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Patrick Roy slept late this Friday morning. He was usually up with the chickens and out the door on his way to the office at about six thirty or seven o’clock with coffee in hand. Today he had no morning meetings, no business luncheons, no conference calls and no reports due. His sole purpose for going to the office was to meet with an important new client that got in on the ground floor of a new communications system for the U.S. Government. They just had to hammer out the little details and the deal was sealed. It was going to be a perfect Friday. What a way to kick off the weekend.

He woke at about ten o’clock. Angela was already up and out of bed. Wiping sleep from his eyes, he rolled out of bed, put on his matching Bill Blass robe and slippers and headed downstairs. His nose was on the trail of the freshly brewed coffee Angela had made. She had some choice Jamaican coffee beans squirreled away somewhere in the kitchen which he has yet to locate. The smell of the coffee permeating the house was heaven to his nostrils. He found the kitchen empty, pulled his favorite coffee mug from the cabinet and poured himself a cup. Looking out onto the patio he saw Angela sitting in her chaise lounge, sipping her coffee and reading another one of her romance novels.

This was a rare treat for Patrick. Sleeping late, drinking coffee from a ceramic mug – not a plastic and stainless steel travel mug – and being able to sit down with his paper and enjoy his morning. After the cream and sugar was added to his coffee, he walked to the front door. Peering out the window beside the door he saw his newspaper at the end of the drive waiting for him. Patrick would normally dress in shorts and a t-shirt before stepping out to get his paper. This morning he thought “to hell with it” and headed down the drive to get his paper in robe and slippers. When he stooped to pick up the paper he saw his neighbor’s dog squatting on his front lawn and taking a crap about five feet from the road. His first instinct was to walk over and give the dog a good kick. “Fuck it,” he said to himself. It was too nice of a day to spoil because a pile of dog shit. He’d just come out later with a shovel, scoop it up and heave it into his neighbor’s yard. He turned and headed back to the house. Passing through the kitchen, Patrick stepped out the back door to join Angela on the patio.

“Good morning, honey.” said Patrick, leaning over and giving Angela a light kiss on the forehead. “The pool looks great. Did Joe come back from his ‘trip’?”

“No. I hired the guy that does the pools over at The Pines. He’s a little more expensive but he does a better job. He made his service call yesterday.” Angela explained, not taking her eyes off of her novel.

“Great, it looks fantastic.” declared Patrick, setting himself into the chaise beside Angela. “What’s his name? Jerry, Jeff, John…”

“His name’s Jason. Did you take the day off today?” asked Angela getting a little worried.

“No, I have to go in. I’m just going to enjoy this coffee and read my paper. Then I’ll get ready and head to the office. I would call in and spend the day at home but I have an important meeting this afternoon.”

“I appreciate the offer,” returned Angela, lying through her teeth, “maybe another day.” The truth was that today was the only day that Angela ever wanted her husband to go to work.

“I’m not traveling this weekend. We can spend some time together.”

“That would be nice, Patrick,” Angela replied very matter-of-factly.

Patrick finished his coffee and paper and went upstairs to shower. A long hot shower was also a luxury he couldn’t always enjoy so he made the most of it. Tender care was needed when washing his private area. Beth, in her excitement Patrick supposed, dragged her teeth on him during their last ‘business meeting’.

Once finished in the bathroom, he dressed in a charcoal grey Armani suit, a white oxford shirt and a red power tie. Satisfied that he looked his best, he headed downstairs. “Honey, I’m leaving now.” he called to Angela from the kitchen door. Angela turned to him from where she was now sitting at the edge of the pool with her feet in the water and blew him a kiss. He blew one back and started off.

* * *

Patrick rolled his blue Porche Boxter into his reserved space near the front door of the building. Striding through the lobby, he greeted the security guard, Lucas, and pressed the elevator call button. Patrick wondered how secure this building was with a sixty eight year old man at the gate. The elevator doors slid open and, dismissing his thoughts, he stepped in for the ride to the eighteenth floor. When he arrived at his office, Beth was already at her desk. She wore a dark blouse cut low enough to expose her entire cleavage. Her blonde hair was pulled up on the back of her head and her lipstick was a little too red.

“Good morning Mr. Roy.” she cooed at him. “Your mail is on your desk.”

“Good morning, Beth,” he returned with a grin, “Thank you.”

Patrick sat at his desk, quickly shuffled through bursa escort the five envelopes and turned his attention to the package that came to him via overnight delivery. Using his letter opener, he popped open the flaps of the small box, pulled out the unmarked VHS tape and broke the rubber band around it. The letter attached to the tape fell into his lap. He picked it up and read through it, mumbling the words as he went. “What the fuck is this?” was his first thought. Patrick dialed Beth’s extension.

“Yes, Mr. Roy.” Beth’s voice chimed through the speaker on the phone.

“Beth, where did this overnight delivery come from?”

“I don’t know Mr. Roy. I didn’t recognize the return address. I figured you would know. Is there something wrong?”

“No. I don’t recognize that address either and I wasn’t expecting any packages today.”

“Is there something I can do for you Mr. Roy?” Patrick could here the smile in her voice.

“No, Beth. Not right now. Thank you.” and he hung up.

Patrick opened the small media cabinet in the corner of his office, inserted the tape and watched as it started to play. The image of his wife in her robe sitting on the sofa in his study appeared on the screen. Not knowing what was on the tape, Patrick pressed the mute button for fear that someone else might hear it. A young man walked into view of the camera. Patrick recognized him as Jason, the pool guy from The Pines. They mouthed a few words and Angela rose and put her hands on Jason’s hips. Patrick squatted in front of the television, fixated on the scene playing out before him. He didn’t know what to feel. He was numb. They said a few more words and Angela opened her robe to reveal lingerie that Patrick had never seen before. She put her hand on his cock.

“Oh my fucking God,” said Patrick under his breath.

He watched Jason pull Angela to him and kiss her. Patrick’s eyes were glued to the screen as Jason ran his hands over Angela’s tits and reached around her to unclasp her bra. Soon Jason was standing naked on Patrick’s television screen and Angela squatted down in front of him and started sucking his cock. Patrick was paralyzed. It was then he realized the full meaning of the phrase ‘didn’t know if he should shit or go blind’. Patrick continued watching, stunned, while his wife sucked on Jason’s cock. Then, the strangest thing happened. Patrick became aroused. He stood up, pulled the tape from the VCR and left his office.

On his way out the door Patrick assured Beth that he would be back in time for his meeting and no, nothing was wrong and no, there was nothing she could do right now. Patrick raced to the elevator ignoring everyone that he passed. When on the bottom floor he ran across the lobby and rammed through the front doors almost knocking Lucas on his ass. He jumped in his car and the Boxster came to life with a growl. Patrick burned rubber on the way out of the parking lot and hauled ass home.

Angela was sitting in the enclosed porch on the east side of the house when she heard the roar of Patrick’s Boxster from down the road. She watched the car hang the corner and come screaming up the driveway before coming to a screeching halt and almost crashing into the garage. “Well, he got my package.” said Angela, stating the obvious.

“Angela! Angela!” screamed Patrick as he came running into the house. “Where are you?!”

“I’m in the porch.” she called out in her sing song voice.

Patrick appeared in the doorway with the tape in his hand. He leaned on the doorjamb and sweat was beading on his forehead.

“Angela, why were you sucking the pool guy’s dick?! Why the hell would you tape it and send it to me at work?!” Patrick demanded.

“Patrick, calm down and I’ll answer your questions with a question,” Angela responded calmly. “Why are you fucking your secretary?”

Patrick went silent and hung his head. “How did you find out?” he said to the floor.

“I went to your office on Tuesday to surprise you and take you to lunch. I poked my head in the door and, let’s say I caught you with your pants down.”

“Angela, I…”

Angela cut him off, “I didn’t say anything then because I was so shocked. When I closed your office door I almost stormed back in but what would that accomplish? You would lose your job and there would be a huge scandal. I wouldn’t do that to you, or me. I love you, Patrick but I was so fucking pissed and I’m still hurt.”

“Jesus, Angela. I am so sorry.”

“I’m sure you are Patrick. To tell you the truth, I started forgiving you the minute I finished making that tape. The only thing I would like to understand is why you had to screw your secretary. Do you love her?”

“No, Angela. I don’t love her.”

“Do you still love me, Patrick?”

“Of course I do…”

“Then why? Why screw your secretary?”

“For the excitement.”

“For the excitement? Patrick, I’m not sure how to take that. Don’t I excite you?”

“The excitement went out of our love life for me, Angela. Every time we had sex it was always the same. bursa escort bayan You’d lay down, we’d kiss, I’d eat your pussy, we’d screw and then sleep. Sex with her was different. It meant nothing but was exciting in its taboo. You might find this strange, but when I saw you sucking that kid’s cock, I started getting hard.”

“You what!?” Angela exclaimed.

“I started getting hard. I know it sounds strange but it turned me on to see you sucking him like that.”

“Darling, all you had to do was ask. Just ask me and I would have done anything for you. I can’t read your mind.” Angela told him while trying to stifle a sly grin. She thought to herself, “It fucking excited him!”

“I know, Baby. I know. I’m sorry”

The two of them sat in silence for a while before Angela asked, “Patrick, did you watch the tape all the way to the end?”

“Um, no. I saw you squatting in front of him like that and I stopped the tape and came straight home.”

“Come with me, Honey.” Angela took him by the hand and led him to the media room that was adjacent to the living room and the front entrance. She sat Patrick on the sofa and slid the tape into the VCR. After she closed the blinds, the room was almost completely dark. Angela fumbled around until she found the remote, turned on the television and pressed play. The image of Angela squatting down and sucking on Jason lit up the fifty-two inch widescreen. Patrick watched the television. Angela watched Patrick.

On the screen, Jason had a hold of Angela’s head and was giving her mouth a hard fucking while Angela rubbed her pussy. Patrick didn’t say a word. He didn’t have to. The tent forming in the front of his pants said it all. Angela kissed Patrick on the cheek and stood from the couch. She watched herself on the screen for a minute. It was erotic to watch herself sucking on Jason’s dick but at that minute she wished it was Patrick on the screen, not Jason.

At the point where Jason was kneeling down in front of her to eat her pussy, Angela knelt in front of Patrick. She opened his pants to release his erection from its bondage. She gave one last look at Patrick’s face. He glanced at her with a Cheshire cat smile on his face and was again fixated on the action displayed on the television. Angela wrapped her hand around Patrick’s shank and placed her lips on his throbbing cock. Slowly, she glided her lips up and down on him. When she started to taste his precum, she let his prick be for a moment to warm his balls with her fevered mouth then went back to his shaft. Jostling his sack with her fingers she increased the speed of her blow job. The room was filled with the sounds of her moans from the television overlaid with Patrick’s moans from the couch. She felt his hands gently cradle the back of her head and she started moving faster.

“Jesus, Angela, you are so…fucking…HOT!” Patrick cried. His eyes were still glued to the television. “Oh, Jesus, Baby!” He continued to gaze at the screen as Jason’s fingers disappeared into his wife’s snatch. He could see she was smiling and, from what he saw, she was looking right at him from the television screen.

If Angela could have smiled she would have, ear to ear. Now she was aggressive in the oral pleasure she was providing for the love of her life. Slurping on Patrick’s cock, her head bobbed with superhuman speed. The sound of her own voice screaming “Oh, yes Baby! Eat me!” exploded from the Dolby surround sound and Patrick exploded in her mouth. There was too much cum for Angela to swallow at once and some escaped from her lips. Beads of sperm ran down the bottom side of his prick and rested on his scrotum. The sound of his bellow filled the room unlike any other that Angela had heard before. When his balls were completely empty of their pent up jism Angela let his cock fall from her mouth, wiped her chin with the back of her hand and said, “I love you so much, Baby.”

“I love you too, Darling.” Patrick panted in return then Angela stood and turned off the television.

Patrick’s eyebrows raised on his forehead. “Why did you do that?” he asked in a mock whine.

Angela replied in a phony German accent. “Save some room for later, Augustus.” she said, quoting Mrs. Gloop from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

When his erection fell, Patrick stood and pulled his pants back on, reached out and hugged his smiling wife. She laid her head to his chest and listened to his heart beat for a moment. When she looked up into his face, he was there to kiss her. He knew that she was with the most amazing woman on the planet and he mentally scolded himself for straying.

“You need to get to your meeting.” Angela reminded him.

“Oh, shit!” he blurted, looking at his watch. “I’m sorry, Honey.”

“It’s Ok. Go!” said Angela. Patrick smiled and kissed her again. As he dashed out the front door Angela grabbed his hand and stopped him. “Patrick, stop fucking your secretary.” she demanded.

“Never again, Baby. Never again.” When Angela looked into his eyes she knew he meant it. “Angela,” Patrick escort bursa added in a whisper, “have you ever thought of the possibility of…anal?”

“Go to work.” was the only answer she would give him with a playful smile.

Angela watched as he raced to his car. It roared to life and he squealed out of the driveway and took off, leaving a patch of rubber on the hot asphalt. When the blue Boxster disappeared from her view she went back inside and, closing the door behind her, she stopped for a second and quietly said, “Anal, huh? Hmm.” Then she headed upstairs. She had some quick plans to lay.

She took a fast shower, dressed and went to the garage to get in her car. As she backed down the driveway and started heading towards town the different ideas of what she could do for Patrick tonight flooded her head. Her first stop was at a local ‘marital enhancement’ store. She quickly perused the lingerie racks and found a little number that would absolutely knock Patrick’s eyes out. Once she had her mind made up on the outfit she browsed the shelves of vibrators and dildos but nothing caught her eye. As her eyes scanned the wall of plastic and latex dongs she saw a woman standing at the far end of the counter staring at the multitudes of adult toys with a look of confusion on her face. She went back to her shopping and found the item she was looking for. Angela knew she had seen the woman at the counter before and moved closer to get a better look. She was about Angela’s height and very shapely. Her hair was blonde, long and pin straight. It was pulled back in a pony tail. She had very pale skin and when Angela saw her deep blue eyes, it dawned on her that the was her neighbor and close friend from back when they were living in a dumpy little apartment building and surviving on Ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly.

“Becky? Becky Hall?” The woman turned to her with a start and the recognition of the woman calling her name became clear on her face.

“Angela? Angela, is that you?”

“Yes, Becky. How have you been?”

“I’m doing fine although this is a little embarrassing running into you here.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. We’re still women. We have needs. How’s Rich?”

“Rich is good. Actually, I’m here for him, really. I just don’t have a clue what it is I’m looking for.”

“Need to add some spice to the bedroom?” Angela inquired.

“Well, yes. Rich and I haven’t been…having sex lately.” she answered with the last part in a whisper.

“No? How long has it been?” asked Angela, fishing for more information.

“A year.” Becky quietly answered while staring at the floor.

“A year?” Angela repeated in question. “What happened?”

“I just…can’t get excited anymore. Rich has been fantastic about it but when I see his pornographic magazine collection growing it makes me feel sad and ashamed that I don’t provide for him. So, here I am hoping I can find something to help.”

“I’m so surprised, Becky. You and Rich had such a healthy and exciting sex life.”

“How do you know that?” asked Becky, wrinkling her brow.

“Well,” Angela started, realizing that after all these years she had spilled the secret, “Patrick and I used to…sit on the fire escape and watch you two through your bedroom window.”

Becky just shook her head and laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Angela asked. “I figured you’d be pissed if you ever found out.”

“No, Angela. I’m not mad. Rich and I used to watch you two through your bedroom window.”

The two women laughed at the colossal secret they had kept from each other for so many years, then Angela got back to business.

“Ok, I’m guessing you have never been to a place like this.” said Angela, knowing her guess was a fact.

“No. I found it in the Yellow Pages.”

“My advice to you, Hon, is to start simple. Forget all this kinky exotic crap you’re looking at and get a plain vibrator. When you decide you’re going to try it, initiate a sexual encounter with Rich. When you think the time is right, introduce it to him. When you use it, put the tip of it…no, better yet, turn it on and give it to him. Instruct him to put the tip of it on your clit…”

“Angela!” Becky hooted, cutting Angela off and turning red in the face.

“Never mind that and listen to me. When it’s on, have him lightly rub the tip of it on your clit and apply gentle pressure. I guarantee you will be happy with the results.”

The crimson left Becky’s face. “Thank you, Angela. I’m so glad I ran into you here. You won’t mention this to Patrick, will you?”

“I’ll tell him I saw you but I won’t say where.” Angela assured her.

The two women made their selections, paid and exited to the sidewalk.

“What are you doing this weekend?” Angela asked Becky.

“No plans. Rich doesn’t have to work on Sunday so I thought we’d work around the house.”

“Does Rich play golf?”

“He started about a year ago and says he still isn’t any good. I personally don’t understand the draw that golf has.”

“Me neither,” agreed Angela, “Listen, Patrick and I have a membership at The Pines. Let us take you and Rich out there on Sunday. Patrick and Rich can golf while you and I drink the best Bloody Marys in the world and get caught up.”

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