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We’d been to a good sized biker party at Ron but enough were that there was always someone around without a stitch on. R & B’ place is 80ac without a neighbor in site.

We don’t always get naked at parties like this but it had been a while since we had a chance to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong we’re naked all the time around our place; just don’t do the ‘nudist lifestyle’ like resorts or clubs.

Time went quickly and soon it was Sunday morning. Ones who had traveled the farthest were up at the crack of noon and packed their gear and loaded the bikes to ride home, hugs all around and everyone got home safe. The stragglers turned out to be Marie Mike (aka Naked Man, because if you see him in clothes you must be at Wally world); Ron & Becky. Bill and Cathy were the last to roll out.

The five of us were sitting around just as God made us just bullshitting and telling stories. Ron asked Mike about the chubby redhead he’d seen him with a few rallies back.

Turns out that’s what got us all going. Seems Mike met Red (he says he never got her name but he will next time) had never been to a rally and that her son talked her into going because she’d just gotten divorced. Mike always draws attention at rallies, it helps he’s all tanned and pretty well built with working man’s muscles, not the ones you get in the gym.

He said she walked up to him as the bands started on stage and asked if she could feel his cock…she said it had casino oyna been years since she felt a good one.

Now some of that may have been the alcohol talking on her part; but Mike’s always polite and told her he’d be glad to help a lady out. Soon she was stroking him into what he called ‘as good as it gets, all 6 1/2 of it’. She was, he said, very good at it and she did seem to really be enjoying herself.

By this time, we’d all opened up a fresh beer and Mike continued his account. Of course Ron and I were more than half hard ourselves and wanted to hear more details.

I could also tell Marie was getting hot from this tale, too. It was somewhat similar to what we’d done at a rally a few years ago (but that’s another story). Her nipples were rock hard on her 44d’s and she was squirming on seat at a picnic table, my seat on the table top maybe it an easy reach for her.

Becky gave Ron’s dick a quick squeeze and turned to sit on his lap facing Mike to hear more. Marie started stroking mine openly as Mike went on.

He recounted how she kept him between rock hard and the point of no return for most of the evening while the bands were on stage. He said her control was amazing, anytime he’d almost cum, she’d slow down or change hands or just leave him swigging in the air.

Ron readjusted Becky on his lap and Marie and I could see his cock buried in her to the hilt. She rocked slowly obviously knowing the right pace canlı casino as only being familiar with each other can do. I motioned to her to stand and sat astride the bench and slipped into her soaked pussy.

Mike went on in detail, explaining that after a short pause to let him lose some of his erection she asked if she was doing a good job. He laughed even telling us about that, but said he reassured her she was doing a great job. When the band started again she asked Mike if he’d like a little something beside her hands. Obviously she must know that bikers screw and get blowjobs, too. He told her yes, anything else she wanted he’d be glad to have.

Mike was enjoying either his retelling or the view of Becky riding Ron and Marie on me because his cock was standing straight out and the head was shining from his precum. He’d been idly stroking as he told this story and looked back and forth from the four of us.

Red guided him to a bench near the stage and dropped to her knees engulfing his cock in one gasp. Before He could tell us more Becky leaned back and whispered a question in Ron’s ear, he nodded and she motioned Mike closer.

Mike sighed deeply as Becky took the slick head of his dick into her talented mouth. Despite this distraction he continued to explain that as good as her hands were her mouth was even better. I asked if his opinion was biased since she’d kept him going for a long while and he admitted it might be so; kaçak casino but she was still a gifted cocksucker.

He said he lasted as long as possible but lost it during the band’s cover version of Pussy Control. I was pulling Marie against my cock as deeply as possible and groaned as my balls emptied into her, my lap was drenched from her juices.

Maybe seeing what had happened on the table next to him Mike’s back arched and Becky’s cheeks bulged as she took his load. That was all Ron could take and he shot off into her as well.

After a short break to open a fresh beer, I told Ron that I had some cleanup to do. Marie knew what I meant ad she reclined on the picnic table so I could get to work, and get her off.

Becky liked the idea and the position and she soon was on the table, too. I ran my tongue across the wet mess we had made between Marie’s thighs and got down to it. Ron slid into position and went to work as well.

Mike had the best view from a lawn chair very close by and fondled has recently emptied cock. I love the taste of wet freshly used pussy and used one had to spread Marie’s lips to my tongue for some sucking of her clit.

Most times she doesn’t take long if I dive in soon after I fill her up and this was no exception. Ron sounded to have found the sweet spot on Becky too and she was rolling around on the table from side to side, she shrieked her satisfaction and pulled Ron to her for a taste of the combined juices coating his face. Maries orgasms caused the load she’d been leaking out to soak my beard soon after.

That called for another beer. We said our final good byes, dressed and hit the road for home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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