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Chapter 02: Her Date

An hour later I still couldn’t find Sharon and was (once again) going pretty much crazy, wondering what was going to happen with Becky on her date. I didn’t want to ask Becky, as I was still really pissed off at her for doing this crazy thing and I didn’t think I could be nice if I spoke to her. Luckily she was in her room so I didn’t have to talk with her.

Finally, I found Sharon sunning herself off to the side of the pool hidden partially by the bushes. She was hidden because she wanted to tan her perfect 37C breasts and was laying on her back topless, unseen from the house, her perky nipples pointed to the sky. She really looked great. She was so hot, I was really captivated by her natural bodily beauty. Naturally I ogled her for a few minutes before joining her.

She didn’t flinch as I announced my approach. Sharon just opened her eyes and seeing my harried expression, said, “Hey brother, don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.” Not her boobs obviously, but the problem. “Wow, what’s up Sharon? I am so, so worried about my other half.”

Sharon said that she had spoken to Becky at length of both our concerns for her welfare and after a long explanation of the reality and danger of Becky’s situation, that Becky understood the whole thing rather well and agreed that she was foolish to go to the quarry alone with Rodney, especially looking so hot in her new bikini.

Then Sharon dropped a total bomb on me. I was shocked with what Sharon told me. Becky had told Sharon that she really didn’t care at all about Rodney, she was just doing this because she didn’t want to be left out of the sex thing and that she felt abandoned by me (Robbie). She wanted to get back at me for fucking Abby, practically right in front of her, or so it seemed to her, since she heard all the moans and groans so well.

So, I thought, this is why she said, “Maybe I want to get fucked.”

And to think that it would be totally my fault if it happened. I felt like a major dork. What had I done to Becky? I would never forgive myself it I let this happen.

I told Sharon that I was still a virgin and didn’t take losing it so lightly, but was nevertheless horny as hell, with all that intoxicating beauty in our backyard nonstop. I just didn’t know how to proceed and was just doing what I thought any normal red-blooded male teenager would do.

Sharon totally understood and we had a fantastic talk for about an hour. I felt that she really screwed my head back on and I could now think more clearly.

Yeah, I was still horny as hell, but I understood it better and would deal with it somehow and she would make sure Becky didn’t get into trouble with Ron.

“Don’t worry, little brother, I will fix everything with her. You need not worry at all. Everything will work out perfect, beyond your wildest dreams. Trust me.”

Sharon told me that she had the solutions to all our problems and that after Becky’s date was finished this afternoon (yeah it was still on) she would reveal all.

The second bomb Sharon dropped was, “Taking care of your horniness is a top priority on my list right. And I will do it right after our double date with Becky at the quarry. I told Becky that that was the only way I would let her go there, if I was with her.”

Wow, what a sister. To hell with what Rodney wanted. She didn’t give Becky a choice either. Otherwise, she wouldn’t illegal bahis let her little sister go there alone with Rodney. What a relief. I was so grateful.

I also knew now that Sharon could really see the deep love between Becky and I and how we were so much one, and that these sex issues were tearing our strong sibling bond apart.

Wow, not only did Sharon promise to relieve my horniness real soon, but she also promised a very special nineteenth birthday present for my sister and I, on the fourth of July.

Little did I know what she really had in mind. God, I would have creamed my pants if I knew.

Well, the quarry date was uneventful, as Rodney had Sharon and her quarterback date Terry along, so Rodney was outmaneuvered and couldn’t or didn’t dare do anything at all with Becky.

Sharon laughed as she said that she could tell Rodney was really pissed, after seeing how totally hot Becky was in her sexy bikini.

Everyone at the quarry was blown away at the unveiling of Rebecca’s hot bod. It was the talk of the town for some days. Becky was a hottie, no question, everyone who saw her was astonished — a total surprise to all. She was a closet hottie, now revealed for the first time.

And Rodney, couldn’t even get up to bat, what to speak of first base with her. Served the bastard right. I loved it.

Sharon also took the time to help Becky understand my real feelings (love) for her and how it was unavoidable for a male teen to be overwhelmed by his hormones. She asked Becky if she really expected her brother to approach her for these sexual needs of his? Especially since she had never shown any interest in guys or sex.

This was a difficult question for Becky, as she knew now in her heart what she really wanted or thought she wanted, since these feelings were so new to her.

But she was afraid to say the truth, that which she didn’t even really want to admit to herself, that she wanted her brother to have sex with her, to take her virginity from her, that she didn’t care for anyone else, he was the only one for her. Yes, she wanted him to satisfy her sexual needs, she was deeply in love with him and wanted to fuck him so badly.

It was a fact, but she was too shy to reveal this to her older sister. Her hesitation and inability to look Sharon in the eyes indicated what she was really thinking.

Without being told, Sharon could understand these hidden feelings and told Becky that she knew just what to do about the whole situation.

“Don’t worry, little sister, I promise you that you will be more than happy with my solution to this problem. You just need to wait until tomorrow and I will arrange everything. You will be so very happy. Trust me. I promise you.”

Meanwhile back at the ranch, this extremely horny dude was wondering what was up in the de-horning department. What did Sharon have in mind? She had seemed pretty sure when she said she was going to help with that somehow. But how? Was she talking about herself or someone else? A friend? Who?? I had no patience. I had to do something soon or go crazy.

At dinner Sharon said that she needed to speak to me in her room before I went to sleep. When I walked in she said, “Lock the door, little brother, I am going to get you off big time!” ‘Whoa! Did she really say that.’

God, she is just amazing and so incredibly hot to boot. I was instantly hard illegal bahis siteleri and ready for anything at that point, but tried to be cool and walked calmly over to her bed where she was sitting in her robe. Inside, I was trembling in anticipation. ‘Holy fuck, what is she going to do with me?’

She then said that she had a solution to my horniness and would get me off whenever I needed it. She said she wouldn’t fuck me, until tomorrow, but anything else is ok now. She repeated the word “a-n-y t-h-i-n-g” slowly, emphasizing the syllables of the word, as she looked at me with the most incredible expression on her face. “And later you can fuck the hell out of me, little brother.” ‘Hot damn!’ Another incredible bomb from Sharon.

She said ‘anything!’ I was hard as a rock before she finished the word, as the endless possibilities whirred through my inexperienced and overwhelmed mind. Sharon was so beautiful and so hot, that I was a little stunned. It was more than I could comprehend.

Being shy and inexperienced, she had to tell me to come nearer, where she grabbed my throbbing cock through my pants and started to squeeze it firmly, grinding my meat in her hands. “Does that feel really good baby brother? Does it turn you on? Are you hot for me?” she asked. “Do you want the fuck the shit out of me?”

“Oh, God yes Sharon.”

Then she took my cock out and started slowly jacking it, firmly squeezing it in her soft hand as she stroked it up and down. Sharon was so expert that I felt like I was in heaven. Then she stopped and let go, putting me in hell. What was she doing? ‘I can’t stand this,’ I thought, she just had started, and so suddenly she stopped.

She then said, “I forgot something. I forgot to take off my robe, and get naked.” Oh, God, heaven again. What a beauty and she was all mine for now, to relish and enjoy as she worked on getting me off. “Look at my hot bod! My pussy is your pussy.”

Sharon continued to incite my lust with her sexually charged words, increasing my desire for her unlimitedly.

Her beauty was so fine that I can’t do justice to it in words. But she was as beautiful as I had ever seen anywhere. She is a goddess, that’s a fact. Full perky breasts, a really tight ass, sexy strong legs and she was shaved so that her swoolen pussy lips stood out invitingly. Could it get better?

Damn right it can, for she next took her puffy lips and started kissing my cock all over, sucking it into her mouth and giving me my first experience of getting head. I had never felt anything better in my life as she slurped and licked and sucked the sensitive head of my cock as if it were the most important thing in the world. At that moment, to me, it was. It didn’t take long for the powerful all-consuming pleasure to capture me in a massive orgasm.

Soon I was blowing a huge load in her mouth. She seemed to love it. Boy, I sure did. “Well brother, how was that? Do you need more relief? I am ready to do more, whatever and whenever you want.

“Come and see me anytime and we will get you off. You have a really great cock, little brother. I love your cock. Too bad I can’t fuck you right now.”

That was a major ego booster for me, to hear her speak like this, especially since I was so awed by her goddess’ body. I thought it would be too much to ask her why she wouldn’t fuck me now but would tomorrow.

We laid together for a while canlı bahis siteleri as I recovered. Meanwhile I started to squeeze and kiss her wonderful breasts, her tight firm ass, and cup her smooth pussy mound. I told her that I needed to know about the female anatomy and its needs, that I was at a total loss as far as cunt lore was concerned.

“Well, get your mouth down there little brother and start licking. You know I need to get off too. I will train you as we go.”

As it turns out, I was a natural pussy licker and soon had her gasping as Sharon came hard and filled my mouth with her sweet honey.

Sharon explained everything about her beautiful smooth pussy and how to really please a woman. Sharon told me how to nibble pussy and use the clitoris to bring a woman to climax, how to take your time and really turn on a woman by going really slowly and thereby teasing them. “Teasing a woman really makes them appreciate the experience and when they finally get laid their orgasm is much more intense.” Then she said, “If you tease them a lot, they will soon be begging you to fuck them.” Sharon revealed lots of similar priceless information, all of which would make me a better lover.

Well, we passed about three hours this way with her sucking me off a second time to a screaming orgasm, before she suggested that I go get some rest. I floated upstairs and dreamed myself to a heavenly sleep with my alert cock wondering when it was going to get some more gratification. I was in total bliss.

I didn’t really know what the future held, but I did know that it was looking better every day now and I couldn’t wait to wake up and find out. What an adventure.

Early the next morning I woke up with my brain between my legs letting me know that I definitely should try and get some more relief from my horniness, or else go crazy.

Sharon replied, “Come in,” as I knocked on her door.

Taking one look at me in her sleepy state, she just said, “Come here little brother, I need you.” Boy, did I need her and I think she said she needed me just to turn me on. I crawled under the covers with her and started to rub her hot pussy as she stroked my cock.

It didn’t take long before we were both feeling really good and she told me to eat her cunt while she sucked my dick, my first sixty-nine. It was my most incredible experience until that moment.

I hadn’t done sixty-nine before, although I certainly had heard about it and had sucked her off majorly last night. I dove into her succulent pussy with great enthusiasm and soon we were both coming with super orgasms.

I was really infatuated with Sharon and even more with her sexy body. Seeing my starry eyed daze, she made it clear that we were not lovers, just a brother and sister who helped each other out with our needs.

“I do love you little brother,” she said. “But I have a boyfriend and he is my lover. You are my brother. I am just helping your out with your problem.”

I guess I understood and just decided to accept a good thing for what it was, a really good thing. I went to her room one more time for a session before my birthday party and it wasn’t any less wonderful that the previous times.

As we sucked each other off to the most incredible simultaneous orgasms, she kept hinting that she had the most amazing birthday gift for me, a gift that I could not even imagine, the most wonderful thing ever.

I really couldn’t figure out what she was hinting at, but considering all we had already done together, I thought that it must really be something special. Little did I know that it would be the absolute best ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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