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After Amy passed out Emily and I are continuing our fun. In the bathroom we both had to drain our bladders. Emily said that she was so turned on seeing me drink Amy’s pee. She couldn’t wait to taste mine. She also told me that she wants to feel it all over her body.

We both stepped into the shower. Emily and I kissed passionately before she kissed her way down my body until she was on her knees. She then started licking the tip of my cock. She spread the tip open, exposing the inside of my pee hole. Emily took her tongue and pushed it inside a little. I could feel the pressure from her probing and my cock was getting hard again. I’m not sure if I can go with it hard and told her so.

I can’t help it. I want every drop you have to give me. I understood her enthusiasm. I felt the same way when I was drinking hers and Amy’s.

Emily backed off a little and just lightly stroked it with her mouth open waiting for it to splash on her tongue. I then realized how beautiful my little sister is. She looked up at me with that pleading look. She was begging me with her eyes. I relaxed as much as I could and felt my piss pushing to get out.

Here it comes I told Emily. Her mouth opened wider. As it started coming out, her mouth wrapped itself around the head. She swallowed the first of it and pulled herself off and let me piss on her tongue. It was running down her tits and down to her pussy. She took me in her mouth again and swallowed more.

Then Emily aimed it lower. My piss splashing on her C-cups and then down over her soaking wet pussy. She laid back and spread her pussy wide open and told me to fill her up with it.

Shit… I thought. My little sister is kinkier than I ever thought she could be. I held it in and got down on my knees and pushed the head against her lips and let it flow. I pushed the head inside a little to block it from coming back out. It was spraying out the sides of her pussy and all over my pubes and balls.

Then I pushed inside some more. Emily’s eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned so loud I thought that she would wake Amy. I realized what I was doing and where my cock was and decided to go deeper. I pushed my cock inside a little more and Emily moaned louder. I pulled back out and pushed again. Emily said that it felt great and to fuck her.

Fuck me Kevin… I want you to fill me with your cum too….

Now I started thrusting her pussy while still peeing. With every thrust, my pee was pushed out splashing everywhere. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. My first fuck, and with my sister…. while pissing in her.

Emily wrapped her arms and legs around me and pulled me deeper. When I was done peeing I was feeling her juices becoming more prominent. This sensation was even better than when she sucked my cock. I fucked her newly, not so virgin pussy for quite a while. Her moans increasing with my thrusts. Everytime I hit bottom, she she let out a stifled scream.

We made love on the shower floor for what seemed like hours. Kissing and fucking and feeling her fingernails scratching my back and ass as she grabbed it to pull me deeper.

I was grunting and groaning and I could feel my balls tightening as they slammed against her asshole. I didn’t want to cum, but I couldn’t help myself. I wished I could have stayed inside of her forever.

I’m going to casino siteleri cum Emily…

Oh yes… Kevin. Fuck me…. Fill me… Oh… Oh… Fuck Kevin…. I’m going to cum too….

I couldn’t stop. My cock erupted inside of my sister’s cunt. When she came, her pussy gripped my cock so hard I could barely thrust. Then her interior muscles spasmed and I felt like she was milking me. I came again and again without even moving.

My God Emily. That’s amazing. I told her.

I stayed inside of her and collapsed on top of her and kissed her passionately. Then I could feel her pussy spraying between us. I looked at her and saw her grinning.

Are you peeing on my cock????

Emily nodded yes and pulled me in for another kiss. Kissing my sister while she’s pissing on my cock is a memory I’ll never forget. I began thrusting again, feeling her pee spraying on my stomach.

I broke the kiss long enough to say… I love you Emily.

Emily kissed me and said… I love you too Kevin…. I always have.

When she was done peeing and my cock wilted enough to pull out on its own, Emily sucked and licked our piss, her juices and my cum from it until it was clean. We decided to get cleaned up and head back down to check on Amy.

After our shower the sight of Amy’s ass sticking out over the edge of the couch made my cock begin to swell again. Then we noticed that the Alfredo was really doing what it was intended to do. The odor was almost too strong, but it still turned me on.

We both sat on the floor close to that beautiful ass and had another drink. I raised my glass and whispered, to Alfredo… Emily smiled and leaned over and licked Amy’s asshole. I took a sip and did the same thing.

Amy didn’t flinch much but moaned a few times while we feasted on her asshole. When Emily was licking, I was spreading Amy’s ass and Emily returned the favor for me. Amy was a farting machine. Sometimes nothing more than stinky air blowing out, and other times raspberrying, long and juicy.

I was shoving my tongue as deep as I could and Amy farted a long juicy fart. Emily whispered, Must be nice. I whispered back, It is. You’ll get your turn I’m sure.

Do you think she’d mind if she knew what we were doing??? I asked Emily.

I think that she’d love to be awake for it. Emily responded.

Yeah. I’m sure you’re right.

Emily licked her finger and slowly pushed it inside of Amy’s cute little hole. Amy started stirring a little and moaned. Emily froze until Amy seemed to fall back to sleep.

I can feel a little bit of her shit in here. Do you want to taste it???

Oh my God yes. I responded.

Emily fished her finger around a little and pulled it out with a small turd on it. She smelled it and held it under my nose. I sniffled it and stuck my tongue out and licked it getting a taste. I took her hand and put it by her mouth. She looked at me and licked it too.

Then I put it in my mouth and sucked Emily’s finger until I had all of it.

Emily asked me if it was good. I looked at her and showed her the turd on my tongue and pulled her in for a kiss. We passed it back and forth and then Emily surprised me and swallowed it.

Uhhhhh….. I said disappointedly.

There’s more… She told me.

Then she licked her finger again and slowly pushed canlı casino it inside of Amy and slowly fucked her ass. This time Amy humped back, moaning.

That feels so good… Amy mumbled.

As Amy was pushing back, Emily could feel more shit pushing on her finger.

This one’s going to be bigger. She told me.

As Emily pulled her finger out I could see a turd about four inches long coming with it. It wasn’t a wide one but more of a thin bumpy solid piece.

This time I took it and put it about halfway into my mouth and Emily understood what I wanted her to do. She started sucking it like a small cock. Her lips met mine and then I did the same thing. Back and forth we were sucking it. I bit it in half and chewed on it for a while. Emily just watched me. Then she began chewing the other half.

I swallowed my half and Emily gave me about half of what she had in a kiss and we both swallowed.

Emily took my finger and sucked on it and left enough saliva on it for lube and pushed it into Amy’s asshole. Her tight ass muscles relaxed with my slow thrusting. I pushed it in as deep as I could. Amy pushed back and began thrusting her hips to my rhythm.

I whispered to Amy to push another fart out. I could feel a much bigger length of shit coming closer to the opening. As I was pulling my finger out, her shit was following. I motioned for Emily to put her mouth on Amy’s asshole to catch it. She pushed her lips against the hole and felt it pushing into her mouth. After a couple of inches of the log pushed out, it stopped.

Emily began sucking on it without breaking it. She pulled away and offered it to me. I sucked and licked it too.

Fart some more Amy… Emily whispered.

Amy pushed again and another few inches came into view. My cock was now rock hard and throbbing.

Emily gave me that smile that told me she was thinking about doing something even more mischievous.

She used her mouth and carefully only bit about half of it and chewed it with her mouth wide open and then kissed me full force. When most of it was in her mouth, she pulled away and pushed my face towards Amy’s asshole. I took the rest of it in my mouth and was licking her hole as clean as I could under the circumstances.

Emily then pushed me backwards to the floor and pushed my cock in her shit filled mouth. I leaned on my elbows so I could see what she was doing. My cock was turning brown with her mouth going up and down. She would release my cock and leave it covered only to lick it clean and repeat her actions. Emily pulled her mouth off and let the ball of shit rest on top of it. She looked at me and slowly pushed it all the way back into her throat.

I thrust up and pushed it deeper. My mouth was busy savoring Amy’s shit while getting the shittiest blowjob from my sister. I thought about the fact that up until only a few hours ago, I hadn’t even thought about tasting anyone’s shit and now… It’s my new obsession.

Emily began sucking my cock harder. Just before I was about to cum, she stopped and grabbed it tight just below the head and told me to push the head inside of Amy’s asshole and she wanted to suck it back out.

Fuck…..!!!!! I was so close to cumming….

Of course, I was happy to oblige….

I got up on my knees with the head at the same level of Amy’s asshole kaçak casino and pushed slowly. Emily spread Amy’s ass cheeks and spit some brown slimy saliva on it and I pushed harder.

As it was entering the hole, Amy moaned softly. As the head disappeared, Amy moaned louder, her hips pushing back.

I was careful. I didn’t want to wake Amy and scare her, but I did want to fuck the shit out of her.

Emily drooled on it some more and kissed me. I was still savoring Amy’s delicious treat. My cock was barely thrusting in and out of Amy’s tight little hole with just the head and Emily was stroking the exposed shaft.

With our kiss and the sensations of Amy’s butthole, I couldn’t last very long. Emily knew I was getting close and increased the speed of her stroking.

Fuck Emily…. I… I’m…. Going to……… Fuck…….

My cum blasted inside of Amy’s asshole and I felt like I was never going to stop cumming. Emily reached down between my balls massaging the part of my hard-on there. I was barely thrusting but still kept cumming. Amy moaned softly while barely humping.

Emily pushed the shit from her mouth back into mine and pulled my cock out, then licked and sucked the head before attaching her lips to Amy’s asshole.

I whispered to Amy to fart again. I told her that she needs to fart on my tongue. Emily was licking her dirty asshole. Amy pushed…. Emily was sucking on the hole. I saw Emily swallow and knew that she was getting some of it.

I squeezed a little more cum onto Amy’s asshole and Emily’s lips. Emily opened her mouth just below Amy’s hole and I saw my cum was now gurgling out and dripping into Emily’s mouth. A small piece of shit shot out and landed on Emily’s cheek. I used my fingers to push it into Emily’s mouth.

Emily was moaning and rubbing her clit. Her fingers flying across her swollen clit. She was licking, devouring Amy’s asshole. She shoved her tongue deep inside and started shaking…. moaning…. Cumming….

My cute, shy little sister was now a wild animal consumed by fulfilling all of her pent up deviant desires. She dragged me into her web of darkness and we were taking Amy with us.

After she was satisfied that she got every drop from Amy, she sat up and showed me the shit and cum that was still in her mouth. Then, leaning over Amy, she let some of it drool into Amy’s mouth. Amy smacked her lips and swallowed instinctively.

As she was swallowing, I swallowed what was left in my mouth that I was savoring. Emily gave me a deep kiss and asked me if I was having a good night. I could taste the shit and now my recycled cum and told Emily that I never want to go back to our normal life.

I didn’t want the night to end but knew that it was getting late and Mom and Dad would be calling in the morning with a progress report on Cindy so we decided it was time to go to bed. We stripped the blouse and skirt and I picked Amy up and carried her upstairs to Emily’s bed. I layed her on her stomach. We each laid down facing the opposite direction than Amy so we could take complete advantage of her Alfredo condition.

Emily wrote a note for Amy.

Good morning Amy

If you wake up before Kevin and I, try not to shit….. Or pee….

I have plans for that.



With that, we went to sleep using Amy’s ass as our pillow.

I reached under Amy and put my hand between her legs and fell asleep with my middle finger pushed deep inside of her pussy and the biggest smile…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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