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Jen danced near the table she’d staked out. There were a few guys who had tried to catch her eye but they weren’t doing anything for her. She was about to give up when she spotted a Puerto Rican woman dancing towards her.

The woman was wearing a low cut knit shirt that clung to her full breasts and a pair of dark blue jeans that molded around her wide hips, round ass and thick thighs. Her long curly hair with blonde highlights swung around her head as she danced to the music.

Jen was nervous about the look in the woman’s eyes when she looked at her. She had played with a few women in the past enjoyed the fleeting fun but had never really gone all the way with another woman.

“Hi,” she said as she moved in front of Jen.

“Hi,” Jen replied as she continued to dance to the music and avoid looking directly at the woman.

“First time I’ve seen you here,” she commented as she danced closer.

“A friend suggested it but she hooked up and bailed on me awhile ago,” Jen said nervously. She glanced at the woman and found her eyes drawn to the woman’s breasts. They bounced and jiggled as the woman moved around.

“I’m Cindy,” she said. “Wanna go out to the bar?”

“Sure,” Jen answered and followed Cindy across the dance floor and out of the ballroom to the hotel’s bar. The music in the bar was soft and relaxing. Cindy found a table for two and waited for Jen to sit before sitting down.

“Are you looking to hook up?” Cindy asked. Jen blushed at the forward question.

“I’m just checking it out,” she replied.

“What would you ladies like?” the waiter asked. Jen ordered a White Russian and Cindy ordered a JD straight up.

“So you’re not interested in hooking up?” Cindy asked as she reached out and caressed Jen’s hand with her fingertips.

“I … it … I mean …” Jen floundered.

“So you’re open to the idea, huh?” Cindy smiled then picked up Jen’s hand and turned it over. She looked into Jen’s eyes as she ran her tongue across the palm to the base of her index finger then along the finger to the tip. She paused a second then slipped the finger between her lips, sucking on it before letting it slide out.

Jen gasped as her body reacted to Cindy’s actions. Cindy took just bahis firmaları the tip of the finger between her lips and licked it with short little strokes, like she were working on Jen’s clit. Jen moaned and closed her eyes, imagining that her finger was her clit.

“Your drinks,” the waiter said as he winked at Cindy.

“Thank you,” Cindy said. “Put it on my tab.”

Jen blushed. “You’re very … forward.”

“I know what I like and I like your big beautiful body,” she replied. “But mostly, I love those huge breasts and I can’t wait to get you into my room so I can see them in all their glory.”

Jen took a long drink from her glass. She didn’t know what else to say or do. Cindy was definitely her type and the things she did to her hand had her leaking a small river between her legs. Jen loved having her breasts played with and the thought of Cindy’s face burrowed between them was causing her to gush.

“So, my darling Jen,” Cindy said after finishing her drink. “Shall we go up to my room?”

“I … I …” Jen stuttered.

“Just a simple yes or no.”

“I’ve never done anything like this,” Jen confessed as Cindy traced a small circle on her palm.

“If you don’t like it you just have to say you want to stop.”

Jen looked into Cindy’s eyes. There was a definite lust there that she was not used to seeing and her pussy involuntarily tightened.

“Yes,” Jen whispered.

Cindy smiled wide and stood up. She took Jen’s hand and led her out of the bar to the bank of elevators. As they waited for the next elevator Cindy pushed Jen against the wall and kissed her deeply, pressing her breasts tight against Jen’s. Jen was breathless when the elevator doors opened.

The elevator doors closed and Cindy pushed the button for the fourth floor. She lightly traced the outline of Jen’s breasts with her finger, pausing at the nipples to play with them for a few seconds before continuing on the journey.

“Such huge, luscious breasts,” Cindy whispered, unable to take her eyes off them. Jen blushed. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was by this woman.

The doors opened and Cindy pulled Jen down the hall to her room. She opened the door and flipped on the lights. Jen stood kaçak iddaa in the middle of the hallway between the door and main bedroom area.

Cindy let the door close on its own and moved to stand in front of Jen. She was breathing heavily as she looked into Jen’s eyes.

“Please, may I undress you?”

Jen’s mouth was too dry to answer so she just nodded her head. Cindy quickly slipped the skirt Jen was wearing over the wide hips and let it fall to the floor. Then she tugged the shirt off over Jen’s head revealing a white lace bra.

Cindy covered the exposed flesh with kisses as she reached around and unfastened the bra. She stepped back slightly and slowly pulled the fabric away to reveal Jen’s large breasts.

“Oh my god. They’re better than I imagined,” Cindy said. She slid her hands under the breasts and lifted them up. “So amazing.”

Jen was already weak in the knees but she started to go limp when Cindy’s lips slipped over her right nipple and sucked on it hungrily. “Please, I need to sit,” Jen begged.

Without letting the nipple fall from her mouth Cindy guided them to the bed so Jen could sit on the edge. Cindy greedily switched to the other nipple as her hands massaged the supple breasts.

Jen closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations cursing through her body as Cindy worked over her breasts. She ran her fingers through Cindy’s long hair, moving it to the side so that she could watch Cindy’s mouth on her nipple.

Cindy paused and looked up at Jen. “Do you like this?”

Wordlessly Jen parted her legs and pressed Cindy’s hand against her pussy and her juices ran over her fingers. Cindy smiled.

“Good, I’m glad. Have you ever had an orgasm from just having your breasts played with?” she asked.

“No,” Jen answered. She’d read about it once and it sounded interesting but wasn’t sure it was more than wishful thinking.

“Would you like to try?” Cindy asked.

“I guess,” Jen answered. “But what if I can’t cum that way?”

“You will,” she replied. “Just relax and let me do all the work.”

Jen nodded her head and Cindy licked, sucked and tugged on Jen’s breasts in ways she’d never felt before. Her nipples were tingling from all the attention. Cindy covered kaçak bahis every inch of Jen’s breasts with her lips and tongue as she brought Jen closer and closer to orgasm.

“Oh god,” Jen whimpered as she could feel her pussy clenching and unclenching. She gripped the comforter and focused all her thoughts on the feelings Cindy was eliciting from her through her breasts.

“That’s it,” Cindy cooed as she lightly tugged on the nipples. “Cum for me baby.”

Jen gasped as Cindy sucked hard on one nipple and tweaked the other hard and she started to cum. “Oh Cindy … oh god … yes!”

Cindy let the nipple slide from her mouth as she dropped to her knees between Jen’s legs. She parted the lower lips and hungrily lapped Jen’s hard clit. Jen came a second time, her juices gushing from her pussy and soaking the comforter.

“Please … oh god … it’s too much,” Jen begged. Cindy glanced up at Jen’s face and licked her clit harder. She slipped two fingers inside Jen’s pussy and finger fucked her until she came again.

Jen’s body was shaking from cumming so hard for so long. Cindy gently laid Jen back on the bed then straddled her face. “Make me cum,” she told Jen and reached down to play with Jen’s nipples again as her pussy grinded against Jen’s mouth.

Jen gasped as her body reacted strongly to having her nipples touched again and tried to focus on licking Cindy’s clit.

“Just like that … oh yeah,” Cindy said as Jen’s tongue licked and circled around her hard clit. Jen reached between Cindy’s legs and parted the lips to make it easier to get to the whole mound. She squirmed when Cindy tugged hard on her nipples, they were starting to get a bit sore now but it just served to turn her on more.

Cindy looked up and watched Jen’s tongue on her pussy and her hands on Jen’s breasts in the mirror. The sight was all she needed to get to the edge and start cumming. She bucked her hips and rode Jen’s face as she came several times in a row.

When she was sated she lifted her pussy away from Jen’s mouth and laid down next to her.

“Did you like that?” Cindy asked as she gently ran her fingers along Jen’s jawline.

“Very much so,” Jen said.

“I’m glad. Will you stay the night so I can enjoy you and your breasts?”

“Yes,” Jen answered and softly kissed Cindy. She could taste her own juices on her lips. It was a bit odd but pleasant. Cindy rested her head on Jen’s breasts and they dozed off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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