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It was pretty simple really. I needed a gun to give to my brother’s wife. My brother is a cop. Buying a gun direct could raise some flags so I went to the gun show. There’s one every spring in Ogden. I’d make a day trip of it. The worry was that my brother would end up shooting some guy he might catch fucking my sister-in-law Nickie. Nichole was what my brother always called her. Nichole Marie.

Nickie was one of those Mormon wives that needed a little extra fucking and my brother’s cop hours gave her a lot of opportunity. I’d been between her legs with my cock shoved up her cunt a few times myself. After all, what’s a cop’s wife going to do to relieve the stress?

So, the concern was that some perv would rape Nickie while my brother was a work. Nickie didn’t like the idea very much. Before I left with four hundred dollars in my pocket she told me she’d rather let a guy fuck her than shoot someone. She’d rather fuck a guy than do a lot of things.

Eight bucks to get in a gun show? Glad I got the discount. The place was a circus of guys with tattoos, scruffy beards, and stomachs over their belts. Some of the wives were pretty hot, almost exposing nipples to get a guy’s attention to whatever they were selling. The spouses didn’t mind what it took to help with a sale.

Survival meals, sniper rifles, machine guns, ammo and so much Camo you couldn’t believe it. If the Camouflage worked the place would look empty. Instead there must have been several hundred insane sons of bitches. Everything was anti-government and kill, kill, kill. Some offered targets of terrorists and others cut outs that said FBI across the chest. What a fucking bunch of loonies.

There was pussy every where. Some young stuff dressed in “Fuck Me” style that caused me to wonder if they wanted to sell guns canlı bahis and ammo or themselves.

My orders were to get an automatic pistol small enough for Nickie to handle. My brother told me several brands and models to look for. The joke being if his Mormon cunt of a wife saw a black guy run at her with a foot long cock sticking out she wouldn’t run or shoot, but lay down.

I found several guns that matched what I was seeking. I didn’t want to pay the prices. One rather dastardly fellow they called “Big Arnie” said he could offer me a deal on something he had in his truck. The parking lot was full of dealers trucks and trailers. This guy led me to a trailer with a side door. He opened the door and beckoned me inside. The inside was shelves and racks along each wall. Obviously this was he got his goods to market. His wife was inside Golden Spike Arena running the booth.

He showed me a gun that was a good match for what my brother wanted for Nickie.

“I can make you a deal on this one if you don’t need a receipt and aren’t going to register it.”

I wondered what the fuck. It was new with tags and in the box. It was tagged $450. He offered it for $300 with trade.

“I don’t have a trade.”

Something wasn’t right.

“I thought you might have a trade from the conversation inside.”

God. Now I realized I thought I was being charming. This guy thought I was flirting. I’m reasonably attractive and nice looking. Guys had hit on me before. Then came the shocker.

“Three hundred if you fuck me in the ass.”

They guy just looked at me. I stared back. Then he dropped his pants and bent over some boxes with his asshole bared to me. I’d never fucked a guy. I’d screwed a couple of women in the ass. One of them was my ex-wife. It was different with a pair bahis siteleri of balls hanging rather than a set of cunt lips. Who was going to know I fucked some guy in the ass at a gun show in Ogden?

I fumbled to get my cock out of my pants. The damned thing was rock hard for some disgusting reason. The guy turned around and saw my eight inches of meat. It always was a hit with the ladies.

“That thing is going to need to be wet to go in my ass.”

Here was this guy with tattoos, the scruffy beard, and gun related patches all over a denim vest wanting to suck my cock. He was doing a damned good job of it, too. When was about to lose it he stopped and looked up at me.

“If I have you cum in my mouth would you still be able to put load in my ass?”

This was out of control. Me and this guy in this trailer full of guns, ammo, and militant things and him wanting me to fuck him in the ass.

It was $150 off the gun. I spurted my load down his throat, of which he swallowed greedily. The idea of my cock in his butt didn’t appeal to me, yet I found myself hard again and wasting a load of seed up his ass.

Okay, that was unsettling. At least I wasn’t the one giving a blow job and getting my ass fucked. It wasn’t anything I hadn’t done to a woman. This guy had the homosexual desires. All I did was save $150 on the gun.

While I was counting out the $300 and collecting the gun … with a free box of ammo, the guy tried to explain about himself and an old friend and how he now had this hot wife that would leave him if she knew a guy fucked him.

I decided to spend the night in a motel. The next day I was back at Golden Spike. I kept thinking about the guy’s wife. Not that I would tell on him, but she was pretty hot. I found her in the booth without him.

Since bahis şirketleri my divorce I’ve kept my eye on fucking other guy’s wife. This gal had more tit exposed than most women had on their chests. She was probably ten years older than me, but I wanted to fuck her. I’d never fucked a husband and a wife before. Something to take off my bucket list.

“Hey, you’re the guy that my husband sold the little pistol to yesterday. Back for some more action?”

“Where’s the old man?”

“Some guy had a collection to sell at his house. He went to look. I’m probably stuck here all morning. Do you see something you’d like?”

“Yes, but I’m just enjoying the crowd and the show.”

“Want to take me to lunch?”

She threw a cover over the rack of stuff and dropped a “gone to lunch sign” on top. Then she took me to the camper they stayed in.

Clothes started coming off. The woman had tattoos and her nipples pierced. Her cunt was shaved and tattooed in the image of some kind of spooky cave. Oh, man. I had to fuck this. I was fucking her, trying to suck her huge tits without choking on the piercings.

“You like my pussy tattoo? I call it the man cave. I wouldn’t get a lot of action, but the old man is lousy at poker. There isn’t much to do at nights at these shows except play cards. I end up paying off a lot of debts. That’s all that keeps me coming to these shows. Lots of strange cock.

I had to go home after that. My whole mind had been altered by the experience. I took a lot of showers. The next day I took Nickie the gun. Then fucked her twice while the kids were at the neighbor kid’s house and my brother working … doing the cop thing.

I had to do something like that to take my mind off my militant gun show guy and me cumming down his throat and in his ass.

For some reason I’ve spent a lot more time between Nickie’s legs. My cop’s wife sister-in-law is an easy fuck.

Then I spent some time checking out where the next gun show or survivalist gathering might be.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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