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He sat in a chair across from the end of the bed that I laid in naked and exposed for him, my fingers twisting and pumping inside of my sex. His eyes were locked on my naked flesh, as his fingers steeple together elbows resting on the plush arm rests of his chair. The experience of being so exposed to him made me shiver with arousal as he just stared between my wide splayed legs; admiring me like I was something to devour. The slick sound of my cunt sucking on my fingers echoed as I continued to furiously pump in and out. My chest was rising and falling with fast shallow breaths as I looked into those deep azure eyes of his. “Take your fingers out please.”

His voice was so calm and gentle that I couldn’t help myself but comply with the simple request he asked of me. Pulling them free from the sucking tightness, I squirmed as I felt drips of honey leak from my hole down my perineum and against the pucker of my virgin asshole. “Now, I want you to pull on your nipples, until they’re rock hard. Gather them between your thumb and forefinger my precious little slut, and just tug ever so slowly – really drawl it out. I want you to feel it.” His commands were so detailed and lewd but they were always said with a simple tone, nothing about the sound would come out as sexual or demanding and it was as if he was just having a normal conversation about the weather.

Slowly my hands rose up my body, fingers skimming along the sensitive layer of my skin coaxing it to ripple with goose bumps, before finally they reached my breasts. My palms cupped them sliding up the sides and my thumb perched at the top near the crevice of my armpit. My fingers fanned out as they slid upwards, the tips brushing over my nipples back and forth causing them to get hard. Slowly my thumbs and forefingers came together, capturing my nipples prisoner between their grip and I slowly rolled them side to side, pulling gently at first and increasing the pressure and pull over time. I whimpered as I looked over at him, my brow raised eyebrows furrowing together as my eyes stayed locked on his and I pressed my teeth against my bottom lip pulling tightly, “Oh….they…they’re so sensitive!!!” The pain that began to emanate from my breasts was becoming too extreme for me, and I looked down at him, cheeks bright red and burning, “please let me stop it hurts….”

When I gave my request to him he smirked and chuckled lowly the sound like a rumble of thunder as those gorgeous eyes glittered mischievously. The brilliant perfect smile had turned up in the corner with that smirk that screamed he had more up his sleeve, or that he was amused at my lack of pain control but either way he showed nothing else in his reaction as he leaned back in his chair, his fingers moving to lace together. “Do you see my jeaned legs Slut?” Struggling I turned my head down to take a look at his long perfect legs covered in the deep stormy blue colored fabric, my breasts in my hands still being fondled with a gentle pressure and I nodded quickly, “y..yes.” The word came out breathless and casino oyna he nodded satisfied. “I want your nipples raking my legs, moving up slowly until your breasts are wrapped around my cock, so that while I thrust in between the grip you create by pushing them together, I can reach down and pull on those perfect nubs.”

I groaned at the thought, the visual in my head was heavenly and my thighs closed and rubbed together trying to get enough pressure to pull pleasure into my loins. “Open your legs. Now.” The tone of that now was demanding, insistent almost warning like and immediately they spread for him. Even my body knew better than to defy him in anyway, as if it was fearful of the punishments that he was capable of giving. “I want you to know that from here on out, when you are in my bed, your body is no longer yours. You are mine, your body is mine and I own you mind, body and soul. Now open your cunt for me with two fingers, that’ll make your clit swell up. Tell me, who’s clit is it?” I listened to him speak those words, claiming me as his own as I laid upon his bed exposed for him so lewdly. I laid there not just because he had desire for me and because I loved him, but because he and I both knew I’d do whatever he asked of me.

Pulling my left hand off my breast I shakily lowered it, hand wobbling as I slid it over my smooth bald cunt spreading it wide with two fingers. I held the plump lips open, the air swirling around it, making my hips squirm even more as the air turned ice cold on the heated wetness. Swallowing harshly I could feel the way my breath caught for a moment before I spoke to him, eyes shutting as I admitted his claim, “this clit is yours….no longer mine….” I could feel my pulse pick up as I hoped that my words pleased him and soon enough I was rewarded with a low humming purr from his chest and those two glorious words that made me melt every time: “Good girl, now rub it please.” I beamed inside as if someone had just turned a light on inside of me and I squirmed my hips as my finger caressed the sensitive throbbing pearl of my clit, soft whimpers escaping my lips as it felt like a fire was being ignited on my skin. I panted heavily, cheeks puffing with heavy paced exhales and the reactions I was giving caused him to let out a chaste laugh.

“That makes me so wet Daddy…” I admitted this to him, cheeks tingling from the heavy amounts of blood that continued to pool underneath my ivory skin and he raised an eyebrow cocking his head to the side, crimson strands swaying with the movement. “What? Knowing you’re mine? My little girl?” He smiled amused at me and I shook my head, hips rocking steadily as I began pressing my finger and clit closer together, “no Daddy, when you call me a good girl, it makes me so drippy…see?!” I pointed with a third finger to my hole honey leaking from it even more than before, a combination of the cool air, his voice and everything about him wrapped up with the bow of ‘good girl’ being the cause. It was then he sat forward, resting his chin on his hands as his canlı casino gaze locked onto my dripping slit. “Pinch it between rubbing, and I want you to rub your ass with a finger too. Rim my hole my darling slut, don’t talk, just do it.” It turned me on so much when he spoke to me this way, and my cunt pulsated inside as he spoke.

With every command he gave to me I complied and I bit my lip so hard I swore I was only a tiny bit of pressure away from making it bleed. I shifted my fingers holding myself open with my pinky and thumb, my forefinger and middle finger grasping my clit pinching it, rolling it with an awkward yet amazing pressure. My right hand finally left my breast coming down my body and hooking under my thigh as I spread my ass open for him letting him see both of my holes completely exposed. The amount of juice that had dripped over my tight pucker was soon smeared against it as I rimmed the hole with the tip of my middle finger. Every now and then I’d press just gently feeling the muscle give way, wanting to take my finger inside but I didn’t do it until I was told to. I knew better than to give my body pleasure that was not granted to me first. I twisted my torso a bit to the side so I could watch him more intensely and listen to the sound of his breath.

I knew he was trying to remain in control but the way his chest rose with every breath, so heavy and slow from his arousal was unmistakable. He scooted the chair closer to the bed, leaning in, his face just half a foot away from my cunt. Looking up at me between my parted thighs, he smirked, “slide a finger in your pussy and another in your ass little girl, swirl your fingers and tell me you’re mine before pushing another finger inside of you.” I trembled looking at him, eyes wide with a mixture of arousal and nerves. “Daddy I’ve never been able to fit two fingers in my ass before.” I swallowed hard at the thought of disappointing him and he just offered a gentle smile shaking his head, “just try baby, if you can’t then you cant, its ok.” He was comforting me and I melted at the gentle tone and reassurance he gave as if it was the best gift I could ever ask for. Slowly I let my pinky stop holding open my lips as I dipped it and my ring finger inside of me, my palm was spreading my lips as my thumb rested on my pubic bone and the fingers of my other hand slowly pushed against me.

Taking the one finger already rubbing my hole I pushed it in, gasping at how hot I felt inside. It was almost searing as I pumped my finger back and forth my index finger rubbing alongside it as I tried and tried to push it in too – but I couldn’t. I was just too tight there; and I sniffled as disappointment in myself was rising in my chest. He shook his head slightly smiling a bit as he continued to watch me fuck myself, “shame I wont be able to fuck your ass with it being this tight.” His tone was not upset but amused and almost as if he was accepting an unspoken challenge that he gave to himself, or maybe one that my body gave to him. I released my lip, swiping my tongue over kaçak casino it as I continued fucking myself, sliding my fingers in and out of my needy holes my thighs trembling for him, “it’s my only virgin hole left to.” The realization caused me to grin at him as I began planning in my head how I would be able to stretch myself for him so that I could present the newly fuckable hole.

As I swirled into my thoughts diving deeper with ideas, I was ripped back out with his words. “No. When you are with me, no one else matters. Nothing else matters, so every hole is virgin. Even you are virgin so start fucking your holes for me, give your body to me my good little girl. I want you to squirm until you cant do anything else but cum helplessly for me. I will allow you to cum my precious slut, on these two very important conditions: first you must say my name when you cum and second you must take every drop, leave NOTHING behind.” As he gave me permission the rumble in my body churned up, my fingers speared into me even faster and it was as if suddenly everything that was holding me together was falling apart.

The sensation started in my cunt, the walls clutching at my fingers sucking them in deeper as my clit throbbed between the ones that held and rolled it to a pleasurable and sensitive pulsing rhythm as my stomach knotted so intensely I thought it would begin to ache. My toes curled up as my legs pulled back wider while my anal passage clung to my fingers in a grip that was so tight I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull my fingers free. My breaths were no longer quick pants but low heavy full breaths, expanding my diaphragm completely before the exhale made my chest feel like it was being locked shut. My every muscle tensed as my head tossed back, face contorted into a snarl of pleasure as my scream burst from my body like a gunshot. “Daddy oh god Daddy, I’m cumming for you Daddy, I feel like I’m going to explode!!!”

My fingers buried deeper in my pussy as I let go of my clit, switching to my middle finger and I thrust my palm against my sex, letting the mass of it slam into my palm as I twisted and swirled the finger inside. I curled it upwards rubbing along my rippled g-spot just an inch or so inside of my entrance and I began pumping into myself with a furious pace. My back arched upwards as a rush of pleasure surged through my body so powerful that I could only compare it to what heroin might feel like hitting the brain and suddenly a gush of fluids rushed from my body. I screamed as I began squiring onto the comforter under my body.

My eyes shut tightly and I just continued the long high octave scream as my body seized, twitching like mad on the bed. Just as fast as the orgasm hit me it began to slow down, and finally I was able to take a sudden lung burning gasp of air. Slow repeated breaths were being coaxed from me as I opened my eyes only to see nothing but blurry everything, barely able to make out anything but the shape of him sitting in that chair leaned back, finger tips pressed together once more, and I could feel my consciousness slipping away slowly, “Daddy…..I love you” it was all I could mumble before blackness took my mind and I dropped to the bed, a puddle for Daddy. My perfect dominant, lover and everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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