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Jason Saint Jean leaned back against the wall and smiled at Barbara as she sucked on his cock. On her knees, with one hand holding his cock and the other fondling his balls, Barbara Sumner simply looked hot. A tall and somewhat large woman with short red hair and pale white skin. Her blue eyes shone as she looked at him. The tall, coconut-skinned young Haitian man thrust into her mouth, giving her all that he had to give. All eight inches of his manhood. Barbara closed her eyes as she sucked on him.

Jason grimaced as Barbara continued what she was doing. Sucking on his cock and licking his balls. Jason groaned in pleasure. This girl really knew how to work his stuff. He felt an all too familiar rush in his loins and warned her that he was about to cum. When he did, Barbara simply drank him dry. The girl drank his seed, taking all that he had to give. Jason cried out in pleasure. When he looked down, catching his breath, Barbara wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled at him. He grinned at her and they both laughed.

For the hundredth time, Jason was thankful for having this gal in his life. And not just for the sex either. Barbara and Jason had known each other for years. She was a firefighter and he was a social worker. Both of them were devoted public servants. They met while working. Jason was escorting a young man named Peter in court. Peter had recently sought a restraining order against his abusive ex-girlfriend Patricia. Jason was one of five male social workers in an office with a dozen women. He took his work seriously and tried to help men and women in need. The job could be pretty rewarding sometimes.

Barbara Sumner, Deputy Chief of Firehouse Thirteen went to court to testify against Jennifer Attleboro, a young woman who set fire to six houses and blamed it on her mentally retarded brother. District attorney Paul Lemons put Attleboro away for ten years and exonerated her brother. That was a good day for all of them. Barbara’s boss, veteran firefighter Chief Donald Smith was proud of her. She had known him for a long time. He taught her everything she knew about the job of fighting fires. In many ways, he was the father figure she never had while growing up. He was one of the two people she cared about the most. Jason was the other.

How to describe Jason Saint Jean? A tall, good-looking young Haitian man bursa escort who went to the University of Massachusetts and earned a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. He originally worked as a police officer in Boston but quit after three years. For some time, he worked as a Corrections Officer in Suffolk County. Behind bars, his bisexuality was revealed after he admitted to having an affair with Ricardo, a handsome Latino hustler who was serving two years for robbery. Jason Saint Jean resigned from the Department of Corrections and went in the field of Social Work instead. He found helping people infinitely more rewarding than putting them away.

Barbara Sumner knew all of this about Jason Saint Jean. They had always been blunt honest with each other. It wasn’t hard for Barbara to guess that Jason might be bisexual. The guy checked out fine-looking females of all races every chance he got but she also caught him checking out guys. Hunky guys of all races. Jason’s bisexuality didn’t bother Barbara in the least. They were good friends who sometimes hooked up and had sex. They weren’t exactly a couple. Just two good friends having sex with no strings attached.

Presently, they were in Barbara’s living room. Barbara Sumner lived in a small apartment in Boston’s South End. Jason Saint Jean was a resident of Brighton. Barbara got her naked self up and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. For some reason, doing it with Jason always drained her. Jason smiled as she walked by him. He always liked looking at Barbara naked. The sight of her somewhat plump yet still sexy body and fabulous booty always turned him on. When they first me, she was rather shy around the bedroom. Three years later, he had her quite loose. Just the way he liked his lovers, whether male or female. Barbara never asked about his bisexual liaisons. Once, he told her that he liked it rough when he was with men but that was it.

There were times when Jason truly missed being with guys. As a black man working in the field of Criminal Justice, he had an image to maintain. Queers weren’t allowed in this macho arena. He kept his issues to himself. As a social worker, he fucked a lot of women. So many chicks with issues were willing to give up the booty to a handsome hunk who saved them from trouble. Oh, he still had some men on the side. No matter how much pussy or girl booty bursa escort bayan he got, he still longed for dick and man booty. He liked men. Something about the way they smelled and tasted.

Currently, he was seeing Malcolm Franco. Franco was tall and good-looking Haitian man in his early forties. He owned a small truck company, had a wife and two grown sons. Jason’s relationship with Franco was discreet and very passionate. Jason smiled as he recalled a rather passionate lovemaking session he and Franco had in a motel room.

They were both in the shower. Two handsome Haitian men staring at each other’s naked bodies. Rippling muscular chests, hard muscles, flat bellies and strong legs all around. Jason admired Franco’s hot body. The older man stayed in shape. They kissed and Franco pulled Jason to him. Jason felt Franco’s huge cock press against him. All of a sudden, he wanted to feel that man inside him. Franco saw the look in his eyes. He grabbed Jason, and bent him over. Jason felt Franco’s hard hands pull his butt cheeks apart and felt something hard press against his back door. With one swift thrust, Jason entered him.

Jason gasped when he felt Franco’s hard dick slide into his ass. He’d been fucked before, but never by such a strong dick. Franco’s powerful thrusts made him groan. He stroked himself as Franco fucked him, shoving that dick deep up his ass. They went at it like this for some time before Franco came. His hot cum flooded Jason’s tight ass. He pulled out of Jason. Jason turned around and looked at the man who just fucked him. Franco winked at him. Time to return the favor.

Jason took Franco in the shower. He spread the older black man’s butt cheeks wide open and shoved all eight inches of his thick, uncircumcised black dick up that ass. Franco was by no means a virgin to anal sex. He took it like a champ. Without screaming. Jason grabbed him by the hips and pumped his ass. Franco grunted as Jason slammed into him. Jason whistled as he fucked Franco. The dude had a wonderfully tight ass that seemed to be made for fucking. Jason fucked the shit out of him and finally came, flooding the older man’s asshole with his hot manly seed.

Just thinking about his sex acts with Franco got Jason got as steel. He looked at his dick. He was hard as hell. He up looked and saw Barbara in the kitchen. Her sexy ass looked escort bursa pretty tempting. He grinned as an idea formed in his mind. He got up and headed toward the kitchen, where Barbara and her sexy, plump booty were. Barbara was drinking some milk straight from the carton when she suddenly felt someone grab her from behind. It was Jason. She felt his hard cock press against her rear. Smiling, she asked him if he was ready for more. He laughed and grabbed her buttocks. Oh, she thought. He must really be horny. Barbara pressed her butt against his groin. She suddenly felt something hard press against her asshole. She turned around, to look into Jason’s face. What she saw there surprised her. There was a wicked look on his face as he grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her ass. What the hell?

Jason didn’t say anything. He just bent her over and took her. Barbara screamed as Jason’s thick cock invaded her asshole. He was thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow. The black stud was relentlessly pounding the white girl in the booty hole. At first, it hurt like hell. Barbara screamed as he took her. Her ass was stretched to the limit by his long and thick cock. He put one arm around her belly and drew her down on the floor where he took her while on all fours. Barbara no longer resisted. The cock in her butt had subdued her. Jason pulled her hair back and she roared in pain. Laughing, he thrust even deeper into her. He continued to fuck her like this for some time, until he came.

When Jason Saint Jean came, his hot cum flooded Barbara Sumner’s asshole. Barbara screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Jason remained inside her, still hard after he came. They lay like this on the floor. Barbara lay on her side, looking away from him, with his cock still buried in her asshole. Jason looked at her. He asked her if she was okay. Barbara nodded but didn’t turn around. Jason looked at her. There were tears on her face. Without a word, he put his arms around her.

Jason held her without a word. He never believed in talk after sex, whether with men or women. Later, they had a talk about it. Barbara was rather surprised that he just took her without asking, though she didn’t mind. Spontaneity was good for sex. Barbara told him that no man had ever fucked her in the ass before. Jason couldn’t believe his ears. This woman’s heart-shaped booty was made for fucking. Barbara asked him whose asshole he preferred to fuck, a man or a woman’s? Jason laughed and went to bed. This wasn’t a question he cared to answer, especially when the answer was so frigging obvious!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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