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[This story is one of a sequence I’ve written. Each part is sequentially numbered, 01 upwards, but also given a chapter number for a particular storyline. So this is part 2 in the sequence, and also part 2 in the “Anal At Last” part of the story. Other parts of the story will come later.

You can read the other parts of the story for more details, but here is a summary;

I’ve recently divorced my wife, and am raising my son on my own. After a long abstinence, I’ve met a woman (Angela) and we’ve just had our first sex together. She straddled me, and I toyed with her ass as we fucked. And she liked it…. ]

We gradually got our breath back, me still inside her, as we kissed and stroked each other in the afterglow of our orgasms. She had a nice body: firm, toned, and smooth. She obviously worked out a lot, and it was nice to run my hands over her after a long time with no-one to be intimate with.

We decided to continue our love making in the bedroom, and I followed her upstairs, watching that tight ass wriggle as she walked up them. Halfway up, she bent down to take off her high heels, and I moved up to the step just below hers. As she straightened, I nuzzled into her neck, kissing and sucking, running my hands over her breasts and sides. My prick, almost erect again, was just the right height to fit between the cheeks of her ass. She sighed, and turned her neck into me to allow me to kiss her more. I ran my hands over her waist and stomach, down into her pants, still on despite our earlier fucking. I slid my hands into her waistband, and pushed her knickers down her legs, allowing her to step out of them. With my hands at her ankle height to pull her knickers away, my head was at just the right height to kiss her bum, which I did, kissing and nibbling at one of her cheeks. She leant forward a bit, pushing her ass out to me. I didn’t go between the cheeks – that might have been too much for her given that canlı bahis her first anal play had been a few minutes ago – but I made the most of the opportunity to kiss that lovely firm ass of hers.

After a while, I stood up again, bringing my hands around to the front of her again, to stroke her breasts and play with her nipples. Again, my cock was at the same height as her bum, but this time without any knickers on her, my cock was nicely nestled between those cheeks. I ground up and down, wanking myself in the valley between her cheeks, as I slid one hand down to play with her lips and clit.

She moaned, pressing my hand closer and deeper within, and I let one finger slip between her wet lips and curl up insider her. She ground her hips, rubbing her bum up and down my cock, and making my finger press different points within her cunt. She started panting, getting really turned on, but wanted to go into the bedroom. So I pulled my hand away, and arched my back slightly to pull my cock away from those lovely hot cheeks of hers, then gave her a quick slap on the ass.

She squealed, and ran the rest of the way up the stairs, her ass jiggling as she ran. I chased her, and caught up with her as she threw herself on the bed, face down. I landed on top of her, spreading myself on top of her, catching her wrists in my hands to keep her from escaping. Again, my cock was at the right height for her ass, so I wriggled a bit to get the right position. Then I started rubbing up and down again, the globes of her cheeks wrapping nicely around my cock. I pressed a bit harder than before, aiming to get my cock rubbing up and down her actual ass hole.

She moaned and started rubbing against me, her breath coming faster. I brought her hands up together, above her head, and grabbed both of them with one hand. She could have pulled away easily, but I think she liked the thought of being held captive as much as I did. With the bahis siteleri other hand, I reached down and squeezed it underneath her. She lifted her hips to let my hand in, which also had the effect of pushing her bum up into me. That was enough: I could feel that my prick had no further to go, and was rubbing up and down the deepest part of her cleft, presumably also massaging her asshole. “Oh, fuck,” she moaned, pushing her ass even harder into me. “God Andy,” she panted, “I want you so fucking much.”

I wanted her as well, so I pushed myself up into a press-up position, and told her to turn over. She squirmed under me, turning around onto her back, and I lowered myself down a bit. She reached down to my cock, wanking me slowly and rubbing the head over her lips. I could hear the squelching, obvious signs of our earlier fucking and of how turned on she was. She lined me up, and I pushed hard, entering her in one fell swoop.

She screamed, pushing back up to meet me, and her hot cunt was once again wrapped around me. I kept my arms stretched out, as if doing press-ups, and use only my abs to curl my pelvis up and in, as if doing sit-ups. This was an old trick I’d read about at some point after separating from my ex wife, and as I’d not fucked anyone since then, I wasn’t sure of it’s effects, but I’d heard it was great for women in the missionary position.

It made the head of my cock really push up into her g-spot, and she gasped, loving the pressure I was giving her. “Oh, god, Andy, that’s good. Fuck me baby, fuck me,” she moaned, and I carried on doing what I was doing. She lifted her head to look down at me as I fucked her, watching my cock push into and out of her. As I fucked her, each time curling my cock up to hit her g-spot, she started to pant, obviously getting closed to orgasm. That was the fastest I’d seen any woman get turned on in missionary, so I put more into the odd movement I was doing. I could bahis şirketleri feel my abs straining at the unusual motion, not used to the curling I was doing. It felt good for me, giving me a rubbing motion on my cock head that I’d not felt during penetration before, only during the occasional blow job or wank, so I ignored the burning in my stomach muscles and concentrated on giving the ride of her life.

After a few minutes, she was getting close, so I left myself get close as well, feeling my juices start to well up inside me. Sweat was beading between her tits, and I bent my head to lick it up. I dropped my body down on top of her, pushing my hands down to the cheeks of her ass. I grabbed a cheek in each hand, and used them to help tilt her pelvis up as as carried on fucking her and hitting her g-spot. She was really close now, hardly getting her breath as she grunted into my shoulder. I pushed harder with one hand, twisting my body a bit to get that hand between her cheeks. She lifted that side of her ass, letting me get further in, and I cold just reach her asshole with one finger. It was wet there; wet and hot, and I pressed against her rosebud as she started shouting “oh fuck, oh fuck” she shouted as she started to come. I pressed a bit harder with that finger, actually getting my fingertip inside her asshole a bit before I came myself, my cum bursting out inside her as her cunt walls spasmed around me. She was hyperventilating as she came, trying to breath but failing as her orgasm swept through her. I realised that she was biting my shoulder, the pain almost unnoticeable against the feeling of my orgasm.

Eventually, her breathing returned, hard and fast. I’d collapsed on top of her, post-orgasm pulses making my cock throb within her, and making her cunt throb in return. She eventually got enough breath to speak:

“Where the fuck… did you learn … to do that?” she asked. “I’ve never come in missionary …before now. That… was fucking amazing.”

It seemed my reading around had been worthwhile. “God bless the internet,” I thought, as I pulled my semi-hard prick from her grasping cunt and collapsed at her side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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