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Amanda and I didn’t get together for a couple weeks; our schedules conflicted. Besides, both of our sons were home from college, in and out of the house, and it didn’t provide us with the privacy we needed.

My sexual relations at home had consisted of occasional fucks for Arthur who always came and went to sleep, and nothing for me. Until Amanda showed me that there was another path to sexual satisfaction my libido had gone missing. I missed her… found myself masturbating more than usual and, when I did, I would suck on my wet fingers and imagine that it was Amanda’s pussy. I was somewhat jealous of her relationship with her husband David. She told me that they had always been sexually curious and had tried so many things.

I still felt guilty having peeked through the crack of my son Lee’s door, watching him masturbate to ejaculation. In a weak moment I told Amanda about it and she reacted rather casually to what I thought she might consider a sick perversion. She told me that she considered a mother fantasizing about her son as a primal feeling, and that she often fantasized about her own son, Corey. I told her that since I had spied on Lee that day I had been thinking about him continually. She laughed and said that it was no wonder that I fantasized about Lee, her son Corey’s best friend, “He’s such a hunk.” She reassured me that I wasn’t a pervert, which made me more comfortable with my feelings.

Since the day I peeked at Lee stroking that exquisite cock and ejaculating so beautifully, the fantasy of having it in my mouth had almost become an obsession (I felt so ashamed, but none the less, excited). Lee usually came in late at night; sometimes I was awake. When I heard him go into his room, after he had a chance to get settled, I would strain my ears and listen for noises of self-pleasure, fighting the urge to get out of bed and sneak into his room. Something else, since my conversation with Amanda, it seemed that Lee was flirting with me. I was sure I was just imagining it but, twice, I had seen him walking down the hall completely naked, something I hadn’t seen before. Both times he said, “Oh, I’m sorry Mom,” but made no effort to hurry to his room. Nor did I make an effort to avert my eyes.

One night we were watching TV. He had fixed popcorn and we were watching a late movie (Arthur was asleep, as he usual was). I asked him if Corey and he were spending a lot of time together. He said yes…that they had even double dated a couple of times. He said that he really liked hanging around Corey’s house…said that Amanda and David were fun to be with. He told me that he thought Amanda was really hot for an older woman (I felt a twinge of jealousy). He also said that Amanda and Corey seemed to have a special kind of relationship. I asked what he meant and he told me they often snuggled together on the couch, almost like they were dating. Once again I envied Amanda…wanted to snuggle with Lee right then but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was afraid of what might happen… afraid that Lee would reject me, or hate me for acting so inappropriately. But I wondered if he were hinting at something.

One day, about one o’clock in the afternoon, Lee told me that he was going to meet Corey at the gym. I imagined the two of them pumping iron, flexing those wonderful sexy muscles and wished I could go watch them. About ten minutes after he left Corey came to the back door and, as was his custom, knocked once, opened the door and said, “Hi Mrs. W,” and walked in.

Surprised that Corey was thereI said,”I thought Lee was meeting you at the gym.”

He walked to the refrigerator (he was always at home at our house) and poured himself a glass of milk. “Well,” he said, “whether I go or not, he’s going to work out for a couple of hours; you know what a fanatic he is.”

Corey slouched into a chair at the table, looked at me with his clear hazel eyes, sipped his milk and smiled. I couldn’t get over the feeling that he was flirting with me. He always did … kinda…but now it seemed so much more apparent. “Ya know Ms. Wilhelm,” he said, “I’ve noticed that you’ve been wearing skirts more often lately.” His eyes drifted down to my legs. “I like you better in skirts,” he said, shaking his head approvingly…”shows off your legs.”

I made light of his comment but loved the compliment. Since his mother suggested that I wear skirts more often, to show off my “beautiful” legs, I started wearing skirts everyday. I liked the looks that men at the grocery store gave me and, even though he was so young, I was flattered that Corey thought so.

“Something’s different about you lately, Mrs. W” he said, “You seem…uh…younger.”

“Oh, maybe it’s just that, since Lee has gone to school, I feel less of a sense of parental responsibility, and, I am not so worried about what is going to come of him.”

“I think it’s something else,” he said, getting up from the table. His eyes riveted mine then moved slowly down my body till he got to my ankles and moved slowly back to my eyes. I casino oyna should have felt uncomfortable but instead, felt myself lubricating. “Mom says you and she have been spending more time together. She really likes you…a lot, ya know?”

My throat tightened at the remote thought that he could possibly know about Amanda and me. I almost detected a wink. Could Amanda have said anything to him about us? No, I was sure that she wouldn’t have. Corey had always been a precocious boy, one who never suppressed a question…no matter how it came out. Sometimes, when he was a very young boy he would ask things like, “Why do mommies have bumps on their chests? He was the first to notice a new piece of clothing that I wore and his eyes always seemed to be following me. But when he said that his mother told him we were spending more time together and suggested that something else might be responsible for my more carefree attitude I needed to be busy. So I went to the sink and washed the few dishes that Lee and I had left after eating lunch. The odd thing is that I anticipated what happened next.

Just like his mother Corey walked up behind me, put his arms between mine, laid his head against mine and pressed my breasts to my chest with his hands. I thought, Corey, what in the world can you be thinking? But I didn’t say it. My best friend’s son was fondling my breasts and the church lady in me was telling him to stop, but the sexual being was keeping the church lady at bay, hoping upon hope that he wouldn’t stop. I had to say something though. “What has gotten into you Corey?”

He didn’t answer, just pressed his head more intensely against mine, his hands rubbing my breasts, moving them round and round. Electricity ran down to the pit of my gut and the backs of my knees. “What’s gotten into me, Mrs. W? … the desire to make love to my best friend’s mother.”

I was trying to be cool, trying not to wiggle my bottom which begged to writhe. I was desperately trying to stay calm. “You seem to have a lot of self-confidence for a boy not yet twenty, Corey Firestone.”

“Maybe that’s because an expert mentor has been teaching me…and she’s a woman just about your age.” He was so cool, so in control. It was hard for me to imagine that this young man, not even 20, who I’d seen grow from a little boy, was trying to seduce me.

I told myself that I should wriggle away from him and put a stop to this madness. I bit my lip as the fingers of his right hand drew to the tip of my breast and gently rolled my nipple while his other hand pressed against my abdomen and pulled my bottom against his rigid penis.

I hadn’t felt that kind of hardness since the first year of my marriage. His bulging penis against my ass was like an electrode sending a spark, which shocked me to the tips of my toes. I made a weak attempt to turn and break free saying ,”Corey, please don’t.”

I had accepted the fact that passion in my marriage had long since been nonexistent… had rationalized that there was so much more to a marriage than sex. I had become a devoted Christian and a respected member of my community. And, until Amanda Firestone had shocked me into the realization that a fire had been banked inside me that could be fanned so easily into raging flames, I thought little of it. But with just two episodes of incredible sex I had developed an obsession with sex…even an obsession about being in bed with my own college aged son.

That Amanda’s son had come over with the intention of seducing me seemed like serendipity. Here was a young man, much like my son, someone I had come to love over the years, who was offering just what I was lusting for. But I had to make at least one more attempt. “Please Corey, stop. What would your mother think?”

“My mother,” he said like he was contemplating what her thoughts of him might be. He kissed my neck and my ear and raised goose bumps over my entire body. He slid his hand lower, his fingers massaging my pubic mound. “Is there really any reason for my mother to know?” It was hopeless. I wasn’t going to deny him further.

I turned around and sandwiched Corey’s face between my hands. His crystal clear hazel eyes riveted mine. “So,” I said, “do you really think you are ready to share your ‘rather valuable experience’ with a friend of you mother’s?” I kissed his forehead and the tip of his nose then planted my eager lips upon his. At the same time my hand dropped to his crotch and grabbed the bulk of his cock. Pandora’s Box had been opened.

He was wearing khaki cargo shorts, a black shirt with a white Whoosh on the chest and tennis shoes. Like Lee his legs were hairy (his was black… Lee’s was light brown) and muscular, the kind of legs all women look at and desire to feel caressing theirs.

Our mouths were open and our tongues engaged. Breathing loudly through our noses we groped for each other. I fumbled with his zipper then thrust my hand inside his boxers. His cock was bulky and warm and, at my touch, he responded with a flex of his knees and his hips canlı casino recoiled. He was only about six inches long, but very thick. I looked down at it in my hand, imagining how it would feel stretching me, then, looked back into his eyes. “Well, young man, this is quite a nice piece of equipment you have.” I felt silly having said that but had to say something. His cock was so hard that it was canted upward and bobbed up and down to the beat of his heart. “Maybe I should take a closer look.”

“Geez, Mrs. W,” he said, his eyes wide in disbelief, “I didn’t know if you would really go for it.”

“I go for it Corey,” I said and lowered myself to my knees. Looking up, I caught his face looking down at me beyond the prominence of his erection. I was entranced by the beauty of his young organ and held his hot flesh against my cheek, feeling the coursing of his blood that seemed to be getting even harder. The head of his cock was blunt like a bullet but I still found it a work of art, stroking it easily, feeling the ridges underneath his outer skin. I hefted his scrotum with the fingers of my free hand, gently fondling the tender oysters. Sliding the tender testicle through my moistened lips I let it fill my mouth, then, gently popped it back out.

“Ooh, Mrs. W, I never expected…” he began to say but I reached a finger to his lips and shushed him.

Lately I had awakened from the same dream…of Lee’s cock filling my mouth. Now I had a real one in my hand and a sperm-filled testicle in my mouth. I licked around his shiny purple head, around the back of its rim, lifting it and licking the underside where the glans comes together. I had forgotten how smooth a cock felt in my mouth; it was heavenly.

Holding his shaft between my forefinger and thumb I lifted it and licked from the seeping slit, down the length of the shaft to his scrotum, then back…around his head again and back to his sack. I wanted this to last but anticipated he would come quickly. But he reminded me that he was an experienced sexual being. “Suck me Mrs. W, I’m not going to come yet.” And I did.

His cock felt so warm and big in my mouth, muscular like the rest of his body. The sensation of my lips sliding over his engorged flesh was causing my cunt to flood and I remembered what his mother said the first time she touched my pussy…in that very kitchen, almost the very spot, “My God, Mary Wilhelm, you’re delicious, your panties are soaking wet!” And they were, even more so.

I took as much of his cock as would fit in my mouth, gagging when it touched my soft pallet, then slid my lips back to his head. It felt natural to jerk him while I sucked, expecting his cum to fill my mouth but it didn’t. He laced his fingers in my hair and guided my head on and off, on and off, on and off. He was in total control of his urges but a delicious ooze seeped continually from the slit of his head, and ooze that had the faint taste of sperm.

“Don’t worry Mrs. W,” he said, “I’ve had a lot of experience, I’m not gonna cum yet.”

I wondered how many girls, how many women, had sucked his cock and wondered if it was wise to be sucking someone who might have had such promiscuous sex.

“It’s not like your thinking,” he said, seeming to read my mind. “I’m clean.”

With his cock slowly fucking my mouth I looked up at him. He smiled and lips formed a silent oval as I licked the cleft under his head again and and he flexed his knees, falling and rising. I wanted all of him. My tongue swirled and his head raked the roof of my mouth. It filled my cheek and I looked up at him to see the oval his lips turn to a smile.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth with a soft “pop” he dropped to his knees and kissed me, fumbling with the buttons on my blouse until it was open. My bra lay on top of my blouse on the floor and he was kissing first one breast, then the other. “I always wanted to see your boobs, Mrs. W,” he said, “They’re beautiful.” I felt confirmed.

He tore his shirt off and pressed his naked flesh against mine, embraced me and massaged the bare flesh of my back. My hand went back to his stiff member and I stroked him while he kissed my neck and my ears, saying, “You are one classy lady, Mrs. W.”

I hadn’t heard such confirming words from a man in years. The impropriety of what was going on struggled with my mind. Corey wasn’t quite a man yet but he desired my flesh and…I was so hungry for male attention that I…didn’t care.

Though not yet twenty Corey was proving to be quite a lover. It was clear that he’d been involved with an older woman, one who had tutored him on how to please. Amanda’s words, the words she said the last time we were together, echoed in my ears: “It’s the most natural thing in the world, Mary, for a mother to fantasize about her son… Sometimes I think it’s primal…”

Electricity coursed through my body at the touch of Corey’s fingertip on my clitoris and pushed away any thoughts that competed with my feelings of immediate pleasure. My back flattened against the kaçak casino cold tile, my skirt was hiked up to my hips and my panties were on the floor beside me, so wet that I could smell the aroma of my sex.

His mouth covered my pussy (Since Amanda had trimmed me the first time I had kept my pubic hair neat and felt pleased that I was presentable for him) and his tongue slid expertly between my labia…and around them, then touched my clitoris, probed the folds of my hood, pushing it back and licking the verge. He knew to put pressure on the side of my clitoris and massage it in small circles with the tip of his tongue. My ass wiggled and my legs were out of control. Whoever taught him knew what she wanted to develop in a young lover.

He lifted my legs high and his tongue tip smoothed over the wrinkles of my anus, producing another series of shocks. Raising my legs up and down like the handles of a bellows his tongue slid from my anus to my clitoris, from my clitoris to my anus and back again…and again. Corey was wonderful, much more than I could have ever expected from a man I might have picked up on a one night stand (which, lately, Id been considering). This college boy was the answer to my prayers.

His lips compressed on my hood and worked my clitoris in and out, making me jerk with the heightened sensations. His finger, inside my pussy, slid deep and fucked me…then there were two fingers…deep… rimming the two inch margin from the entrance of my vagina. Was it the g-spot? I had never experienced it before. I shuddered with another orgasm, the third since he had started eating me.

“Do you think a bed might be more comfortable Mrs. W?”

I didn’t question him… just wanted his cock inside me, fucking me…anywhere. But his suggestion made sense. He helped me to my feet then I took his hand and I led him back toward my bedroom. As we were passing the door to Lee’s room he said, “Let’s fuck in Lee’s bed.” It was such a wicked suggestion and the thought of being fucked by my son’s friend on my son’s bed thrilled me. I didn’t know why it was important to him and didn’t care. I just wanted to be filled with his sex.

Hurriedly, we stripped our remaining clothes. His chiseled athlete’s body, the black hair on his chest, his stomach and legs, made his intense erection and his dangling testicles even more spectacular; he was gorgeous. Looking me up and down he flashed his white smile and said, “You’re a very attractive woman Mrs. W.” Once again his compliments made me feel so…complete. I sat down on the bed, laid back and, with wickedly wild glee, spread my legs like a bitch in heat.

“Do I need a condom Mrs. W?”

He was so considerate. I looked into his eyes and shook my head; I wanted to feel him, not a sheath. I wanted his skin to be clutched by my vaginal muscles and I wanted to feel the same ridges I felt when my hand was jerking him while I was sucking on the head of his cock. My tubes had been tied after Marty (our daughter) was born, but he didn’t have to know that (I felt so daring). “Fuck me,” I said. “I don’t care what happens.”

Corey was much bulkier than my husband and, when he held his shiny, bullet shaped head against the opening of my vagina, I relaxed and felt his thickness stretch me.

With the wonder of something new our eyes riveted each other’s and, as he forced himself inside me, child-like oohs escaped the tiny ovals between our lips. His body covered me, his chest flattening my breasts, taking the weight on his forearms so he wouldn’t crush me.

In and out his thick cock fucked me, slowly at first, the six inch length of his cock seeming to be endless…then faster…and faster… until he had to stop for a breath.

Wrapping my legs around his waist I couldn’t stop myself from saying, “I love you, Corey, I love you…and… I’ve always wanted you.” Did I? I must have. It came out so easily.

“I’ve always hoped, Mrs. W,” he panted, “that you would let me fuck you.”

Resting, I held him with my legs for a while and he said, “Let’s do it doggie Mrs. W.”

It was wonderful having someone tell me what to do. He pulled out and I got on my hands and knees and, when he re-entered me from behind his cock felt more delicious than when he was fucking me like a missionary. The angle of his upward slanting erection cause the bottom of his shaft to graze my clitoris and the head raked the back of my vaginal passage. It was a dual pressure that thrilled me.

His hands were on my breasts as he pumped his bulk in and out of my pussy, pressing them hard against my chest and moving them in a circular motion. It seemed that his rhythm increased with every series of five to ten strokes, until, while squeezing my nipples with his fingers, he was slamming me, his stomach slapping against my bottom. I was out of control, on the verge of an orgasmic explosion, my head waggling wildly groaning in a very un-ladylike manner.

“Oh fuck! Baby, baby… fuck!” Corey said, leaving out the Mrs. W in his passion. Grunting and moaning, he slammed me in labored penetrations and I pushed back, grunting with each collision. I knew he was going to cum, this boy who I had known since he was a little child… was going to pop his load inside me.

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