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It was Saturday; there was some event out of town Lauren wanted to go to, and Leo was taking her in the Mazeratti. I’d forgotten this when I burst in the front door, “Anybody home?” Loud and obnoxious like the young guy I was.

Lauren’s mom was sitting on the sofa in the living room, her back to me. I saw her make some kind of a quick move, like she was stashing something, and then she reached onto the coffee table for the remote and the TV screen went blank, but not before I caught a glimpse of what it was she’d been watching.

It was porn – one of Leo’s porno tapes – Lauren and I had watched it ourselves a couple of times; that’s how I knew what it was. That, and the fact that when I burst thru the door I caught a glimpse on the screen of this babe in thigh-hi stockings and heels and nothing else, head down, butt up and having it slammed into her from behind by a cock-strong young stud.

I came around the sofa and Mrs. Lablanc was looking at me with big round eyes. She was wearing a black silk mini-kimono and nothing else as far as I could tell. When I glanced to the pillow next to her and Mrs. Lablanc’s eyes got bigger and rounder still.

“Oh hello Sean,” She purred all sweet and innocent. “Leo took Lauren over to the antique show in Concord. They’ll be gone until late this afternoon.”

“That’s right, I forgot.”

“Can I get you anything? Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.” When Mrs. Leblanc got off the sofa her mini-kimono rode up a little; she didn’t flash her ass or anything but I couldn’t help noticing she looked sexy as hell in that outfit. You could tell where Lauren got her looks. I followed Shirley to the kitchen.

Leblanc poured me a cup, “Do you take cream? Sugar?”

“No, I take it black.”

We faced each other while we drank our coffee in silence.

Lauren’s mom was a very good looking woman for her age, and I couldn’t help but eyeball her scantily-clad body; the thin silk material of her robe left almost nothing to the imagination. She’d obviously just taken a shower, she smelled fresh and clean.

She also smelled like something else: pure, raw sex. She had the smell of a woman in heat.

I could tell she felt my eyes wandering over her boobs – they were pressing against the thin black silk of her robe, and her nipples were poking straight thru. It was like her mind was reading my mind reading her mind.

Mrs. Leblanc had her coffee cup in one hand, resting on the counter. Her other hand was at playing at the edge of her robe, revealing some pretty good cleavage.

Then she put her hand on my arm.

“Sean, I think maybe I’d better tell you what’s really going on here . . .”

This got my attention.

“Let me just say that I’m a normal, woman, a natural woman with all the normal, natural needs and desires.” She shrugged, “With Leo . . . well it’s like this . . . he’s been unable . . . or unwilling . . . to fully pleasure me . . . well . . . I’ve had to do without . . .”

I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing: was MY GIRLFRIEND’s MOM was putting the make on me???

Being a young stud of course – young, dumb and full of cum – that was all the invitation I needed. I put my coffee cup down and we fell into each others arms, fell into a long, slow, drawn-out open-mouthed casino oyna soul kiss. I could feel her heat as she ground her pussy against my hard boner.

I let my hands wander down her curves, explore her sexy body I’d long admired from afar. Finally we broke our kiss and Mrs. Leblanc pressed her head on my shoulder. “Oh Sean . . . oh Sean . . .” she said in a quiet voice, “I’ve waited so long for this to happen . . .”

We kissed again, passionately. This time I groped her asscheeks, squeezed her tits. “OOOoooh!” she moaned. I slipped my hand inside her kimono, felt her left breast, pinched her nipple. “OOOoooh!” she moaned again, then “Not here, let’s go upstairs.”

“To your BEDROOM?”

“Yeah . . .”

“But . . . Leo . . .???”

“It’s OK, he’ll be gone all day, so will Lauren . . .”

That was a subtle reminder that she wasn’t the only one running behind somebody’s back.

In the bedroom there was a momentary pause, a slight uncomfortable moment at the sight of the bed; a visible reminder of what we were about to engage in. To make things easier I took the lead, pulled Shirley to me and as we kissed I undid the sash to the front of her robe. As her kimono fell open I slid my hands around her naked body.

I don’t know what Leo’s problem was – Mrs. Leblanc had a HOT body for a forty-something year-old – very curvy, nice round hips, BIG tits like her daughter; just a little softer with barely a hint of sag. Lauren’s mom obviously took good care of herself.

My twenty-something year old dick was draining all the blood from my young man’s brain leaving a sex hormone-crazed animal with a rock-hard boner that poked and prodded at Mrs. Leblanc’s naked body.

Mrs. Leblanc sat on the edge of the bed and she began to undo my belt, my jeans. Her eyes went wide she pulled my shorts down and my python flopped out. “Oh Sean . . .” she whispered, “. . . you’re beautiful!”

Mrs. Leblanc closed her eyes and parted her lips and engulfed my hard cock in her warm, wet mouth.

So there I was, standing in front of my girlfriend’s mom with my cock in her mouth.

Her lips had a perfect seal around my shaft as she bobbed on my knob; I was getting harder than cobalt steel. Then Mrs. Leblanc would do this thing where she’d pull off her ruby red lips were around the head of my cock and she’d look up into my eyes all sweet and innocent like, ‘Is this right? Am I doing this right?’ and it made the blowjob all the more better.

She sucked me off, all the way to completion; she even let me cum in her mouth. Weak in the knees, I joined my girlfriends’ mom, sat next to her on the mattress.

Cum-splattered all over her face, all over her heaving tits, Mrs. Leblanc looked at me with this sincere look, big round puppy dog eyes.

“I want to thank you, Sean,” she said quietly.

“Thank ME? No! Thank YOU, Mrs. LeBlanc! I never, ever . . .” I tried to find the words.

“Oh come on now Sean, you can’t tell me you’ve never had a BLOWJOB before.” She asked, incredulous. It sounded weird, hearing my girlfriends mom use such language.

“OF COURSE I’ve . . . had a . . . blowjob before – ALL the girls go that far these days . . .” It occurred to me all of a sudden what I was inferring; not only was her daughter a cocksucker, but she was canlı casino the latest of a long line of cocksuckers . . .

“Er, what I mean is . . . I’ve never had . . . my girlfriend’s MOM that is . . .”

“I think you’d better quit while you’re ahead, Sean,” she smiled.

Mrs. Leblanc put her hand on my naked thigh, close to my spent cock. In its post-ejaculation, semi-flaccid state, my cock twitched and a stream of clear, glossy fluid leaked out. Her eyes widened at this, and she smiled her beautiful smile.

“Anyway, I think by now it’s OK for you to call me Shirley.”

“Yes, ma’am. I mean Shirley.”

We both laughed at that, then she let out a sigh. “I need to tell you about Leo,”

“You don’t have to say anything about Leo, Mrs. Leblanc, if you don’t want to.”

“I told you, Sean, it’s Shirley. And I not only want to, I think I have to tell you something about Leo’s and my relationship.”

“Uh, okay.” This was getting deep into adult territory, and I was just out of my teens.

“Leo is a sad pervert who spends too much time watching porn. He says he wants me to be a slut, he wants to watch me . . . having sex . . . with other men. I think it’s stupid but he’s rich and he helps me keep this house.”

“Do you love him?” I asked

“You know, Sean . . . a woman has certain needs . . . and Leo . . . well . . . Leo . . . can’t . . . satisfy . . . you know . . .

“Like any natural woman, Sean, I love cock. I love everything about cock. I love the taste of cock, I love the feel of a good, hard cock in my hand, in my mouth, in my pussy; rubbing up against my face, my breasts, all over every square inch of my body.”

“And quite frankly I’ve lusted after your young, hard cock ever since the day Lauren brought you into our home. Letting you cum in my mouth . . . well . . .” she shrugged again, “I consider it a gift . . .

“I like watching a load of sperm spurting out of your cock,” Shirley told me quite frankly, as a gob of my jizz dripped off of her chin and puddled up on her ample breasts.

“It’s exciting, and besides, you’re a young man,” she said, lowering her head into my lap to lick clean my still semi-stiff rod, “After you’ve cum the first time, your cock will be harder, longer for a good long fucking the second time around.”

Shirley had it all figured out, like the sexpot she was. And I had to admit she was right; the tip of her tantalizing tongue tickling my post-blowjob soft-on boner had the effect of not only not letting me not fully deflate, but also to get fully rigid within a relatively short period of time, and then it seemed like I could fuck for hours.

“And another thing, Sean.”


“I hope you’re not thinking this is a one-time thing – wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.”

“Well . . . uh . . . no ma’am . . . ” I halfway into a state of confusion.

“Not by a longshot.” She gave me a brief kiss and I got a slick sample of my own sperm from her jizz-splattered lips. “Right now I’ve got to run to the Little Girls Room, then when I get back . . .” she gave my semi-hard thick cock a playful pinch, “I want to feel that hard, young cock of yours in my wet pussy!”

I laid back on the bed and some point while Shirley did her bathroom run I must have dozed off, because next thing kaçak casino I was aware of was a warm, wet feeling – it was almost as if some sort of undersea creature was feeding on my crank.

Mrs. LaBlanc was wiping my cock with a warm, wet towel. Then she placed the towel aside and wrapped her willing lips around my length. I quickly hardened as she stroked my pole into her warm, wet mouth.

Releasing my dick from her mouth, Mrs. Leblanc rubbed my hot meat all over her face. Looking me in the eye all the while, she ran her pursed lips all up and down my length, giving little love-nibbles at the “secret spot” at the base of my cock, working her lips and tongue up to just tickle torture me just under the glans.

Finally she pulled off my cock, looked me dead in the eye and said, “Please, Sean . . . fuck me?”

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to adequately explain the wonder of our first time together, Lauren’s mom in many ways better.

She taught, I learned: but as we kissed deeply, passionately, I couldn’t get the thought out of the back of my mind that this was Lauren’s MOM I was laying with, making love to – there was this underlying feeling; the thrill of doing that which is utterly forbidden, taboo.

Positioning myself between her thighs, I gazed down into lust-glazed eyes of my girlfriend’s mom. Mrs. Leblanc wrapped her arms around me and as I slid my rock hard rod into her warm, loving, wetness she whispered, “Oh God, Sean, how I’ve waited for this . . . I’ve wanted your cock for such a long, long time . . .”

Then, “It’s been such a long time for me . . . please be gentle . . .”

Slowly I began to drive in and out of her slick pussy, reveling in the feel of each passionate stroke “O-o-o-h-h-h . . .” she moaned, “you’re so much LARGER than I thought . . . ooohhh, I’ve never felt so FULL . . . yes . . . YES . . . ooohhh Y-E-E-E-S-S-S!”

My hands kneaded her huge, round luscious breasts, my teeth sought and found her erect nipples, my lips ravished her lovely face, exquisite neck and beautiful shoulders as she moaned and sighed beneath me. Her hips rose to meet my every thrust; her back was arched so high her ass was lifting right off of mattress. When I approached the point of no return and began to hammer my cock hard into her pussy, she met me stroke for stroke.

After numerous smaller orgasms, I could tell that her Big One was building up as the tidal wave of her orgasm crashed down – triggering my own. I recall think that it was just as well that I intended to fill her with my seed. Her arms and legs were so tightly wrapped around me that I couldn’t have withdrawn, even if I wanted.

I held her about her waist and rolled her over so she could straddle me and ride my pole. I held her hips, lifted her up and pulled her down hard onto my pole, over and over until she was squirting pussyjuice all around my cock.

Lauren’s mom was holding her head in her hands, arching her back, moaning and sighing, “Oh! Oh!!! OH-H-H-!-!-! Yes! Yes!!! YES-S-S-S-!-!-!”

Now the pressure was building up in the head of my cock; I was ready to cum.

“Cum inside me, Sean,” she panted, “I can’t get pregnant anymore.” That was all I needed. I pulled her hard onto my dick and shot my load inside of her; white hot lava erupted from the head of my cock.

We fell on the bed and I lay on top of her with my dick shrinking and sliding slowly out of her sticky slit. “Oh Gawd,” she groaned “I’ve never cum so many times in my life.”

(To be continued – V.H.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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