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Note from Slickman: I received a lot of requests to keep this one going at least for one more chapter. Seems everyone liked the characters and wondered what other mischief they could get into.

Take the time to read “Brown’s Shoe Store” to get up to date.


Mike and Meagan put the shoebox down and finished their lovemaking. Meagan was finally adjusting to the size of Mike’s tool and was now pushing back as much as she was taking it. The portable cot was about to fall apart and continued to bang against the wall. Just as Meagan climaxed they heard someone pounding on the front door.

“Shit.” Mike said stopping his pumping motion. He glanced at his watch and noticed it was ten minutes before the store was due to open. He drove his piston in once more but heard the pounding get louder. “Fuck.” He pulled out and quickly pulled up his jeans and slid his tee shirt on. As he tied his sneakers he noticed Meagan had not moved.

“Meagan hurry and get dressed! It might be my parents!”

“I can’t move.” She giggled. “I’ve been fucked to death.”

Mike laughed and threw her panties and bra to her. He peeked through the curtains and saw Meagan’s sister Janet with her hands positioned on the sides of her face as she peered into the store.

“It’s Janet.” Mike announced.

“Good. Now come on back.” Meagan begged holding out her hands.

“I have to open the store in a couple of minutes so we don’t have time.” Mike said shaking his head. Meagan had turned from a tomboy to a girl in heat. Mike opened the curtain and walked to the front door. Janet saw him and smiled. He opened the door and Janet stormed in.

“Is Meagan here?”

“Well……maybe………..why?” Mike stuttered. Janet walked quickly into the back room and froze seeing Meagan pulling up her pink panties.

“I hope you used protection.” She said until she saw the spent rubber by the bed. “Never mind. I guess my little sister is not a little girl anymore. Are you OK?” “Janet. What are you doing here?” Meagan asked pissed.

“I’m trying to warn you Dad is looking for you. I didn’t want him to find you like this.”

“What’s he want with me?” Meagan asked as she quickly pulled up her jeans and shirt.

“He wouldn’t tell me but he said it was good news.” They heard the bell signaling someone had entered the front door. “It’s him.”

“Hello Mr. Green.” Mike said nervously. “Hi Dad.” Meagan said coming through the curtains.

“What were you doing back there? Are you two alone?” He asked visibly upset.

“No Dad. I’m here.” Janet said laughing as she came through the curtains.

“Good.” Jim Green said. “This letter from State came for you this morning.” He handed her the unopened letter.

“They already turned me down for the scholarship.” Meagan said as she ripped open the envelope. She quickly read the letter and smiled. “The other girl turned it down and they are now offering it to me!” She said jumping up and down for joy.

Janet and her father both moved forward to hug her but Mike stayed silent. Meagan turned and looked at him. “I got…………” She was ready to say ‘it’ but realized that she would be living away from him now. They both were planning on going to the local university but now they would be separated.

“Meagan. That’s great.”” Mike said forcing a smile.

“Dad. I think we need to go home.” Janet said pulling on his arm to leave. Jim finally realized what was going on. “We will see you at home.” They left.

“I can still see you.” Meagan said as she pulled his body into hers. “I’ll only be five hours away.”

“Yeah I know.” He said kissing her on her forehead. “But, sometimes distance messes up a relationship.”

Both of them remained silent as they thought about being away from each other. Suddenly the doorbell went off and a man and woman came in. “I’ll call you later.” Mike said as he walked over to help the couple. Meagan sadly walked out of the store.


Tara and Brad were sitting in Tara’s den watching TV and waiting for her parents to leave the house. Her mom and dad were going out of town for the weekend and were leaving Tara home alone for the first time. The only way they would agree to it was if Meagan and Heather stayed with her.

“Now you two behave yourselves.” Tara’s mom Carol said pointing her finger at her.

“We will Mom.” Tara said smiling. “I’m going to college next year so you have to learn to trust me.”

“I trust you.” Carol said. “It’s him that I don’t trust.” She glared at Brad.

“Mrs. Green. I promise to be good.” He said putting his hands up to shield him from her. They both laughed. Brad had been dating Tara since they were 15.

Tara was wearing a short skirt and tight blouse with new Victoria Secret baby blue thong and panties. Today was going to be her de-flowering and she wanted to look nice and sexy.

“I thought Heather was coming over?” Carol said looking at her watch.

“She should be here any minute.” Tara said trying not to be upset.

Heather pulled into Tara’s driveway casino oyna and noticed her parents were still at home. She grabbed her small suitcase and moved to the front door.

“It’s Heather!” Tara’s Dad yelled when he opened the door. “I’m glad you are here.” He said to Heather while rolling his eyes. “Let’s go dear.” He yelled back to his wife.

“I thought they would never leave.” Tara said smiling. “Did you hear from Mark?” Heather had told her Mark had not talked to her since Meagan’s graduation party.

“No. I think he is still pissed. He suspects I fucked Alex when we were demonstrating that position on the sofa.”

“It did look pretty real.” Brad said. “You two didn’t really……”

“Of course not.” Heather lied. “Even if I did what difference would it have made? After all he did go down on Janet.”

“Going down and fucking are two different things.” Brad said.

“How would you know?” Heather asked pissed with his comments. She knew both Tara and he were virgins.

“I’ll let you know in about an hour.” Brad chuckled as he grabbed Tara’s hand to lead her upstairs. Tara smiled and followed her boyfriend.

“Probably two minutes.” Heather laughed as she watched the two walking up the stairs. Brad moved his hand behind his back and gave her the finger.


As long as Mike was busy in the store he was OK. When no one was there he thought about Meagan leaving town. Today was supposed to be a special day. He would not be a virgin anymore. But he would have traded it if Meagan stayed at home. He realized he was being selfish but she was looking so good he was jealous she would find someone else. His buddy Mark was also going to State so maybe he could get him to keep an eye on her.

A light rain was falling as Betty Talbert pulled into the parking space in front of the shoe store. She had not been back to the store since the incident and felt nervous as she opened the door. She saw Tom’s grandson Mike helping a young boy pick out some shoes. He turned and waved to her.

Mike watched the mother and son leave the store and walked over to Mrs. Talbert.

“Hello Mike.” She said smiling. “I’m so sorry about your grandfather.”

“It’s OK. He died happy.” Mike said knowing he was looking up her skirt.

“I’m so embarrassed about that.” She said looking down.

Mike noticed she was wearing the same outfit she had on that day. “Would you like to try on some shoes?” He asked feeling his heart beat faster. His smile told her what he was thinking.

“You know I’m not much older than your mother.” She said shocked the young boy would suggest such a thing.

“You’re a very beautiful woman now and even before.” He said still smiling.

“Before?” She asked not sure what he meant.

“This morning I found an old shoebox that my grandfather hid in the backroom. It had some interesting things inside.”

Betty’s heart almost stopped like Tom’s did that dreadful day. He had told her he had thrown away those photos. Now his young grandson had them.

“You have to give those back to me.” She said sternly. “They should have been thrown away years ago. Since they are photos of me they belong to me.”

“But they were not just photos of you.” Mike said knowing he had the upper hand.

Betty thought back to that night many years ago. They were all camping out in the back woods when the party got out of hand. Tom, being the older one, got Betty and the other girls to dance by the campfire. He took their pictures with the Polaroid Camera as they danced and drank beer. She didn’t remember which girl started striping first but soon they were all topless. The booze lowered her resistance and that night she lost her virginity. She found out later that Tom had taken photos of everything. He had told her the photos were destroyed.

“If you don’t give them to me I’ll have to tell your parents.” She said firmly.

“I don’t think so.” He laughed. “I think it was my father who was in a lot of your photos. I don’t think my mother will be happy to see what you two were doing.”

Betty stared at the boy. Shit he was just like his grandfather, handsome and confident. She knew she would shock him with her next words. “Your mother was there too. How many photos did you find?”

“No way.” Mike laughed. His mother was the most conservative prude he knew. He realized she was serious. “Four pictures.” He replied.

“He took a lot more than that.” She laughed. “Maybe we need to look around some more?”

Mike looked at the clock. It was closing time. He moved to the door and turned the sign around to say ‘CLOSED’ and walked ahead of the older women into the back room. He had cleaned the storage room many times but his grandfather told him to not worry about dusting the tops of the shelves. If there were more photos they would be up there. He grabbed a chair and climbed up on top of it. The chair was wobbling so Betty quickly put her hands on his waist to steady him. Her face was only inches from his cute little ass.

“I feel something up here.” Mike said as he touched canlı casino another shoebox. He tried to get it but it was all the way in the back. “A few more inches,” he said just as Mrs. Talbert’s fingers slid down to cup his ass cheeks. “Whatt?” He asked looking down at her smile.

“Keep looking.” She ordered as her fingers squeezed and caressed. God his butt was so firm. She thought about her own husband’s flabby butt who was probably napping about now. The photos had fired up some passion deep inside of her.

“A little bit more.” He said feeling his hard-on pressing outward. Her fingers were down moving down under his ass and up between his thighs. “Ohh!” He cried as her fingers cupped his balls. “Mrs. Talbert!” He was loosing his balance and had to grab the shelf to keep from falling. His body turned to face her. He held on to the shelf as he watched her fingers move up to the snap on his jeans.

“I’m going to fall.” He said as she unzipped his fly.

“Well hold on to something.” She laughed as she pulled his jeans and boxers down to his knees at the same time. His hard nine inch prick sprang straight out at her face. She jumped back and giggled. “You are just like your grandpa.” Her small fingers curled around its base.

“We shouldn’t….” He moaned as her face moved forward to allow her tongue to lick off the pre-come from the tip.

“Oh yes we should. It’s what you wanted before right?” She said as her fingers started to slowly stroke him forward and back.

“I guess SOO!” He groaned as her mouth moved over the crown.

She popped her mouth off and licked her lips. “Yep. Just like Tom. Why don’t you come down from there?”

“But the photos.” Mike said as he grabbed her hand to step down onto the floor. He almost fell because his jeans were now wrapped around his ankles.

“The pictures can wait. This can’t.” She giggled as she pulled him over to the cot. “You’re not a virgin are you?”

“Well no.” He thought. “This morning was the first………” He started to say but didn’t want to mention Meagan’s name.

“Good. Maybe I can teach you the right way before you pick up bad habits.” She pulled the long zipper down her grey dress.

“Bad habits?” He said watching the older woman toss the dress aside. Her full pure white breasts were overpowering her tight beige bra and her full white panties showed the light shadow of her bush.

“Sure. Men liked to stick it in and bam-bam they are done.” She laughed. Her thin arms moved around to release her bra. She knew her breasts still looked quite nice and watched his expression as she pulled the cups off her firm mounds. Her light brown nips stood at attention.

“Did you and grandpa? You know?” He asked as her panties moved slowly over her sparse blonde and grey bush.

“Fuck?” She laughed. “No. We only played the teasing game. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. But, you and I will fuck.” She giggled using the ‘F’ word. She took his hand and led him to lie down on his back.

“I shouldn’t do this.” Mike said making a last ditch effort to stop it. “I have a girlfriend.” He said thinking of Meagan.

“Will you tell her?” Betty chuckled as she moved her body on top of his and aimed his tip at her juicy opening.

“No.” Mike said feeling his tip rub against her moist folds.

“Me neither.” She laughed as she lowered her body down onto his hard shaft. “OH MY! YOU ARE A BIG BOY!” She cried as her frail body took all of his length.

Mike’s body automatically started to quickly rise and fall. But, she smacked him on the side of his face. “SLAP”

“Ouch!” He said holding his cheek. “What was that for?”

“Slow down. This is not a race. Lie back while I show you heaven. ” She said as she moved her head up over his mouth.

“Kiss my neck and nibble on my ear. Run your hands gently over my back and ass. Mike did as she said. “Nibble not bite.” She giggled feeling his lips doing as she said. His large hands explored her back and hips. She started to rise again up his shaft and slowly back down.

“When you push inside make sure you rub against my clitoris.” She instructed. “You know what a clitoris is right?”

“No.” Mike confessed as he sucked on her earlobe.

“Give me your finger.”

Mike allowed her to take his index finger and guide it down between their bodies until she pushed the tip against the small but hard mound of flesh at the top of her slit. “Right there. Touch it for a while.” She moaned as she let his finger go. Mike now knew what the pleasure button was called.

Betty closed her eyes feeling his lips everywhere on her neck and ears. One hand was massaging her ass while the other hand played with her clitoris. Besides all of that his long rod was completely filling her up. “God. You’re a fast learner.” She moaned as she approached her climax.

Mike forgot about his own pleasures as he spent all of his energies on making her happy. “You want to go fast.” He sped up his fucking action. “Or slow?” He whispered in her ear. He could tell from her rapid breathing that she was almost kaçak casino ready to come. He was in control and grinned as he teased her.

“FASTER!” She screamed as she felt the fires igniting the dynamite between her thighs. “OH LORD I’M COMING!” She screamed. The bed once again smacked against the shelf and another shoebox fell hitting her in her quivering ass. Neither of them stopped to see what it was. Mike felt his dam burst and he held on to her small ass until he was completely empty.

“Did I do OK?” Mike asked with a smile.

“Yes.” She panted. “Damn good.” She rolled off of his body and picked up the shoebox and peeked inside. Mike watched as she pulled out a stack of old photos and looked at them. “Yep. These are the ones that I remembered. You may be interested in this one.” She held it out for him to view.

“Holy shit! Is that………?”

“Yes sir in the flesh.” She laughed.


Heather turned on the TV to keep from falling asleep. Tara and Brad had been upstairs for almost 30 minutes. She moved back on the sofa and surfed through the channels until she saw a movement behind her. She jumped and held up the remote control to throw it until she saw who it was. “Tara? Are you OK?”

“Yes.” The young girl said while sitting down only wearing her new bra and panty set. “Things didn’t go as planned.” Just then they heard Brad moving quickly down the stairs and out the door.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone.” She said almost crying.

“Sure.” Heather said as she put her arm around her friend.

“He couldn’t get hard.”

“But, he was surely hard last week.” Heather said remembering how he looked when Janet pulled down his briefs.

“I know.” She sobbed. “He was as surprised as I was. It must be me.”

“Bullshit. Any man would die to have sex with you.”

“Thank you.” Tara said wiping her eyes. They heard the doorbell ring. Heather opened it to see Meagan. She did not look too happy either. “What’s wrong with you?”

Meagan walked in to see Tara crying. “What’s wrong with her?”

They all moved together and hugged. Meagan told them her good news and the reaction from Mike after they had made love. Tara told her about Brad’s failure to take her cherry. Heather told both of them that she had broke up with Mark. They all looked at each other and bawled.


Both Mark and Brad were sitting on Mike’s porch when he arrived home. “Whassup?” He said seeing them both looking upset. They quickly told him and he sat down between them on the step. “Meagan’s going away to college. She got the scholarship from State.”

“Fuck man. That’s too bad.” Brad said. The three of them just stared at the traffic passing in front of Mike’s house.

“I do have some good news.” Mike said with a smile. “I’m not a virgin anymore.”

“Meagan?” Brad asked.

“Yes, and………” He grinned.

“Two at the same time?” Mark jumped in.

“Not at the same time but both were today.” Mike said proudly.

“Shit man. Tell us.” Brad said pulling his buddy over to him.

“Remember the lady who was trying on shoes when my grandfather died?”

“Yeah. Betty somebody.” Mark answered.

“Evidently she and my grandfather had something going for a long time. She stopped by today to continue it with me.”

“Shit. How old is she?” Brad asked.

“She said she was a couple of years older than my mom and she is 44.” Mike answered.

“You fucked an old lady?” Mark said loudly.

“Shhh.” Mike said looking behind him to make sure his parents were not listening by the door.

“She might be old but her body was like a young woman’s.” Mike said defensively. “And, God, she taught me how to fuck.” He laughed.

“Really?” Brad asked. “Do you think she will teach me?”

“I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone so how can I asked her?” Mike laughed at his buddy.

“Me too?” Mark asked. “Since I won’t be getting any from Heather I would love for her to do show and tell with me.”

“She said she would come by tomorrow at closing. How about you guys being there instead of me? Who knows she might just take you both on?” Mike laughed.

“Deal.” The both said at the same time.

***** Meagan told Tara she felt so bad she couldn’t stay and went home to call Mike but his parents said he had left with Brad and Mark. She changed into a long nightshirt, took out the letter and read it over and over until she fell asleep. *****

Mike left Brad and Mark at Mark’s house and decided to stop by Tara’s to talk to Meagan since she was supposed to be staying for the night. He knocked on the door and saw Tara’s face peeking out from behind the small curtains. “Mike.” She said opening the door a fraction.

“Is Meg here?” He asked.

“No. She and Heather left because I wanted to be alone.”

“Sorry to have bothered you I heard……..” He stopped realizing Brad was not supposed to tell anyone.

“It’s OK. Meagan and Heather know too.” Tara said. “Do you want to come in?”

“Gee. I shouldn’t……… are all alone…….I should go home…your parents aren’t at home right?” He stumbled. Tara smiled and opened the door enough for him to see her right breast only covered by her pale blue bra.

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