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Classroom Sex

Later that evening when we got back from our meal in the nearby village we were all slightly under the influence of a couple nice bottles of wine and very relaxed and John opened one of the bottles we had brought back.

“Ok, what were you two guys whispering about in the restaurant?” Joan said smiling as she took her glass from John.

“Nothing really” he replied with a mischievous smile as he passed me my drink.

“Don’t believe you, now c’mon tell us” she insisted.

“Well, actually we were talking about what you two were up to earlier” he said glancing at me.

“And what was that?” I challenged.

“You know perfectly well” he smiled pulling me close and kissing me gently on the lips and I felt his cock beginning to grind into my groin as his hand moved over my ass eagerly waiting for him to squeeze it and wasn’t disappointed by both actions.

“Tell us” I teased, wanting to hear exactly what he had told Bill.

“Just that you had caressed and sucked Joan’s beautiful breasts before going down on her and sucking her cunt” he said obviously extremely excited.

“Ummm, go on remind me so that I can enjoy the taste and smell of her wonderful cunt again” I urged looking directly at Bill to see his reaction. Immediately I noticed the bulge in his jeans which instantly gave away his feelings and suggested that he would be up for at least making up a foursome.

Joan moved behind John encircling his body and began unbuttoning his shirt before moving down to the bulge in his jeans where his cock was already hard “I can see and feel your curiosity in what we shared” she said stopping to undo the tie belt of her dress and letting it fall open revealing her pert thrusting breasts. Twisting him around and simply said “I thought you got pleasure from looking my breasts this morning when you were watching Bill play with them” she teased squeezing her nipples them whilst looking over to her husband. “Any objections to John enjoying them Bill?”

Hearing or seeing none she turned away from him and cupped my breasts in her hands and gently squeezed them through my sheer bra “wouldn’t you just love to suck on these Bill whilst John does the same to mine?” She asked pushing my bra up and took a nipple in her mouth gently sucking it. “Or would you just prefer to watch us?” she teased as her hands quickly pushed the dress off my shoulders allowing it to full to the floor revealing my body, now only hidden by the pushed up bra and sheer black briefs. Looking directly towards Bill her fingers slipped under the waistband of my briefs searching for my wet pussy lips. Pulling my head close into her breasts she arched her back sighing with pleasure and looked across towards her husband to see his any further response. Seeing none she reached down with her free hand and ran her fingers over the bulge in John’s jeans again.

I could see in Bill’s eyes he was unsure what to do and how exactly he felt as he saw me writhe with sensual satisfaction as she sucked on my nipple and stroked John’s cock. I’m sure, as I was earlier, that he could hardly believe that she was behaving so out of character, but also could see how aroused he had become by the size of the bulge in his trousers.

“Sit down and let us show them what we did” I said taking Joan’s hand and pushing John away led her over to the couch and began loosening her dress. With her help I soon had her naked and was settled between her knees, my head between her spread legs enjoying tonguing her deep between her labia.

Moments later, sensing John looking at me I raised myself from between her thighs and with ankara dansöz escortlar a big smile let him know that I was really enjoying him watching me giving cunnilingus to his best friend’s wife. “That’s right jerk off your lovely cock” I urged seeing him stroking his now liberated erect penis.

Then literally taking matters in hand I got up and walked over to Bill thrusting my breasts at him and pressed the palm of my hand over his ever growing bulge and unbuttoned his shirt and ran my fingers over his now exposed chest. Pinching his nipple before dropping my hand down to caress his increasing bulge and was soon unzipping him.

Glancing up I saw him staring with incredulity at his wife now lying on her back on the rug with John kneeling between her open legs. Reaching down I slipped my hand in his open fly and grasping his cock squeezed it hard making him gasp with pain as well as pleasure. Despite seeing him naked earlier it was my turn to be taken aback at the sheer thickness and size of his cock as I stroked along the length of it. “Wow what a beautiful cock” I whispered now understanding why Joan said she had trouble and wasn’t too keen on deep throating him. He groaned with pleasure as I ran the tip of my finger over his huge throbbing helmet and I noticed him looking directly at his wife who was also groaning and sighing with pleasure from John’s tongue on her clit.

“Help me get you out of these” I urged pulling his jeans and pants down allowing his now fully erect huge cock to jut straight out. Kneeling between his legs I took the tip between my lips and began licking with enthusiasm and momentarily looking up saw his eyes close and thought how excited he looked and was afraid that he might cum too quickly so I released it and continued to undress him. Pulling his face between my breasts I wanted to make all this excitement last a little longer but all of a sudden he took my hand and wrapped it around his huge cock and thrust it back towards my mouth.

Taking the bulbous head between my lips I gently rolled his foreskin back and forth with my left hand whilst I squeezed his balls with the other one. Great sighs of pleasure came from him as a few moments later my fingers worked their way between his legs and traced around his puckered asshole making him squirm with even more pleasure. I felt his cock twitch and throb as my finger prodded against the tight muscle of his tight rosebud and felt the warmth of him as it slipped in. All of a sudden he roared “I cumming” moments before he blasted his hot cum into my mouth. Swallowing as fast as I could struggling to gulp all his sweet tasting cum but soon unable to swallow all of it some trickled from the corners of my mouth.

Hearing his cry and groans of pleasure Joan abruptly gripped John’s head and stopped him licking her cunt and looked over towards us. With some of Bill’s cum still dribbling from my mouth I smiled at her and leaned towards John thrusting my still cum soaked tongue between his lips. “Here taste Bill’s lovely cum” I mumbled pleased to see both Joan’s and Bill’s awestruck expressions of shock as John muttered “Umm, that’s nice, can you give me more!”

“No you’ll have to ask Bill now roll over on your back and lay down” and as he did I straddled and mounted him his erect penis sliding inside me and began moving very slowly up and down before picking up speed, my hips thrusting faster and faster as his eyes closed in ecstasy. I knew he was close to cumming by his face and body movements and could see Bill and Joan watching my hips moving faster and faster as John’s back arched up to meet my thrusts ankara saatlik veren escortlar as he began shooting all his wonderful love juices deep into my cunt, before he lay back totally relaxed with me still astride him. I hadn’t cum yet as I continued to squeeze my cunt muscles on his softening cock striving to reach my orgasm but disappointingly couldn’t as his cock became too soft quickly.

Lifting myself off John’s now floppy drooping cock I looked over at Bill watching him suckling on a nipple whilst fingering Joan’s clitoris. Moving over I sat beside her and was thrilled when she reached out caressing my nipple sending my mind whirling with pleasure and I closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt as though I was in heaven as a warm tongue slowly parted my labia and snaked up and down my soaking slit as another tongue began lapping at my other nipple. Sighing with pleasure I was enjoying Joan, John and Bill making love to me and reached one of the best climaxes ever.

Reaching down I pulled Joan’s head up and kissed her passionately running my hands down her back and all I could think of was making love to her again. Pulling away from Bill and John I rolled her over onto her back and briefly kissed her sweet breasts before lowering my head between her legs. Slowly I began intensely kissing her clitoris and probing her cunt with my tongue whilst I gently kneaded her breasts bringing her to another wonderful orgasm.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that John had moved onto the couch and glimpsed him stroking his now fully erect penis as he watched us avidly. Bill moved behind me and pulled my hips up until I was in the doggy style position and as he rested against me I felt his thick hard cock head brush against my pussy lips. I gasped with pain and stopped kissing her clit as his bulbous dome penetrated me violently. At first I didn’t think that I would be able to take him but gradually felt my pussy stretching and his cock was able to slip deeper. With him pummeling relentlessly I soon understood why Joan didn’t particularly enjoy his selfish lovemaking. However soon I found myself enjoying the feel of his thick cock stretching me and his balls slapping against my ass was somehow really turning me on. Looking up I saw John move from the couch and begin kissing and stroking Joan’s breasts as I remorselessly licked her lovely pussy making her moan and thrust her wetness upwards into my face feeling and tasting her juices all over my lips, cheeks and chin. Increasing the pressure of my tongue on her clit triggered another very loud groan and her whole body lifted and momentarily went rigid before falling back on the carpet shuddering violently as she came.

“Fucking hell, I’m cumming again” Bill cried out glancing at John for any reaction. Hearing or seeing none from him he increased the speed and relentlessness of his thrusts and I was amazed as he had only just cum so much a few minutes earlier to feel another load of his hot wet cum squirting into my wet pussy.

I looked at John and saw he had been really turned on watching Bill fuck me as he was also pulling on his cock hard and when I reached out he leaned over and started kissing me as Bill who had finished cumming left his cock still deep in my cunt.

As Bill pulled his dripping cock from me I was thrilled when John pulled me down and rolled me on my back and hoisted my legs up on his shoulders and buried his head between them licking and sucking my cunt which was still leaking Bill’s cum. “Haven’t tasted anything quite as fantastic as this” he said running his tongue around his lips as he mounted ankara azeri escortlar me, driving his hard cock deep into me with ease as it was well lubricated with Bill’s cum. Thrusting with such a speed and passion as we had never known before. Reaching out I squeezed his nipples loving it when his eyes closed in ecstasy and I knew he was very close to cumming. My own passions were rising and felt my nipples get harder and harder as I started to cum, my hips frantically rising up to meet his trusts as he continued to pound into me. I came longer and harder than I had ever cum before and knew that the sounds of my moans were driving him to a fever peak of excitement. Shouting my name as I squeezed his nipples even harder I felt him shooting his incredibly hot love juices into me. A few moments later we collapsed in a heap and I wasn’t at all surprised how wet we both were as our juices had mixed with Bill’s and we lay back exhausted. “I’m convinced you like the taste of Bill as much as you like mine.” I whispered loud enough for everybody to hear.

“Umm it’s good” he answered.

Nobody spoke or moved until Bill asked incredulously, “will or can someone explain to me exactly what’s just happened, I just can’t work it out. Was it planned or did it just happen?” He asked raising himself on his elbow looking at the three of us lying beside him. Then looking directly at Joan said “I didn’t know you could ever be that sexy and into making love to another woman.”

“I think just about everybody is a little bit like that and I know how much I enjoyed it,” I said. “It’s just a matter of how much and how open people are. Haven’t you ever had any bi feelings or fantasized about a threesome?” I said and then looking enquiringly at John knowing that he had already confessed to me his fantasizes “well I know you have.”

“Well I suppose so, what about you Bill?” He hastily asked trying to divert attention away from himself.

“Yes, ever thought about it? Never even wondered what it would be like to hold a cock, giving or be given a hand job?” I quizzed him with a taunting smile.

He was silent for a moment, “no, that’s not until watching you two lovely girls” he said without further committing himself.

“What you mean is, it’s ok to watch Sue and me but it’s not for you or John to get it on.” Joan said.

“Oh c’mon, it looked to me that you were ogling John’s cock.” I quickly butted in “wouldn’t you like to suck his dick so we can watch?” I asked teasingly and without waiting for a reply dropped my head and began sucking one of his nipples and guided his hand onto to his own cock and squeezed my hand over his and was pleased to see he didn’t pull it away when I removed mine.

“C’mon Bill, you never answered” Joan implored “go on you know you’d like to, just look at John’s beautiful cock just waiting for you. See if you like the taste of his cum as it look as if he likes yours” she pressed.

“I’m not gay!” he muttered.

“You’ve already proved that and nor is John as we’ve all seen him going down on your wife! Though he’s told me that he’s curious to see what it’d be like to stroke a hard, throbbing, pulsating cock just like yours and taste it.

“He has?” he said in amazement

“That’s right, it’s true, isn’t it John?”

“Thanks a bunch for telling everybody” he answered surprised and embarrassed at what I had just said.

Even Joan had a surprised look on her face as she took his rapidly growing penis in her hand, cupped his balls and gave the head a quick once over with her tongue. “Bill, are you ready for a taste of this?” she asked pointing John’s cock towards him.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass you” I said moving closer to John “perhaps its time to go to bed.”

“Yes I think we all should go” Joan said giving me a quick peck on the lips whilst the Bill and John just nodded at each over.

To be continued……

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