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As this second installment of my “Truth” Series, I should explain that these stories are parts of my past life before I met my husband. I used to be quite wild. Sex came easy and was always available due to my bodily assets.

Prior Stories:

“My Experience with an 11-Inch Cock”


About Me:

I am 23, Korean (happily married now!) and have a body much like Kerry Marie’s. My boobs have always been the center of attention when it came to boys. My tits began to develop when I was only 9 years old. By the time I was 12, I wore a 34C bra. I actually hated it cause all the boys in school made fun of me, and all the adult men would stare. It made me very uncomfortable for much of my teen years. When I was 15, my mom and I got my first D cup bra, and by 16, I was in the double D’s. I was far bigger than any of the other girls in my classes. I was popular for all the wrong reasons too. My tits brought a lot of guys to talk to me, and a lot of girls to hate me. Since I was that age, I have always been attracted to older men. Ones that could maintain their composure while talking to me. I fell in love with the ones who respected me. My adult love life began around that time as well. I lost my virginity to a man who was 25 years my senior. He was caring and loving, and my tits were not the most important thing to him.

Over the years, I must admit that I used them to my advantage to get me things that I have wanted. On one instance, a man paid for a manicure and hair style in exchange for me baring them for his pleasure. He caressed them, sucked my nipples and wanted canlı bahis me to stroke him of until he came on them. Hell, for the hair-do and nails, I said sure. I pulled his cock out of his pants. He was about 5 inches long and curved upward slightly. He made my cleavage slippery by spitting on it. He began to thrust between my tits as he mauled them. Just as he was ready to cum, he pulled his cock free and had me stroke him to finish. He shot about 6 or 7 times all over my tits. I sucked his cock clean and cleaned off.

On another occasion, one guy loved cumming in my bra cups then having me wear that bra as he took me. He got off on the thought that I would wear his cum. One night, I jacked him off twice. Once in each cup. I put the bra on for him, rubbing his cum into my boobs through the bra. We went out to eat with me still wearing that bra. When we got home, he made me take off the bra, and let him fuck me. Then to finish, I would eat his cum out of my bra cups as he shot his load all over my face and bra.

I dated a Man who only could get off by writing things across my boobs then cumming on them. Many times, the night would start by me baring my tits for him. He would take my lipstick or eyeliner, and write something like “SLUT”, “WHORE” or some other word or phrase that gets him off. Then he would take me, usually pretty roughly (with my consent). He liked to jizz all over the word.

There was another guy who ate his dinner off of my tits! I laid down on the table on my back. He ate mash potatoes and gravy, meatloaf, and salad. I must admit that it was quite an erotic bahis siteleri experience!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had men cum on them. My tits are a favorite cum dumping ground for just about every man I’ve been with. I’ve eaten cum off of them. I’ve been center on 3 different circle jerks. The first one was 5 guys, the next was 9 and the last was 3. I can’t say I really like circle jerks. They are pretty boring for us girls. After all the guys cum, no one really is interested in satisfying me.

One of the best experiences that I had though was by a woman. I am not bisexual or even curious. She came up to me in a bar and asked if my boobs were real. When I said yes, she said she had never seen an Asian woman with such big boobs. She asked sheepishly if she might see them. It probably was due to the drinking we both had been doing, but I lifted my top. The guys in the place erupted with a resounding “TAKE IT OFF!” and they continued to chant it. She removed the top the rest of the way and them reached around my back, pulling me close to her as she unclasped my bra.

“Feels good, being the center of attention, doesn’t it?” she asked. I nodded and they told her that since she was seeing mine, I wanted to see hers too. I removed her top and bra in the same fashion. It was quite weird feeling another woman’s tits against mine, but the guys loved it! Every man with a cellphone camera was taking pictures of us. Much to my surprise, she began fondling and caressing my tits! I looked at hers as she pulled away, and began to suck my nipples. She was probably a C cup. She bahis şirketleri was a blonde bombshell. The kind you’d see in playboy. Now, I’ve had my nipples sucked hundreds of times by my lovers, but this was different. She was gentle, soft, and knew how I liked them sucked without me trying to tell her. She felt so good. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed it! After a few minutes, she stood up and put her hand at the back of my head pulling me close. I began to suck her tits right there in front of everyone! The guys were going nuts! She slowly unzipped my jeans and put her hand down my pants. She began to suck my tits again. Her hand felt wonderful as she touched me just the way I wanted it. I felt climax coming on as she fingered my pussy until I couldn’t hold back any longer. Right there in front of everyone, I came!

There have been plenty of times when I have flashed people. Usually at car shows or when I’m at bars, but the best one was when I was with one man at a hotel in Toronto. Our suite had a balcony that I liked to tan on. I was out there one morning before my man woke up and I noticed that there were about a dozen men in the office across the street staring out the window at me. I decided to be daring and give them a show. I opened my robe from the waist up and displayed my tits to them, pretending I didn’t see them there. I caressed my tits for a couple seconds and then totally dropped the robe on the ground. I put one leg up on the rail and began to masturbate for them. By the time I came, I’m sure that every man in the whole building was watching out the window at me! I guess I have some exhibitionism in me too!

Well, guys, that’s really all the memorable experiences that I have had surrounding my tits. Wish I had more, but that really is it for this topic.

See ya in the next writing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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