a large, clear plastic sack. A four-inch-wide hose was attached to the bag with tape. The other end had some sort of molded, mask-like shape fitted to it. Before Mary could do anything, her mother had straddled her across her waist, pinning her to the bed. She slipped the plastic sack over Mary’s head, sealing it around her neck with duct tape.

Mary looked up at her smiling mother with shock. She struggled to get free, but Caroline’s large ass proved to be too heavy to escape from. Her mother laughed and patted her sizable derriere. “Sometimes it’s nice to be the girl with the big butt.”

She then took the device on the other end of the hose and reached behind her naked ass, shifting position. She slipped the mask-like thing under her nightgown skirt and sat back down heavily on Mary’s stomach, which was still filled with breastmilk.

Mary felt her belly slosh and gurgle. Her eyes widened in fear as she realized what was about to happen. Caroline held her stomach. “Ooo.. I think I feel some gas in there, Mary! What should I do?” She smiled evilly.

Mary shook her head in a silent, desperate plea. Caroline bit her lower lip and leaned forward slightly. A long, noisy fart leaked out of her asshole, traveling down the tube and making the plastic bag swell with gas.

Mary felt the warm air flow into the sack and held her breath, determined not to breathe her mother’s farts. She squirmed, trying to get out of the bag, but Caroline didn’t budge. Mary began to run out of air. Her struggling slowed down and her canlı casino eyes rolled back in her head. Finally, she could stand it no longer. She released her pent-up breath and gasped for air.

The result was immediate. She gagged and nearly vomited in the bag. The rotten stench of eggs and cabbage was in her lungs, burning her tongue and throat and making her feel slightly nauseous. She was forced to take three more breaths of her mother’s nasty gas, coughing each time.

Caroline laughed. She put a hand up to her face in mock surprise. “My goodness! That was very unladylike of me!” She leaned forward and kissed Mary’s forehead through the plastic. “You’re a good girl, Mary. Your Mama’s got a little more gas, that’s all.” Her stomach gurgled and made a loud sucking sound.

Mary began to cry. Tears streamed down her face as she sobbed helplessly, dreading another fart from her mother.

Caroline patted her daughter gently. “Don’t cry, honey. I just-BLRPBLRPBLRPBLRPBLRP!- Oh goodness!” Her ass sent another large, hot fart into Mary’s bag. She fanned the air in front of her nose. “That one felt absolutely rotten!” A visible mist had begun to concentrate on the inside of the plastic.

Mary choked in another breath and retched as a drop of liquid fell off of the inside of the bag into her open mouth. Her gag reflex prompted a loud burp to escape her throat, adding the scent of sour milk to the already pungent air.

Hours passed, Caroline letting loose a seemingly endless stream of gassy farts, one after the other. Mary eventually stopped gagging and began to breathe somewhat normally, falling asleep soon afterward. Caroline did likewise, laying next to her with the tube still attached to her ass. She continued to produce large farts in her sleep, providing Mary with air.

The next morning, Mary awoke with the bag still affixed over her head. She pulled it off, no longer trapped under her mother’s hindquarters. As she rolled up into a sitting position, she noticed that something felt very different. She stretched and stood up, smoothing her nightgown, and then she stopped. Her hand was resting on her hip, in mid-smooth. She ran both hands down her hips. Something felt very peculiar. She padded over to the mirror. What she saw stopped her in her tracks, her mouth slightly ajar. There, staring back at her with a look of equal surprise, stood a version of Mary that had measurements rivaling her mother’s. Her hips appeared to have gained nearly twelve inches in circumference, and her breasts, formerly a petite B cup, had swelled to a double D size. Her nightgown barely reached the middle of her ass, and strained to hold in her new bosom. The other thing she noticed was her eyes. Originally a pale blue color, they were now a startlingly vivid shade of iridescent green. She gasped in surprise. She looked… well, she looked… beautiful. In fact, she was the hottest 18-year old she had ever seen. She turned in the mirror, admiring her impressive bottom.

As she did so, a peculiar gurgling emerged from deep inside her stomach. She felt a massive charge of air build in her intestines, not an entirely unpleasant sensation. Looking sidelong in either direction, she placed a hand on her waist and let loose a truly massive fart that made her nightgown flutter in the breeze.

Her eyes widened in surprise and she looked about the room, wondering if her mother had heard. It was easily her biggest fart to date, dwarfing any she remembered letting out in her entire life. However, Caroline was gone; only the tube and gas-collecting apparatus were left on the bed. Suddenly, she felt the gurgling sensation again. Glancing around, she cautiously relaxed her abdomen.

A huge, loud fart even bigger than before burst from her behind, causing her to grip the dresser for support. The curtains behind her fluttered slightly. She gasped.

Feeling the air immediately build up in her guts again, she easily let out two more monstrous blasts, her eyes widening with the force of each one. It seemed that she had a more or less endless supply of gas at her disposal.

Feeling a little naughty, she got up on the dresser on all fours, her ass pointed toward the doorway. She arched her back and bit her lower lip, and proceeded to let out an enormous, airy fart that slammed the door shut and blew an old lamp off the bedstand, sending it crashing to the floor. She quickly climbed off of the dresser and smoothed out her nightgown, standing over the the shattered lamp and looking around nervously. Feeling her ass, she noticed with surprise that the fart had completely blown the cloth out of her panties, leaving only a few strings around her legs. Mary pulled off the destroyed remains of the garment and swept it under a nearby rug with the pieces of the broken lamp. She hurriedly smoothed out her skirt as best she could over her now-huge ass and tiptoed downstairs.

Caroline was at the stove making breakfast, her back toward Mary. “What was that noise upstairs, dear?” she said, turning. “I hope-” She stopped, kaçak casino staring at her daughter. Her blonde, 19-year-old daughter, who now had enlarged measurements and bright, piercing green eyes. “Mary!” she said with a gasp. “You… you’ve… grown.”

Mary chose that moment to let out a loud, rude fart, clasping her hands together and smiling shyly at her mother.

Caroline raised an eyebrow, smiling. “Well, you’re certainly full of gas this morning. Maybe all that breastmilk you drank had more of an effect than I thought.” She stood next to Mary and ran her hand over her daughter’s now-enlarged ass.

Mary blushed. Timidly, she turned to her mother, eyes downcast. “Do you… do you think you have… I mean, could you fart?”

Caroline pulled her eyes away from Mary’s hips and looked at her in surprise. “You mean now? We haven’t even had breakfast yet, honey.” Mary reddened even more. “I know… I’m sorry, Ma, I just-“

“Well, there might be some gas in there,” her mother interrupted. “Perhaps a bit left over from last night.”

Mary’s eyes lit up. “Do you really think so?” she asked eagerly.

Her mother laughed. “Ok, I’ll try.” She bit her lower lip in concentration, her hand on her hip. “PPPPPLRRRB LRBRLTBORPRBTL RRBTLRRRRT!”

Mary leaned in close to her mother’s skirt and inhaled the gas greedily.

Caroline sighed in relief. “Oh, that felt nice. Mmmm, it smells like boiled eggs, too.” She sniffed some of the fart herself. “That’s making me hungry. Do you want any eggs, Mary?”

Mary nodded, sighing and letting out a long, wet-sounding fart. Her mother smiled. “That’s my girl.” She walked into the kitchen and busied herself with preparing their food.

During breakfast, Mary farted almost nonstop, letting one go at least every thirty seconds. Caroline added in some gas of her own, but she couldn’t begin to approach the amount that her daughter was producing with such ease.

Mary played little games with her farts, leaning over and erupting in the middle of sentences and while drinking and eating.

Her mother took a more dignified approach, waiting until she had swallowed her food to let out her enormous blasts. She also had several loud belches to release during the morning, and did so with pristine ettiquette, patting her lips with a napkin after each burp.

Caroline swallowed, burped and leaned over, letting out a loud fart. She patted her chest and hiccuped. “Excuse me. Mary, what are you learning in school today?”

Mary attended the St. Corbett’s School for Young Women that was just down the street a few blocks. There, they instructed girls in the mannerisms of the upper class and how a proper lady ought to behave.

Mary was just then attempting to fart while belching. After several loud farts and burps, she succeeded in expelling air from both ends of her body simultaneously, much to her delight. “Oh, Ma! Did you see that?” Her face was flushed with pleasure.

Caroline smiled at her. “Very nice, dear. Now, what are you going to be doing in school today?”

Mary blinked. “Oh. I think we’re-BUUUURRRRRP!-Excuse me. We’re learning the finer points of the curtsey.”

Her mother began clearing the dishes. “I see. Well, how does your curtsey look? Let’s see it.” She stood up next to Mary. “Imagine that I am an important governess. How do you greet me?”

Mary stood up and performed a curtsey quite nicely, except for the fact that her dress was so small on her new ass that when she lifted her skirt, not much was concealed. “How do you do, ma’am? PLRBTLRRBLRPT LBLRRBPRLTBLLRP LRLTBPPRLTLBLRP TPRLLORRRRP!!”

Mary began giggling uncontrollably.

Caroline struggled to keep a straight face. “Now, dear, I’m not sure that’s a greeting quite fit for a lady.” She performed her own curtsey, delicately. “How do you do, miss?” She winked at her daughter and let loose a tremendous fart that actually rattled the dishes on the table.

Mary kissed her mother and picked up her bookbags, turning to leave. Caroline stopped her. “I’ve got a question before you leave.”

Mary looked at her mother expectantly. “Yes?”

Caroline raised an eyebrow. “One of our canaries went missing last night. Do you know anything about that?”

Mary pursed her lips. “Umm… ” She felt a belch rising in her throat. “I-BUUURRRP!” A single yellow feather flew from her throat and floated gently toward the floor. “Oh!” She clapped a hand over her mouth.

Her mother frowned. “Mary, I’ve told you time and time again! Wait for breakfast!” She picked up Mary’s plate from the table. “We only have so many canaries, you know.”

Mary looked down. “I’m sorry, Ma. I was just so hungry…”

Caroline smiled at her. “That’s ok, honey. Off to school, now. You’ll be late.” She stopped Mary on the way out. “Come on, give your mother a good fart before you leave.”

Mary rolled her eyes, but smiled in spite herself. She got up on the table on all fours, pointing her ass toward Caroline. Gulping in as much air as she could, she massaged her stomach and forced the gas down through her intestines. Her mother sat down at the table, her head level with her daughter’s rump, and patted her stomach. “There’s my good girl. Give me a nice, big – Oh!”

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