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My nephews Josh and Dan were coming over to spend the night at my house to hang out on a warm summer night. I was drinking a few beers when they showed up at my door.

“What’s up guys, come on in,”

Josh came in followed by Dan and we went down to my room in the basement. They both sat down and I got them a beer. Josh and Dan are both 18 and are cousins from my two older sisters. Josh is about 5’10, skinny with an athletic build, while Dan is about 6’0 and built more like a linebacker. I am built much as Josh.

We didn’t really have a plan, but Josh suggested we call his girlfriend and have her hang out with us. I have never met this girl, but have seen her before. Her name is Dorian and she is a blonde bombshell. She is about 5’8, legs that don’t quit, perfectly perky C cup tits, and she couldn’t weigh more than 110# soaking wet.

Josh picked up the phone and called Dorian and invited her over. She said that she needed a ride, so Josh handed the phone over to me. Just the sound of her voice was enough to make me melt. I agreed to pick her up due to the fact that I wanted to see her, and I needed to pick up more beer and smokes.

We all jumped in my truck and headed out to pick up Josh’s hottie. After a 5 mile drive Josh told me to pull down Chestnut Street and go down to the end. When my headlights spotted this young sexy being, I was like a deer caught in headlights, she was hotter than I could remember her as being. We took off down the road and stopped at the store so we could get some beers and smokes and then off to my house.

When we got to the house we all went to the basement and started drinking and having a good time. I broke out my newly purchase 35mm and told Dorian to pose for me so I could test it out. She started posing in all these sexy and provocative positions, all the while shedding casino oyna a piece of clothing but not getting totally exposed. For the final pic she hopped on Josh’s chest and exposed those perfect tits……I mean perfect.

Afterwards we all decided that we were bored and we wanted to get loud and have a good time, so I came up with an idea, to pack up the camping gear and head north to the mountains. Everyone jumped into the back of my truck with all the gear and off we went. I just told them all to stay down because it is against the law to have passengers ride in the bed of a truck. Needless to say, I had an hour and a half drive to reach our destination.

We pulled into a campsite and set up camp. After we set up the tent, we immediately got going on the fire. After a while, and a few beers, Dorian started getting flirtatious with me. She changed into boxers and a tank top. She sat on my lap

“You like this, don’t you Uncle Dave? Oooh, I think that answers it….” Dorian said as she squirmed in my lap and teased my now hard cock.

Dorian stayed on my lap for a while and then got up to mingle with Josh and Dan and making it a point to come over to the picnic table to tease me every 5 minutes.

“I bet you can do wonders with your cock Uncle Dave, I have heard stories…..but what I really want to know, are you really as good as you say you are with your tongue?” She teased.

“There is only one way to find out Dory…..and I can assure you that I am all that and then some,” I replied while I rubbed her inner thigh.

She squirmed and got up from my lap again. She went over by my truck with Josh and I followed, now lured by her beauty and constant dick teasing. She faced Josh and I came up behind her and lodged my cock between her ass cheeks. She pulled Josh’s cock out of its confines and began canlı casino stroking him. I wrapped my hands around her down into her boxers. She had no panties on and I slid my hand over her wet pussy.

“Mmmmm, Uncle Dave,” she gasped.

I took my free hand and went up her shirt to cup her breast. She wiggled free of me so she could crouch down and take Josh’s cock into her mouth and proceed to blow him. I just stood there watching as she devoured him.

“How erotic,” I thought to myself.

I went back over to the picnic table and popped open another beer. Danny was nowhere to be found, must have went in the tent and passed out. I just sat there and watched the show from a distance. After Josh blew his load down Dorian’s throat they came back over by me and of course, she had to sit that pretty ass in my lap.

I whispered into ear,” I am turning in, if you guys do anything, wake me up for the show, will you?”

I awoke in the morning….

“Why didn’t you guys wake me!!” I yelled.

They replied laughingly,” Dude, you wouldn’t budge!”

I must have been more fucked up than I thought.

We hurried and packed up our shit and headed out before the ranger took her post. I had a better, more secluded place in mind. We headed about 20 miles down the road to this more secluded spot in the woods that I knew of.

Looks like Josh and Dorian couldn’t wait, they were already fucking in the back of my truck in front of Danny. Poor Danny was getting the tease now….

I just stood on the side of the truck and watched as Josh pounded his dolls pussy. She kept her eyes on me….so I reached over and started tweaking her nipples, running my hand down to her belly to tease her clit while Josh was pumping that perfect pussy, and back up. I was starting to feel the effects of blue balls starting kaçak casino to set in. Josh jumped down and went to take a leak.

Dorian looked over to me and said,” I heard you talk the talk, can you walk the walk?”

I pulled the tailgate open and demanded,” get your pretty little ass down here.

She slid her ass to the tailgate and spread her legs open for me. I got down between her legs and began to eat the most beautiful, sweetest pussy I ever tasted. Josh came back and I stopped for a second, long enough to tell him to get up there and feed her his cock. He jumped in the bed and she took his cock in her hungry mouth. I proceeded to give her the best tongue action she ever had. I felt her tensing up and her breathing becoming quicker, so I pushed a finger and then a second to get some g-spot action. Her hips were bucking in no time. Josh came all over her face and chest and we all got up.

Dorian looked at me and asked teasingly,” Did I cum all over Uncle Dave’s face?”

My balls were still hurting bad, so I begged and pleaded for Dorian to give me a blow job, and then pleaded with Josh to have her do it.

Josh tuned to her and said,” Can’t you see that Uncle Dave is hurting, just give him a blowjob.”

She didn’t need much coaxing, she got right down there and took my cock in her mouth. I jumped when she touched my balls because they were so sore from the 24 or so hours of teasing, which was more like torture. She took my whole cock down her throat, and back up to concentrate on the head of my cock. She bobbed up and down for about an hour. I warned her that I was about to cum, she just looked into my eyes and sucked faster. I tensed up and emptied what seemed like a gallon of cum into her throat. She just kept my cock in her mouth, then licked it clean as she got up…..I grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss, I could taste the remnants of my cum in her hot little mouth. We again packed up camp and headed home…..needless to say, she rode in the front with me the whole way……to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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