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He was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever laid eyes on. Skinny with long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, the underside of his hair shaven. He looked a lot like Jeff Hardy, which is what drew me, us, to him in the first place. His cute, crooked smile was enchanting and the age lines by his eyes and on his forehead were endearing. He had a small scar under his left eye, and oh, his colour-changing eyes were marvelous, in the shape of a division symbol. He said he got it from a fight he’d been in many years ago. I knew, from the moment I heard his voice, deep, melodic, with an ever so slight southern drawl, that I had to have him.

Coincidentally, his name is Jeff, though his last name is not Hardy, and is of no importance to this tale, I found that amusing.

When we first met, he was forty-five, I just twenty-one. My beloved was twenty-two and only then coming to terms with the fact that he was bi-sexual. My beloved’s name is Nikolai. I call him Nikki.

Nikki is quite the looker himself; tall with long brown hair that he slicked back all the time, giving him a regal air even when wearing bluejeans, and dark green eyes with flecks of yellow scattered throughout. Nikki is a slim fellow, not exactly skinny, but thinner than most in this country. He had no real muscle definition, which gave a boyish cuteness to his appearance.

Myself, well, my name is Rebecca. I have light blonde, curly hair and I keep the underside of my hair shaven. I am ‘unfortunately curvy’ as I like to say. Big, but not fat, barely even chubby. Big breasts, 36DDD the last time I bought a new bra. Unfortunately, my breasts have began to sag a bit from their sheer size and for the fact that I prefer sports bras over ones with real support. But, hey, at least the hint of sag proves that they are real and not some sick, expensive body-mod. I have a broad shouldered, wide hipped frame. I am a bit more muscular than most women and I am proud of this. I’ve had more than one person tell me I should be the poster girl for women’s sports. I have thick calf muscles, strong thighs and a surprisingly perky butt. But enough about me.

We met Jeff at the twenty-four hour coffee shop he worked at, right across the street from the motel we were staying in ‘until we found a reasonably priced apartment’. He worked third shift and was often the only one there. He seemed surprised at first to see us wander in at three in the morning and greeted us with a tired-sounding “Hi there. How can I help ya?”

As time went on, we spent more time at the coffee shop. After all, free wi-fi. We would have had to have paid for it at the motel. I’d taken to standing outside with Jeff on his smoke breaks, making small talk. Nikki soon followed, and a friendship blossomed between the three of us.

Jeff told us about himself, bit by bit; his struggles with many addictions, about his kids, his love for music. He was stunning to watch as he spoke, always from the heart. He always made eye contact with us and I found it hard to meet his gaze. The man was not intimidating, an inch taller than me, if even that. But his eyes were so piercing, his words deep and powerful.

At first we greeted with handshakes, he smiled at the firmness of mine, but they quickly became hugs and then hugs with kisses on the cheek.

One night, I tilted my face up and was surprised by a light peck on the lips. Pleasantly surprised, my lips tingled. I could only stare as he grinned, sexy pink lips pulled tight over his teeth. My heart beat wildly in my chest, but he quickly turned his attention to Nikki. Jeff pursed his lips at my love and raised his eyebrow. Nikki looked at me nervously and poked his fingers together. I was still breathless, touching my lips with my fingertips.

“What? I’ve kissed males I’m close to before, what makes you think I wouldn’t kiss you?” Jeff asked.

When I realized this may have been my only chance to see the two beautiful men together in such a way, I pushed Nikki into Jeff, and not gently either.

Nikki yelped as he flailed and fell into Jeff’s already open arms.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit turned on by the tender kiss they shared.

That night, Nikki and I fucked. It wasn’t the tender love we usually made; it was rough, hard and needy. Our thoughts were on Jeff. We wanted him badly.

Nikki was crushed when he found out Jeff was straight, but I was never convinced that he was entirely so. It was a casual comment he’d made. Despite what he’d said, Jeff flirted with us, both of us. Said Nikki’s hair was ‘sexy’.

One evening, Jeff invited us back to his place. To our surprise, he lived in the same motel we did. “Out of convinience,” he’d said.

I sat on the floor in-front of Jeff, rubbing his feet. He made the most delicious sounds, moaning softly when I found sore spots, whimpering as I worked my fingers over his tired, aching feet. Nikki was on the computer, checking hockey scores and talking to Jeff casino siteleri between the others’ moans. I moved to a chair and offered Jeff a shoulder rub, which he gladly accepted. I spread my legs so he could sit on the floor between them. When he made a joke about me ‘spreading my legs for him’ I was mildly concerned that he might be able to smell how aroused I was. But he sat down and I worked on his shoulders, recieving another chorus of moans. I rested my cheek on his head for a brief moment, nuzzling his soft hair. His roots were starting to show- dark brown. I wanted to kiss his neck so badly, I wanted to bite and mark the beautiful pale skin laid out before me, but I resisted, barely. I looked over at Nikki, whose eyes were half-lidded and I assumed from the way he was sitting that he had an erection. When I couldn’t take anymore of the beautiful torture I gave Jeff a brief hug and leaned back into the big chair. He got up, gave me a smile and went back to his seat on the bed. I leaned back into the embrace of the surprisingly nice chair, resting my face in the soft fabric. Everything smelled like Jeff. I wanted to touch myself. I kept my legs firmly closed for the rest of the evening.

Now that we were close by and knew it, the three of us spent a lot of time together. Nikki and Jeff liked to cook, and did so together frequently. I was never much into the cullinary arts, so I let the two enjoy their time in the kitchen together, alone. Nikki despises all things tobbaco, so Jeff and I smoked alone and talked.

I admitted to my own brief drug addiction, and some relationships that had gone sour in the past, omitting a few choice details. I was still in a place where I felt I had to impress Jeff, and I didn’t want to look like a needy bitch.

Not long after we found an affordable place, Jeff took ill and lost his job at the coffee shop. We lost contact for a while, but he was always in our thoughts.

One day, a few months later, we got a text at three in the morning, the time we’d usually hang out with Jeff. It said to come see him at his new place, and warned us that he’d lost some weight.

He waved to us as we pulled up, smiling softly. When he opened the door, I saw just how tiny he was. Fuck, he was still beautiful. His sweatpants were hanging low on his hips, giving a nice veiw of his hip bones and the soft, dark fuzz on his lower abdomen. I cursed under my breath and licked my lips. I looked at Nikki, who was appreciating the view just as much as I was. When Nikki tore his gaze away from the amazing sight before us, I mouthed to him the word ‘tonight’. He shivered.

Jeff had dyed his hair. It was now dark brown, his natural colour. I was staring at him as he invited us in.

Nikki and I sat on his bed as Jeff sat on a chair, facing us. He leaned back, loosely crossing his legs, splayed out in a way that looked almost like he was posing. His shirt was riding up, and I could see his navel, and the trail of hair leading into his pants. I whined. He smirked at me and carried on conversation as normal, telling us about how he’d been under the weather and appologized for not contacting us.

Jeff had recently had a birthday, and Nikki and I had gotten him presents. He opened them and thanked us, hugging us. When he embraced me, I couldn’t help but slip my hands down to his ass and grab a hand full. Jeff gasped and stiffened in my grip, his face heating with the first signs of a blush. I muttered ‘sorry’ and let him go. I wasn’t sorry at all.

I’d never seen Jeff blush before, it was exciting.

After a few moments of awkwardness, the conversation returned to normal and the dirty jokes started flying. Nikki, being the innocent sweetheart he was, didn’t get most of which, and Jeff had to explain them to him.

“Pussy, man. Pussy,” Jeff said, explaining the most recent joke.

“Oh,” Nikki was beet red and I couldn’t help but smile.

Pussy. I hate that word, but for some reason, hearing Jeff say it got me excited.

“Reba?” I must’ve zoned out, Jeff was calling out my nickname. My eyes snapped to his face. “What are you thinking about?” He tilted his head to the side, a slight hint of a smirk on his georgeous face. I thought about being honest for a moment. Telling him I was thinking about what the fuzz on his chin would feel like against my face while we sucked and bit at each others mouths like animals, telling him that I wanted to rip off his clothes and ride him hard, that he could cum in my hair, my favorite of my features, and I wouldn’t be mad at him. But I knew I’d have to take it slow not to scare off this beauty. Sometimes he just didn’t feel affectionate. I was hoping that tonight wasn’t one of those nights, and I could at least suck him off, give Nikki a little show to masturbate to.

“Ah, nothing. How have your feet been doing recently?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Fine since I lost all that weight!’ He said, smiling brightly. He stood up and put his arms canlı casino in the air. “See if you can pick me up.”

I knew I could, easilly. He didn’t look a pound over a buck twenty.

I stood and scooped him up bridal style. His expressions were priceless. He went from looking shocked, to looking like a wet cat, to being amused. He threw his arms around my neck and started talking in a playfuly girly voice.

“Oh, baby, carry me over the threshold!”

“I’ll do more than just that,” I said, dipping him. I dropped to one knee and leaned him over the other, claiming his lips. When he went completely still in my grip, I mentally cursed. Fuck. Which was exactly what I thought I wouldn’t be doing that night.

I was completely shocked when he started to kiss back. Maybe, I thought, maybe it wasn’t that I kissed him, but the fact that he was completely at my mercy, held off the ground in my arms, a place I was sure he’d never been before, at least, with a woman.

I stood up and slowly let him down, never breaking the contact of our lips. Once his feet were firmly on the ground his arms slid down to my waist and held me close to him. I’d been correct. When I loosened my grip to a mere resting of my hands, one on his hip, the other at the base of his neck, his tongue invaded my mouth, taking control.

The kiss was short, but glorious. I couldn’t speak when he pulled away. One of his hands was on my hip, the other between my breasts, pushing me back, but not letting me get away.

“Reba,” he started, “I’m getting old.” He said, his tone was a bit sad. “I’m not a young man anymore. I’m…” He trailed off for a moment, looking past me. His eyes re-focused, boring into mine, “If I were twenty, fifteen, Hell, even ten years younger, I’d gladly jump into bed with the both of you, but I’m not. My body isn’t what it used to be.” He was still holding me in place, not quite wanting to let me go. I could tell he was arguing with himself about the whole situation.

“You’re beautiful,” I said, playing with the fine hairs on the back of his head.

“I’m old,” He stated.

“Don’t say that,” I begged.

Nikki sat on the bed, watching us, half hard and confused, full of emotion he couldn’t express.

“I want you. We want you,” I motioned to Nikki by tilting my head.

“I want you both as well, but I can’t give you the pleasure you deserve,” he said, one corner of his mouth turning up in a forced smile.

“Then take,” I said, “Let us pleasure you.”

“You both give too much already.”

“Nonsense!” I said, pulling him into a kiss. He reluctantly gave in, letting me kiss him for all he was worth. I brought both hands down to his ass and pulled him agaisnt me. He moaned into my mouth and I felt his length twitch against my stomach. When I broke the kiss I whispered “please” against his lips. He tilted his head back and sighed. I took this oppertunity to kiss his neck and he started to shake against me, his length twitching again. His hands gripped my shirt.

“Fine,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, burrying his face in my hair. His voice was weak, he sounded defeated, deflated. Had I gone too far? Had I fucked up this beautiful relationship we had? What would it take to repair this? There were so many questions swirling around in my mind.

“Fine?” I asked.

“Yes,” He said, gaining back a little of the bold power his voice normally had. “Take me, suck me, fuck me…” He pulled back and looked straight at me. My eyes widened. Arousal was evident on his face, his brown locks falling from his ponytail, framing the georgeous, angular features. “Reba,” Then his gaze turned to my beloved, “Nikki.”

Nikki rose to his feet and joined us, shyly placing his hand on Jeffs back.

Jeff pulled Nikki into a kiss. It was soft and gentle, both of them had their eyes closed. I moved to accomodate Nikki. I put one hand on his back, the other held Jeff close by the small of his back.

As their kiss deepened, I started to explore Jeff’s body with my hands, feeling every curve and dip. I kissed and nipped at Jeff’s neck, making mental notes of the spots that made him moan into the kiss. I lifted Jeff’s shirt and knelt down to kiss at his chest and lick his nipples. Jeff let out a loud moan, his hand leaving me, finding purchase in Nikki’s hair. His brow was tightly scrunched, his hips thrusting forward, desperate for friction. I palmed the buldge in his sweatpants and was rewarded with another moan that faded into a whimper as his lips broke away from Nikki’s. He moaned, resting his head on the other male’s shoulder, his eyes closed tight.

“Reba, fuck, please,” He whispered. I dropped to my knees and rubbed my cheek against the tent in his pants. The hand that wasn’t clinging to Nikki fisted in my hair, pulling me closer. He wanted, needed more contact. “Damnit,” He whispered as I mouthed his dick through his pants. He pulled harshly and I looked up. Nikki’s hand was under kaçak casino Jeff’s shirt, playing with his right nipple, and kissing the other’s neck.

I purred and hooked my fingers in his sweatpants and pulled them down to mid-thigh. His dick sprang free of it’s confines as he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I licked my lips as I looked at his dick. He was circumsized, the swollen head was sliglthy purple and leaking. I had to taste it.

He practically screamed when I licked his cock from base to tip, swirling my tongue around the slit and dipping it in, gathering up pre-cum on my tongue. It was amazing. He was delicious.

When I looked up at him, he was looking down at me, panting, his eyes half-lidded.

“I-” He started, but quickly stopped when I rubbed my nose against the crown, burrying his face in Nikki’s shoulder again. “Oh, fuck, I need to lean o-on the wall. I think my knees might give out.” He followed that up with a slight chuckle. He backed up and leant against the wall, one of Nikki’s arms wrapped around Jeff’s shoulder, the other teasing his lower stomach. Jeff’s muscles quivered, twitching at the teasing touch. I followed them on my knees. “You look good on your knees,” Jeff quipped. I rolled my eyes and nipped at the head of his dick.

The moan Jeff let out shocked me. His hand was back in my hair, pushing my face back toward his cock. He liked being bitten. Fuck me. I slid my lips over his cock and sucked on just the head of his dick. He whined. Nikki slipped his hand down and gripped the base of Jeff’s length. He started to stroke slowly, kissing Jeff’s neck, just below his ear.

Jeff was a mess of pleasure, leaning on the wall, bracing himself with one hand, the other in my hair. His head hit the wall with an audible ‘thunk’ when I took more of him in my mouth, tracing the vein on the underside with my tongue. He bared his neck to Nikki.

Jeff whined when I pulled back.

I stood up and grabbed Nikki by the hair, pushing him down. Jeff’s dick throbbed in his face and we watched him curiously to see what he would do.

Nikki let out a soft moan as he gripped the base of Jeff’s cock. He stuck his tongue out and licked tentatively. Jeff was panting. I ravished Jeff’s mouth, swallowing the scream that erupted from him when Nikki put his mouth fully around the other. Jeff thrust into Nikki’s mouth, fucking mine with his tongue. One of Jeff’s hands roamed my body, tracing my curves, cupping one of my breasts. I gasped and broke the kiss, but Jeff bit and tugged on my lower lip. Fuck.

I unbuttoned my pants. This was too fucking much, I needed a touch, even if it was my own, but Jeff beat me to it. He pushed me back a bit, moving me into a position where he could slip his hand into my pants.

Our lips pressed together again as Nikki bobbed his head on Jeff’s dick. Jeff’s fingertips teased my clit as I worshiped his mouth, one of my hands sliding under his shirt and resting on his chest.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” He whispered, slipping his fingers further back between my folds, teasing me.

“Yeah,” was all I could manage. I flicked my nail over his nipple and he groaned. He pressed his middle finger inside me and I cried out. Nikki pulled back from his worship of Jeff’s cock to look up at me. He gasped when he realized what was happening, a wave of arousal making him shiver. Nikki licked and kissed Jeff’s cock for a moment, watching me squirm as Jeff fucked me with one finger. Nikki growled and returned to sucking the other’s cock, taking it as deep as he could, stroking what he couldn’t fit in his mouth, his other hand fondling Jeff’s sack.

Jeff moaned, putting another finger in me, kissing the corner of my mouth as I whined, pressing against his fingers. He wiggled and thrust his fingers, gasping when my insides clenched around his fingers. I couldn’t help but press down on him. If I wasn’t careful, I was going to lose myself.

I pulled back, whining as his fingers slipped from me. I dropped to my knees beside Nikki and looked up at Jeff.

He looked at his fingers, slick with my natural lubricant, then he looked down at me. He smirked and licked his fingers in a lewd fashion, moaning as his tongue poked out between them. I whimpered and looked away, looking at Nikki who was so focused on pleasuring Jeff. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back. Nikki yelped, but quickly recovered. We shared a rough, deep kiss, tasting each other (and Jeff).

We moved to Jeff’s dick, pressing kisses on either side of it. We kissed around his dick, our tongues snaking out to lick at each others lips.

“Fuck,” Jeff moaned, watching us make out around his throbbing cock. We took turns taking him in our mouth, trying to deep throat him. His panting was peppered with curses as he thrust deep into the mouth that was on him before pulling back and thrusting into mine.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck… Wait! Oh shit, fuck, I’m gonna-” He pulled us away, fingers tangled in our hair, panting. He grimaced and cursed. He wanted so badly to cum, but he didn’t want this to be over just yet. None of us did.

After a brief cool down period, Nikki and I stood, pressing ourselves close to the gorgeous brunette in front of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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