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We finally made it back to our room after our long day on land. I noticed all the stuff that Terry had bought me. I didn’t realize she had spent so much. Terry went over and pushed some of the clothing she had sent back to our room so she could sit down. I may have been hungry but I was hungry for Terry for no sooner had she sat down then I jumped on her kissing her passionately, feeling her firm tits. Rubbing my body up against hers.

She put her arm around me and in between the kisses said, “My aren’t you a horny one,” she smiled.

If only she knew I thought. I started pulling up her shirt almost tearing it off of her body sucking and caressing her tits.

“Whoa! Whoa! Terry said, ” We got dinner plans and a time limit here baby,” she cupped my chin and raised my head and gazed into my eyes and said, “baby, I love you,” and pulled me up and gave me a kiss and a hug. “Now,” she slapped the side of my ass, “time to go and take a shower and get ready for tonight,” she slapped my ass again harder and my body quivered.

I sat there for a minute and she slapped my ass again this time harder then before and I blurted out,”Ouch, that hurt.”

She smiled gleefully and said, “Was meant too. Now, go get ready or do I have to beat you with my belt to get you to mov’n,” she grinned reaching under the cushion of the couch.

I shocked and nodded my head no and scampered away to get my shower and get ready. Taking my clothes off and leaving a trail. I started the shower and got in pulling the curtain closed when Terry came to join me. At first I was startled. I wasn’t expecting her to join me. She took the rag from my hand and the soap and started washing my back telling me how beautiful I was and how lucky she was to have. I was starting to feel the same way. She washed my ass all the way to my heels and then turned me around and started washing the front of me and I took some soap in my hand and started to wash her.

“Baby,” I said shyly,” I know we made plans to see Pam and Sandy at dinner but couldn’t we be just a little late”?

Terry grinned and said, “Baby, you know I want you but no, we will not make plans and have people waiting.”

My heart sank. I was hoping that I and Terry could make love again just her and I. She reached above me and took the shower head off the base and rinsed herself off and then she rinsed me off spreading my legs and putting the hot shower between them letting the hot water hit my pussy. She brought me closer with her free arm and grabbed my hair and kissed me her tongue reaching down my throat almost choking me. I could feel the hot hard pulse of the water hitting my clit sending shivers up and down my spine. Terry moving the shower head back and fourth still holding me close to her and by my hair kissing me deeper and deeper. Stopping to tell me to cum for her and kissing me again. I felt my body cumin and I reached for her shoulders moaning. I couldn’t believe I was cumin this way. I kept cumin and cumin the hot water hitting my clit each time. Terry deep inside my mouth and I clinging on to her shoulders. She had me cum till I couldn’t cum anymore.

“There you go, baby,” she said sweetly,” I got ya to cum and nice and clean has a whistle for tonight,” she smiled then started to wash my hair and rinse it.

I returned the thanks by washing her hair and washing her back. I turned her around to rinse her back off and knelt down to lick her clean yummy pussy when she put her hand behind my head and guided me back up.

“Hey, no fair,” I pouted and stuck my tongue out at her when she whacked my wet ass and I jumped from the stinging it left.

“Do as your told,” she said demandingly.

My head lowered and she finished rinsing her hair. She cleared her throat and ordered me to go get ready and that clothes were already out on the bed waiting for me. Still pouting I slowly turned and started out of the shower when she took the back brush and whacked my ass hard telling me I wasn’t moving fast enough. Boy did I jump and grab the towel and into the bedroom I went rubbing my ass.

I dried off and started drying my hair. I looked on the bed and I saw a long black dress with slits up high on each side and six inch heels. My eyes widened. I had never worn heels so high. I started to put the dress on when I noticed it was tight fighting, snugged to every curve of my body. I had to reposition my breasts and found them up and together. It made me look bigger then what I was. I sat down in front of the mirror in my bedroom and started putting on my make up not paying any attention I hadn’t noticed that Terry was getting dressed. I stood back up and noticed just how high the slits where on both sides all the way up my thigh almost to my panty line when Terry came over and felt underneath my dress and started pulling my panties down and off me. She smiled and reached over under the shirt that she was going to wear and started dressing me with a black lace garter and crouchless underwear. She motioned for canlı bahis me to sit and I did and she started to put on black stockings carefully rolling them up on my legs and hooking them to the carter.

“There you go,” she said, ” only the best for my sweetpea.”

I smiled at her and noticed she was wearing a black tux with a white shirt and tie. She finished dressing, I sat there feeling like a queen and looking at those six inch heels. Dreading having to wear them. Terry finished dressing and bent down in front of me and started putting on my shoes. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a silver chain with a charm on it a rose it looked like.

She looked up at me and said, “This will complete my charming lovers legs,” and put it on my left ankle.

I sat there admiring my anklet and even more admiring Terry for she looked so sweet in her tux. She stood up and reached her hand out to help me stand and I was almost her height.

She stood back and twirled me around a couple of times and kept saying, “mm good, dam good.”

She brushed my hair that fell freely around me and my breasts. She then put her up and I took wrapped my arm in hers and off we went top side to have dinner with Pam and Sandy.

We got to the dinning room when I noticed that everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us. I blushed has I looked at Terry and smiled. She noticed where Pam and Sandy were sitting and we walked over and Terry pulled out the chair and I sat down and she moved the chair gently in and then took a seat next time on my right side. Sandy was on my left. Pam watched me the whole time and told me how beautiful I looked tonight. I blushed even more and told him thank you. Sandy and Pam were dressed to kill that night too, but so was everyone else when I started to look around. Pam and Sandy already had drinks in front of them and Terry waved for the waitress and ordered our drinks. I sat there with my hand on Terry’s leg. Sandy wanted to share more of the days events and so we started talking leaving Terry and Pam to talk. I liked Pam and Sandy they were nice folks. And I was so thankful that my first orgy was with them. There was a band playing and Terry took my hand and walked me out to the dance floor for it was a slow song and wrapped one arm around my waist and the other took a hand and we danced. I following Terry’s lead. Gazing into each others eyes the whole time.

Terry said, ” Our first dance, sweetpea.”

Terry pulled me closer and my hands went to her shoulder letting her hand freely drape behind my waist. I could feel her hands on my ass and didn’t mind if anyone saw.

I whispered in Terry’s ear, ” I think I’m falling for you, baby.”

I couldn’t believe I said it to her. I was thinking it and it just came out.

She held me closer and whispered back “I know, baby.”

The song was starting to come to end and Terry planted a kiss on me. We made our way back to the table and Pam and Sandy looked at us and smiled.

When Sandy perked up and said loudly, “Our two favorite love birds.”

I blushed and Terry laughed while Pam nodded her head. I noticed that dinners were being served. Terry must have ordered way a head of time for us. Steak and salad before me and everyone had their own plate. We ate our dinners with little conversation each of us feeding one another at times and just enjoying each others company. Pam playing footsies with me under the table and I playing back. When I reached under the table cloth and Sandy reached for my hand and spread her legs. I looked around and to make sure no one was looking and started to finger her but I wasn’t the only one so was Pam. I looked over at Pam and he smiled at me as to say it’s okay. Terry reached under the table cloth to and I can only imagine what she was doing to Pam but Sandy and Terry took it upon themselves to finger me too. I dare not say a sound and bit my lip a couple of times. This went on for a while and just when I was about to cum they stopped.

I looked around the table they all started to laugh.

Pam said, “Leann, you are so expressful you wouldn’t beable to hide anything being done to you.”

I blushed and laughed. Just then Pam and Sandy went out to the dance floor to dance while I and Terry ordered another drink.

I asked Terry out of curiosity, “Do you think anyone was paying attention to us?”

Terry laughed and said, “Hell yes, baby everyone was watching your expressions.”

I was so embarrassed. Terry smile got bigger. We sat and sip our drinks and then Terry took me out on the floor when we ran into Marcus and another man. I smiled quickly and gazed at the floor. Marcus didn’t say anything but just looked at me and Terry. We walked by them and I felt Marcus’s hand touch my ass. I didn’t say anything nor did I look back. I noticed men and women were dancing together and versa visa. Terry had just made it on the dance floor when Pam and Tina danced their way over. They stopped and Pam looked at bahis siteleri Terry and asked if he could dance with me and Terry nodded yes, then took Tina by the hand and started dancing.

Pam looked at me and smiled and bowed, “Me lady,” he said in an old English way, “care to dance,” and looked up slightly has I smiled and said yes.

He took me by the hand and twirled me around and grabbed my waist ever so gentle. We were doing a waltz which is what I love to dance too. Pam’s eyes were fixed on me.

I said, “Pam, your starring at me,” kind of intimated.

Pam giggled and said, “Why, yes I am, me lady. For you are so radiant.”

I blushed so hard I could feel my face flush. I glanced over and Terry and Sandy were dancing and laughing.

Slightly embarrassed I cleared my throat and said, “May I ask you a personal question, Pam?”

He looked at me intrigued kind of but knew what the question was before I asked for he smiled at me and said, “I’m a transviste, honey. Been this way since I was a wee baby.” He smiled at me. “I can see you are new at all this,” he said.

“Yes,” I said. I told him that I and Terry had been friends for a long time but never thought about her has my lover, my master. I paused thinking what I just said.

Pam noticed and in a happy funny voice of an old English man said,” Me lady, you said master! Nothing wrong with that he said has long has she treats you well.” And he started to laugh. “Besides a woman like you needs some mastering,” his blue eyes had gotten wide. “I would say that me lady enjoys being dominated over less ye wouldn’t be with Terry,” he smiled.

I thought about what he had said and there was some truth to it.

“I wouldn’t mind dominating over you myself, me lady. The thought gets me has hard as a rock.”

I giggled at the comment and told him I think one master is enough for now.

“I understand, honey. But if you ever have need of another I’ll be waiting,” he grinned evily at me and bellowed out laughing.

Terry and Sandy made their way back over to us on the dance floor when Terry looked at Pam and grinned has if they had something instore for us. I and Sandy looked at each other puzzled.

Sandy said, “Did you do anything wrong,” her voice puzzled?”

I said, “Not that I am aware of besides I am sure Terry would have put me in my place but the real question was did you do anything wrong?” I grinned.

Sandy standing there shacking her head no. When all of a sudden Terry whisked Sandy on her shoulder and I was slouched over on Pam’s. Pam had a tight hold around my legs as not to drop me and I am sure Terry had Sandy the same way.

“Hey,” I said alarmed, “what I do?”

I didn’t get a response instead they both started walking towards the door. I and Sandy had our arms perched on their backs so that we could lift ourselves up and look around. Sandy asked where are we going with excitement in her voice. Still no answer though we could hear Terry and Pam whispering amongst themselves. I and Sandy just looked at each other with excitement. We were now on deck when they finally let us slid down on them and stand.

I asked what the heck was going on when Terry got a half ass grin on his face and said, “We’re gonna play hide and seek.”

I said, “We’re what!” amazed.

Pam said, “Sure,” laughing, “you two hide and the one who finds you gets to have his way with you all night long,” Pam licking his lips and Terry grinning from ear to ear.

I didn’t know if I liked that idea when they started counting.

I and Sandy looked at each other for a moment and Pam said, “We’re only counting to twenty ladies so you better get a move on it,” he grinned.

We pushed off our shoes and started running and laughing when we came upon the engine room entrance.

I looked at Sandy, “Think they will look in here,” I said half out of breath.

Sandy peered in and said, “I don’t think so,” she smile, “let’s go before they find us standing here.”

In we went deeper into the ship catching our breaths from all the running we did just to get away. Sandy and I found a spot to sit and wait it out.

We started talking about life in general and her and Pam. I could tell she was in love with Pam. I asked if her and Pam were in to BDSM and she told me of course.

She looked at me and said, “I see you are really new to this aren’t you?”

I nodded, no and told her that I have been dominated over before by men but this was my first experience with a woman that happened to be my best friend for years.

She laughed and said, “Well, at least she knows you after all these years and knows what you enjoy and don’t enjoy. I am assuming that you have talked to her off and on after all this time about your sex life with men.”

I nodded yes and told her I told Terry everything about my sex life and even my fantasies.

She gently reached over and held my hand and said, “I can tell Terry loves you very bahis şirketleri much and I have seen the look in your eyes too and you love her but aren’t really ready to admit it nor are you ready to admit that a woman can dominate over you better then the men in your life could.”

What she said really hit home and I had to agree with her on what she said to me. When we noticed that hours had gone by and still no show of Terry and Pam.

I looked at Sandy and said, “Think they gave up,” smiling at her.

She looked at me and said, “If I know Pam which I do she hasn’t given up though she might take awhile and have some fun with Terry,” she laughed.

I didn’t mind the thought of Pam with Terry but just then Sandy was on my lap whispering, “Ya, know sometimes it is just nice to make passionate love and not have to worry about stepping out of line,” she winked as she bent closer to kiss me.

I felt myself respond to her. My hands feeling every inch of her upper body and grasping her big tits. She did have on a little girl outfit that the shirt snapped down the front till I kind of ripped it off and started nibbling at her erect tits. Clapping down with my teeth gently then harder and harder. Sandy grabbed my shoulders and I could hear her start to get excited. Gasping each time I clamped down on her pink nipples. I started to kiss her neck and felt her hands on my full hard tits cupping them and messaging them. I lifted up her short skirt and put my hands on her waist noticing she to had croucheless underwear on. Her body started to quiver with exitment as I rubbed her waist and thighs. She gazed down at me lovingly and asked me to spank her. I looked at her for a minute or two amazed that she wanted me to spank her. I pushed her off me hard and stood up and pulled Sandy up by the hair and leaned her over the ships pipe pulling her up so that her feet could not touch the ground. I pulled her little skirt up and pulled her panties down under her ass. I felt myself getting excited over this. I started to whack her ass and she started to move her legs has if she was really being beaten.

I said in a low disgusting voice, “That didn’t hurt.”

I gave her a few more whacks and with each whack to the ass they became harder and harder and I could feel her start to squirm under my hand that was holding over the pipe. She cried out a couple of times cause I whacked her ass so hard.

Telling her she was a bad little girl for thinking about wanting to fuck me. I found my self so aroused over dominating Sandy that I took her by the hair and pulled her off of the pipe and has she slid down the pipe I pulled my dress up and she was already on her knees from me pulling her so hard and told her to eat me bitch.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing or saying but I felt so in powered to make her submit to me. She resisted and I pulled her up letting my dress drop and swung her over the pipe again and in my excitement I glanced over and someone had left their belt which I did not hesitate to grab. I took the belt and proceeded to spank Sandy. Harder and harder the spankings were getting.

I telling her bitch you will do as I dam well say and her sobbing no. I beat her some more and told her you will submit to me won’t you bitch.

I could hear her sobbing and yelping out of shear pain and enjoyment. She finally broke down and nodded her head yes.

I got so excited that I had made her submit to me that I through the belt over in a corner and grabbed Sandy by the hair and pulled her down so hard she landed on her knees and stood there in front of her glaring down at her.

I told her in a stern voice, “You’re my bitch to do with what I want and you will obey or feel my wrath.”

She sobbed and nodded her head yes.

“Now,” I said my voice in control, “eat me bitch.”

Sandy did has she was told and pulled my dress up and started to eat me. My hand on her head feeling her tongue inside me and around my clit. I got so excited that I made her submit that I came to fast. I then realized what I had just done and pulled Sandy’s head from my wet pussy and looked down at her feeling awful but yet not.

“I don’t know what came over me, Sandy,” said in a half sorry voice and half not.

She sat there looking up at me and all of a sudden she smiled.

“Don’t worry, Mistress,” she said with excitement.

“Pam won’t mind at all that I have him and now you to put me in my place. Besides, I have always wanted a female dom.” she smiled.

I didn’t know what to say but I felt pretty dam good making her submit to me. Then I started to think of what Terry would do if she found out.

Sandy whispered, “Terry will enjoy it too,” she said, “look at it this way. Terry dominates you has Pam dominates me and now you dominate me. Think of the fun we all could have?”

I smiled and noticed the time. It was late I put motioned for Sandy to snap her blouse back up and get up and we headed topside. We noticed no one on board so we headed for the her room to see if Pam was there. We got there and opened the door and headed for the bedroom when we noticed Pam and Terry asleep of course they were naked. We turned around and head for my suit.

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