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You’ve been trying to keep your fitness up for a while now, spending a few days a week jogging in circuits around a local country park. You find it tiresome, but there aren’t many places around where you can avoid roads and traffic.

You’re in the wooded part of your circuit, when suddenly you feel the call of nature.

You squat down and scan the area, looking to see if anyone is looking your way.

You’ve been running for a while now, and this route is always a pain for having no toilets. Luckily, you have found a bush in which to conduct your business.

As you take down your jogging bottoms and panties and finish relieving yourself you notice a rustling sound approach you.

It’s the guy from the fitness club you’ve been checking out for a while.

You quickly try and pull up your panties, but you only get them tangled instead.

He approaches you. Your pussy bared to him. It makes you a little wet.

“Well look who I ran into.” He says smiling, in that accent that sends shivers down your spine.

“I’m not one much for words so I’ll use actions instead.” He says, as he moves closer to you. You smell his musky aftershave and feel his firm hands on your shoulders. He lowers down and kisses you on the lips.

The sudden sensation awakens your senses. You feel hot in your stomach and aroused. Is this happening? This guy just kissed you?

Driven by pure instinct, you grab his broad shoulders and immediately kiss him back. casino oyna He lowers himself towards you and you feel the thick, hard shape of him against your leg.

He kisses you again and again. You’re on your back now with him on top of you, helpless. You feel his weight as he moves one of his masculine hands under your shirt and sports bra. Finding your sensitive nipples underneath. He kisses you while rubbing them in a circular motion – making you slightly out of breath.

Before long. You feel his fingers find their way to your soaked pussy. And he rubs his index finger in circles around your clit. He takes his lips away from yours, raises your top and begins kissing your exposed breast, making you gasp as the heat in your belly rises.

He rubs in circles, faster and faster. Not stopping. You feel the heat inside you rising quickly, but just as you are building up to orgasm. He stops.

You open your eyes for a second to see why he stopped, only to see that his head is now directly in front of your fully exposed pussy.

” Wait, hold on a second – ah!”

Before you can protest any more, his mouth is against your sensitive places. His tongue circles your clit like an exotic dancer on a stage and you can’t help but submit yourself completely to him.

His tongue keeps working your clit. Up and down, side to side, faster and faster until you can’t take it anymore.

You cum, and your orgasm shakes your whole body. You can’t help but grasp his head canlı casino between your legs- but his tongue doesn’t stop moving.

Wave after wave of pleasure flow through you and you lose focus entirely.

It’s only a few seconds later you realise his head is no longer there. Instead you feel a hot, firm sensation rubbing against your clit.

You look up again, and gasp as you see his thick hard cock being rubbed against the top of your pussy. It’s heat is overwhelming, and you can’t help but notice he isn’t wearing a condom.

Just as you notice it, he lowers his cock and pushes his full length into you. Your planned protesting comment turns into a gasp as you feel his hot, thick cock hitting the depths of your sex.

He lifts your legs up and holds you down with his weight. His cock reaches even deeper inside you as you feel the tip touch your cervix.

The heat of him inside you as he continues to fuck your pussy drives you crazy. Every slow, deliberate or fast and intense thrust he makes, you can’t help but moan a little.

But wait. You just remembered. This guy isn’t wearing a condom!

” Wait, I don’t want to get pregnant…” You start. But he kisses your lips to silence you and you feel his cock go deeper.

Panic sets in inside your mind. He’s pounding your pussy like this. With no condom. What if you get pregnant?

He pulls away and looks at you. Straight in the eyes with a look of primal lust.

“I don’t care baby. I’m going kaçak casino to cum inside you. I want you to take all of it. Become mine.”

His voice is like honey. And you feel almost like you can’t help but submit to him.

You feel him deep. Right against your cervix.

You can’t do it. You can’t let him cum inside, you’re ovulating and there’s no way you won’t get pregnant!

As you try and struggle away. You realise he is too heavy for you. His cock is getting pulled deeper by your resistance, and your legs have been wrapped around him.

No escape.

You feel his cock begin to start pulsing inside you.

“Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum. I’m going to fill you up so deep!”

You gasp as it happens.

Waves of heat flow into you as he pushes his cock as deep as it can go. He spurts thick, heavy bursts of his seed deep into your pussy, flowing into your womb.

The feeling is so intense and so hot you almost don’t realise your own orgasm. You cum hard on his cock and feel like you have only opened yourself up to his fertile semen even more.

Your mind is blank and your senses are overwhelmed with the heat, the hot, swollen feeling inside you and the heady smell of your sweat and his mixed – just like your genetics are going to be.

So much of his cum shot so deep inside, there is no way you wouldn’t be carrying his baby soon. But you don’t care.

You submitted yourself entirely to him and loved every second.

This man who you’ve been staring at for weeks just fertilised you. You feel a primal satisfaction.

He kisses you on the lips and smiles at you, you smile back as you ponder what the future will bring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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