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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 40). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 42 – A New House? An Acid Attack


Sheila showed me a photo that Elsa texted that showed her hostess, Greg’s wife Kim, riding Sean’s cock as Pam kissed her and held one breast pulling the nipple out from her body in a way she explained was highly arousing. Elsa had added the phrase, ‘Evening going better than expected. Everyone very happy and horny. Lots of Big O’s.’

Sheila set her phone down on the bedside table. I continued to fuck her as she went back to eating Cindy’s pussy. Melanie and KC were in a sixty-nine a few feet to my left on our large bed.

I made a suggestion, and a moment later, Mel broke away for a minute and took a photo of my cock in Sheila’s pussy as she ate Cindy. I asked her to add to the text, ‘Things about the same here. You are missed, but we’ll save some for all of you for later. We need a party soon. Love, All of Us.’

Sheila urged me to get busy again. She liked my tab in her slot. Cindy, in turn, admonished her to stop talking and start eating and fingering her again.

I realized that I couldn’t buy this lifestyle with all the billions I’d accumulated. Oh, I could buy bimbos and the sex, but I couldn’t buy the passion and love and interaction with my ‘wives’ the way it had all developed. Escorts are good, but not this good. There are no emotions there like there was inside a family like mine.

I awoke the next morning in a sea of nude female bodies. We were all sticky and kind of smelly, but in a good way. The whole room was stinky betraying the heavy dose of sex that we’d all enjoyed the night before.

I counted bodies. Six. Six! I reviewed the roster. Cindy, Sheila, Melanie, and KC were whom I’d gone to bed with … and had wild unbridled sex with. That was good. Elsa and Pam were also ensconced on the other side of Cindy. They were soundly sleeping with Pam wrapped up in Elsa’s arms. They must have snuck in after we were all zonked. I wondered where Sean was.

I got up and did my bathroom duties, slipped on some briefs, and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. I could smell coffee brewing.

“Good morning, Sean.”

“Hi Mark. Good morning. Coffee will be ready soon. I used your guest room. Elsa wanted Pam to sleep with her and I didn’t mind. She assured me it was all right.”

I commented, “It’s fine. No one in the other room looks like they’ll be up soon. What time did you get here?”

I followed your limo caravan bringing Elsa home. She had Pam with her. We got here about two a.m.”

“You’re pretty bright-eyed for only four hours of sleep.”

“I am running on adrenalin. I know I’ll probably crash and burn some day. I’ll try to get a nap in this afternoon. What’s doing this is all the sex and the new relationship I have with Pam … and the one with Elsa … and now Kim. It’s all … fabulous. I feel like someone pumped me full of adrenalin and plugged me into the power grid.”

I laughed, “I couldn’t agree with you more. You’re not burning out?”

“Oh, no. Pam got to fuck a new cock last night, and I got into a new pussy – the pussy of my boss’s wife. Can you imagine that? I bet not many guys do that.”

I teased, “You fuck all my wives.”

“Errr, … well … yeah. I guess I do … but you’re not my boss. Elsa and I also played together last night. As usual, she was spectacular. She is so sexy and so arousing I can barely keep up with her. She constantly challenges me not only physically but also mentally by feeding me ideas and scenarios, usually those involving sex in some way. She also mentored Kim along in a gentle way, but got her thinking about all the scenarios, issues, and implications of the change in lifestyle.”

I asked, “Scenarios? Like what?”

Sean grinned. “Would I like to see Pam be in a gangbang with ten men when Pam was pleading for cock, cock, and more cock? Was I into S&M or B&D or any of that stuff? I’m not. How would I react if Pam cuckolded me with some other guy, really degrading me in front of him? What would I do if Pam wanted to piss on me? Would I go to a nudist camp with Pam? Would I enjoy an orgy with Pam – well, we sort of did that at your party? Had ankara bayan escortlar we tried anal sex yet? What if Pam wanted to pork my ass with one of her dildos in our sex play? How would I react if Pam wanted to go off with some guy for a long weekend, and I knew they’d be fucking up a storm the entire time? How would I feel if Pam fell in love with another man? What if I fell in love with another woman?

The questions kept coming and coming. Every one of them makes me think deeply about where we are, what we’re doing, our relationship, what I want our marriage to be like, and so on. She promised that there were hundreds more she could think up. She’s marvelous. Just so you know, Pam and I talk about every one of those questions in some way.”

“I’d love to hear how you answered some of those, but speaking of scenarios, how were Greg and Kim when you left?”

“Tired but also running on adrenalin. Kim, Pam, and Elsa had fucked each of us men dry. They were loving what we were doing, and they pushed our limits, for instance, in having us clean their pussies after someone else had cum in them.

“Kim wished there’d been another couple of guys with us last night. She was really hot for cock, as they say. I think if we’d had the resources for a gangbang, she would have cheered and then spread her legs for the crowd.

“They both said they wanted to do more of what we did – the sex and the arousing questions to make us think. They were actually writing down notes about all the issues and things they wanted to talk about over the coming week about their relationship. Kim described the evening, including the talks she and Greg had leading up to it, as a dam letting go so that suddenly they knew some of the issues and questions, and had a desire to talk about them. They were communicating again about important things, including their fantasies.

“On another front, Kim had never done anything with a woman before, and she told us that she’s a convert to the bisexual persuasion now. Pam and Elsa about destroyed her after Greg and I were wiped out. Kim had dozens of orgasms. She gave as good as she got, though. She was almost a basket case when we left, but she had a grin on from ear to ear – and the grin was covered in cum and pussy juice from the other two women.”

Sean kind of paused, so I said, “You should call Kim later. Act like a lover. She needs to stay on the sexual high you gave her. Make sure she got a good rest. If she’s sore, tell her to take a sitz bath and some Tylenol. Show her you care about her. Send her flowers too.”

Sean chuckled, “What great ideas. Thank you. I’ll do exactly that. You are a romantic at heart, aren’t you?”

“I have six expert teachers, each reminding me how to take care of their sisters. Elsa and Sheila are especially vocal about what I should be doing for my other wives. They’re always giving me ideas of things to do. When I’m traveling Melanie will text or email me reminders of things to send, say, or do for her sisters. They really do watch out for each other.

“On another note, don’t forget about Greg. He may be a little squeamish today that you fucked his wife. Be appreciative of his sharing, but emphasize that you only wanted to give Kim pleasure not steal her away. Think how you feel about him fucking Pam, and then reflect that back to him. He may need a little reassurance too.”

Sean looked at me with awe, “You are a master at all of this as well as Elsa.”

I sipped my coffee and my brain surfaced an idea I’d had kicking around for a few weeks. I turned to Sean; “Change of subject; how fast could your firm design a large house and get it built for me?”

“How large? Where? There’s not a simple answer to that question.”

“Probably just outside the beltway on a large tract of land. I don’t have anything just yet. This is just a flyer of an idea right now, but I’m starting to think seriously about it. I’d guess about ten or twenty-thousand square feet, probably multiple stories, major electrical work on the whole place – state of the art in every room and everything connected to the Internet of Things.”


“Money is no object within reason. I’d be willing to renovate an existing place if such a thing exists. I need room for all the security people – separate quarters perhaps. I’d want a couple of other gatehouses or something like that too. I’d want lots of bedrooms so we could accommodate lots of guests. We’d need a big garage for all our wheeled toys.”

Sean thought, “Don’t hold me to this, but if we could meet every day with you, I think we could design a house from scratch of that size and complexity in a month. If we put a couple of us on the job overseeing the project and whipping the contractors we might get it built in a year or two, but around ankara seksi escortlar here, that’s pushing it.”

I spoke with authority, “I want to do it. Can you put an agreement together and run it past me? Don’t say anything about this today. I want to tell the girls myself what I’m thinking.”

Sean asked a prudent question, “Do you want Elsa and me associated with the project or to recuse ourselves because of our relationship with you?”

“Sean, that is an astute question. For now, I want the two of you deeply involved. Maybe you two are the two overseers you just mentioned. Greg too. I’d like to meet him. Elsa has spoken highly of his professional skills as well as yours. I think we’ll have Greg and Kim come to our next little orgy assuming Elsa’s OK with it. Let’s see how they do with total immersion into the sex pool.”


Five of us squealed. I think we were immediately embarrassed at the sounds we’d made because we each looked at each other sheepishly. Mark had just told us of his idea to build a large mansion somewhere on the outskirts of the city. We’d been reading and quietly talking to each other when Mark had sprung this on us. The relative quiet was replaced with an onslaught of questions for him that we soon learned he had no answers for because he hadn’t thought about a new house very deeply.

Even though I wasn’t a license architect, I put on that hat and asked, “What do want in a house? What kind of activities do you see going on there?”

Mark laughed, “My darlings, I am building this for all of us. There are five of you plus Brita, and me, so I only get one-seventh of the input to the design.” He laughed, but we all knew he would have a significant say in its design.

Cindy teased, “You mean you’re going to let us each pay one-seventh of the cost for it?”

Mark gave her his best evil eye. “Of course not. You buy some of the clothes to hang in your closet; I’ll take care of the rest. You know how I feel about this whole issue about money; let’s not revisit that argument.” A couple of us chuckled.

I stepped in again trying to divert the discussion, “The starting point for each of us is a list of the things we would like in the house, no holds barred.”

Mark added, “Elsa’s right. I mean for Cindy and her I can imagine they’d like mat rooms to spar in and train in and probably a shooting range. KC, I can imagine you’d like a studio with north light. Melanie, you’ve never talked much about your photographic hobby, but I could imagine a unique room for projecting your photos on multiple large screens, and a huge computer complex to assist. Sheila, you told me once you were interested in quilting. I’d like a gym and enough space for half-court basketball.”

Elsa said, “If we start to write these down and then compare and think about designs, the size and shape of the house emerges. It’s kind of Architecture 1-0-1.”

At that point, everyone except Mark and I ran off to get pads of paper and to start their list. He turned to me, “Is this too crazy an idea? Will you mind commuting?”

I shrugged. “I can imagine we’ll use the limousine more, but we’ll carpool more too. I can see that Cindy, Sheila, Melanie, and I can all ride in together with you – and KC on the days she works at her gallery. I might add that I could see that you’d want to be near the airport since you’re on the go so much. The way you asked that question, I’m assuming you mean to sell this place.”

“No, maybe we keep this place so we have someplace in town. You raise a good point about airport access. We need some land too, and there is also the possibility of finding some existing estate to renovate. Just so you know I had a short talk with Sean over coffee this morning while you all were asleep.”

“Sounds like we first go through the process of seeing what’s for sale. We know some of the high-end realtors through work. Do you want me to do a little research and make a few calls?”

“Yes, but try to keep things from getting out of hand with your sisters. They’ll have us moving into something that’s a compromise tomorrow. I want all of our needs met, not just some. We need to think about this for a couple of weeks.”

I nodded in agreement.

Mark smiled diabolically, “On another subject, you said that Greg and Kim passed all our tests in good standing. Why not invite them to a party next weekend?”

I teased, “Feeling a little horny are we? Need some new pussy? You just got into Pam’s and now you want more.”

Mark teased back, “You know I love your pussy, but a new one every now and then … well, yes, some new pussy would be great.” I grinned at my admission.

The next few days went about as expected. We girls had a buzz about the idea of building a house somewhere, and at work Sean, bayan ankara escort Greg, and I were excited about the new business such a project might bring into the firm.

I came out of work on Wednesday afternoon ready to take the limousine for the short ride back to the condominium, when ‘we’ had a major event. By ‘we’ I mean Mark, my sisters, and our entire security force.

Our architectural offices fill a small two-story office building just off the concentration of high-rise buildings that make up the core city and where Worthington Towers is. Because of the presence of so many other condos and homes in the area, it wasn’t at all unusual to see joggers trotting by the building at all times of the day and night.

In this case as I stood on the front step of the Darwin Architectural Group’s building to get my bearings and take a bead on the limousine about thirty feet away, a jogger in a hoodie was coming along the sidewalk. I waited for him to pass instead of cutting in front of him.

As he came abreast of me, he slowed, raised a water bottle he’d been carrying, and squirted the contents at my face and upper body like using a huge squirt gun. I was instantly drenched. The man yelled, “Take that, bitch. It’s acid. Fry in hell.”

The runner then took off around the corner and disappeared out of sight. Cory, the personal security man on my detail that day, grabbed me from behind and started to carry me back into the building where I worked. I heard the limousine squeal tires away from the curb in pursuit of the runner. Cory was yelling out instructions to someone else.

Before I knew what was happening, I had been yanked into the building and pulled into the men’s room – the nearest bathroom. Cory pulled the clothes from my upper body and yelled at someone. I had my eyes closed. Suddenly, cold water started to spray all over me as I stood half naked in front of the others. I was told to open my eyes and chilly water was flushed into them for several minutes.

Others arrived at a run. After ten minutes of continuous hosing, I became aware of Lucas and Mark standing next to my wet supine body. I was lying on the floor now so they could keep flushing my body and eyes with water, and then being repeatedly washed in soap that smelled remarkably like the hand soap in the lavatory dispensers. I think I went through four or five cycles of soap and water. Cory kept on me every second: wash, flush, rinse, wash, flush, rinse. Everybody kept screaming to everybody else.

I knew I was a mess. From navel to the top of my head I was like a water-logged rat. I did have some kind of towel around my midsection. My lovely hairstyle was gone as I received multiple shampoos with the strong soap. My eyes stung, but from the soap that got into them and not any other threat.

Miraculously, some terry cloth towels arrived plus a sweatshirt that I was bundled in. Mark picked me up and carried me out a side door and directly into the limousine. I could see armed men standing around the alley behind our building. I was crying – sobbing actually. I imagined the rest of my life disfigured and blind. I wondered what I looked like.

Less than five minutes later, I was in the emergency room at City Hospital with Mark, Lucas, Cindy, and KC. Everyone was imploring the doctors to be sure I was all right. I was stripped naked this time, and washed again in a strong hospital soap. My eyes kept getting flushed with some other analgesic that was actually soothing. A moment later, an eye, nose, throat doctor rushed in to closely examine my face and eyes.

After two minutes as he studied me with his magnifying glasses on, I heard a pronouncement, “She’s OK. Nothing to report. There’s no damage at all. We’re guessing that the fluid she was doused in was water. There’s no sign of any acid damage of any kind. If anything, she’s reacting to all the soap.”

I was allowed to dress, this time going commando in hospital scrubs. I was still crying and I was a basket case. Mark kept holding me tight to his body. The whole time this assault and resolution were underway, I had been almost mute, answering questions from various people about what I was feeling. Inside, I was in turmoil. Was my face about to turn into some grotesque mask? Would I lose my sight? Would I be all right? I’d been constantly on the verge of the largest panic I’d ever experienced times a million.

After dressing, I again fell into Mark’s arms and cried. He held me and I cried all the way home into his expensive business suit. I’d lost over two hours of my life to the aftermath of my ‘acid’ attack.

At home, Cindy and KC held me. I could hear Mark barking out orders to Lucas and the other security personnel. I could tell he was royally pissed that someone had gotten through to me.

Sheila and Melanie were soon nearby, holding me and adding comforting words. Periodically, I’d tear up and start sobbing. I kept telling myself that I needed to be a big girl, but those thoughts were lost in the waves of emotion that swept over me playing the ‘what if’ game.

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