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Big Tits

It had been about a month since my night with Maria. I had taken a shower after a long day of yard work. I was just going sit around and watch some movies. I picked out a few to watch. I made some popcorn and was reaching for the remote. When the doorbell rang, “Now who the hell could that be”

When I opened the door. “Much to my surprise” There stood Maria. Looking over her shoulder I saw another Women standing there.

I said, “Hello come on in.” Walking past them to close the door. I could see that this other women was a little younger then Maria. “Well this is a nice surprise.” How have you been? It has been a while since we f…., well talked.

Uncle this is my friend Lisa, I wanted to know if you could do her a favor. She would like to post her own web site on the internet. I know you can do things like that and maybe you could help her with it.

Sure thing “Baby Girl” Not a problem. Lets go sit on the couch and talk about how Lisa wants it set up. I sat in the middle with Lisa & Maria on either side. I’ll get some paper and you can tell me what you want Lisa. I reached in front of Maria to the end table where the paper was. While I was there I pinched her right tit. She reached up and grabbed my dick though my shorts and whispered, Time for that later.

Now lets see Lisa, Do you want too use this for a dating web site or a sex web site. She blushed a little, then said well casino oyna maybe both. Ok I need to ask you some personal Questions. Screen name: “Want-a-peace-of-Lisa” Age: 25 Location: Orlando Fl. Measurement: 42-26-34 Turn ons : Men or women who can do a girl right. Turn offs: Men or women who can’t do a girl right.

Well that’s a good start. Now would like to add some pictures to your profile. While you think about it. I’ll get us something to drink. In the kitchen I was thinking about 42-26-34 “wow” that would be nice to see.

“What would be nice to see” Came a voice from the doorway. Maria was standing there with her hands on her tits pinching her nipples through her blouse. Walking too me she placed her hand on the front of my shorts and said I see building a web site gets you worked up too.

Well Lisa’s tits are the same size as yours and that is hot. “No there not” she, is a 42dd and I am a 42d the dd makes hers bigger. She never told me she like’s both men and women.

Lets go back in there and see if we can both have sex with her at the same time. Just follow my lead. Go back where you where sitting and I’ll be right in.

I bought us a cold drink and some ice cubes to rub on use if it gets warm in here. Besides if we take some pictures of Lisa. We can rub ice on her nipples and they we stand out more for the camera. Lisa just looked at Maria and smiled. As I sat on the couch canlı casino again I sat a little closer to Lisa. Before we can move on I need you to take your sweet shirt off. I don’t want to put anything in print that is not true.

You said your breast are 42, and I need proof. As she pulled the sweet shirt over her head I winked at Maria. The shirt stopped just above her tits. I told her to want a minute and don’t move. Maria come here and kneel in front of Lisa. Now I want you to feel her tits and tell me if they are real or not. What are you waiting for? Haven’t you ever touched A women before. “Maria shook her head no” This is going to be a time in your you will remember forever.

Maria take your blouse off , then play with your tit with one hand. Then play with her tit with you other hand. Now do they both feel the same or not.

Yes they do but I need to feel her nipples with out her bra to see if they feel the same as mine. Maria reached around Lisa the same time Lisa reach around Maria. Then there bra’s fell at the same time. Maria looked at Lisa and all she could do was reach out and cup her tits in each hand. Her skin is sooo. Soft.

Lisa said this is not fair, I can’t see her tits. She pulled her shirt over her head. Saying that’s better. Lisa reached for Maria’s tits like a kitten after a bowl of milk. After each girl was finished checking out there tits. Lisa asked Maria if she kaçak casino could see her pussy. From the first time I meet you I wanted to fuck you. But did not know how you would feel about fucking another women.

I have never been with another women but always wondered what it would be like. We have been friends a long time and I want my first women to be you. The only thing I ask is that my uncle can join us at anytime he want.

“I want to be part of this right now” Let’s all get undressed.

Lisa Said I have always had a thing for family sex so. Your uncle is my uncle. Now let’s go to the bedroom.

Once we got in the bedroom. There was no holding back. Maria was on her back with Lisa on top in the 69 position .Lisa lowered her pussy to Maria’s face and told her to do what ever she doe’s. As Lisa was eating Maria’s pussy. I came up behind Lisa and placed the head of my dick between pussy lip’s. I told her to get ready to have a man who knows how to do a girl right.

Lisa said your cock is fatter then any I have had in me. But don’t hold back I want you to fuck me fast and hard, my sweet uncle.

Hearing Lisa call me uncle just made me want to fuck her more. And that is just what I did. As I was pounding Lisa’s cunt she was rocking back and forth so much that Maria had a hard time keeping her tongue in Lisa’s pussy.

As I was getting close. Maria could tell and shouted that she wanted me to come in her mouth with the sweet taste of Lisa’s cunt on my dick. Then I pulled out of Lisa. And put my dick in Maria’s mouth as we all came together in the most intense Climax. I am we have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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