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This is the last of this story line. I had intended it to be longer but things have come up and I don’t have the drive to continue it. I may do more stories in the future, I’m not sure yet. In any case I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.


Life, as I knew it was wonderful. I hadn’t had a climax in almost a year, I was used as a sexual aid for my keyholders, and I’m kept almost constantly aroused either by thoughts or memories or what I was being required to do. I was routinely nude at home, except for my chastity belt of course, even when guests were invited. I was usually used for the sexual relief to any guests (as long as it was done safely of course). As you can see I’d found my sexual nirvana, my sex was no longer in my control, I was eternally frustrated and badly needing a climax and therefore, for whatever reasons I feel this way, I was completely satisfied with my situation. Then things changed, again.

One evening at home with Kathy and Sid we were sitting in the living room area of the loft enjoying the glasses of wine I’d just fetched for everyone. Kathy broached a surprising subject; “Sid and I have accepted some rather exciting overseas assignments, and by exciting I mean damn high paying.” Sid went on to explain that the jobs were expected to last about 5 years but should set them up for a very early retirement — like not having to work again if they didn’t want to. Kathy then explained that the only bad part was that due to the nature of the work and the location they would be unable to take me along. I was devastated of course, but they went on to explain that they were committed to our threesome and lifestyle and would rejoin me when they got back. They said they had also made arrangements for me in the interim.

Their departure date was in only a few weeks and we were all pretty busy, too busy to worry much about the future. We found a tenant to sublease the loft to (I was told that the arrangements they had made would include a place for me to live while they were gone), and had packed up the furniture — the company that had hired Sid and Kathy was paying for a moving company to store it for us. We packed our personal things and moved into a hotel for a few days prior to their actual departure.

Now I finally had time to wonder about the “arrangements” which Kathy and Sid had made for me, and I wondered more as the departure date approached. Finally on our last night in town I was told to don my heavy leather collar, wrist, and ankle cuffs, boots which effectively hid the ankle cuffs from view, and a light weight but knee length trench coat, a special one that had rings sewn into the lining of each pocket to which they attached my wrist cuffs. We left the hotel unobtrusively and walked westward for several blocks before Kathy clipped a leash onto bahis firmaları my collar. She also unbuttoned my coat both from the top down to well below my breasts and the bottom up to almost my waist so that it was pretty clear to anyone who looked at me for long that I was wearing little or nothing beneath it and with my hands chained into the coat pockets I was powerless to hide myself. Needless to say I was getting even more turned on by all this public humiliation.

We walked a few more blocks when Kathy turned and removed sunglasses from her purse and put them on me. Well, they looked like sunglasses from the outside, but on the inside they had been painted so I was effectively blindfolded. I was lead on several more blocks and around several turns until we entered a building where she removed the dark glasses once we were in an elevator. We rode up for what seemed like quite a long way — either a slow elevator or a tall building I guessed. Leaving the elevator we found ourselves outside a set of heavy wooden doors. I was lead thru these and into a small but plush auditorium where about 50 well dressed couples of various ages were either seated or milling around several small bars where drinks were being served. Eyes started following us as we moved to the front of the room and climbed onto the low stage. I was lead off stage to the right and taken to a dressing room where my hands were freed and I was instructed to remove the boots and coat. Once nude except for my chastity belt I was led to a shower where I my collar and belt was removed and I showered under the supervision of Kathy. I was told to make sure my pussy was cleanly shaved which I did. By the time we were done in the shower and Katy locked me back into my belt and led me back to the dressing room Sid had returned with a large square frame on wheels which he rolled into the room. I was told to stand on a low stool in the middle of the frame while my wrist cuffs were attached to it’s two upper corners. My feet were then spread onto small steps at each of the lower corners and my ankle cuffs secured to hold them there. Sid turned a crank and the frame expanded slightly until I was stretched tightly but not painfully in a standing spread eagled position.

A sheet was tossed over the frame so that I was completely covered, and I felt it being rolled out of the room. After a short while we stopped, and there was a tapping as if someone was making sure a microphone was working, then: “Ladies and Gentlemen, if I can have your attention for a few moments I have a proposition for this Society. We’re offering you the use of this property”; at this point the sheet was pulled off of me and I found myself in the middle of the stage with about a hundred pairs of eyes looking at me; “for your use for safe sex for the period of five years. The conditions kaçak iddaa are simple, she is to have the use of the small apartment here on the premises, she must be allowed to come and go as needed for her work, she is to be provided with a food allowance, her cunt is not to be used and she is not to be allowed to cum, however her ass, mouth, and hands are at your disposal. She will be available for any member’s use at any time she is not working. Upon our return to this country she is to be returned to us in essentially the same condition she is in now.”

There was a buzz of conversation and Sid continued: “As an added inducement I would ask each of you to pleasure yourselves with her cunt tonight. She hasn’t cum for almost a year and we want to reward her for submitting so completely to us and also remind her of what she won’t have for another five years.” I couldn’t believe my ears, was I finally to be allowed to cum!? Kathy came forward and removed the chastity belt from my already dripping pussy. Sid and Kathy then sat in two of the armchairs which I saw were placed near me and quickly removed their clothes. Sid was already hard and he walked up to me and without hesitation slammed his cock all the way into my cunt. I screamed, he was so big — or else in a year without being fucked my cunt had gotten tighter, but I didn’t care which it was since he was giving me an amazing fucking. I could feel myself climbing rapidly to a climax and almost immediately started bucking as much as the frame allowed and screaming as I came. He fucked me to four orgasms before he shot his load into me. When he pulled out Kathy knelt and sucked his cum out of me, while also vigorously sucking my clit to two more solid cums. They both kissed me deeply and then Sid gestured to one end of the front row and said: “Will the first couple please come up and use her?”

I was fucked more than I can remember that night. Some events stand out in my mind, some blend into a background of orgasms going on almost constantly. After Sid and Kathy everyone used either a condom or dental dam barrier if they were using their mouths. One “couple” I recall was a man, woman, and two slaves on leashes. The woman knelt first and licked me into a frenzy while one of the slaves knelt behind me rimming my ass. I came several times before she was satisfied and let the gentleman plug his dick into my sopping cunt. As he fucked me the woman ordered her other slave to butt fuck the man. Once that slave began pumping into his ass the dick in my pussy swelled to an enormous size and when after several of my own orgasms he came. I could feel gush after gush of cum being shot into the condom. When he finished the woman removed the condom and poured his cum into a wine glass and I swear it filled the glass to overflowing. She saluted me and drained it with the air kaçak bahis of drinking a fine wine.

Many of the women donned strap ons to fuck me, and in at least one case after fucking me the woman corn holed her man while he fucked me. Unfortunately none had as spectacular a result as the one I just described but I still came time after time.

One couple used whips on each other as they fucked. He slamming into me as she whipped his ass and her with a strap on fucking me while he alternately beat her ass and tits. Some of them inserted one to three fingers up my cunt after fucking me and massaged my G spot while I hung there and screamed in pleasure, squirting my pussy juice and some times pissing in my convulsions of pleasure.

I was only fisted once unfortunately. It was by this gorgeous little blonde with tiny hands so even with my now tighter pussy (well, it started tighter anyway, I think it might have been getting a little loose by the end) it was a great sensation and not at all painful, well, with just enough pain to be really great anyway. I hoped she would take advantage of my situation and use me often in the future.

I may eventually have passed out from exhaustion and pleasure, I don’t know. I do know that it all blended into a haze of intense sensations. I also know that at the end of it all, after all hundred people had both given me pleasure and taken their own pleasure that Sid once again gave me one last good fuck. Kathy then washed my pussy thoroughly and a large bearded man I thought I recognized came forward and looked at my cunt closely.

He left and returned rolling up a wheeled table which held a tray with piercing needles, forceps, and other paraphernalia. Now I knew him, he was the same man who gave me my nipple rings.

Stretching out my cunt lips he wiped them with alcohol and quickly stuck his needles thorough them, four times in each one. I screamed the first time but by the time the eighth and last hole was done I was only whimpering. Sid then brought him four padlocks which he inserted locking my pussy shut.

“There is only one key to these locks;” he said. The key is in this envelope along with a letter to my attorney instructing her to only return the key if both Kathy and I are present. If needed there are details of when to accept evidence indicating that Kathy or I have passed away in lieu of both parties attending. In the event of both Kathy and I passing away then the key is to be destroyed.” My stomach did a tight knot at that, I could remain locked for the rest of my life! The prospect both thrilled and frightened me.

“Thank you all for your help tonight, enjoy your new whore and I look forward to seeing you again in five years.” Sid and Kathy turned and walked up the aisle hand in hand and out the doors. As the doors closed I realized that once again a door had signaled a change in my status. Nude and spread eagled in front of the audience with my pussy locked shut as they all could see I almost came one last time just from the joy for what was to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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