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*This is my first attempt at writing something like this. Please comment and rate and let me know what you think. I haven’t had much luck with an editor and I could use one to sort through my midnight writing. If you would like to offer your help then please send a a message to me or a feedback note. Thank You. Shadow*


“Knock knock! Anyone home?” Lisa called out as she stepped into the house. She was home two days earlier than her family had expected, but the idea of traveling all the way to California for college was just too much. Since Lisa heard no response, despite seeing her mother’s car in front, she headed to her bedroom to drop off her suitcase. Nearing the bedroom she began to hear sounds from down the hall. It sounded as though it might be coming from her older sister Camilla’s bedroom. Camilla turned 20 just a couple months ago but her minimum wage job wasn’t enough to pay the rent, especially after partying and drinking all night with friends 4 nights a week. So Camilla still lived at home with her parents. The door was slightly open already so Lisa pushed the door just a little bit, but before she could call out a greeting she realized her sister wouldn’t be answering.

Camilla was on her bed kneeling between the knees of a tall, young, black man lying across the bed. From across the room she could see her sisters’ long blonde hair being held up in the man’s’ fist while Camilla’s head moved up and down while also twisting from side to side. Lisa must’ve made a sound because with a slurp Camilla’s mouth released the large black cock encased between her lips giving Lisa a better view of the cock and it was huge! Lisa thought to herself that Camilla must be able to deep throat because she appeared to be moving all the way down without any gagging or jerking. Realizing she was staring she glanced first at the face of the man on the bed to check if he had noticed her ogling his body. Of course he had, Lisa looked to her sister. Her sister had an eyebrow raised high and a smirk on her face.

“You mind?” Camilla asked.

Feeling her face heat up Lisa muttered “Sorry!” before hastily closing the door and hurrying down the hallway to her own bedroom. Trying to avoid thinking about her sister’s current activity, Lisa began unpacking the clothes she hadn’t worn during her trip. Lisa wasn’t as good with guy’s and was certainly not as experienced as her sister, but she couldn’t help being a bit depressed looking in her panty drawer. Camilla had been wearing something lacy and purple while she knelt between the man’s legs with a cock held between her lips. Lisa looked at the drawer full of white cotton panties. Some of the panties were blue, green and pink, but all of them were cotton, and all of them were pastel. Not one tiny scrap of lace. “I bet Camilla hasn’t seen Hanes since turning 16!” she muttered to herself.

Glancing down at her lavender colored 36C bra she shook her head. Even with more curves than her older sister, Camilla was still the sexy, alluring one. Lisa was the sweet one. Only 5″5′ tall with an hour glass figure most people would assume she had an active social life. But no, just Joe Murphy who dumped her after dating for barely two weeks. Apparently, Bristol Neilson was a better kisser. Lisa frowned at the drawer full of panties and as she slammed the drawer shut she wished that for one day she wasn’t the sweet one. Camilla and Lisa were sisters after all. They looked alike. Lisa was shorter, a bit curvier with fuller hair and left her dark natural hair alone. Camilla liked bleach too much Lisa’s opinion. So it stood to reason that if Camilla was a knockout, shouldn’t Lisa at least be pretty?

Lisa laid sprawled across her bed with her headphones on loud, reading a magazine when her sister Camilla showed up in her doorway. Blushing again, Lisa pulled the headphones off her head and tried to shake the image of a long black cock disappearing into her sisters pink stretched open lips.

“What are you doing home so early?” Camilla asked. “I thought that Jerome and I would have a few hours alone.” she smiled wickedly and smoothed a finger along the bottom of her lip as though wiping smudged lipstick away.

Shaking her head, and praying that her face wasn’t as red as it felt, she replied “I wasn’t into all the parties that everyone wanted to go to. Plus the college was just too far away. I figured I might as well go ahead and catch an earlier flight home.”

“How are you going to stop being a good little virgin if you keep running away from all the parties?” Camilla exclaimed.

“Jeez, Cam! I don’t wanna do it at some drunken frat party!” Lisa told her.

“You should!” Camilla told her. “If you go the sweet guy route, it is just more awkward trying to get out of his place later. Your legs will be sticky, and the guy will be panting, and you are too sweet to tell him that you didn’t get off. At LEAST tell me you know how to get yourself off?”

“Oh my goodness! CAM! Did you seriously just casino siteleri ask me if I touch myself?” Lisa asked mortified.

“If not, you better learn how to do that too! Guys can tell you know.” Camilla leaned back on the bed in order to watch the look Lisa’s face.

“How can anyone know about that?” Lisa asked. They might tell you are a virgin but how would they know if you were self helping?

“Cause YOU turn red the minute you think about sex. It’s a dead giveaway every time.” Camilla laughed.

Angry that she had fallen for her sister’s prank she swung the pillow at her head. The pillow glanced off her ear as Camilla ran for the door. Lisa threw the pillow at her sisters disappearing form as she ran down the hallway. Always with the teasing. It sucked to be the baby of the family. Lisa briefly considered asking for a ride to the store so she could go shopping for nicer panties. Something other than Hane’s or Fruit of the Loom, but she had already heard enough of Camilla’s mocking laugher for one day. Instead she decided to put on her bathing suit and take a swim instead.

She was doing laps in the pool when she noticed someone standing to the side of the pool barely in front of the sun. Raising her hand to shield her eyes she tried to identify the strange man in front of her.

“Wow. I really DO need to visit more often. My own little sister can’t recognize me!” the man said.

“CHASE?” Lisa swam to the side of the pool so she could see him in the shade of the house. “Oh my gosh. How was Europe?” Chase was clearly older and more mature. The last time she saw him she was 10 and her eldest sibling was packing his things, and leaving home at 18. She wasn’t sure why things were so stressed between their parents and him, but he didn’t visit much while he was in college in New York. Then he moved to England and hadn’t visited at all in the last four years. Chase wasn’t lanky and skinny like he was in all of the family photo’s hanging in the living room. Now Chase was older and his brown hair had blonde streaks in them. His green eyes were the same ones she remembering sparkling at her when she was a child, but he seemed taller and much more muscular than he had been back then.

“Well, I thought it was about time I head back to the states. Figured I should come for a visit before Mom decides to turn stalker and hunt me down.”

Lisa climbed out of the pool and hurried over to embrace her brother.

Chase opened his arms automatically to hug his baby sister but quickly wished he hadn’t. It was wrong for him to notice that his baby sister could fill out a swimsuit so well. He certainly shouldn’t notice the gentle sway in her hips or the bounce in her breast while she pranced on tiptoes across the hot ground in order to embrace him. A good brother would certainly never notice the pebbled nipples hidden inside the thin material of the bright colored bikini. He ended the embrace quickly and stepped back. Five months without sex must be playing tricks on his mind. Shoving away all sexual thoughts he handed his sister the towel on the table and followed her inside the house to await the arrival of their parents.

Dinner that night was full of laughter as everyone caught up with each other. Chase had phoned home before catching the plane so their parents were already expecting him. With the whole family eager to catch up with Chase the entire conversation was situated around questions like “Where are you moving?” and “What are your plans?” and of course “You plan to stay in the area for awhile this time right?”. Since everything was so focused on Chase, Lisa had a moment to space out and think about nothing. Lisa, Camilla, and her mother Kathy all looked very similar. The shades of hair were all different due to the fact that only Lisa didn’t find color in a box. The body shapes were slightly different as well, but overall they all looked the same. Their father Keith had never been a small man. He had always been a large, barrel-chested man with a booming laugh and large mustache. Chase on the other hand looked a lot like their uncle Brad. Chase had features that were similar to their father but without the ruddy complexion and mustache. Chase was a few inches taller and his shoulders were wide. Judging by the way the material of his shirt shifted and moved when he sat down the bowl of macaroni he didn’t have an ounce of fat on his frame.

Lisa wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation until she heard her sister Camilla say “Oh, can’t mom. Lisa is going out dancing with me and some friends tonight.”

“Really?” her mother asked looking at Lisa. “I guess we will have to plan on going to see a movie together another night!”

Lisa looks at Camilla who just smiles and shrugs.

Later on that night Lisa remembered to knock softly before opening the door. Spotting Camilla lounging in a chair in the corner Lisa came in and sat on the bed. “So, what was that all about earlier?” she asked.

“That was canlı casino about you needing a life Lisa. No boyfriend? No sex? I would jump off the nearest bridge after a month. I can barely go a week without a decent orgasm before doubting my sanity.” Camilla told her.

“It’s not that bad! I’m not some pity case!” Lisa defended herself.

“Yeah, actually, it is that bad. You’ve been at the community college for almost a year because you can’t decide on a university to go to. Meanwhile you have the test scores and the grades to go to flipping Stanford if you want to. But you are still here. Why? Cause you don’t wanna leave mummy and daddy. You need more in your life!” Camilla rose from her seat in the corner and moved toward the shelf of CD’s across the room.

Lisa rose from the bed angry now. “Aren’t you one to talk? You are two years older than me and you aren’t working. Your grades are shit and you live at home too. At least I’m not giving head to random bar hook ups!”

Camilla threw her head back and laughed. “Jerome was not a random bar hook up. I’ve met him a lot of times. At school actually. He’s helping me practice for an oral exam.” Looking over she noticed Lisa roll her eyes at the attempt at humor. “Seriously? I’m a procrastinator with too much life. Do you know how hard it is to party all night, have sex all day, go to class, and still get to work on time. Impossible! Naw, might as well have fun while I ride the free train.”

Frowning Lisa asked her “How long do you figure that is going to last.”

“Six months. Twelve tops. Less if I keep drinking dad’s good scotch.” Camilla told her with a half smile. Lisa got the impression that Camilla, for once, was actually serious.

“So, little sis, what is your excuse? Are you scared of life? Or is little Lisa a little lezzy? You are getting a bit old to have the legs clamped so tight.” Camilla trailed off as though considering the possibility.

Lisa turned and headed for the door. Behind her she heard her sister called out “How about Bi? Cause I know people! Be ready in an hour!”

Good grief, Lisa thought to herself as she headed down the hallway to her bedroom. I must really need to get out more often. My family thinks I am either pathetic or lesbian!

An hour later Lisa was looking at her image in the mirror and was not sure who she was looking at. The face looking back at her was too unfamiliar to be the face she saw in the mirror every day. Considering the fact that Lisa had tried to scrub her face and change her hair twice, and was unsuccessful due to her sister. This time she was giving up. There was no way her sister was going to let her change when they were supposed to be leaving in just a couple minutes. Grabbing her purse she headed out of the room and down to the living room.

“Oh, Chase! Don’t make your poor mother beg! Just go out with the girls. Keep an eye on them. Lisa isn’t used to being out and I don’t want Camilla to do anything too wild and traumatize your sister.” Kathy asked her son.

Chase groaned and sat down in the recliner. “I just got into town. My first night in town and you want me to play tag-a-long? Yikes Ma. Really making me feel special” he drawled.

“Psh!” his mother waved a hand at him. “I’m sure the girls would love to have you go out with them tonight!”

Chase shook his head and declined to answer. He then noticed movement at the top of the stairs and looked over in time to see a pair of legs slowly descend the stairs. Small feet perched on top of impossibly high heels and a small strap around her ankle. Then smooth calves and legs walked further into the light and showed his baby sister wearing a dress that stopped just above the middle of her thighs. Though he couldn’t see how much of her was covered in back he was willing to bet that if she dared to bend over in that dress he would see more than just a little bit of whatever material was covering her bottom. Thankfully there was no plunging neckline on that dress or else he would really be in trouble. Yes, five months was certainly too long because he was having a hard time pulling his mind away from the thought of exactly what was beneath that dress. The thin straps of the dress and tight fitting around the breast meant she was likely not wearing a bra. Lack of visible material across the hip meant she was likely not wearing anything that covered very much.

Whew. Chase shook his head and decided maybe he would go out with his two sisters. He needed a drink and some female company. He didn’t need to be rearranging his pants because he was trying to envision her earlier bikini clad bottom.

Camilla showed up behind Lisa and gave off a soft wolf whistle. “Sis, you definitely look hot tonight!”

Lisa blushed as she touched the strap of the dress and fidgeted a bit. “I dunno. It’s different.”

Chase stood and cleared his throat. “You like great Lisa. You too Cam. Hope you two don’t mind if I come with tonight?”

Camilla smiled. kaçak casino “Depends.”

“On what?” Chase questioned.

“On whether or not you plan to freak out if Lisa kisses a girl.” Camilla told him saucily. She heard Lisa gasp but continued on anyway. “She’s lesbian ya know.”

“Jeez! CAM!” Lisa’s face flushed even darker. She swatted out an arm to hit Camilla but expecting the blow Camilla had already danced out of reach giggling. Lisa began to fan her red face instead. “I swear. If you don’t quit with the Lesbian jokes!” she left the threat unvoiced.

“You’ll what? Turn an even brighter shade of red?” Camilla taunted. “Okay, no more lesbian jokes. It would make you a hit with the guys though!” she sighed.

“Why in the world did I agree to wear a red dress? This is going to be horrible!” Lisa said as she slipped her small purse strap up her shoulder and walked out the door. “G’nite Ma.” she called out before disappearing through the doorway.

Camilla smiled at Chase and commented “Did you see that attitude? Ha. Red was the perfect color.”

Chase just laughed and exited the house behind Camilla and added a goodnight to his mother before shutting the door.

Chase pressed the unlock button on his key fob before suggesting “Why don’t we go ahead and take my car? Mom’s Honda isn’t really going to be large enough for me.”

Chase climbed into the driver seat and tried his best to ignore his squirming baby sister in that backseat. Refusing to acknowledge the passing thought of whether or not her squirming might be caused by the cool seat touching so much skin, and picturing the cheeks of a thong clad bottom. Chase pushed away the thoughts and started the car as Camilla gave him the address of a popular nightclub downtown.

Once at the night club Camilla immediately spots a group of her friends smoking outside the club and waved before reaching into her purse and passing Lisa a card.

Lisa glanced down and realize that her sister has passed her a fake I.D. “Where did you get this?” she asked.

“What does it matter? Tonight you are going to loosen up and have some fun. And we are starting with tequila shots at the bar!”

Chase hung back a bit as he watched his sister’s whisper something to one another before Camilla grabbed hold of Lisa and rushed toward the entrance. Well, she rushed as much as she could considering Lisa seemed unfamiliar with walking in the high heels and wobbled quite a bit as she attempted to walked faster.

Chase at the attire of a lot of the people in the club. Many women were wearing clothes as revealing as possible with barely the nipples covered and a lot of guys in ripped and baggy pants. Glancing at his own outfit of fitted jeans with a blue button down shirt and a white t-shirt seemed just a bit out of place. Shrugging he made his way toward the bar to have a seat and a beer. Hopefully he could keep half an eye on his sisters and still find some sexy conversation.

Lisa and Camilla, however, skirted past the dance floor and headed for a table where Lisa saw the guy Jerome that was with Camilla earlier this morning sitting with a muscular Hispanic guy.

“Jerome you remember my baby sister Lisa don’t you?” Camilla asked as she slid into his lap rather than sit down at the table.

“Yeah,” he laughed, “Sure, I do.”

“Lisa, this is his friend Mark.” Camilla waved an arm toward the muscular Hispanic guy sitting across from Jerome. “Mark this is my little sis Lisa that I told you about.”

Lisa had to bite her lip to keep from groaning and complaining about her sister trying to set her up with someone again. Deciding instead to be nice she reached out a hand, “Nice to meet you” She watched Mark scan up and down her body before his smile got even larger and he repeated her earlier sentiment.

“Well” Camilla drawled, “I don’t know about you guys but I came for tequila shots!”

The group then rose and went headed toward the far end of the bar. Opposite where their brother sat surveying the crowd. Once at the bar Camilla showed the stamp on her wrist “I need 4 tequila shots, a sex on the beach and a screaming orgasm.”

Leaning close to her sister as the bartender started setting up glasses Lisa asked her “Isn’t that a lot of alcohol?”

“Not really.” Camilla replied. “It’s gonna be busy soon cause its lady’s night. Free drinks til 11. Do two shots and then sip the mixed drink. And you won’t have to worry about paying later.” Camilla pointed to the lime slices that were placed on a napkin next to a shaker of salt. “Lick the salt, slam the drink and bite the lime.”

Lisa picked up the glass and sniffed the alcohol before wrinkling her nose at the strong smell.

“No, no, no.” Cautioned Camilla, “Don’t sip it slow. Don’t smell it and don’t think about it. The faster the better.”

Lisa followed her sister’s lead and licked her hand before splashing the salt onto her wrist. Then she quickly licked her hand and splashed the small glass of liquor into her open mouth amid the cheers of the two men beside them. Shaking her head Lisa hurriedly bit into the lime wedge hoping to somehow erase the burning sensation in her mouth and throat.

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