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Chapter 56: Starting Back On

As the men mumbled incoherent lyrics after God knows how long they’ve been singing, the water began to stir lazily around the three smaller boats. One of the men, skinny with wiry hair breaks his tired gaze from the boat’s creaky floor to see the glimmer of a pearly sheen. A shorter, less groomed man also spots the graceful loom of low light below the surface. As the flow of water channels slowly around the boat, they hurriedly moved to the side of the boat to see the faint shimmer just as it sinks into the dark sea below. The less-groomed man and skinny gentleman look behind them out of a casual turn, to see quite a surprise hanging onto the rim of their small boat.

A maiden from the water. Her golden hair is soaked, but shines in the yellow beam of the lighthouse shining directly above her like an angel of heaven. Her lips as red as a rose, her eyes looking upon the boat of dirty, lost men with intriguing curiosity, unafraid of any one of them. “Lord, save me…” Said the less-groomed man in complete amazement.

“Hey, look,” The skinny man pats another one of the men, “Look there.” The alerted men turn around to see the beautiful female looking at them. An older man with a filthy, grey, scraggly beard stood right up, and savagely drew his dagger right out of his sheath.

“Y-You scare her off!!” The less-groomed man quickly seized the older man’s arm to stop him from attacking the maiden.

“Rrrgghh! And good riddance!” The old man growled. The less-groomed man pushed him down, and looked once more to the beautiful woman, who swam away a few feet from he sight of the dagger. The maiden bobs slowly in the water as she looks at the men.

“… Can you talk?” The less-groomed man asked the girl as she slowly swam back to the little boat.

“Yes…” The maiden calmly puts her arms back onto the edge of the boat, and hangs on casually as the less-groomed man came up to her.

“You’re beautiful.” He said with a dumb smile as he crawls to her.

“Are you the one who sings?” She asked as her brilliant, beautiful tail waves slowly under the water, stirring tiny bubbles around the frilly membranes of her fish-like lower body.


“Are You My Jolly Sailor Bold?” The mermaid asks with a bemused smile.

“… Heh heh~” The less-groomed man nods with a modest expression on his face, “Aye that’ll be me~” He answers bashfully.

“Scrum, compose yourself!” A couple of the other men yanked the less-groomed man away from the maiden.

“Oy!” Scrum struggled with resistance against his fellow men, “The right match has been given to me in my brief, miserable life. There’s a truth in it,” He explained, “But by God, I’ll have it said that Scrum had himself a kiss from a PROPER mermaid!” He yanked his arms away from the others.

“~My heart is pierced by Cupid~” The mermaid began to sing, “~I disdain all glittering gold~” Scrum gradually made his way back to the beautiful siren, his lips mouthing the lyrics, as if he is being hypnotized by the maiden, “~There is nothing can console me ~But my jolly sailor bold~”

The mermaid’s voice seems to echo as her melody plays upon the desires and lower the guards of the men.

“~Come all you pretty fair maids ~Whoever you may be~” Under the boat, a handful of other mermaids gracefully loomed upwards toward the surface. “~Who love a jolly sailor bold~” The men look upon the dark waters of the ocean, seeing several sea maidens ascending and slowly breaking the surface, “~That ploughs the raging sea~”

“~Myyy heart is pierced by Cupid~” The first mermaid hymned as the other mermaids slowly closed in on the boat, “~I disdain all glittering gold~” The mermaids rest their arms upon the ridge of the boat, gazing up at each man all around.

“~There is nothing can console me ~But my jolly sailor bold~” Even the old man with the rusty dagger was soon slowly unarmed by the glowing charm of the mermaids, and the singular symphony of the first singing mermaid.

“~Myyy heart is pierced by Cupid~” The mermaid continued with the same lyric as the boat is now surrounded by slow, wavering, pearly-orange fish tails that slowly wave in the sea. “~I disdain all glittering gold~”

“~There is nothing can console me~” The singing mermaid caresses Scrum as he leans in for her, his lips puckered as she slowly, and deliberately guides his face towards the water “~But my jolly sailor boooolllld~” The mermaid’s eyes gazes longing into Scrums face even as her face sinks below the surface, without even breaking eye contact.

Scrum foolishly lets the mermaid pull his face into the water with her before he opens his eyes.

The mermaid’s eyes lighten in color to emphasize her pupils, her skin breaks out in shimmering scales, and four sharp fangs grow from her upper and lower jaws as she hisses like a dangerous predator!

“AANNNNGGGGHHHH!” Scrum screams underwater right before the mermaid lunges at him!


“WHOA!” Merrick jumped bahis firmaları as the old man jabs the mermaid with the boat’s oar. The other mermaids flip into the water and swam in a fast, rabid raid, “Those are some fucked-up Pisciens!”

Adam laughed as he and Merrick watch Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, “Yeah, this kinda freaked me out when I first saw it too.” Merrick is only wearing some snug briefs, while Adam is good on wearing some comfortable cotton boxers.

“I mean, look at them!” Merrick held his hands out as they watched, “They’re blood-thirsty savages! One minute they’re coherent, and the next, they turn into monsters!”

“I know, I don’t really like how they portrayed them in this movie either.”

“Which sucks,” Merrick said, “Because they look a lot like me – their tails look exactly like mine, and the scales of their upper bodies are just like me. Appearance wise, these mermaids are pretty accurate, except for the hair, not all mermaids have long-flowing hair like that, if any at all. And from the looks of it, none of them have any webbed hands.”

“And they kinda look like you too, right?”

“Yeah. Half Arctic Veil, like my Mother, and half Navyn Tail, like my Father. Though there are some species of merfolk that are just like these – One kind I know of is called Wave Streak merfolk. They’re identified by their frilly bodies.”

“Wow, really? So would you say these ones are just like them?”

“Close. As I said, the hair and webbed hands are a few points off. Besides that, these are supposed to be mermaids, but the way they’re swarming those humans is actually a lot more related to a Siren frenzy. That’s what else is kind of off about them too.”

“You mean no other merfolk hunt their prey like that?”

“Nohhht like any kind of merfolk I’VE known!” Merrick scoffed, “Sirens rarely bother with weapons or tools because their two-tails provides them with overwhelming speed and agility, as opposed to us other merfolk, who prefer to use our tools, weapons, and strategy. Though there are some merfolk that are somewhat savage. Belinda’s kind for one.”

“Hey now!” Adam lightly swatted Merrick, “Would you ease up on her already?”

“No, really. Some merfolk have a higher or lower level of intelligence or sophistication. Belinda’s species is in the lower margin – I’ve met her kind of Holsien, it’s hard to communicate with them.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. Frankly, I’m surprised that her speech is as understandable as it is now.” After a while of watching the movie, Merrick tilted his head, “Something else I noticed.”

“What, babe?” Adam asked.

“They’re all females.” He commented, “They keep talking about mermaids, mermaids, mermaids, but not one mention of any mermen. What’s with that?”

“Well, all throughout the ages, the word ‘Mermaid’ tends to be more appealing and popular than ‘Merman’, so they just stick with it.”

“But if they’re all females, how do they even reproduce? At least in this movie.”

“One of the pirates explained it before this scene,” Adam replied, “Mermaids are all female, but when they need to make a baby, they go on land to have sex with a man, and once they get pregnant, they either just leave, or eat the man right after. Eventually, they give birth to a mermaid in the ocean.”

“Ulgh!” Merrick slugged his tongue out in disgust, “That’s so morbid and barbaric! It’s like a Black Widow’s method of breeding!”

“Hahaha, yeah! I can’t imagine such a thing either.”

“So, like, in the Pirates Of The Caribbean, are all mermaids this vicious and ravenous?”

“No. I never read the books, but I did a little research once. And from how it seems, the mermaids in that particular island, are man-eaters. Else where, in some other location in the sea, there’s a whole other hierarchy of mermaids that are a lot more civilized than these ones.”

“Still kind of disturbing to see these mermaids in such a demonic rage. Especially when they look so authentic.”

“You’re actually taking this a lot better than I thought you would,” Adam said, “I was afraid you’d freak out from seeing this.”

“No, not at all.” Merrick dismissed, “A little irked, but I know this is just human illusion, as realistic as it may seem.”

The two watched the movie all the way through, and ended with Jack and Gibbs walking along the beach with a huge sack full of bottled ships. Merrick smiles as he rolled over onto Adam, and crawled on the seductively over to Adam.

“So do you remember what you were dreaming about~?” He asked.

“About what, babe~?” Adam grins as Merrick sits softly on his lap.

“You know, when we first met? When that Siren entranced you with her song.”

“Oh that,” Adam breathed deeply as he stretched on the bed, “I dunno, that was years ago, sweetie. Back when I was a horny teenager.”

“I know. That’s why I’m asking, Fuzzbutt.” Merrick nipped his nose.

“Gheh. Ok, I guess I remember bits of pieces of when I was under.”

“Mmm~” kaçak iddaa Merrick deftly kisses Adam’s cheek, rubbing his lips on his face, “Go ohn…” He slurs as he nuzzled him.

“As I recall… I had a big room made of satin.” Adam smiles as he leans back, and lets Merrick nibble and lap his face, onto his chin, “And there was a bunch of sexy, naked men, only wearing thin loincloths that barely did anything to cover their junk.

“Mmmmhh~” Merrick pushes his smooth body onto Adam’s form, a bulge already forming in Merrick’s tighty-whities, “Tell me more…” He kisses along Adam’s neck, and starts to nuzzle and rub Adam’s hairy chest.

“Mmmmm…” Adam places a hand onto Merrick’s flawless back, “My two exboyfriends were there… They were a just another couple of sex slaves who were all to eager to suck my cock, eat my ass, and they all begged me to fuck them senseless.”

“Mmggaaahh…” Merrick huffs as he pushes his hard bulge against Adam’s lap as he kissed his chest, “Did you…?”

“Oh yeah~” Adam smiles as his lover worshiped him sensually, “One by one, I fucked their asses nice and hard. And they loved it…” Adam closes his eyes as he felt Merrick’s hand grab hold of his growing tent, “The way they begged me to cum inside them… My dick was so huge in the dream… Like, at least a foot long, and twice as thick…”

He moans lowly as Merrick’s tender hand slips through the slit of his boxers, and began to massage and rub Adam’s rock-hard member, “They squealed like deprived pigs…” Adam continued, making Merrick moan a little, “They couldn’t stop begging me to fuck them with my enormous rod…” He moans as the fist shape in Adam’s shorts moved up and down. “And God they were thirsty…”

“Nnhhhaaahh… Thirsty…?” Merrick murmured as he licked one of Adam’s nipples.

“They wanted me… They needed to suck my cock… They all craved my cum… Every sex slave in the room wanted to drink my spunk. And I gave it to them…” Adam moaned as his chest fills up, and he grooves his hips in slow thrusts as Merrick stroked him, “I came again and again and again… I gave my cum all to them…”

“Was I one of your sex slaves…?” Merrick asks as he squeezed Adam’s oozing member, “Did I get to swallow your hot, thick cum like all the rest of your slaves~?” Merrick’s arm moved up and down as he masturbated his boyfriend.

“No…” Adam answered. Merrick stopped jerking him off, and looked up from kissing his chest.

“… I wasn’t?” He asked in a moment’s hesitation.

“No, you weren’t…” Adam said, “After I fucked every slave boy in my harem, I wanted them to fuck me back. I wanted them to plow my ass one my one…” He shook his head, “But they wouldn’t do it… They didn’t feel up for railing me against the wall…”

“And…” Merrick said.

“When they said no… That they didn’t wanna fuck me…” Adam pushed his moistened tent onto Merrick’s abs, “You came in…” He added, “You came in, shining like the sun…” Adam slowly slipped his legs around Merrick’s hips, and out his hands onto his back, below his shoulders. “I kissed you…” Adam keeps his eyes closed, “You kissed me… Then you took off my robe…” His legs brought Merrick’s body closer into him.

“And you threw me on the floor… In front of all of my sex slaves…” Merrick moans longingly as he pushes his tight brief-clad erection against Adam’s tent, “You pinned me down… I was helpless as you forced me on the floor, and you made me want you so much…”

Merrick’s hand interlaced with Adam’s, “Then you fucked me…” Adam’s ankles hooked as Merrick began to dry-hump him, “Oh God, you fucked me like a wild animal…” Both dicks throbbed as Adam’s low, guttural voice drove them insane, “Fffffghod, you fucked me hard, you shoved your raging cock into my ass…” Adam moans as they both felt like getting wild and randy, “You made me scream for more… The more you ran you dick in my ass… The more I needed you to stay inside of me…” He began to whisper as Merrick could barely contain himself. Both of them were bursting at the seams.

“Fuckme…!” Merrick hissed in a fit of intensity. Adam shoved Merrick away, and forced him down onto the bed, before yanking Merrick’s sweaty undies down below his jiggly bubble butt.

Adam grabs the bottle of lube, and just poured it onto the crack of Merrick’s ass. He gasped as the cold gel seeped into his crevice, but moaned out as Adam’s hand dove in to rub and molest his slippery crack. “Awwl~ Ooohh~” Merrick moans and shudders as he feels Adam’s hand glide in and around his boyfriend’s vulnerable parts. Merrick’s back curved and gasped as Adam fumbles with his oh-so-soft ballsack, before diving up into his crevice. Adam moans as he rubs the access lube all over Merrick’s very smooth butt, almost polishing it to a high sheen as he digs his fingers into that crack or rubbing and groping around both cheeks. Adam pulls his boxers off, and aims his throbbing cock directly for Merrick’s shiny, pink hole.

“I kaçak bahis wanna be your slave…” Merrick moaned, his own penis oozing underneath him, “I wanna be your slave…” He whimpers, “I wanna be your fucking-” He eyes clench shut as he felt a thick force push into his anus, “UHHHH!”

“Nnh! Aww yeah~!” Adam grunted as his cock slips into the very tight tunnel. He slides his dick backward, and pushed back into him.

“OOoohhhh!” Merrick’s upper body arches like a howling wolf as he feels every throbbing inch bury deep inside his rectum. He pushes his bottom back to grind against Adam’s wiry patch. Adam bites his lip as he lays himself on top of Merrick’s flawless body.

With his cock still lodged inside of Merrick’s very hot ass, he digs his arms underneath Merrick’s chest, and bends his knees to nestle himself upon Merrick’s back. His hips slowly start to move back and forth as he feeds his thick, hard tool into Merrick’s well-oiled entrance.

Adam moans as he rocks his hips as he rolls his tongue onto Merrick’s neck, licking along his tender flesh, tasting the small droplets of sweat on Merrick’s skin. Merrick closes his eyes as he pushes his butt against Adam’s pelvic region, feeling strangely relaxed and aroused from his lover licking him slowly. He moans as light drip slides from his golden hair, down his forehead, and off his nose.

Each entry into his mount forces a moan out of Merrick’s throat. His own dick throbs against the bed as he feels his man push and pull into his rear. His hands grip the sheets, feeling as if his body can be flown into a whirlwind at any moment, more so because of Adam’s strong arms clinging onto him as he pushes back and forth into him.

Merrick’s toes curled as his balls tingled a little, pinching back an early orgasm from all of the heat and passion being injected into him with every dive Adam’s member implants from his movements.

“O-Oh gohhd…” Merrick’s muscles weaken as Adam slowly elevated in sliding his dick back and forth into his hot, slick hole.

“Aw yeah, you’re so getting it, babe~” Adam murred as he humped into his horny boyfriend. Merrick’s cock throbs and oozes like a faucet as Adam’s wood pushes deep into his starving tunnel.


“Ugh…” Syrinx holds a cold pack to her forehead as she sits back on a chair. She feels very hot and tired today, “We’ve looked all over this freakin ship, and not one single trace of him.” A sheen glints off of the black windows of her sunglasses.

“He’s probably packing up his luggage in his cabin, babe.” Kevin replied, “We make port in about 10 minutes, we’re leaving any minute now.”

“Typical that when avoiding him, he finds me around the corner. Now when I look for him, he’s nowhere on the damn ship.” She complained, “Gah… I feel like I’m gonna melt flat on the deck any second.”

“Why can’t merfolk sweat again?” Kevin asked.

“Because our bodies ARE the water,” Syrinx moaned as the sun blazes down, “If we start sweating, it’s a sign of us getting in very in health. And that’s bad; it’s almost like cancer or leprosy for us… Only a LOT less contagious and LOT more curable.”

“You’re not sweating now… Are you?” Kevin turned on his seat, and felt along Syrinx’s arm.

“No, I’m fine… It’s just so freakin hot today!” She whimpers, “The more I can’t find that damn merman, the more annoying he seems to be. I almost wish I COULD sweat, because it feels like a freakin oven out here!”

“Trust me, no you don’t, it’s gross sometimes. And uncomfortable.”

“Why? You sweat all the time, and you’re only half as disgusting for the most part.”

“Ugh, c’monnn, babe.” Kevin rumbles, “It’s too hot for your bitch-banter.”

“And for that…” Syrinx groaned as she turned around on the seat, slowly getting up, “No sex for a… Week.”

“Ughh… Fiiiiinnnneee. It’s too hot to fuck anything anyway.”


“Ohhh! Ahhh! AHH! OHHH!” Merrick whines and moans as Adam’s hips pummel into his tight asshole. With one hand clutching to the sheets, his other hand is tucked under his body, masturbating as he feels his man fuck him hard and fast.

“Say you want it.” Adam grunted as his lower body ricocheted back and forth on top of his moaning lover, “Fffff! Say you want it!”

“I want it! I want it!” Merrick moaned out as he can barely focus on rubbing his dick, only managing to absent-mindedly squeeze his hand around it.

“Fu… Ahh! Ohh yeah!” Adam huffs as he thrusts his manhood into Merrick like a jackhammer, “What do you want, babe?? Tell me what you want!”

“I wanna be your cockslave~!” Merrick whined out as he can only take the crucial pounding from behind while he stroked himself off.

“No, babe!” Adam swiped his hand to deliver a quick spank to Merrick’s bouncing bottom, making him gasp and whimper, “Try again…” Adam moaned as he continued to rail erratically into Merrick’s hole.

“I want you to fuck me,” Merrick answered weakly as he rubbed and squeezed his member, “I want you to fuck me everyday until I pass out~!”

“Fuck, nnno!” Adam growled as he spanked Merrick’s other lubed buttcheek.

“AHHHhhhoooohhh~!” Merrick moaned as his body trembled from Adam’s overpowering force.

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