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Sexual pastimes are a veritable attribution to enhance our lives and I hate to imagine how it would be without, which is stupid thing to say I guess because of course without it none of us would be here right?

So what I say enjoy life and all its attributes while we have it and if you are without it right now, see to it that you need top put things to rights because without the loving and the caring and all that wonderful spice that is connected with the needs of two compatible people, be it girl or guy, who excite each other in a way they have never known before.

I have had the pleasure of both which is wonderful because each has its own charisma. For ,at an early age when I got involved with two or three guys my own sex it was a true opening to what I was all about and the sheer joys of having another exploring you in a way that is so very wonderful and lovely, like Badger, the guy I met at the allotment, he was a lot older than me but what a way to get started and to be enjoyed by dear old Badger was so good, not just the sexual part of it but the thought that I was giving this old guy so much pleasure in his last days.

How he enjoyed my ass was nobody’s business and he made good use of all my credentials; how he loved me bent over his bench and I shall always remember that delicious first time he rubbed his face between my cheeks and gave me such a wonderful casino siteleri sensation I shall always remember, and that was just a prelim to the feel of his fingers teasing and his tongue stretching before he entered me with that lovely gorgeous fresh suck throbbing cock, of which I still had the taste in my mouth after a prolonged slow sucking, he showing me how he enjoyed it best.

That was lovely in itself but then my first time with a girl was equally as good. When I first saw Louise I think I got a hard on. Immediately my mind was in her tight stretch jeans and that figure made my libido go into overtures. I thank my lucky stars that she said yes when I asked her for that first date.

She was just delicious and beautiful and had a wonderful sense of humour and a real spirited charisma which endeared her a lot to me and she was never backwards in coming forwards when it came to matters of sex and all that entails,

Ever since our first scintillating deep searching kiss in the back seat of my car on that first date it was as though we had both been waiting for that moment to really come out of ourselves; and from then on our love accumulated and the sex was real playtime in every sense and she certainly was game for anything.

When the opportunity rose I was soon into her skirt, sniffing and tasting her and she simply responded opening her thighs, canlı casino her hands coupled behind my head pushing my face into her gem.

Louise was truly beautiful and I was besotted by her. I loved the way she simply stripped for me, keeping just those gorgeous silk plum red panties on and a bra to match which made he look really appealing.

And she’d want me the same, just for the mystery she said, for me to keep wearing my boxers but with plenty of teasing which she just adored.

We came to call it our play time because in real life we both had responsible jobs in the medical profession and she was a true nurse in the full sense of the word , and what they say about nurses is true!

We took slow time to capture the essence of our quality times together in bed and out of it and I just cant emphasise enough just how she frenzies me in the most thrilling way. Lately she has taken to fucking me – we hold no secrets and I told her about the time I was with another guy. Me worried that it might put her off me, but instead it had the opposite effect because Louise came out with one of her secret fantasies that she always wanted to fuck a guy with a strap -on that she thought that was so sexy and longed to hear the moans of a guy – not any guy she assured me but she thought I had the perfect body and the perfect ass, she made me wiggle for her as she fitted kaçak casino on the strap on cock which was very stout and rubbery but feeling it was just like feeling my own cock, those Chinese certainly know how to make things!

After lots of pre-oral stuff we settled into that we love to do most, the experimental thrill of sex, the feel of spaghetti by numbers spilling over my chest, she tying me to the wooden red rail, stuffing my mouth with her worn panties which was simply lovely, just to be lying there for her needs, teasing me with that well adorned so wet and wonderful warm and snug pussy, then the smothering and massaging of her all down below sending me into a frenzy as I yearned for her fuck, bur still she made me wait, slapping me with her hands, massaging my hips and thighs but not touching me there until she was well and ready.

It was lovely, it was rousing, the way she teased and delighted me, she knew she would get it really rough when she released me and I loved to fuck her like that, like an animal spread wide and then across the bed rail with a cushion beneath when I loved to fuck that gorgeous tight ass hole of here after having sucked her all with the aid of squirty cream, which was a real treat, and that is just how she loved to enjoy me deep throat after we’d French kissed and to feel her mouth and tongue taking me as her fingers wonderfully cupped and balled me was simply heaven.

But now we have reached a new crescendo and she is fucking me regularly, like it is part of our standard procedure and I love hearing her sighs and moans as she does it for me, deep and thrusting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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