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Mike walked Michelle back to the door of her condo and was surprised when she kissed him full on the lips so openly while thanking him for everything he’d done.

“Thanks for the fun tonight,” she said. “I hope it’s not a one-time deal and I can get a piece of this again” she purred as she traced her finger over the outline of Mike’s cock.

Obviously he had awoken something in her Mike thought and was surprised as his cock started to stiffen again, even after all the night’s previous activity. Pulling away from her, Mike waited until she was in her apartment before turning to clear the area.

Walking back to his condo, he relived the night and his cock got even harder. Oblivious to anything else around him, Mike didn’t even notice the two college-aged women heading his way until it was too late and heard one of them ask.

“Hey Mister, we can take care of that hard problem for ya,” as she stared directly at the tent created in his shorts.

Embarrassed, Mike walked onward and said nothing, reaching the door to his unit a minute later. Being as quiet as he could, Mike ran the card key through the slot, opened the door and slipped inside. He waited until his eyes adjusted to the darkness and then made his way from the living area, back through the hallway and to the spacious bedroom, taking off his shirt on the way. Amy had the door closed and when he entered he was surprised at how low she’d set the air conditioning. Realizing it was probably because of her severe sunburn; Mike slipped his shorts over his semi-erection and pulled the covers back before sliding into bed.

Standing over her, Mike admired Amy’s naked form, lying on her side with her perfectly-shaped ass facing him. Seeing this made his semi-erect cock stiffen, something he couldn’t believe but was proud of. Feeling the cool air hit her naked backside and sun burnt upper back, Amy twisted to find Mike leering down at her. Smiling, Amy said, “Someone looks happy to see me.” Then she looked at the clock and realized it was just after 3 a.m. “Did someone have some fun without me tonight?”

Mike just grunted and slid into bed behind her, grinding his now fully re-hardened cock into the irresistible cleft between her perfect globes. Feeling the slight crumble of dried cum as she backed her ass into him, Amy said, “You need to tell me all about it.”

Rolling over and now wide awake, Amy pushed Mike flat onto his back and took control of his now rampant cock. “Out with it,” she demanded.

Crossing his arms behind his head and leaning back deeply into the plush pillow, Mike retold the events of the night, beginning with dinner and Michelle ditching Andy afterward and how they’d gone to the dance club. While telling his story, Amy had been jerking his hard cock with a loose grip, just gently sliding her silk-like hand up and down his shaft. Mike groaned several times as she kept up her ministrations but continued on with his tale, knowing that she was enjoying this as much as he was and if he knew her she had her other hand between her legs, caressing her own most sensitive spot.

Continuing, Mike recounted the impromptu coupling on the beach with his high school teammate’s wife and made sure to add that he did nothing to encourage it, it was all her. Amy just let out a low, “MMMMMMMM” as she started lapping Mike’s fully engorged cock with the flat of her tongue. She lifted her head from his crotch and commented on how good he tasted with the pussy juice of another woman on his cock. Mike groaned loudly and mentioned in a low whisper, “It was three women,” almost forgetting the rest of the story. Hearing this, Amy stopped what she was doing until he came clean about the rest of his eventful night.

Telling her about the two college co-eds who’d caught them on the beach and invited them back to their room, Mike recounted round two with Michelle in the shower and then how all hell had broken loose afterward with all three women attacking him in the room. While hearing these details, Amy began sucking his cock in earnest and Mike could already feel the tingle of an oncoming orgasm and began thrusting upwards into his girlfriend’s talented mouth. Amy was no dummy and knew he was close but even as she hummed onward, she lifted her head and told him to continue, chiding him that, “I bet they attacked you and you were such an unwilling participant.”

“Oh baby, oh baby, please don’t stop now,” Mike pleaded

“Don’t worry baby, I’M not going to stop,” she replied.

Going back down, Amy took just the head of Mike’s cock back into her mouth, licking furiously around the corona, knowing it would drive him crazy. All the while, he could barely get out the details of what had taken place and coupled with the expert blowjob his girlfriend was giving him and the obvious aroma of Amy’s own excitement, Mike was building up to a volcanic eruption.

Just as he was getting ready to finish telling her how his night had gone, Amy stopped her oral assault on his gargantuan cock, rose up on both knees, casino siteleri straddled his midsection in the reverse cowgirl position and plunged her drenched pussy down on him. Feeling the instant orgasm that wracked her body and the way her pussy muscles were quaking on his tool, Mike couldn’t help but blast another, probably less voluminous, load deep up into her. Holding her hips steady for a moment and giving a few last thrusts up into her, Mike guided her down gently onto her side as both lovers were sated and he was asleep before his cock even softened and fell out of her clasping pussy.


When Michelle had returned to her room she hadn’t been quiet at all and hoped Andy would wake up so she could continue her debauchery. Tossing her purse on the bureau and throwing her clothes around wildly as she undressed, it had the desired effect and Andy lifted his sleepy head and spoke.

“Have a nice time dear?”

“I sure did but after all that dancing and drinking I’m horny as hell,” she replied.

“That’s nice dear,” Andy retorted absent-mindedly as he rolled over to return to sleep. As he did however, his eyes cleared long enough to see the bedside clock and realize it was 3 a.m. Just as he was about to let into his wife, she tore the covers back and dove for his flaccid cock.

“God Michelle, you were out awfully….” he began but never finished.

Wrapping her lips around his now hardening cock, Andy forgot all about his complaint and lied back to enjoy her aroused state. He remembered her telling him she was going to cut loose on this vacation and was now perfectly happy to let her have her wish.

Working as an accountant, he knew he hadn’t been the most exciting husband in the world and that their sex life had dwindled of late but he was glad to know she was still interested and willing to take the initiative to get him going. When she had mentioned to him weeks ago about cutting loose he immediately thought she might do something risky and outside the bounds of their marriage but figured now all was well and this is what she’d meant.

If there was anything Andy hated, it was risk-taking. After all, he was a CPA and his entire life was centered on minimizing the unexpected and maximizing profits for himself and clients. His whole life had been an exercise in playing it safe. He always played the odds, never took a chance on anything, even if there was the possibility of a high rate of return and he was perfectly happy with that. He also felt that Michele was the same way and even though she could be emotional at times, she always came around to his way of thinking.

As these thoughts ran through his head, Andy’s body began to respond and he began to lose some of the blood flow to his erection. Figuring his wife would write it off to his being tired, he wasn’t going to push the issue but he soon found Michele had other ideas.

Michelle had been fired up from her night of firsts when she walked in the door to her condo and wasn’t going to let the night end with a whimper. When she felt her husband’s cock begin to recede, she remembered how well Mike had responded when she’d licked his ass and she moved immediately off her husband’s shriveling cock and began licking his balls before moving further south.

Andy had never wanted any anal contact, felt it was unsanitary and “too risky” but Michelle gave him no choice. He moaned as she swiped his balls with her tongue and before he had the chance to protest her moving onward, Michelle forcefully lifted his skinny legs by the backs of his knees and pushed them up towards his chest while she fastened her mouth around his anus and began probing it with her tongue.

Andy’s first response was to try and use his back to get out of the predicament he was in, leveraging his upper back and shoulders to try and lift up and away from Michelle but she held him firm. When that didn’t work he shouted, “Michelle, what are you doing?”

Michelle just increased her oral assault on his sensitive ass flesh and before he could protest any more, Andy realized just how pleasurable it was and the electric shocks he felt weren’t all that bad, especially since his cock had resurrected. Thinking about it further, Andy couldn’t remember when his cock had felt so hard. His next statement surprised Michelle as he told her, “Oh God Michelle that feels so good, don’t stop.”

She knew she had him at that point and lifted her mouth off his ass and placed it back on his cock, swallowing him almost whole just as she used her own pussy juice and Mike’s cum to lubricate her finger before shoving it up her husband’s ass.

Mike gasped out loud and almost shouted at her to stop, but the combination of feelings were so intense he couldn’t bring himself to speak. Hearing no arguments, Michelle lifted he head from Andy’s swollen prick and straddled him while facing his feet and plunged her now sex-crazed pussy hard onto his cock.

While riding his cock and fingering his ass, canlı casino Michelle knew her husband wouldn’t last long and she wasn’t surprised when he shot a huge load of cum into the deep recesses of her flaming hot pussy in less than two minutes.

After he came, Mike continued thrusting his hips upward, into his wife’s hot hole even after she’d removed her finger from his ass and as he was about to ask her what had come over her, Michelle demanded.

“Just shut up Andy, I need to cum too.”

A little taken aback, Andy was stunned when she backed up onto his face in a 69 position and ground her pussy into his mouth. He’d never been one to perform oral sex on her after they’d had intercourse but she was giving him no choice as she grabbed onto his deflating cock and licked both their essences off while making it certain that she also needed release. In the spirit of trying something new, he reached his tongue up and began lapping tentatively at her inflamed and juicy pussy. Little did he know that it not only held the copious load he’d just blasted up there but two previous ejaculations from his old high school teammate.

As his own cock came back to life in his wife’s mouth, Andy became a little bolder and began licking the full length of her slit and tasting his freshly deposited cum as it streamed out of her near orgasmic sex organ.

Just feeling her husband’s tongue touch her clit had almost set Michelle off into orbit. He’d never done that before and she couldn’t believe he was now licking his own and another man’s cum out of her well-fucked pussy. She could feel his cock rising again so she knew he was getting turned on too but she didn’t want to get him too aroused so she quickly kneeled up straight, spun around so she was now facing the head of the bed, reached down and grabbed his hair and forced him to lick her pussy hard and fast. He had no fight left in him and he did as she wanted and in record time she was squirting all over his face.

Realizing she’d never done that with her husband before, he’d think something was wrong so she immediately backed off him and fell to her side as he asked in an excited voice, “What the hell did you just do, piss on me?”

“No baby, I was so excited that I just had the most intense orgasm of my life,” she replied. Michelle didn’t even feel guilty about saying it, now that she’d had the first squirting orgasm with Mike, she think she had a handle on having one almost every time and she was going to use that to her advantage.

Hearing how excited his wife was, Andy really couldn’t say much even though he was surprised as hell and had several questions he wanted to ask. An incoherent stream of babbling was all Michelle could manage and she was quick to fall asleep on her husband after finally being sexually sated like she’d wanted for the first time in a long time.

Wondering what the hell had just happened, Andy ambled off to the bathroom to jump in the shower and rinse off before climbing back into bed with a woman he thought he’d known but was now starting to question.


Michelle awoke at 10:30 that morning and reached over to the other side of the bed to feel for Andy. He wasn’t there but when she looked up at the clock and saw the time she realized that he was an early riser and knowing how late she’d been out the night before probably just wanted to give her time to sleep in.

Rolling onto her back, Michelle reached down and stroked her pussy. It was dry but it felt fantastic from the hard fucking she’d gotten the night before and just thinking about it made it start to moisten.

Realizing how hungry she was, Michelle got out of bed and walked to the bathroom to jump in the shower for a quick rinse. Taped to the mirror was a note from Andy that he’d left early to get some breakfast and that since she’d been out so late he decided to let her sleep and hopped on a fishing charter that was leaving at 10 a.m. Reading that, Michelle figured she had the whole day pretty much to herself and as soon as she was done in the shower she was going to strike out in search of food.


In their condo, Amy had been the one to wake up and leave the unit early, giving Mike the chance to sleep late after a long night of sexual exertion. Knowing that most of the resort dwellers were probably out late partying, Amy was one of the first out on the beach at 9 a.m. and got some prime real estate under an umbrella close to the water. The sunburn she’d gotten the day before had already started fading into her Scandinavian skin and with proper care would turn into a deep tan, so she planned on keeping well-lotioned today and only in indirect sunlight.

Reading her book on the beach with the breeze blowing over her and the gentle sound of the surf in the background, Amy dozed off at some point and never even realized it. Just after 11 a.m. she’d awoken as some college-aged kids had taken up residence not far from where she was and kaçak casino the men had already started making noise to impress the girls they were with. Amy just smiled as she looked over at them, and as she did she saw Michelle heading towards the beach.

Standing, Amy waved to Michelle to let her know she had a spot reserved for her. Amy laughed as she saw Michele bite her lower lip in apprehension but waved furiously in an attempt to force the married woman to join her under the umbrella.

Michelle sheepishly made her way over to her new lover’s girlfriend and tried to act as normal as possible as she took the lounge chair opposite Amy.

Whispering, the younger woman put Michelle at ease by stating, “I know Mike fucked you last night, so don’t worry about it.”

With the ice broken, the two made like old friends and started trading stories about places they’d been, jobs, college careers and after they’d gotten a couple of drinks in them the talk turned decidedly more sexual. Michelle finally let it slip that she’d had her first squirting orgasm with Mike and followed it up with a repeat performance with her husband after she returned to her room. Both women had a huge laugh at that and even some of the nearby college girls heard what they were talking about.

“Mike has the greatest cock in the world,” Amy professed. “There are some days when I’m work that I get nothing done because all I can think about is him fucking me when I get home.”

“Amy, I hate to ask this,” said Michelle, “but how old are you?”

“I’m 25, ten years younger than Mike but I wouldn’t have it any other way, he’s the best lover I’ve ever known and I was no virgin when I met him.”

Another laugh ensued and again the college girls took note of the two hot, older women off to their left. Amy described how she’d forced Mike to tell her what he’d done the night before as she licked the juices off his cock, making Michelle squirm in her seat as she did. Going her one better, Michelle described the events from her own perspective and both women were sweating profusely in no time.

Being so close to the water’s edge, they both decided it was time to cool off and as Amy slipped the over-sized t-shirt over her head to reveal the skimpy bikini that lay beneath, Michelle was already running towards the water and dove head first into the crystal clear Caribbean before her new best friend had even reached the shore.

At 35, Michelle wasn’t quite in the same league as Amy when it came to her body but she knew she still looked damn good in the black bikini she was wearing. The reason she ran so quickly to the water was to hide the wet spot that had formed while talking about the sex of the previous night.

Amy made her way into the water more gracefully and when she got to where Michelle was standing in chest high water, she quickly popped completely underwater and slowly surfaced close to the older woman, licking her way from inside her thigh, up her torso and eventually pulling her tight as she broke the surface of the water, French kissing her in view of anyone who happened to be watching.

Turned on, Michelle reciprocated even as she felt Amy pinch her hard nipples and slip her delicate finger inside her bikini bottom to caress her swollen and pulsing pussy. Breaking the kiss, Michelle looked into Amy’s eyes, reached around her, grabbed hold of her nearly bare ass and pulled her closer.

“You know, if I die right now, this has still been the best vacation of my life,” said the older woman.

Both laughing, they knew just by the looks on their faces that their fun would continue and they should probably stop before they drew a contingent of college guys all chanting for them to continue out in the open. Making their way back to the lounge chairs, Amy grabbed Michelle by the wrist and told her they should rinse off the salt water in one of the beachside showers. The two made their way to the busy showers and instead of waiting for separate shower heads to come free, both stepped under a single free head and rinsed each other off in plain view of an adoring crowd of onlookers. The catcalls had begun but Michelle stepped out first and let them know the show was over since they were both environmentally conscious and were just trying to conserve water. The group of men standing around all began to laugh and more than one was pitching a tent in their shorts when the girls walked away.

When they were returning to their lounge chairs, Michelle’s eyes adjusted first as she saw Mike heading their way down the beach. Waving and calling to him, Michelle grabbed the towel from her chair and began to dry off while Amy just plopped down on her seat and decided to let the heat of the day dry her damp body.

Mike’s first words were, “Uh oh, how much trouble am I in.”

All three laughed and when the beach waitress walked by, Mike was the one to order a round of drinks. The three reminisced like old friends, not getting too blatant in their conversation, but still, Mike felt as if several of the younger women nearby were checking him out and giving him tacit signals that they’d like to get to know him a little better. Little did he know that they’d heard all about him earlier in the day from his two companions.

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