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Julia knew that there was only one night left before the campers arrived. After discussing things with Marie, the two girls had come up with a plan. Colin was set to come over at 7, and Julia had told him Marie would be out for the night. Julia was going to bring Colin into the shower, where he’d be surprised to find Marie waiting to join in the fun. It was the perfect plan…


Colin hated waiting. Joe had been in the shower for awhile now, and Colin wanted to be ready for his date with Julia early. However, he didn’t want to share the shower with Joe. The shower stalls were communal with five heads, and Colin just felt weird showering with another guy he had just met. After waiting for twenty minutes, Colin gave up. He stripped down, grabbed a towel and walked into the stall. Joe was a lineman on his college football team, and had a stocky build. Colin was a little surprised to see Joe feverishly pumping his fist over his rock hard cock. Semen coated the shower wall before Joe noticed Colin standing there. After rinsing the wall, Joe finally noticed Colin, who’s penis had been brought to a semi-erect state after witnessing the erotic act before him. Embarrassed, Joe mumbled an apology and hurried out of the room.

Colin wasn’t sure what made him more alarmed, the fact that he just saw his roommate cum or the fact that he couldn’t help but get a little turned on. He glanced down at his penis as it slowly throbbed to it’s full six and a half inches. He thought of Julia and how he was bound to fill her mouth with his fluids that night. Surprisingly, he also found his thoughts wandering to Marie, her full and round breasts and the light patch of blonde fur that barely hid her moist pussy lips. All of the sexual energy was too much for Colin and he began to slowly massage his hardening organ. Images of Julia’s wet pussy, Marie’s heaving tits, and cum shooting out of Joe’s cock filled Colin’s head as he rubbed away. Colin lathered up his hands, cupped them together, and began to fuck his smooth, hard dick through his soapy hands. It wasn’t long before his cum surged through his penis and erupted all over the same wall Joe had coated only minutes before.


Marie watched as Julia got dressed for Colin’s big night. She pulled up her long brown hair and applied the slightest hint of make up. A lacy black bra with clear straps pressed her breasts together and she pulled on a matching black thong. Marie admired her roommate’s firm ass as it disappeared into a pair of skin-tight black pants. A bright green tube top perfectly complimented the cleavage provided by Julia’s push-up bra. Julia twirled around.

“What do you think?”

“I think he’ll have his dick out in two seconds! You look illegal bahis so hot!”

“Thanks sweetie! Aren’t you going to get ready? He’ll be here in half an hour!”

“I suppose I could,” Marie remarked with a sly grin. She slowly pulled her blue tee shirt over her head, revealing her breasts encased in a orange bra. She slid the gym shorts down her tan legs to show off her Scooby Doo panties.

“Oh those panties are so cute!” Julia squealed. “Have you decided what you’re wearing?”

“Earth to Julia! The plan is for me to be waiting in the shower completely nude, I’m not wearing anything tonight!” With that being said, Marie un snapped her bra, letting her boobies free. Julia licked her lips, staring at her roommate’s voluptuous breasts. Marie slowly walked towards Julia, sliding her panties down her legs to reveal her shaved pussy. The two girls wrapped their arms around each other and shared a deep, passionate kiss.

Julia quickly wormed her index and middle fingers into Marie’s love hole, and began sliding them in and out as Marie progressively got wetter and wetter. The lovers slumped to the bed and Marie began to moved her hips against Julia’s soft hand.

Meanwhile, Colin walked up to the door. He pushed all thoughts of the shower out of his head and was looking forward to seeing Julia again. He quietly walked up the steps and opened the door. Colin was astonished by the sight before him. Julia was in bed, on top of some other person, who happened to me naked! Just as he was about to say something, Julia shifted, and Colin saw that the nude person was female! It was Marie! He saw her breasts heaving up and down with each heavy breath she took. Julia was fingering Marie!

All of a sudden, Julia’s alarm clock began blaring. It was 6:55! Colin managed to slip back outside unnoticed. The girls sprang up from the bed.

“Quick! Get into the shower, I need to re-fix my hair and make up.” Julia commanded. Marie hurried into the bathroom as Julia made a few adjustments to look good for Colin. She walked over to the door and peered outside. She was surprised to see Colin standing outside. Overjoyed by the sight of him, she ran outside into his arms and planted a huge kiss on his lips. She gave his cock a quick squeeze, as was happy to find he was already a little turned on.

Colin didn’t know what to think as Julia led him into the cabin. He had just watched this gorgeous woman in bed with her good-looking roommate and now she was pulling him to that same bed. Julia fell back on the bed and Colin looked at her from head to toe. She sure knew how to dress, she was absolutley stunning. With his penis quickly taking control of his thoughts, Colin climbed on top of Julia. Their lips met briefly illegal bahis siteleri before being parted by thrashing tongues. Colin squeezed Julia’s tits through her green tube top. He felt his hard on rub against her crotch, and began dry-fucking her through their clothes.

“Oooohhh Colin,” Julia moaned. She could feel his boner pressing into her soaking pussy through her pants. She was so turned on from Marie and now Colin. She knew she had to get him into the shower. She moaned again as his hands pushed up her top and across her breasts. She slid her pants down her toned legs and kicked them across the room. One of his hands immediately began groping her through her soaked thong. “Come with me, we’re getting in the shower.”

Julia laid and watched as Colin peeled off his shirt and dropped his pants. She could see his boner pressing against his Scooby Doo boxers, She giggled as she noted his and Marie’s similarity in underwear, prompting him to say “What’s wrong with Scooby?” to which she replied, “Nothing, Sexy, now let’s go get wet.”

Julia carefully stood on shaky legs, she was so horny. With a grin, Colin said “You’re pretty wet already.” He rubbed his hand across her wet thong again and it was too much. Julia moaned loudly as she orgasmed and fell into his arms. He helped her to the bathroom, but once they were there, she nudged him ahead. “I wanna watch you first,” she cooed. He stripped off his boxers and headed around the corner into the shower stall.

Marie heard them coming. She was waiting on her knees when Colin walked around the corner. She popped his cock into her mouth before he could say anything. Julia, having stripped nude turned on the water and kissed Colin. “Surprise,” she whispered. Marie could smell the musky aroma of her roommate’s horny vagina and turned her head to lick and suck Julia’s clit. Colin couldn’t believe what was happening, he had two girls naked in a shower!

Julia couldn’t stand anymore, so she knelt next to Marie. She leaned over and Colin’s penis jumped when their breasts came together. As they rubbed their soft nipples against each other they took Colin’s cock in their hands. The two goreous girls began kissing each other, and quickly took turns sucking Colin’s rigid dick. As Marie felt Colin’s manhood grow hotter and hotter in her mouth, she gave Julia some room and the girls began to tongue kiss each other across the swollen head of Colin’s fuck toy. This was too much for Colin, and he screamed in pleasure as he shot wads of thick cum into the girls’ mouths. The girls swallowed as much as possible, but somehow ended up with cum dribbling down their chins and cheeks. Julia even had some on her left breast, just above her engorged nipple.

Julia canlı bahis siteleri licked Colin’s cum off of her roommate’s face as Colin slumped to the shower floor, his limp, cum soaked penis hanging between his legs. Colin watched Marie lick the warm fluid off of Julia’s cheek and he noticed Julia’s boobs rising and falling heavily with each breath. He leaned over and began sucking her nipple, tasting semen for the first time as he cleaned her breast. Julia moaned and looked on as Marie’s fist enclosed Colin’s deflated penis, which had sunk back down to a flaccid inch and a half. Colin took Marie’s hand from his now small cock, and sucked the cum off of her middle finger. Julia tasted Marie’s index finger as Marie licked Colin’s little dick clean.

Julia laid Marie back and kissed her way down her co-counselor’s flat tummy to her bald beaver. Colin inserted two fingers into Marie’s tight vagina as Julia sucked Marie’s tiny, hard clit. As Colin felt the walls of Marie’s sopping vagina enclose around his fingers, he inserted one, and then two more, casuing Marie to emit a loud moan. The dual stimulation from btoh a man and a woman at the same time proved to be Marie’s breaking point, as she bucked her hips violently and began cumming into Julia’s mouth. Colin brought Julia’s mouth to his own and tasted Marie’s juices on his girlfriend’s tongue.

Marie watched her lovers rise to their feet and continue to make out. She stared as Colin’s cock went from a tiny, flaccid state to his full raging hardness. She wanted nothing more than to watch Colin’s cock impale her roommate’s tight pussy. She raked one hand through Julia’s light brown patch of pubic hair as her other hand groped Colin’s manhood. Slowly, Maire pulled the tip of Colin to Julia’s moist opening. Marie then slid his cock into Julia’s slick vagina. Her lovers moaned and pressed against each other, trapping Marie’s hand between them as Colin’s cock explored Julia’s depths for the first time.

Marie stood and joined the couple’s kiss as their sex organs met. Julia and Colin each lent a hand to Marie’s twat as they fucked beside her. Colin’s cock swelled in Julia as her pussy tightened around him. Having both already came several times, their love making quickly reached it’s peak. Colin withdrew his throbbing penis from Julia’s cunt just in time, coating her stomach with the small amount of hot semen he had left. Upon feeling the warm, sticky fluid soak her front and ooze towards her pussy, Julia came and sank to the floor. Colin finger fucked Marie as Julia sucked his cock clean. After Marie came all over Colin’s hand, they both laid down and licked the cum off of Julia’s stomach.

The three spent lovers cleaned each other off lovingly, then climbed into bed nude. Colin never imagined being pressed up against two beautiful women in bed, yet there he was. As the heaviness of his eyelids became too much to handle, he briefly thought of the possibility of adding Joe to their group…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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