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Breeding beauty – Ch 6 A night out in the city.


Ch1: the beginning

Ch2: first craigslist add

Ch3: caught outside looking in

Ch4: Cory auctioning her cunt off

Ch5: why split the profits… Ebay auction..

My stories are 100 % real. Mostly what I remember but then again during most of my stories I was drunk and wasted watching real anonymous men fuck my blacked out or passed out wife.. Why do I do it you may ask? Because I am demented? Because I sick mother fucker? Well…. Mainly because I can! I can exploit her weakness for the pleasure of many repressed men… So I tell myself..

After many sessions of breeding beauty in her own bed with random men on Craigslist I soon got bored and wanted to push things bit and see if she would let a guy pick her up and fuck her while blacked out.


: blacked out and pretend to be some random guy. Many times if she did hard whiskey she would black out, not focus and loose her memory… Almost zombie like. I got her home one night after several shots and a bottle of wine… She asked who I was. I pretended to be David… Told her I wanted her ass before a fucked her cunt… But first she had to suck my cock. Holy shit she went for it the little nympho! She even went and rimmed my ass and fingered my hole…. I fucked her ass hard and she orgasmed… It was the first load I ever shot up a women’s ass…and on top of it all she yelled out in the middle of her orgasm… “take my o-ring”… What the hell did that even mean…i had to Google it the next day. Obviously in her 20s and 30s her sexual escapades were wilder than mine..


: Rick… A guy who I trusted “sort of” and has bred her several times but he was fixed like me so there was no pregnancy risk… Had him hit on her at the bar… She was tanked and I had crushed up several of her zanex in her food… By 100 she could barely remember her name… Rick hit on her and danced with her… I pretended to leave and she didn’t even care…. I watchef from a distance as he flirted and groped her…. Then left with her in his car.. On the way he texted me. She passed out in my fucking car… I said bring her home and park in the garage. We carried her to bed…. He fucked her and I did as well… We covered her in cum inside and out… Rick left a note saying what a hit fuck she was on the dresser…. I went to my dads… In the morning after she called me and apologized for whatever she did… I told her she made an ass out of me at various so Ieft… I asked her what she did and how she hit her drunk ass home… She said she called her girlfriend for a ride..Right! You bullshittiing slut!

Now the real story begins………

Rick texted me and said he had a brilliant idea. A party in Philly with many hot guys to fuck her. All I need to do was get her to this particular dance club. Party? What I didn’t realize was that she was the party…many guys in a private game room in the basement of a old club with her on the pool table. I didn’t know until I got there.

I convinced her in to a sexy night out dancing in the city. She had a tiny dress, thong lace panties, strapless bra and super high heels. When I got to the club we grabbed a couch and I met rick in the mens room. He told me my job was to get her horny on the dance floor and later to let him cut in when he requested her favorite u2 song. We had 2 bottles of wine and several shots. I could tell she was getting hammered and starting to black out. Not pass out but black out. Glazed look, confused, total short term memory loss, and most importantly super horny.

We danced and I was grabbing her ass and grinding her. She was grabbing mine and my crotch on the crowded floor. Then u2 came on and she jumped in the air and said “this is my favorite song” suddenly I heard him appear and say “OMG this is my favorite too”…he grabbed her and whisked her away and she didn’t even look back at me. I walked to the edge of the floor and watched as this strange man danced with my wife. I could see him grabbing her, grinding her and whispering in her must have been sexy because she laughed as he kissed her neck and his hands wrapped around her with one hand on her tit and the other at her crotch. She was so fucked up she didn’t even notice. Then a guy appeared and handed him two large shot glasses and he gave her one…she threw it down instantly and then shook her head from the burn. Then he put his to his lips, stopped and offered it to her. She took it and threw that one down as well. The song ended and on came a slow song. ..he grabbed her and pulled her tight. Her hands were up over his neck..he moved over closer to me so I could witness him grabbing her ass and feeling up her tits. When he twirled her around I could see she could not focus and had no idea I was sitting there. The he turned with her ass to me…he slowly pulled up the back of her dress to expose her panties to me and for that matter, all the guys standing around me. Then his had pulled her thong to the side and his fingers disappeared..I could tell by the sudden sway of her body that his finger found its way to her cunt…the song ended and he brought her back to the couch. She sat down next to me and he sat on the other side of her with his hand on her leg…. caressing her inner thigh. She was so blacked out now she could not even focus on me…she mumbled that she had a good time dancing with Rick….he whispered something in her ear and she blushed…as his hand slid farther into her crotch… instinctively her legs spread open wide….her head went back and he began to finger her again right in front of me And all the guys standing around. He took her almost to the point of orgasm but stopped. I was freaked out, pissed but now totally hard as a rock….then one of Rick’s friends came over smoking a joint… He took a hit and passed it to her… Holy shit she fucking drew in a long hit… Held it and exhaled through her nose… Then again and again like a freaking crack addict… She was getting drunk and wasted let alone whatever they mixed in her drink…. She could barely put complete sentences together… She would say half a Sentence and stop…. At one point she said “I like………..”… We looked at eachother waiting for the ending but nothing.. So Rick finished it for her “so you like to suck cock?”,,, she rolled her eyes and giggled “no silly boy I like to suck shaved balls and to be fucked hard!”..

What the fuck did she just say?

Now noticeably aroused, Rick whispered in her ear again…I heard her say “sure”, he stood up and took her hand and looked at me..said come on, there is a private after hours party in the game room. We went to the back of the club basically holding her up because she was now too drunk to walk. We went down stairs to this cool basement bar with a pool table. Dark, smokey, casino oyna and when we came through the door all the guys turned and stared at us.

As we walked through the place I realized most were smoking joints and blowing the smoke in her face as we walked by.

We made our way to the bar and there were shots waiting for all of us…but I noticed that the one the bar tender gave her came from under the bar. Humm I thought…then he looked at me and said this was a special one for the lady. I knew it had to be spiked but I had gone this far so I watched her throw it down…then an Aerosmith song came on and he wisked her away and began dancing with her again…she could barely dance but she twirled around like a slut..half way through the song I realized that whatever was in the shot had now hit her because she could barely stand…he was now holding the back of her dress up again showing all the guys her ass….when the next song came on all the guys came out and danced around her, closing in on her…they were all grabbing and grinding her…she was swaying around…hands in the air….then I saw a guy from behind slide his hands up under her dress and pull her panties down to her ankles….she fucking didn’t care and stepped out of them…the he slid his hand up her inner legs and again I knew the moment when his finger found the inside if her cunt…she was now grinding on his hand..then the guy unstrapped her strapless bra with his free hand….for a moment she rejected it by putting her hands across her breasts holding up her bra…that’s when I saw Rick appear again…he came up behind her and whispered in her ear…then he forcedly grabbed one hand and held it in in the air…then the other…she offered little resistance as the strapless bra now fell inside her dress and to the floor.

There she was…hands in the air, dancing in a skimpy dress with no bra or panties on. So fucked up she could barely speak or stand. But was still dancing… guy’s began to feel her up and she now didn’t even notice…Lord knows how many fingers were in her cunt in those next few songs….Rick then re-appeared with a bottle of lube…squirt some on his hand and walk up behind her….his hand disappeared under her dress…she tried to resist but he grabbed her around her waist…I could tell by the contorted look on her face the his finger was up her ass hole. To my knowledge she had never had anal sex and she didn’t even like me playing with her ass….but then suddenly she began to sway and grind down in his hand…he had a big smile on his face…he kept his hand under her dress the entire song…when the song was over he held his hand in the air with 3 fingers almost like a scouts honor… that is when the guys cheered…holy shit he had three fingers up her ass….

The next song came on and he began to dance with her slowly..then he took the fingers that were in her ass and stuck them in her mouth. You could see she smelt the shit but then she began to suck on them…..with his other hand he unbuckled his pants and pulled out his cock. He grabbed the back of her head by the hair and forced her down on her knees…she disappeared into the crowd of men…I freaked out and ran to save her…to my surprise there she was sucking on his cock like a little slut…he still had her hair and now was looking at my stunned face as he was fucking her throat…then he went balls deep and held…she took it all as she began to gag and gasp for air…her eyes buldged out and rolled towards me. Her eyes crossed with mine but they could not focus and I realized she had no clue who I was…then another man pulled his cock out and rick pulled her off of his cock and on to the other guys…he was fucking her throat and she loved it…she went down and even sucked his balls…she was now actively sucking his cock and soon he exploded in her mouth…she loved it and swallowed it all…some of it leaked out on her face…damn bitch never swallowed my cum but now she is swallowing a stranger’s….

Then a 3rd, 4th and 5th guy… swallowing them all…

Rick came back to me and grabbed my crotch and hard cock. He said I see you are enjoying the show…go grab the drinks from the bar for her…I went to the bar and the bartender poured me a shot, Rick a shot, and a shot for her, but then he took a small vile and poured it into hers…I looked at Rick..he said we call it the “lights out” drink..he went back to the dance floor and stood her up from sucking cock…put the shot in her hand and she threw it back…a slow song came on…and he danced with her very nicely, a!most romantic as we all watched…he was twirlig her around (granted she could barely stand), holding her from behind and whispering in her ear…by the middle of the song it was only Rick and her..all the guys were standing around watching…like they knew something was going to happen…

The song was nearing it’s end and he guided her to the pool table and backed her up against it…the song ended and suddenly the lights dimmed, strobe lights began to flash over the pool table and super loud heavy metal music came on….Rick grabbed her, spun her around and bent her over the pool table…pulled his pants down…kicked her legs apart…THEN, OMG she actually tried to resist…it must have been fight or flight moment…she tried to push him away and stand up but he just grabbed her drunk and wasted ass by the hair and bent her over the pool table again… forcibly kicked her legs apart and shoved his cock inside her…no foreplay…he just went into her cunt balls deep and pinned her against the pool table…she seemed to struggle a bit but then stopped…she relinquished power…he pulled out and rammed in even harder this time…her eyes now popped open…he began to ram her like a jack hammer… suddenly she began to push back and moan…I knew that sound…she was going to fucking orgasm….Rick kept pounding away at her….she began to orgasm and scream so loudly you could hear her over the music…it went on for a good 15 minutes of her screaming OMG over and over…finally Rick pulled out and she flopped down on the pool table…Rick barely pulled out when another guy lined up behind her and began to fuck her…Rick pulled me over to the bar and said that he knew that she would succumb the moment he met her.

Then we sat there watching her get fucked by some strange man…I sheepishly asked him if he cummed inside her? He just laughed and said not yet. That the party was just getting started. I told him that she was 43 , still got her period and was not on the pill because I was fixed. That I didn’t want guys cumming inside her…he just laughed and gave me a pill. He said it was the morning after pill and that I should give it to her when the party was over…

Suddenly I heard her orgasm again but this time the guy was at the point of no return…he yelled “fucking canlı casino bitch”, his back arched as he shot his load inside her…as his hot cum filled her womb her head jerked up and she screamed again “I’m cumming again” and she went wild….he pulled out and all the guys abmired the cum leaking out of her…she passed out cold, exhausted on the pool table with cum leaking down her legs,,dress up over her head and still in her high heels..cum in her womb, her stomach, her mouth, and wads on her cheeks and hair. A well used whore…another guy lined up and began to fuck he cum filled cunt…she didn’t even flintch, she was passed out…he shot his load rather quickly and disappeared…

Rick and I were still at the bar when this black guy cory walked and Rick gave him a big hug…how’s it hanging these days? He just laughed and said “by the foot”….then he turned to me and asked if this little cunt was my wife…? I sheepishly said yes…cool he said in an almost comforting way…like what I was doing was somehow ok.

Then he bought Rick and I are drink and he said he saw the whole thing happen upstairs. Then Rick said he knew he would like her, that she was still tight for her age…Rick then said she’s only been out for about 20 min, time to wake her up and stretch her out! With that Cory walked up to the pool table and threw the guy away that was fucking her. The lights dimmed except on her. Then two of Cory’s black buddies came around to her face…the guy pulled out a bottle of poppers pinched one nostril and cupped her mouth, making her inhale it over and over. Her face began to turn red and after a few more breaths he put it away. Then they grabbed her hands and held then down…Cory walked up behind her and dropped his pants and took them off..Rick and two guys grabbed me and took me over to Cory…they forced me to my knees, Cory turned around and showed me his massive cock…it was a foot long and not even hard yet…he told me to suck you little cuck… I didn’t want to but they held me as he shoved it in my mouth…his head swelled and barely fit in my mouth…I was freaking out…he was too big and would tear her apart. He was bigger than my fist and I knew my fist would not fit in up her cunt….Cory was fucking my mouth now and I began to get hard…he was fingering her cum filled cunt at the same time…then he realized I was starting to work over his cock on my own and he liked it…he said I was a good little cuck cock sucker…he directed one of the white guys to fuck her while he got his cock sucked by me…I think I wanted him to cum in my mouth so that he would not fuck her. I went at his cock and balls and then he bent over the pool table and directed me to rim his nigger ass…his words, not mine!

So there I was. On my knees rimming a huge black mans ass as he layed next to my passed out wife with a strange man fucking her. I couldn’t even make this up….!

Cory heard the white guy yell and his back arched as he shot yet another load in her cunt…Cory stood up…looked at her cunt as he pulled out of her…sweet…he grabbed my hair and shoved me in her cunt…lick it up cuck and get it ready for me…your little bitch is going to get a fucking like she has never known…she will be ruined for a cuck white boy like you….I licked the cum leaking out of her…then Cory stuck his finger in her cunt and pulled out more and more…he said empty it out bitch so I can fill it back up…it tasted strange because it was a mixture of several men’s cum…I got hard again and they all laughed at me…look the cuck gets off eating our cum from her…!!!!

Finally Cory pulled me away..Rick came back and guided me to the other side of the pool table right at her passed out face…he said this was the best seat in the house…Cory lined up behind her. His two buddies held her arms down…I looked down at her not so innocent face caked with dried cum and sort of felt bad…then her body jerked forward as Cory tried to shove his massive cock into her cunt…her drugged and drunk eyes opened for a minute and she mumbled…he pulled back and pressed into her cunt again, this time a little harder…she mumbled something again….and tried to wiggle away but they held her…her eyes were so fucked up when she opened them briefly. Cory pulled his cock head back out of her…he looked at me and Rick and said “sweet she is a really tight cunt, isn’t she!”. Then he pulled some of the cum from her cunt and lathered his entire cock shaft…he looked at his buddies and told them to hold her tight…Rick whispered to me “your going to love this part”….just then Cory shoved his cock inside her. Her body pinned against the pool table,,his cock popped inside her in almost a violent way as her cunt stretched to accommodate his massive cock inside her…when his cock hit her cervix her eyes shot open…and I was looking right at her, but she was so spaced she could not focus on anyone of us… .she started to yell “it hurts” but Rick quickly took out his cock and shoved it down her throat…. she resisted at first but then she began to suck him…and forgot about the black dick stretching her tiny white cunt. Cory was still burried balls deep inside her cunt waiting for her to adjust to his size…her legs were trembling….finally they stopped and Cory pulled out slowly….it looked like a black baseball bat coming out of her until I saw his cock head….omg her cunt was gaping wide open…he smiled, looked at me and slid back inside her…her legs trembled again…. slowly Cory began to fuck her in and out with full penetrations…Rick was fucking her throat matching Cory’s every thrust….

Again , there I was watching a black man fucking my wife’s cunt and another man fucking her throat at the same time. Was this really happening.? self pity was suddenly broken when I heard her begin that familiar moan…she was going to fucking orgasm again and from a black cock…when Cory heard her and felt her push back on his cock his pace quickened…he was now fucking her and she was fucking him….she began to moan more and more as her body took over…she let out a deeper moan and her legs quivered in her heels….she was cumming on his dick!!!!!! With that Cory grabbed her hair with one hand pulled her off he table arching her back the other hand reached around and grabbed her tits….. she started to cum even harder……she liked it! Finally he pulled out and with all his might he rammed his cock back inside her….she freaking errupted in an extreme orgasm…one like I never seen her have,,,one like I don’t think she ever had….Cory was now balls deep inside her destroyed cunt. He pinched her tits even harder and yanked on her hair agian. …With that she literally screamed on the top of her lungs….”what are you doing to me? Please… Please ….dahhhh… Dahhhh.. don’t stop”…she could barely even get the words kaçak casino out….her drunk wasted eyes rolled back in her head like she was possessed….

Then I saw that look in Cory’s eye. He was ready to cum and breed the bitch…with one final thrust he buried his cock balls deep inside her and exploded inside her..feeling his cock hit her cervix and then spew hot cum all over her womb, she began to cum again…but this time it was almost a whimper of exhaustion as her almost lifeless body convulsed and quivered,,,,,with that she put her head back down and passed out.. Corys ball sack was empty… This Irish, uptight, holy catholic girl now had black cum swimming inside her womb. What would her parents think right now is all I could think. I chuckled inside… If daddy could only see his daughter right now…

Things sort of went silent as all the guys now surrounded Cory to watch him pull out…as his cock softened and slid out revealing her gaping wide cunt. we could all see right into her womb and his cum all pooled up inside her….they all cheered him on…Cory got dressed and left…it was now 2am.

I said to Rick I better get her home…he said not yet…he pulled the cushions off the couch and put the on the floor..he told me to lay down face up and get naked…I came this far so I figured what the hell….then two guys picked her up off the pool table and laid her on top of me in the 69 position…my face at her cunt…Cory’s cum leaking out of her and onto my face and mouth. I was getting hard again at the smell, the taste and the fact that my cock was right next to her passed out face….

Then Rick came up behind her, spread her legs, looked down at my pathetic face and laughed…then he pulled out a bottle of lube, rubbed it on his cock…then he shoved the bottle up her ass and squeezed it….my eyes were wide open as his cock head met her ass. Rick yelled “let’s blow out her o=ring!” …I was 3 inches away….a little push…his head disappeared inside her ass..then deeper and deeper…until he was balls deep and his balls were slapping off my face….as he pulled in and out it smelt from her ass juices and the cum…she didn’t even flintch a bit after the exhausting fuck Cory laid down on her. Rick was now doing full in and out penetrations….finally I felt his balls swell and I could see his cock pulstate as his cum shot into her ass….he pulled out and a shitty cum mixture poured out of her ass and down onto my face…it was foul…it was all over my face and eyes….I went to roll her off of me but before I could another guy was up her ass…one by one all the men in the room fucked her ass or cunt with me laying there at her cunt… covered in cum and ass juices… I too was so fucked up that I just put my head back and passed out. I would come in and out of consciousness as each guy slammed her but I soon lost count…. Then all of a sudden I woke up gagging…. Choking… Guys were holding my mouth open as cum filled my mouth completely… Holy shit I was going to choke to death on cum from my wife’s cunt…. I turned my head to the side and threw up… All over the floor…. But they just continued to fuck her… just seemed to go on forever…finally it was over and Rick rolled her off of me. When I got up everyone was gone except Rick…we got her all cleaned up and dressed just like when she came….I looked on the wall and I saw a chalk board with two columns…one said ass the other cunt… OMG it was a score board…she had been fucked up the ass 19 times and 23 in her cunt….what the fuck had i done? What did I do to her….Rick even looked a little dazed. That went a bit to far even for him he said honestly. He didn’t know all those guys were going to show up. Some of them must have brought friends.

WAIT! You didn’t know the guys I asked?

Rick looked confused…hell no I just posted an ad on Craigslist for a wife breeding. I rented out the basement for the night from Cory and he made sure there were no creeps allowed down in the basement.

With that we sat her up…and carried her to the back door and I went to get my car…I flew all the way home so I would get there before the sun came up…I carried her upstairs and stripped her naked…I got naked and fell hour later the fucking alarm clock went off for church…I heard her get up and go pee….she crawled back in bed and began to fondle me…then kiss me and told me she was really horny…she dissapperaed under the covers and sucked my cock hard…she flipped herself around on top of me in the 69 position…she wanted me to lick her cunt…hummmm familiar place I thought…I licked her and she let out a huge orgasm….I was rock hard….I flipped her over face down in the bed, stuffed a pillow under her stomach and fucked her harder than I ever have before…she yelled Omg and orgasmed again….we collasped and she snuggled up… sheepishly she said she was sorry for falling asleep at the club….what? You did? All she remembered was falling asleep at the club upstairs dance floor on the couch. She vagly remembered dancing to U2 with some guy…she asked if she made a fool out of herself after that? Nah I told her….

We fell back asleep….went to mass later…kneeling there I was begging for forgiveness then I remembered! The morning after pill! I totally forgot….when we got home I realized it fell out of my pocket…in a panic I called Rick to see if he has more….he just laughed…you dumb fucking cuck asshole…the pill I gave you was only a vitamin…that what was the purpose of a breeding party if there was no chance to knock the bitch up….I cursed a sweared at him, but then he sternly warned me…we both have a lot to lose if either of use opened our mouths…fuck! He was right….he then said to just wait it out and see. What the fuck was she going to do if she was pregnant? Blame me…she would be the cheating drunk white who didn’t know who she slept with….

Besides she said that we needed to meet so he could give me my share… My share? What.? Cory had charged $400 a head… He kept $200 as the club owner, Rick took $100 and I got $100.. For each guy..

So before you freak I’ve got $4200 bucks cash for you… I told him ok and we would meet later in the week.

Back to sleep with her… At 10 am the phone rang! She picked it up and said “Yes mom we will be at church at 11am” .. Damn it!

So there we were kneeling on church waiting for CUMunion…. And of all things the priest was father dick….. After church we went to her parents and they asked us how our weekend was.? She laughed and said we went to a really nice dance club and she had so much fun…..! Seriously?

1 month later……

She missed her period! What kind of fucking baby was baking inside her womb?

2 months later……

She made a comment that she had missed her period and maybe it was early menopause….. Yikes!

3 months later…..

She got her period really, really bad….


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