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This is a true story. Wish I had more of them to tell but this is it so far.


I’ve been married for almost 20 years now and for the past 5 or 6 years I have had yearnings for something different in the sexual department. So to make up for the wife not putting out as often as I would like, I started to look for something new without it causing a divorce. The answer was found in an adult book store in a town close to my home.

It started innocently enough, looking at heterosexual material, books, magazines, and movies. This particular ABS offers a small theater and some peep show booths. After a couple of visits and some time to build up my courage I finally entered the peep show area and was surprised to find that all the booths were full. I walked around the area checking for an empty booth and noticed that there were men waiting for some of the booths. I soon saw a man come out of a booth and being a fair minded individual I stood back and waited for one of the guys waiting to take the booth. However nobody made a move toward it. So after an uncomfortable minute or two I walked in and locked the door. When I put the money in the slot I was surprised to find a gay movie being shown on the screen. I have never really thought about other men in that way before and I was embarrassed that the sound was so loud. I quickly turned the volume down but was curious about the scene that was playing before me and let it play some more. I was actually getting excited about watching these men pleasure each other and felt my cock was responding as well.

I soon heard a noise in the next booth and when I looked in that direction I noticed a small hole had been drilled in the wall. I slowly moved my head to the hole to take a peek and the sight that I beheld was enough to make my cock twitch and throb. The other booth had a larger hole cut into the wall on the bahis firmaları other side and the man in the booth was down on his knees sucking a very impressive cock that was sticking through the hole. This was my first experience at seeing a glory hole and I liked it. My booth was only a peep booth and I soon realized why all the other guys wanted to wait for another booth to open up. The glory hole booths were to die for.

After a few more visits to the ABS and trying some of the glory hole booths I finally decided to try the theater. What I found in the theater was not as busy as the booth area…except on this one day. Usually I would find some hand jobs being administered maybe an occasional blow job. I of course would try my hand at all of these as I had become quite enamored with man to man sex…to this point anyways.

On this particular day when I entered the theater, I walked in and stood next to the wall until my eyes could adjust. There was an older man next to me and when I could finally see the entire theater I saw that we were not alone. There were about 8 other men in there and they were all involved in one type of sexual act or another. For all intents and purposes, this was an orgy. An “all man” orgy. My cock was hard instantly. All were paired up and most were sucking the very hard cocks of their partner. One couple was just sitting there jerking each other off while they watched the other couples. Another couple had exited their front row seats and were leaning up against a side wall next to the screen. The man in front had lowered is pants and his partner was pushing his cock into his ass. It appeared as if the man in front were being searched by a police officer the way he stood there with his hands against the wall thrusting his hips back at his friend. I watched all of this for just a brief moment before the older man next to me leaned down kaçak iddaa and said “this is the busiest I have ever seen it here.”

I looked over at him and he was watching the other men in their various sex acts and he was rubbing the front of his pants. I could tell from the size of this mans bulge that I wanted a better look at his cock. I gently reached over and put my hand on his and helped him rub his massive tool. He didn’t object so I went further and slowly dropped to my knees and unzipped his slacks, reached in and removed his cock from his cotton briefs. I was correct in my assumption, his cock was huge. I grasped his cock in my hand and slowly jerked it back and forth a couple of times before leaning in and running my tongue over the head. He moaned out his approval and then I felt his hand rest on the top of my head. He gently pulled my head closer and I slowly took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and began to lick and suck as best as I could. I swallowed his cock more and more with every bob of my head until I could feel his pubes tickling my nose. I held it there working his cock with my throat muscles before pulling out and starting all over again. It wasn’t long and I was treated with the first pulse of his orgasm. His cock was buried in my throat when his first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I tried to keep his cock buried to take it all in my throat but I ran out of air and gagged so he pulled out until just his head was in my mouth and I finished him off. Receiving a coating on my tongue of his sweet goo.

After I cleaned his cock off, he thanked me and went over to an empty seat to recover. I walked over to another seat in the second row and apparently the two guys that were just jerking each other off had witnessed my servicing the older man. As soon as I sat down one of the guys stood up and without even pulling up his kaçak bahis pants walked over to me with his cock swinging back and forth. I didn’t waste any time, as soon as he was close enough I grabbed his cock and stuffed it into my mouth. His partner was soon there as well and I grabbed his cock with my other hand I would alternate sucking first one and then the other. From this new position I could see the couple from the front of the theater. They had moved back to the front row seats but instead of sitting down in them, the one that was originally behind the first guy was kneeling on the seat facing the back of the theater. The other man was kneeling behind him and was licking and chewing his ass like it was candy.

Now normally when the buzzer goes off at the door, indicating that someone is coming in, everyone stops what the are doing and covers up. Out of fear of being caught by the owners or the police. Not today. When I heard the buzzer go off I dropped the one cock and started to take my mouth off of the other cock. The man had other ideas, he grabbed me by the ears and pulled my face to his groin and buried his cock into my throat. He held me there for a brief time and explained that we didn’t have to stop. While he was throat fucking me I looked around and saw that he was right. Nobody was stopping with their fun. So I took this opportunity to reach around and run my fingers up and down his ass crack and worked them inside until I could tickle his wrinkled bud. That was all it took to take him over the edge. He shot his hot cum all over my face and shirt. I was thinking that this guy cums a gallon when I saw that his buddy was jerking himself off and was cumming all over me as well.

I could go on and on about what all happened that day but I will leave that for another time. Suffice it to say that I spent about three hours in that theater. I was about 30 minutes late from picking my wife up from the airport. But I don’t have any regrets about it. If she were sexually active like she should be then I never would have found the fun that two or more men can have together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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