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Follow-up to After Dark on Step-Dad’s Lap. This story is fictional and if comparing between the two, the set-up of the house is a bit different. But only for story purposes. This is only my second attempt at a story. I tried to listen to the comments from before. I hope you enjoy.


Nothing had been said or spoken between my step-daughter and I since the night she had caught me on the couch. Luckily for us both, our schedules were busy the next few days afterwards and we really didn’t see much of each other. Seeing and talking days later made a lot of the potential awkwardness vanish. We did begin to look at each other slightly different though. Eye contact back and forth lingering a bit more than before. Catching her stealing looks at me more. I wasn’t 100% sure if she was actually looking at me more or if it was me just noticing her more also. Probably both. A few weeks have passed, and she had a lacrosse match in the next town over tonight and I had to work late so I missed it. I get off work and go home, shower, make some dinner and sit on the couch alone, working on my laptop waiting for them to get home.

I hear the garage door opening and closing and car doors. Their voices reach me before they do. Max, my son, was the first to round the corner as he looked at me.

“I’m tirrrred.” He says, dragging on the word tired, as he drug himself up the stairs. My wife and two step-daughters came right behind. Her match so far away, it was almost 11 PM now.

“Did you guys win?” I ask looking up from my computer. Tiffany looks at me and I can read her deadpanned face. No. Her high school only started offering lacrosse the year before. So, their team wasn’t very competitive. In their defense, most of the girls were still learning the basics of the sports. But, they did play very hard.

“You guys are still learning the game. You’ll get better.” My wife chimes in from behind.

“Did you score any goals this time?” I add. Her team has a very hard time still scoring 1 goal yet. Her face brightened.

“We actually scored 3.” She beamed holding up 3 fingers.

“Wow. Awesome.” My wife put her purse down and walked over to me, standing with her arms on her hips.

“Well, we stopped and ate dinner on the way home and,” she holds her wrist up, looking at her watch, “I’m pooped and ready for bed. “Are you coming?” I’m typing away on my laptop.

“In a bit” I say without looking up.

“Ok.” As she walks up stairs with a slow tired pace. I’m not even sure where my youngest step-daughter got off too.

“Where’s Rachel?” I ask about her young sister, my other step-daughter, to Tiffany’s back as she’s in the kitchen putting her gear down. I can’t make out her response, “What?” I ask again. Tiffany stands up, looking around, seeing that we are once again alone and in similar positions from where she noticed me for the first time a few weeks ago.

“I guess in bed” her response a little weak, “She fell asleep in the car on the way home. She had cheer practice today and mom picked her up from her practice and came straight to my game. I guess she went straight to bed.” Tiffany’s eyes are staring towards me, but I can tell she’s not actually seeing me. Her mind is somewhere else. Most likely remembering her soft wet pussy being stretched and filled as she slowly sat down on my cock while I “slept”. As I looked back at her, I felt my cock twitch, the thought of us both remembering that night turning me on. After a few seconds, I speak.

“Everything ok?” I ask as I adjust the laptop on my lap to better cover my crotch as I sit on the couch. Her eyes don’t actually move but I can see her focus change.

“Oh yea” she shakes her head, “I’m just tired.” She does the whole sniffing your body, “I stink and am very sweaty, I’m going to shower and go to bed.” She leans down sliding her socks off and walking towards the stairs. She stops at the bottom of the stairs and looks back, “Are you staying up or going to bed?” I look up at her. My mind immediately jumping to naughty and dirty thoughts.

“I… I” I stutter a bit, clearing my throat, “I’m staying up a bit.” I say back. She turns quickly and disappears. As I sit alone, I reach my hand under my laptop and slide it across my twitching cock. I’m lost in thought when I hear someone coming down the stairs. I re-adjust the laptop just as Tiffany appears. Her eyes moving to my laptop and my lap told me she definitely noticed, and I wasn’t quite quick enough. I go back to typing.

“The bathroom upstairs still has Max’s football gear every where and Rachels cheer clothes everywhere. I’m not cleaning all that up tonight just to shower. I’m using the downstairs shower.” I nod and say ok, but don’t look up. My cock growing, on its way to rock hard now. I know the upstairs bathroom is actually that messy and, on the surface, it is a likely enough excuse, my mind of course, chooses the thought that she very much enjoyed a few weeks ago and is casino siteleri open to more.

I hear the shower turn on and the thought of her naked under the hot water makes me fully hard now. I set my laptop to the side, listening to the water, stroking my cock through my shorts for a few seconds. The thought of putting myself back into the position of sleeping on the couch crossed my mind. But, I thought it would look to obvious. In the 10 minutes she showered, I finished typing, laid down, and fell asleep? I don’t know. I kept rolling the thought through my head until I heard the shower turn off. I quickly pulled a pillow and the laptop back on my lap and went back to typing. I heard the bathroom door open and close. She walked quickly out and towards the stairs. Without moving my head, I looked up. My mouth fell open. She had her clothes in one hand and her towel wrapped around her. But the towel was wrapped up under her tits. Her tits were in full view. I moved my entire head this time, looking up, staring. She walked by, head down, not looking at me, calmly walking by and upstairs. As soon as she was out of sight, I moved the laptop and pillow and dove my hand into my shorts grabbing my throbbing cock. I desperately wanted to feel her hot soft pussy sliding up and down my shaft again. To feel her wrapping her mouth around the thick head of my cock.

I look up and all the lights are now off upstairs. I sit for a few seconds thinking. I finally get up and decide to go upstairs and change into pajamas. I climb the stairs and notice Tiffany left her door open. Not normal for Tiffany. She must have her “privacy” as she puts it. Both Max’s and Rachel’s doors were both shut. I wavered for a moment but then went into my room to change. My wife was snoring softly, and I was careful to not wake her. I slid my shorts and boxers off and decided to only wear a pair of loose gym shorts with no boxers. I also took my shirt off and decided not to wear one. When I was done, I made sure I closed the door completely and quietly. As I tiptoed back to the top of the stairs, I thought I heard something. I stopped. Tiffany’s door only a few feet away and still open. Not wearing boxers and loose shorts, my cock still rock hard and pitching a very large tent. I couldn’t take it. I moved towards her room.

If you stand in Tiffany’s doorway, her bed is directly straight back against the wall facing the door. She has a window to the left on the same backwall as her headboard and a window on the right wall also. I stood back a bit, craning my neck to peak into her room. I could see moonlight spilling in from the right-side window and light from the street light coming through the window on the back wall. As my eyes adjusted, I could see a little movement on the bed. As she came into view, the light made her body from stomach down very visible. The light cut right across the bottom of the soft swells of her tits making from her nipples up to her head, in the dark and not visible.

Her legs were together but moving slightly, and I could see her left hand rubbing down her stomach to the top of her mound over the top of her thighs. I could tell her right hand was rubbing her tits because I could see her arm bent and her elbow was visible as it was slowly moving back and forth. I slid my hand into my shorts. My cock hard. Throbbing. Feeling up and down the shaft down to my balls. I could tell just a small bit of precum was already forming. I took maybe a half inch step forward, just so I didn’t have to crane and stretch my neck quite so much. Her legs opened a bit, creating a shadow between her legs as her fingers slowly eased down between her thighs. My hand moved up my cock. I could just make out the faintest sound of a moan as it floated through the air to my ears making my cock pulse. I looked around and slid my shorts down to my thighs. Her legs opened more letting more light in between her legs causing the shadow to fade. I could see her fingers sliding up and down her slit on the outside. Circling her clit. Using her two fingers to spread her pussy lips but not putting them inside, almost as if on purpose to give me a great view. So good, that I paused and tried to peer through the dark shadow to her face but couldn’t make out anything. I didn’t move, and I didn’t stop.

She moved her hand from her pussy to her face where I couldn’t see. I had to imagine her licking her finger until her hand slid back down and her finger pushed past her soft folds as she sank her finger inside herself. A definite and audible moan drifted through her room. I had to catch my own moan in my throat as I stood there with my cock in my hand. The thick head fully engorged and precum glistening from the head. I can see her finger disappearing as she slides two fingers inside now. Her other hand coming down to rub her little clit. Precum is now dripping. Long sticky thin drops falling to the floor. She begins to move. Her hands stop, and she places them both on each side of her, canlı casino raising her body up into a sitting position. I look up. The top of her head now in view and there’s just enough light that I see a glint of light shining off her eyes, as she’s now staring back at me.

I’m frozen. She spreads her legs again and her fingers find her wet pussy. She isn’t stopping, and she definitely sees me. My mind is overloaded and flooded as my cock throbs so hard it’s almost painful. I look around. Quiet. No noise. No movement. I step into her bedroom, pushing her door closed. My shorts around my ankles as I step out of them. I’m only a few feet in her bedroom as I begin to rub my cock again. This time a soft moan escapes my lips. She closes her eyes tilting her head back as I watch her fingers quicken their pace, diving and fucking her soaked pussy. Moving fast enough I can begin to hear her wetness and sloppiness. Her eyes open locking onto mine. She bites her bottom lip and her head tilts to the side. I move forward, up to her bed standing to the side. Our eyes never breaking contact. Her legs already spread, she slides her foot over her toes touching my mid-thigh. Sliding them up and down my thigh while I stroke my cock. I have to stroke at a very slow pace as I’m so turned on, I fear I would cum too fast.

I reach down with my other hand touching her toes. Sliding my fingers against her foot. Her foot moving to my cock. I move my hand as her foot awkwardly tries to rub the precum covered head. My fingers sliding up, past her ankle. Moving closer, my hand finding the back of her knee. I reach down and grab my cock again moving her foot off. I tug on her leg softly. Just a nudge, to see her reaction. She moves down. Letting me pull her. No resistance. I use both hands on each of her legs and pull her down until her legs are hanging off the side of the bed now and her ass rests on the edge of the bed. I’m standing between her spread legs. I lean down with one hand on each side of her head my cock sliding up the inside of her thigh. Smearing and leaving a trail of hot sticky precum.

“Are you ok? Is this ok?” I whisper. My voice trembling slightly.

“Yes” her soft reply.

“Do you remember the other night?” I ask, becoming more confident. My cock resting against her leg now. Of course, she did, I was just trying to think of something to say.

“Yes. I liked it. But how did you know it would be me?” I’m confused.

“I didn’t. You just walked in.”

She smiles, “I thought you knew it was me and wanted me to see you?” She breathes.

“Well, I was just very horny and watching porn when you walked in, completely accidental, but, it was great.” My body lowering. My chest now rubbing her nipples.

“Yes. It was.” she softly whispers.

I kiss her lips. Her mouth opens and her tongue darts out, eagerly exploring my mouth with no hesitation now. I suck her tongue into my mouth laying my body down on top of hers but my feet still on the ground. My hard and heavy cock pressed up between our stomachs. I slide down her body my tongue leaving a wet hot trail down her neck and chest. I find one of her nipples. My tongue lapping, licking covering it with my saliva as it hardens. Closing my mouth around it, sucking. Her breath catches in her though and quickens. I move my hips back a bit, the shaft of my cock sliding against her pussy and mound. Moving to her other nipple. Sucking hard and gently biting. Her head back, eyes closed, moaning softly. I move down her stomach. Kissing and licking, passing her belly button. Her legs open automatically for me even wider. I can smell her musky scent. A husky groan in the back of my throat as my mouth kisses and massages her mound.

I slide down to my knees. Her pussy now eye level with me. It’s glistening in the soft light of the night. I reach up rubbing her soft sensitive pussy lips with my thumb. Her body twitches. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this I think. I lean forward, covering her pussy and clit with my whole mouth. Her legs move to close around my head. I push them back wide with my hands. One of her hands finding the back of my head. My tongue licking long thick hot strokes up and down her dripping pussy. Finding her clit for a moment before dropping down. I use a finger to pull her pussy back a bit, exposing her sensitive little clit. I attack it with my mouth. Sucking. Licking. She moans loudly. Her hand clapping over her mouth to muffle it. Pulling her clit into my mouth. Tasting her juices. Grabbing each nipple in each hand and squeezing, pulling, rolling. My tongue slides down and darts past her pink folds diving into her pussy. Her body squirms and twitches. I know she’s had a boyfriend and most likely been sexually active. But, I seriously doubt she’s had her pussy eat like this. Using my tongue to fuck her wet slit. Her legs clap back around my head. I can tell she’s close to cumming. I take a hand off her nipple and move it to her clit. She pulls part kaçak casino of her blanket into her mouth as she starts moan and her orgasm explodes through her body. I don’t slow down. I keep rubbing her clit and using my tongue to fuck her. Her hand moves down pushing my hand off her clit as it’s becoming to sensitive now.

As her body stops moving, I pull my head back. My mouth, chin and cheeks smeared and covered with her cum. Her chest heaving.

“Omg…” she pants… “I’ve never came like that before.”

I stand up. Precum dripping like a steady stream down making a small wet spot on the floor where it pooled while I fucked her with my tongue on my knees. I lean down over her. Her scent on my mouth now filling both of our noses. I give her a big wet kiss. To my surprise, she not only kisses me back, but licks my chin and cheeks. Tasting herself.

“God… that’s hot” I whisper to her.

“Mhmm” her reply as I suck her tongue back into my mouth. I push her up the bed as I climb up straddling over top of her using my knees to spread her legs.

“Your pussy is dripping… and I’m about to fill it with my hard cock” I whisper into her ear. My hot breath on her neck, using my tongue to lick her ear as I talk. “Do you want my cock again?” I ask.

“Ummmmm…” as she bites her lip smiling and nodding.

Her hands slide to my ass pulling me down. Laying down now, her hard nipples crushed against my hard chest. Covering her neck with my tongue and lips. I grab my cock and slide the head up against her pussy. Grinding the fat thick head into her clit. She moans into my mouth as I push against her small tight wet hole. Feeling the same resistance as last time. She’s so tight, I have pull back and use my spit to lubricate the head of my cock, rubbing it back and forth and up and down her pussy soaking it. I feel her pussy give and her lips part as the head pushes inside. Her whole-body clenches and her breath catches as I can feel her warm wet cunt accepting my cock. I hold still.

“Good?” She doesn’t open her eyes nodding her head.

“Yes. Fuck me.”

Oh God. I felt my cock twitch hearing those words from my step-daughters mouth. A soft growl from my mouth as I push and sink my throbbing rod the rest of the way inside of her. Her pussy opening and stretching around my cock as it fills her. She moans into my mouth as the head of my cock drives deep thrusting into her stomach.

“Oh God…” as she breaks our kiss… “so deep…” as I pull back.

My cock leaving her pussy open and stretched as my cock pulls out. I start to thrust in and out of her pussy as her juices coat my cock. She’s so fucking tight and wet. I begin to fuck her harder. Placing my hands on each side of her raising my chest. Each thrust sends the full length of my hard cock completely inside of her to the hilt. Pumping. Trying to stay quiet, but the soft nasty sounds of my balls slapping her each thrust filling the room. Her hands squeeze her nipples.

“Yes… fuck me…” she whimpers.

I pick up the speed a bit. God, the desire to open up and start pounding her soft tight body getting stronger. But, I know I can’t. Don’t want to wake anyone up. But I want to drive my cock into her so hard she’s screaming with pleasure. Sitting up, still inside of her, I use my thumb to rub her clit as I fuck her. Her eyes open wider, feeling both sensations. Her young body so sexy under me. Her mouth opens, and she grabs the blanket into her mouth again. Her orgasm hits her hard. Her whole body convulsing. She again reaches down and tries to push my hand off her clit. But, I don’t let her. I keep rubbing and fucking her. Her pussy gripping and creaming around my shaft. Her eyes rolling back as she can’t control her body. She lets out a loud moan even through the blanket. I slow down and drop back down on top of her. She wraps her legs and arms around me. Panting. Chest heaving.

“Oh my god.” she repeats a few times. Feeling her pussy cumming and squeezing my cock made me ready to cum. I grind my cock into her beginning to grunt. She can feel my body tense.

“Yes, cum for me…” she whispers… “but not in me” she adds a semi-serious tone. I look at her when she says that, the thought of filling her with my jizz too much. My cock throbs and explodes. The first long thick rope of hot cum shoots down deep into her pussy. I pull out quickly as my cock pumps thick jizz out, covering her puffy pussy. Landing in thick gobs on her clit and up her stomach. She raises her head to watch.

“God, that’s so hot” she moans, while watching.

Her fingers sliding through my cum on her stomach, bringing them to her mouth and sucking. The last bit of cum drips between her legs onto her bed as I sit on my knees also panting.

“Fuck…” I whisper… “I can’t believe we just did that.”

I back off the bed standing up. She raises up on both elbows. We stare at each other for just a moment. Both of us knowing how naughty and wrong this is. She reaches down to her pussy and can feel cum leaking out. She looks down spreading her legs trying to see with the light.

“Omg, you came inside of me.” She says out loud, in a normal talking voice.

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