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It was a cold November day that turned into the hottest day of my life. My wife of 22 years had arranged the most incredible birthday gift any man could want. We had a very comfortable sex life but it had its boundaries. One thing for sure was my wife Debbie gave a terrible blow job! It wasn’t for the lack of trying; she just never got into it despite loving it when I went down on her, and could never reciprocate. I would actually joke with her telling her I would rather jerk off than let her suck me because it was like sticking my dick in a pencil sharpener!

My birthday was on a Saturday and Debbie awoke early, whispering in my ear that she had a surprise and I needed to get dressed and meet her in the kitchen. It didn’t take me long to do as I was told, but the college sweatshirt I was wearing with my Levis wouldn’t do. Debbie looked at me and chuckled telling me to go change my shirt; we were going away for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. On my way back to the bedroom I saw two small bags already packed for the trip. Even though I was disappointed I would miss all the college and pro football games it would be fun to spend time alone with Debbie.

Within an hour we were driving along a country road twenty-five miles from home enjoying the end of the fall foliage; the colors were still brilliant as we travelled through the rolling hills and countryside. Debbie told me to turn left at the next light and go 3 miles up a dirt and gravel road. Our SUV bounced and jerked up the track as I wondered where the hell she was taking me. A small country cottage came into view; it looked like something out of the thirties with a white picket fence and flower boxes. As I climbed out of the car I noticed how clean the air was and stopped for a moment to listen to the rustling of the leaves. Debbie reached in her purse and pulled out a set of keys; she opened the door to the cottage as I grabbed the luggage. When I walked in I was amazed; it really was like walking back into the thirties. It only had one room but there was a big fireplace, wood floors and a grand old four poster bed. Debbie got right to work unpacking, putting wine in the fridge, and the groceries away. I joked with her that it was a lot of food for just a weekend and two people. She replied that she wanted to be prepared. I looked around and frowned when I noticed no TV set, which meant no football. Debbie knew what I was looking for and told me not to worry, what she had planned meant I wouldn’t even think about football, as she smirked at me.

We ate a quick lunch and went walking through the woods in our matching fleece jackets. The cool air was invigorating and as we enjoyed the view we held hands and enjoyed the peacefulness of the moment. The afternoon sun was brilliant and the sky was deep blue without a cloud to spoil it as we made our way through the meadow back to the cottage. When we got back to the cottage and I slipped my canlı bahis şirketleri feet out of my shoes Debbie told me to relax while she prepared dinner. I sat outside on a wicker rocking chair to chill and before I knew what happened I had fallen sound asleep. An hour later Debbie was kissing my neck trying to awaken me. When I finally opened my eyes I noticed another car in the driveway next to mine. I asked Debbie whose it was and she said it belonged to a friend of hers who she was renting the cottage from. Debbie then asked if I would mind if she joined us for dinner. I told her sure; I would just go and wash up. I walked into the cottage to meet Debbie’s friend Megan. She was a beautiful woman, around forty-five with red hair, piercing blue eyes and, even though she had a full figure, she was hot. I went over to shake her hand but she was already holding a glass of Merlot so instead she reached around and hugged me.

My wife was a great cook and she had made a wonderful meal for us; I couldn’t believe she had brought everything from home. From fresh oysters, my favourite, to jumbo shrimp and tender filets. As we ate dinner we all chatted and Megan told us how her family had owned the cottage since the depression and she found it a wonderful place to mellow out. I agreed and told Megan how much we appreciated her letting us use it. I asked Megan how she knew my wife. Debbie quickly replied for Megan that they had collaborated on a few projects together at work. After our third bottle of Merlot we were all feeling very little pain as we finished our dinner; Megan stood from the table and suggested we start a fire.

I got up to help as Debbie cleared the empty plates and brought desert to the table. Megan was an expert at starting a fire and soon the room was aglow with a warm crackling heat as we sipped freshly brewed coffee and enjoyed some birthday cake. As the night became late Debbie cleared the final dishes from the table and walked over to me and kissed me passionately, very passionately. As much as I enjoyed the kiss I was a bit uncomfortable since Megan hadn’t left. Before I could figure out what was going on Debbie had gently pushed me into the overstuffed country chair. Debbie told me to relax as she rubbed me through my pants teasing me. I looked around to see Megan nowhere in sight as Debbie continued to kiss and tease me. I could feel my cock getting hard as she played and her perfume was making me crazy for some reason. I had totally forgotten that Megan was still there with us as Debbie began to take advantage of me. I noticed the perfume wasn’t Debbie’s but Megan’s as she began kissing my neck. At first I was startled then Debbie whispered in my ear telling me to relax that Megan was my birthday present! I was startled we had never talked about any fantasy with other women. Debbie explained how she always felt bad that she couldn’t give me pleasure orally and Megan whispered canlı kaçak iddaa in my ear how she could and loved to do so.

Debbie and Megan stepped away from me and began to undress each other. They both had a similar body shape, medium round breasts not showing their age yet and full bottoms; Debbie knew I loved a bottom. I have to admit it was hot to watch two women undress each other; first the blouses were unbuttoned exposing the fine lingerie they both wore. Megan was in pure white satin and silk so sheer I could see her dark nipples through her bra and Debbie had a sexy red push up bra cradling her breasts. Debbie walked over to the counter to turn some music on and the two women began to dance; I just watched as my cock twitched and I slowly stroked it through my pants as it turned into a raging hard on. In a few beats the two ladies were rubbing their silk and satin covered breasts together and grinding their hips into each other. I was mesmerized by the scene as they danced together and when Megan unzipped Debbie’s skirt letting it fall to the ground exposing her sexy panty clad bottom to me I almost came right there. Megan stepped back letting her skirt fall away; her body was hot and her white sheer silk panties exposed a soft sexy bottom to me as they were almost see-through.

They both walked towards me seeing my hard cock stretching my pants tight. Without any resistance from me they had my clothes off, finally sliding my boxers down my legs so I sat naked and ready for whatever they had in mind. Megan took my hard cock into her mouth as Debbie continued to kiss me. I moaned as Megan sucked me and made me even harder. Time began to stand still as I enjoyed the pleasure, but Megan stopped and I sighed with disappointment. She had something else in mind taking Debbie’s hand and pulling her towards her before telling her to sit on my cock and Debbie obeyed. Debbie straddled my hips and leaned forward to kiss me and her bottom spread wide. As Debbie kissed me she moaned and squirmed and I felt her vagina squeeze my cock. When she stopped kissing and just held on to me I looked over her shoulder and down her back and knew why she was so turned on. Megan was tonguing Debbie’s ass and Debbie loved it; I began to feel Megan moving from Debbie’s puckered bottom to my balls licking and sucking both of us. Megan began tugging my cock from deep inside Debbie’s vagina and resting it between the crack of Debbie’s bottom where she licked and sucked me. I was beginning to boil; my balls ached to cum as Megan deep throated me. Debbie, still lying on top of me, could tell I was close to cumming and I soon lost control shooting my hot seed deep into Megan’s mouth.

I was in heaven as my balls emptied. What came next was something I could have never dreamed of. My cock, still hard even after my orgasm, was being slipped into Debbie’s ass by Megan. I could feel Debbie wincing as her bottom spread open canlı kaçak bahis to take me into her virgin hole. Megan was using droplets of my cum to lubricate Debbie’s puckered opening. I could feel my manhood pass the tight muscle ring of Debbie’s ass and plunge deep into her bottom; it was incredible to feel her ass clamp down on me. As I rocked my hips to go even deeper I looked into Debbie’s eyes and saw Megan standing above me with droplets of my cum still on her face and chin. She reached for Debbie’s head cradling it as my wife strained to look up and Megan leaned down and had Debbie lick my cum from her face. They kissed, my seed going from Megan’s lips and mouth to Debbie’s so she could swallow me. By now I was out of control sweating and grunting with pleasure until I felt Debbie slipping off my cock that had been deep in her ass. I moaned with disappointment as she did so but Megan slid my knees together so Debbie could straddle me with her back facing me. Without hesitating Debbie sat down letting my cock back into her bottom deeper than ever. Debbie began to rock and moan like I had never seen her do before. That’s when I felt my knees being spread apart just a little bit, it was Megan licking my wife’s vagina; driving her crazy as I pumped my cock into Debbie’s ass.

Moments, minutes, hours, passed and Debbie began to shake and quiver from the onslaught to her body; I began to cum in her tight bottom as she came from the pleasure Megan’s tongue was giving her. We all were exhausted as we moved to the bed; Debbie, still breathing heavily, cuddled with me like she had never before. Megan also seemed to be enjoying the cuddling when I noticed she was touching herself. We both realized at once that Megan had been forgotten but Debbie just smiled and told me it was her job to satisfy her friend. Without another word Debbie slid between Megan’s beautiful thighs and began making love to her letting her tongue dance all over Megan’s vagina. I rolled closer and suckled Megan’s breast as Debbie drove her crazy. The scent of sex seemed everywhere as Megan began to have her orgasm; she rocked and pushed herself into my wife’s face enjoying every moment. Megan soon collapsed in pleasure and we all fell asleep together.

The next morning I was awakened to something I had wanted from my wife all our married life, Debbie was sucking my cock. With help from Megan she was learning to give me pleasure. Megan and Debbie sucked and licked me and when I got close to cumming Megan took Debbie’s head and slowly made her take all of me deep down her throat. After a few moments I could no longer hold out and began to cum for the first time in my wife’s mouth. I looked down to see Megan quietly cheering her on as she had a mouthful of my cum to enjoy. Megan kissed and licked my spunk from Debbie’s cheek and Debbie looked toward me, parted her lips just a little so I could see the white cream before breathing deeply and swallowing it all. Still looking at me she said “Happy Birthday.”

As I fell back on the pillow, drained, the two beautiful women with me kissed passionately and I realized my birthday was far from over; in fact it was getting better and better

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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