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Absolute Desire

A tale of unbridled desire

Several months ago, they came across one another on an erotic message board. Their sassy comebacks with one another quickly built a bond between Damien and Elaina. They talked, explored, and desired each other more and more with each passing day. Then, the comment of “Let’s meet” was thrown out there. As if it were rehearsed, they both said yes. So the plans to fulfill their desire for one another were put into motion.

The turbulence felt by the plane and other passengers was nothing compared to the rolls and flips Damien’s stomach was doing as the plane approached the ground. His heart raced, threatening to burst through the brand new shirt he wore. What does a guy wear on a day like this he had wondered earlier? Finally deciding, he chose a stylish black suit, with a lavender shirt and tie. He honestly looked like a million bucks.

Normally confident and level headed, Elaina was a bundle of nerves as the plane touched down and the moment neared. The moment neither of them had ever imagined would come, the moment that more than two thousand miles between them would disappear, and they could stand face to face. Days and weeks and months of talking, whispering, aching, and falling for each other over the machines they cursed, yet relied on to keep them close, but never close enough. All of that leading to this fast approaching moment, when she would truly be able to reach out her hand and softly touch his face.

As the plane rolled towards the terminal, trying desperately to catch her breath and steady her nerves. Elaina shook herself off and finally stood; slinging her bag over her shoulder she started making her way to the gate. Once in the breezeway, she stopped, checked her reflection in a tiny mirror she pulled from her purse and ran her fingers through her unruly brown hair and applied fresh lip gloss.

There was a crowd of people gathered at the gate. Elaina walked up slowly, knowing Damien was right there on the other side of the doors, waiting for her, likely just as anxious as she was. She stood there shifting from foot to foot, biting her lip. Feeling disoriented by the large crowd, she turned in slow circles, scanning faces. It was then, she saw him. His back was to her, his head moving from side to side as if he was searching for something, searching for her. Elaina quietly made her way to him, slow steps at first, only to quicken the pace the closer she got. Her hand reached out to rake her fingers down his back, as her mouth reached his ear, “Hey You,” she whispered, her lips close to his ear.

Damien gasped, turned, and there she was, his own smile hiding the nerves they both knew were an echo of each other. The sight of Elaina calmed Damien, casino oyna yet sent sparks shooting through his body at the same time. Without hesitation, Damien smiled, slid his arms around Elaina’s waist, pulling her close to him, his lips softly grazing hers and without saying a word. Damien’s hand found her lower back pulling her tightly against him; while his other hand slipped up into the long strands of her dark brown hair, tugging at it. Elaina moaned into his mouth as their kiss deepened, losing herself in him finally. Damien tasted the lip gloss, and then found the tongue he so willingly dreamt about slipping against.

Damien pulled away from Elaina, pushing her back at arm’s length to take a long look at her, his mouth whispering “you’re beautiful.” The sparkle in his eyes told Elaina exactly what she had thought all along, seeing the reaction in his face brought a smile to her as she knew that she had worn the perfect incredibly sexy casual dress –sleeveless and flowing and leggy. “Fuck it,” Damien whispered again. He took her back into his arms and kissed her, just like he had wanted to since that first time they chatted.

It’s a long, soft kiss, their lips dancing over each other’s. Damien pulled Elaina close once again and growled a whisper into her ear “We connect. It’s wonderful. It feels like we’ve known each other forever and we’ve kissed a million times before.”

Just when it starts to get passionate, they remember where they are. Damien smiles a beaming smile at Elaina, and she melted into his arms. Finally, reluctantly, they pull away just slightly – enough for him to bury his face in her neck and breathe her in. Overwhelmed, she stayed in his arms for a minute, and then murmured, “We need to get your bags, Damien.”

Unwilling to lose contact for even a second, they wandered over to the baggage carousel, his arm around her shoulder, hers around his waist, bodies pressed together. Watching the baggage go around, he spotted his and leaned over to grab it.

“This is it?” she said with a raised eyebrow.

He nodded, “Yep, just one.”

They both reached out their hands to grab the other, as if they had done it a million times before, and walked down the breezeway of the airport. Damien slid their joined hands up behind Elaina’s back to guide her once in a while as they walked, directing them through the crowd, out the doors, and across to the parking complex wordlessly. Past row after row of vehicles they finally reach Elaina’s car. “Here is my car” Elaina stated.

Damien then stopped, turning to face Elaina, he put down his bag slowly, tugged the hand he held towards him, pulling her close, and stepped her carefully back against her car. His body pressed against her and she was a canlı casino bit startled, but relaxed in the embrace and leaned back as his knee wedged between her legs as he bent to kiss her.

Elaina’s knees buckled as she felt, more than heard, the growl in Damien’s throat. The car and his knee between my legs supporting her, Elaina’s arms clung to Damien, and their lips crashed together. The worry that their chemistry wouldn’t translate here in real life evaporated. Suddenly aware of Damien’s knee grinding into her crotch, and just how aroused she was becoming, Elaina tilted her head back and away, just to catch her breath. Then Damien’s teeth were on her exposed throat and Elaina gasped, clutching his hand against the back of her head and holding his mouth against her neck.

“Oh goddddddd,” Elaina hissed, and squirmed beneath Damien, at once trying to get away from the intensity and pulling him closer at the same time. Her arms fall to her sides and he lifted his mouth from her neck finally, noticing the angry red teeth marks he had left.

Staring deep into Elaina’s eyes, she feel Damien’s hands slide down her sides, griping her hips and lifting her onto the car, his lips return to mine as he kisses me with a burning hunger. His hands pulling her hips into him so that their bodies are forced together, Elaina’s legs open as Damien pushes himself between them. Elaina feels his hardness as Damien grinds into her. Pushing back Elaina moans into his mouth as she wraps her legs around his waist to pull him closer.

Damien’s mouth leaves hers and trails down her neck, kissing the redness from before, kissing down her chest as our breaths become gasps. Elaina feels Damien’s lips and teeth along the tops of her breasts as his hand begins to roam between our joined bodies. Gasping loudly as Elaina feels Damien’s touch on her aching pussy that is covered only by the thin material of her panties. He can feel her wetness, her obvious desire. His lips return to her with more urgency than ever before, biting her lip as his hands reach under the elastic of her panties Damien’s fingers begin to rub Elaina’s pussy lips, slipping between them.

Elaina’s hands trail down Damien’s body, reaching for his buckle, as she feels his finger find her wet opening and sink deep inside with one quick move. Their lips locked and their breathing hard and fast. Opening his pants she reaches her hand inside, grasping his hard cock as his fingers are pushing in and out of her.

Elaina pulls Damien’s cock free of its confinement and strokes the length. Without warning Damien removes his hand from Elaina’s pussy, he grabs her waist, pulls her down the front of the car, with a final deep tongue kiss he turns her around, pushing his upper body onto kaçak casino the car, reaching down he pull Elaina’s panties aside and shove his cock all the way inside her tight pussy with one fast thrust.

Damien and Elaina both gasp loudly; as their rhythm with one another has them pounding fiercely into each other. One hand on Elaina’s back the other with a firm grip on her hair as their animalistic grunts echo in the garage.

“My god,” were the echoes to be heard throughout the garage, “Can this be really happening after so many shared fantasies through words.” I feel the grip you have on my hair as we bounce on the car by your hard thrusts. Damien’s hand leaves Elaina’s back and grabs her ass cheek; with a tight squeeze he holds her ass as his fingers slip between her cheeks.

Damien’s pounding is getting stronger and faster, she can feel his hold on her hair tighten, lifting her head up as he pulls, his fingers grazing onto her asshole, she can hear Damien breathing harder and she knows he is close. Elaina pushes herself onto Damien’s cock and fingers. His fingers slide between her ass and down to the wetness of their fucking, she could feel the deepness of his thrusts, her groans become louder as Damien shoves deep into her pussy as his wet finger goes into her tight ass.

Elaina gasped at the sudden invasion, her knees buckle a little but Damien’s body is holding her in place, she feels the swell of his cock as Damien starts shooting deep inside of her, his finger buried deep in her ass, Elaina begins to push back harder, feeling her body release, her hands splayed flat against the hood of the car, gripping for something, but there is nothing to hold.

As Damien’s thrusts slow and stop, he leans on Elaina’s body, his finger slips from her ass and he reaches to turn her face towards him. Bending down Damien brings Elaina’s face to his and they kiss, deeply, their tongues fighting for control. Their breathing was rapid and deep.

As Damien lifts up from me, his hand releasing its grip on my hair, his mouth leaving mine, I lay my head down on the cool steel of the car trying to catch my breath. I feel Damien’s kisses trailing down the back of my neck, kissing my back through the thin material of my dress. Slowly his hands roam down my sides, reaching my panties he pulls them down, I sigh as I feel the warmth of his breath on my bared ass. My eyes close as I feel his tender kiss on the ass cheek he had been gripping. As Damien pulls my panties back up he stands, lifting me up and turning me to face him, his hand turns my chin to face him, ours eyes locked, he gently kisses my lips.

Damien looked into Elaina’s eyes and whispered, “I think we may have something here my beautiful angel, maybe we should get going.”

Damien and Elaina, walking holding hands, finished making their way through the parking garage, as they get into her car to continue their new discovery of one another.

To be continued …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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