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I’ll start by describing myself. My name is Don, I’m 25. I’m 6’2″ and about 220 pounds. I’m solidly built, pretty hairy, and have a 7 inch cock that has a 7 inch circumference; so it’s normal-ish length but very big in girth. I keep my dick and balls shaved despite the prolific hair on my chest, I just find it more comfortable and a bit sexier looking that way.

Since I was in middle school Brian has been one of my three best friends. We lost touch when he was out to sea for the navy for four years, but now we’re both back in our hometown and hang out pretty frequently. Brian is a stud, a very sexy guy. Built like a model; at 6 foot tall he weighed about a buck thirty in high school so his frame is tiny. Now he’s built defined muscle on it so he’s got about a 30 inch waist and is 165 pounds of lean muscle. This is important, ’cause he gets all the hottest chicks in our town….fuck he gets the hottest chicks in every town within a 20 mile radius. After getting married and divorced right out of the navy, bouncing around with probably three dozen hot nobodies, he’s now settled down a bit with a hot somebody named Cassidy.

Cass is pretty sexy and very open minded, also bi; a trait I share with her. I’m not much of a drinker so when I cart Brian and Cass around she repays me in letting me see her tits at the end of the night. They’re great C’s, just a bit more than a handful. They’re pert and the nipples are nice and pink.

This story begins about three months after I’d gotten off a break up with my college girl friend. We’d tried to make a long distance relationship work, and we kept it up for 2 years, but in the end we couldn’t keep it going. It was late December and with my parents wintering in the other side of the country I had no family inside a five hour drive. As I’m close to Brian’s family they invited me to have Christmas with them. Since Brian was trying to get his post-military shit together in a bad economy he was living with his parents. To get away sometimes he and Cass would come to my place to have some loud crazy sex. Didn’t bother me, I live by myself and have a decent sized house with my room on the other end of the from the guest room. I’d also helped he and Cass out financially once when some debt was looming and threatening to become casino siteleri a problem. One time the two of them came to spend the night and we were talking for a bit, playing guitar hero before they headed to the bedroom. “So you still haven’t gotten any since you broke up with your girlfriend?” Cass asked me. We’d drifted onto the subject of my post relationship love life.

“I can’t even get him to hit on any girls at the bar” said Brian.

“I know, I’m slow to get back on the horse I guess” I admitted.

“Aren’t you just horny as hell?” asked Cass.

“Well yea, but I’m used to it. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for a long time, as you know. My hand’s been my love life for quite a while.”

“So you got no family to have Christmas with, and you got no one to have sex with. I feel bad for you Don.”

I laughed and said “Yea, well I appreciate you guys letting me have Christmas with you.”

Cass looked over at Brian and then looked back at me with a smile on her face. “Well, that’s not all you can have with us.” I was still concentrating on the game we were playing so I didn’t really catch the meaning right away.

“Whatcha mean?” I asked. Cass paused the game to gain my attention.

“Brian and I have been talking and I wanna give you a bit of an early Christmas present.” I looked at her with what I’m sure was a dumb grin on my face, beginning to catch on to, what I really hoped, was her meaning. I didn’t want to look too anxious though. “I’m gonna give you a blow job and you have no say in the matter” Cass said very sternly. “You’ve done a lot for us and you put up with our shit all the time. I don’t have much to offer but I want to do this for you.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that I guess” I said trying to hide my excitement. My dick didn’t try to hide anything though and immediately started getting hard. I looked at Brian, he just rolled his eyes and gave me a “have fun ass hole” kind of smile and went back to playing guitar hero. He and Cass, obviously, have a rather open relationship and what was about to occur had obviously been discussed between them prior to this moment.

Cass took my hand and led me into my room. “Drop ’em and lie down” she said. I did. With my pants pooled on the canlı casino floor my thick piece bounced with eagerness as I lied down on my bed. Cass didn’t take anything off but I got a pretty good look down her cleavage as she got on her knees on the bed, between my legs, and bent over to start on my dick. “Ready?” she asked with a devious grin on her face.

“Very” I said. “Probably very ready, if you know what I mean. Whatcha want me to do when I cum?”

“What the fuck do you mean? Just cum.” This got me even more excited, my girlfriend had refused to let me cum in her mouth and it was something I’d never had the chance to do.

Cass saw my smooth shaven cock and balls. “I like a man who grooms” she said with a smile. She started on me by just running her fingernails up and down on the underside of my dick. She started to tickle my opening with her tongue as she continued slowly brushing her nails up and down my shaft. After a few minutes of this torment she started to kiss the head of my penis. Slowly, with her warm lips, she kissed down its length until she was at my balls. I jumped with excitement as she wrapped her soft and slightly cool hand gently around my excruciatingly hard girth.

She began to pump her hand up and down on me at an agonizingly slow speed, making sure I was at maximum arousal without enough stimulation to cause me to cum too early. As she continued these movements she took my balls, one at a time, into her mouth. While doing this she would hum lowly, causing a very pleasant vibration. She switched back and forth from one to the other and eventually enveloped both of them within her luscious pink lips. Every now and then when she felt my balls starting to retract towards my body she would firmly, but not painfully, squeeze my dick with both of her hands and suck hard on my balls. It felt incredibly comforting having all of my genitalia being warmed and touched but it also had the effect of easing me away from orgasm.

She started to move her tongue away from my balls and ran it along the underside of my shaft. She now cupped my balls in one hand, slowly polished my head with the other, and flicked her tongue up and down my cock over and over. At this point I was in ecstasy. She was eliciting sensations I’d never kaçak casino had before, far exceeding the skills of all my previous fellators. She expertly put me on a cloud of pleasure but carefully refrained from causing too much stimulation as to push me over the edge.

She moved her lips to the tip of my cock and delicately took my head into her mouth. She sucked firmly and swirled her tongue all around as well as flicking it over my hole as it was in her mouth. She kept one hand on my balls, gently squeezing and releasing in a steady pulsating rhythm. With the other hand she, again, grasped my shaft. A little more firmly this time and began to pump up and down with more force and speed than she had before. As she pumped she started to bob her head up and down, working my dick into her mouth farther and farther as she went until as much as could fit into her mouth was thrusting in and out while the remainder of my length was continually being pumped in her hand.

Again, when I started getting close, she would feel my balls start to contract and would hear my groans of pleasure crescendo. Now at these points she would let go of my shaft and balls, would tightly pinch the underside of my penis where the head met the shaft, and would just flick her tongue around my head. This tease would be enough to maintain pleasure but let my orgasm subside. I don’t know how many times she did this but I swear the blow job had to have lasted around 45 minutes.

Eventually she worked me to the point of no return. She pumped my cock in her hand quickly and put the head of my dick in her mouth, sucking hard, all while continuing to massage my balls. As my orgasm built within me and powered its way through my penis I began to subconsciously buck my hips a few times, she took the extra inches of my dick into her mouth without missing a beat. I started to shoot my seed into her wet, sucking mouth. She maintained all of her movements until I’d pumped about 8 streams of cum into her lips from what was one of my most amazing orgasms to date. She leisurely slowed and squeezed a last few drops out of me, easing me down from my incredible high. As she removed her lips from my cock with a wet ‘pop’ she smiled at me and swallowed my cum. I looked down at her between my legs. “Thanks” was all I could say as I became an immobile puddle of exhaustion on my bed.

“You deserved that. I don’t quite have Brian talked into a three way yet. I promise I’ll get there though. We’re gonna have a lot more fun us three.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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