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Billy was a good looking, 18 year old, all-American college student, just trying to make his way through his first year of college when fate intervened in his life. On his way to class one morning, running the mile from his cheap, flop-house dorm to his Intro to Biology class on the other side of campus, he tripped on a piece of broken pavement and hit his head as he fell, trying to take the turn at Johnson and first street faster than he should have. For a moment he felt a sharp pain and a flash of light, and then all went black.

He awoke to darkness, which was strange because his last memory had been of running to class late in the morning. Also, before he’d fallen he’d been running through the old, disused part of his campus, with all the dilapidated and crumbling buildings with their damnable cracked sidewalks setting the scene. Now, however, he was in what looked like a cardboard box from what he could discern from the very weak, yellow-light coming from a street light across the street from the open-end of the box.

It must have been a refrigerator box as it was long enough to shelter all of his form and then some, and from the wet-cardboard and mildew smells, it’d been outside for some time. He noticed two things then. First, he was covered by an old, wool blanket, which also smelled quite moldy, but had kept his body warm. Second, under that blanket he was stark naked…

He began to panic then, trying to figure out just what had happened to him, but pain ripped through his skull then, a sharp, tearing pain unlike any headache he’d ever known. He closed his eyes and just concentrated on the throbbing pain in his head and after awhile it went a way. Opening his eyes again, he slowly and calmly looked around the box for any clues as to what had happened. He pieced together that someone else normally occupied this box, judging by the old greasy pillow he’d been using, the moldy old blanket, and a small thermos near the door. He next noticed that outside it was raining gently, the misty droplets shining brightly in the weak street light.

Just then he noticed someone approaching the box from an alleyway that the box opening faced. He laid back down on the greasy pillow and pulled the blanket back up to his chin and closed his eyes, not knowing who was approaching, but determined to pretend to be asleep until he could work-out what was going on.

The person Billy had seen slowly shuffled their way to the box entrance, then grunting with the effort, bent down and crawled into the box, which was just wide enough for two people to lay side-by-side.

Billy opened his eyes just enough to make-out the silhouette of a person with long, poker oyna wavy hair and a thick trench coat. Then the person began speaking in a language Billy couldn’t quite place but figured it to be Spanish, and judging by the voice, he further believed the person to be female, but older as the voice was scratchy and husky in a feminine octave.

He felt calloused and dirty fingers touching his forehead and he winced when the fingers gently probed the area on his head where he’d hit the pavement. The woman laughed slightly and then sat back on her knees, her hand patting his chest as he opened his eyes and sat-up on his elbows.

The woman seemed to be Hispanic, and old, probably in her late 50’s or early 60’s judging by the white hue of her hair. She was wearing only an old Army trench coat, which was zipped about ¾ of the way up, revealing a very large bust and deep cleavage line, visible due to the way the grease on her clearly unwashed skin gleamed in the weak light.

He could also see that while not obese, she was fat. Billy had no idea what she was saying as she continued to prattle on, but based on the way she was saying her words, it sounded like she was missing a significant portion of her teeth.

She touched his wound again, this time rubbing some kind of cream in it, and surprisingly he felt instantly a sensation of warmth spread through his body. She continued to jabber on, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her cleavage line, noting the way her breasts seemed to strain against the trench coat which was obviously too small for her frame…

He felt his cock getting rapidly hard under the old blanket. He couldn’t believe that he was getting hot and horny for an old lady, a bag lady who didn’t seemed to have showered anytime recently, but the fact remained he was. His cock was rock hard now, throbbing and dripping pre-cum as he could think of nothing more than fucking this homeless lady in her cardboard box…

Eventually she leaned forward on one hand toward him as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other, but as she did her other hand brushed against the mountain his cock had created under the blanket, and she looked down in surprise.

She stopped speaking and just stared at the throbbing tent-like shape beneath her hand, watching it as it bounced up and down and a small area above the tip of the tent showed a spreading wetness as Billy’s pre-cum leaked into the blanket. Slowly, she turned her head toward him, said something quiet and breathy, then pulled back the blanket from his body.

His lean, young form lay before her, his toned pectoral and abdominal muscles rising quickly with his excited breath canlı poker oyna as her fingers trailed down from his collarbone, over his lean muscles and down to his crotch. She rubbed the tip of her index finger around the head of his circumcised cock, now purple and swollen and slippery with pre-cum.

Then her fingers slid down his shaft and gently wrapped around it, her fingers barely able to wrap all the way around his thick shaft. She tightened her grip and began pumping his hungry, young, white cock and causing his hips to gently thrust up and down. A large vein began to throb along the 10 inches of his shaft and his balls hovered just underneath his cock as most of the skin of his scrotum had been pulled up to join with his cock as his erection throbbed uncontrollably to life.

As his pleasure and his lust built-up from her hungry ministrations, his eyes rolled back into his head and his mind swam. He was a virgin, unable to ever imagine this kind of pleasure before and never imagining it would come from a woman like this! Yet, the otherness of the encounter made it so exotic and so erotic, every seedy detail of the experience enhanced his feeling, even the gritty feel of her fingers on his smooth skin and the lingering smell of mold and wet-street around him added to his enjoyment.

Finally, when her hand was soaked in his pre-cum and he was within minutes of climaxing, she let go of his cock, and unzipped her trench coat, letting her enormous, dark breasts burst forward, jiggling over and over in front of his face. He watched, transfixed as she gripped her breasts and pulled them forward and back, one after the other as though trying to draw milk from them.

In the weak light he was able to make out only that her nipples were enormous, easily half a foot in diameter, and were darker than her dark skin, and just as greasy as her face. She reached down with one of her hands and brought his hands up to her breasts, one after the other. He kneaded them over and over, her voice cooing and encouraging him on. He saw that although heavy, her body was still quite curvy, and she bore her weight well, mostly in her massive tits, thick legs and round ass

He was enjoying immensely the feeling of her breasts and now hard nipples but she took his hands away and moved back, putting her long hair behind her head then backing away from him a bit, moving on her hands and knees. He watched her huge tits swaying back and forth from the movement, but couldn’t believe his eyes as she stopped backing up when her head was between his legs, just over his cock. With a flop, she lay down on her stomach, took his cock, completely slimly with pre-cum, internet casino and engulfed the thick, purple head inside her mouth, sucking and licking it gently, while squeezing his shaft. The pleasure was more than his virgin cock could endure, and he quickly came, his cock pulsing with surge after surge of his sperm.

She wasn’t bothered in the least, and swallowed the hot, sticky sperm from his young cock as quickly as he could shoot it out.

As soon as he’d finished, she took his cock out and began licking the “chin” area of his cock, just under the tip where the head meets the shaft, which on his circumcised cock felt like the touch of heaven. As she licked him there, she began stroking his cock, slowly and gently at first, and increasing her ministrations as his fat member rapidly re-formed. When he was fully hard again, she took his cock back into her mouth, and this time she swallowed his cock, taking it deep in her throat and swallowing, rubbing the deep part of her tongue against his cock.

As she deep throated him, he felt the sensation of heat building in him until it was white hot, and his mind snapped. In a fit of strength he didn’t know he was capable of, he sat up, pushed the woman back so that she too sat-upright, then he moved forward toward her and pushed her firmly down onto her back, moving to kneel between her legs as she lay prostrate before him.

He paused a moment looking at her, noting her sweaty, greasy body before him, her thick legs spread, her massive breasts heaving and her head raised up and looking at him. He moved toward her, reaching out and finding her pussy with his hand. He recoiled at first, noting how sopping-wet it felt and how musky the smell of her pussy mixed with her sweaty, unwashed body was. He felt the coarseness of the thick, wet, wiry hair that surrounded the sot, fat lips of her pussy, and the feeling and smell of it all made his cock throb so painfully it hurt him.

Laying down on her he moved forward and slid his cock up to his balls into her cunt and the feeling was better than anything he’d ever imagined. Possibly due to her weight and her compact build, (her legs and torso were shorter than his despite her greater mass), her pussy felt tighter and wetter against his long, fat rod than he could ever have thought. As though his mind separated into two parts, the fucking part and the observing part, he watched as his hips slammed back and forth, in and out of her pussy, all the while her hands clung ferociously to his shoulders and back, holding him tightly against her sweaty, hot body and her thick, strong legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

He didn’t have any idea how long he pumped and pumped this homeless woman’s warm, slippery pussy, but eventually he came, and came with such intensity that he felt the load of sperm he pumped into her seeping out of her pussy for some time before finally he passed out…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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