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Carl is a popular male nude photo model. He had just finished a photo shoot in Jamaica and decided to stay over a couple of days to enjoy the sun a bit before going back to New York. He was staying at a fantastic resort and decided to head over to the pool to catch a few rays. At the pool he checked out the crowd and spotted a huge muscular guy sitting off by himself and decided to join him.

As Carl confidently walked through the crowd, every eye was on him, women and men both. Although only 5′ 9″, he photographed much larger. He was all alpha male; muscular, hairy chest, well endowed, perfectly proportioned, and exuded sexuality.

When he reached the big man he smiled and reached out his hand to introduce himself. But the big guy interrupted him and said “I know who you are. You’re Carl Brawn. I’m a big fan of yours. In fact I’m trying to follow in your footsteps as a photo model. I’m Matt Anders.”

Carl realized he also recognized Matt. His agent had previously shown him a few photos of the up and comer, and seeing Matt in person he understood why he had been so impressed with the photos. As a bodybuilder, Carl had an appreciation of big muscles on a big man.

When Matt got up he towered over Carl. He was casino oyna massive. Carl later learned that Matt was 6′ 5″, 285 lbs. and that he also was a bodybuilder. Matt had probably just competed in a body building contest because his body was completely shaved and perfectly smooth; in contrast to Carl’s own hirsute body.

Carl and Matt sat down and were soon talking as if they’d known each other for years. They were also both soon aware there was a definite spark of sexual attraction between them.

Although Carl had always considered himself to be straight, being in Matt’s presence definitely brought that into question.

After they had been talking for at least half an hour, Matt casually brushed back his hair and caught Carl staring at his muscular bicep. Matt smiled. “You can feel it if you like” he said. Carl did just that.

“My God Matt, are you nearly as powerful as you look?” he said.

Matt smiled and said “Carl, what do you say we go up to my room and find out?”

Once they were in his suite, Matt turned around, bent down, took Carl’s chin in his hand, and gave him a deep tongue kiss. With a quick movement of the other hand, he pulled down Carl’s posing briefs. He then pulled off his canlı casino own briefs and, as it was released, his huge hard cock slapped against his abs.

He picked Carl up over his shoulder and carried him into the bedroom. As Carl was being carried, his cock was rubbing against Matt’s smooth muscular chest. He could feel his cock getting hard.

Matt gently laid him on the bed. “I want those legs in the air little man” he said.

Carl did as he was told. Matt began to rub his huge cock against Carl’s smaller yet substantial cock. It wasn’t long before Matt erupted a huge volume of cum and spewed all over Carl’s face and chest.

“Wow Matt, I didn’t know anyone could cum that much” said Carl, wiping cum from his face.

Matt smiled and said “Carl, I couldn’t have done it without you. I really enjoyed that. But now it’s your turn.”

Matt then went down between Carl’s legs and began to give him what was probably the best blow job Carl had ever had. It wasn’t long before he erupted.

Matt then moved up to Carl’s mouth and with his thick tongue forced the entire load of cum into Carl’s mouth and said “Swallow little man.”

Carl again did as he was told.

Matt then rolled onto his back, kaçak casino pulled Carl to his chest and put his muscular arm around him. Carl curled into Matt’s chest and felt very comfortable and secure there.

This was a new experience for Carl. In the past he had always been the alpha male, and here he was being easily topped by Matt.

Matt said “That was fantastic. It has always been my fantasy to top Carl Brawn and now I’ve done it. I just hope that you enjoyed being manhandled as much as I enjoyed doing the manhandling.”

Carl smiled. Yes, he had enjoyed being manhandled.

As Carl thought that, he saw Matt’s huge cock begin to twitch and grow hard again. Matt’s cock was soon fully erect and throbbing.

Carl must have looked somewhat apprehensive because Matt said “Don’t worry little man, I won’t put this anywhere you don’t want it put.”

Carl was relieved to hear that. But he also didn’t want Matt to even be tempted, so he grabbed Matt’s huge hard cock and began to rub it, lick it, kiss it, and stroke it for all he was worth. Matt soon again erupted and spewed cum everywhere.

As Carl thought about everything that had happened with Matt, he admitted that, although at first he had been intimidated by Matt’s size, he soon realized how much he enjoyed being manhandled by the big man.

Although in the past he had always been the alpha male, Carl knew that had all changed when he met Matt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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