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– This story is a fantasy, nothing more. It’s not real, please don’t leave feedback saying that you can’t believe that this really happened. If you don’t like gay sex or like reading about one man’s sexual fantasies, please don’t leave negative feedback because you were “surprised”.


I was on my first business road trip of the summer and, as always, I was horny as ever and was thinking of ways to get myself into trouble. Not trouble-trouble, as in legal or physical harm trouble, but ways to fulfill my fantasies of being used as a sex object by strangers. I had no idea that I would find an outlet for that fantasy so soon on this trip.

I was traveling across North Dakota and it seemed like there were so many abandoned little towns, or what used to be towns but now were maybe an old farm house or two or a trailer in a field surrounded by old, rusty cars and junk. I always fantasized about finding an old building to explore and I usually had fun with myself when I was in those old, hot, abandoned buildings. A couple of times I had been raped by strangers which was even more exciting.

It was hot again and as always I had a towel on the driver’s seat to soak up my sweat as I preferred to not drive with the AC on when I’m in sexual fantasy mode – the more sweat the better. Also, as always, I had my stretchy shorts on, no underwear, and no shirt. Not to mention, again as always, I shot a decent load of Vaseline up into my asshole just in case I either found something to fuck myself with or someone forced himself on me. Since it’s my biggest fantasy I liked to be ready for anything.

I was only about a quarter of the way across North Dakota heading west and I could see yet another old, abandoned town. This one had an old school building in it with a couple of windows missing. I had driven by it several times over the last few years but I thought to myself that I had to stop this time. My cock started plumping up just thinking of what I might find in there. At the very least I knew that I’d find something to slide in my ass – an old tool handle or who knows what else.

I pulled off of the exit and wondered why there even was an exit since there didn’t appear to be anyone living there anymore. As I drove back across the freeway to that little dilapidated school house, I started fantasizing about all of the 18-year old male students that must have graduated from there over the years, and whether any of them had fun with each other in the showers or the bathroom. I had been forcibly fucked, or I guess you could say raped, quite a few times in my high school shower room in my senior year, even by gym teachers and groups of other 18-year old students. My cock started getting bigger thinking of those days and all of those random wet cocks fucking between my spanked, wet ass cheeks and deep into my poor abused little asshole and cumming and pissing in me. Did any of the former students ever come back to this abandoned school after it closed to use it as a hangout or to have sex in or anything like that? I was going to find out.

I parked in back so my car wasn’t visible from the freeway and I walked around the building checking it out. It was a nice old building but there were several windows broken out and I wondered why it was even still standing, it should have been torn down years or even decades ago.

I got up the courage to walk up the steps and I creaked the door open, which oddly wasn’t locked, and I went in. It was a split-level layout with stairs going up a half-level or down a half-level. I went upstairs and it seemed like I was there by myself other than a couple of pigeons that had taken up residence there. It was so hot in there, it had to be at least 90 degrees inside and I was really sweating. That made me even more horny knowing that I was all sweaty and slippery. I started rubbing my ass cheeks and my cock which was sticking out under my stretchy shorts leg opening. It didn’t take long before I took my shorts totally off and hung them on a nail on the wall by the stairs. I was totally naked, sweaty, and horny and I was in there by myself so why not? Or I thought I was by myself.

As I walked through canlı bahis the building stroking my cock to full attention, spanking my sweaty butt cheeks, and sliding things into my asshole, I ran across a door that looked like a closet so I opened it not knowing what I would find. There were some things in there that looked like science equipment and old test tubes, etc. My mind is always working in a nasty way so when I saw those smooth, glass test tubes, which had a nice cock-shape to them, I knew what I was going to do next. They were warm and dusty and dirty, just like I was, and I slid one of them up my asshole and it went right in with no problem, dust, dirt and all. I was getting in nasty mode and the dirtier the better.

I didn’t want to get too crazy since they were made of glass, so after a few minutes of sliding the dirty test tube in and out of my pink and tight but slippery little asshole I put it back on the shelf and kept searching through the upstairs. I kept hearing things that sounded like someone else was there with me but I figured that it must be birds flying around or something flapping in the breeze through one of the broken windows. It’s North Dakota after all, there’s always a stiff wind, just not as stiff as my cock was at that moment.

I found a couple of other things to fuck myself with, including a janitor’s closet with some nice rounded handles, and I basically fucked my ass and stroked my rock hard cock until I was ready to shoot on the ceiling, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted to check out the lower level which was a half-level below ground. I went back towards the stairs and I thought that I saw a shadow moving but again I didn’t think much of it. I took my shorts with me which were hanging on the nail by the stairs and down I went, all sweaty, dirty, dusty, naked and horny.

As I walked down the stairs I could hear something down there which I assumed was the wind whistling through the broken windows. It was darker downstairs because of it being half a level below the ground but there was still enough light to see where I was going. There was a tiny little gym and a shower room that oddly looked like it had been used not that long ago. There couldn’t still be water in the building, could there be? But sure enough, I tried a faucet in the bathroom and water came out! It must have been a well with a windmill pump up to a roof tank or something, weird. The water was warm like it was from a roof tank that was sitting in the sun all day.

As long as I was down there in the gym part of the building I went into the shower room and it was pretty dirty and dusty but parts of it looked like there had recently been water spraying in a shower stall. I tried a couple of the faucets in other shower stalls and they didn’t do anything but the one that looked cleaner than the others had working water and it was warm water. It also had six 2-inch holes in the walls which seemed strange for a shower stall, why would anyone want to get water behind the wall and potentially rot out anything? I guess with it being an abandoned building, who cares.

I found another shower door and when I opened it I couldn’t believe what I saw! It was similar to the other shower stall with six 2-inch holes around it but sticking out of those holes were six dildos! I know, it’s crazy, why was this here in an old abandoned school building? The dildos were all different sizes and colors and there was a squeeze bulb next to each one sticking through the hole. I squeezed one of the bulbs and some warm white liquid shot out of the end of the dildo! What the hell was this room for?! I had no idea but I knew that I needed one at home.

There were also a pair of long rubber gloves attached to the wall that were sticking out in sort of a grasping position, like a person could get in-between those two hands and ram back into the dildo and the gloves would be sort of like someone grabbing onto you and fucking into you from behind. I don’t know what was in the gloves but it sure felt like there were actual arms and hands in there. It must have been some sort of liquid rubber poured into them and they solidified and felt like real hands and arms? bahis siteleri Weird.

Needless to say, I backed into one of the dildos and bottomed it out in my ass. It was great, they were all at the perfect ass-fucking height and I knew that someone had set this up as a sex room. It was like a dildo glory hole smorgasbord! Was someone living in that building? Were they recent graduates of other schools or maybe a retired dirty janitor? I didn’t see any other cars outside or any sign of life other than birds. As I fucked into that dildo I squeezed the bulb a couple of times and I could feel that warm gooey liquid shooting up inside my asshole, it felt great, like someone was shooting hot cum in me!

I tried the other dildos and they all sprayed in my ass. A couple of them looked like they had shit on the end of them which was odd but being the dirty, nasty guy that I am, that made me even more horny to know that someone else had been in there fucking their own ass and bottoming out on those things and it felt almost like a gang-bang where different dirty cocks were fucking into different dirty assholes.

I was leaving a bit of my own shit on those dildos and that slippery white goo was running out of my ass as I was basically giving myself an enema with it. It felt like either unscented hand lotion or hair conditioner, both are great lubricants for ass-fucking.

As I was fucking back into one of the dildos I was getting into my nasty zone and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom – so I did, right there as I was bent over slamming my asshole onto that dildo, I let go. It was a great, dirty feeling fucking that dildo as I was shitting. I knew that I would take a quick shower on the way out and I had my towel on my driver’s seat so that was good. It was so dirty, so messy, so perfect out there all by myself.

As I fucked my ass back onto that shitty dildo, one on the other side, the one with the two gloves on each side of it, disappeared for a second but then it was there again, or one that looked similar to it was in its place. I didn’t think much about it since I was almost in an ass-fucking frenzy by then so I pulled off of the one shitty dildo and backed into the clean one which disappeared and appeared again. Well, that’s when I knew that I wasn’t in there alone! Those gloved hands grabbed me around the waste and pulled me back hard on their cock which obviously wasn’t a dildo at all.

Whomever or whatever was behind that wall was pulling me back as hard and fast as they could and slam-fucking my shitty ass up against the wall and onto their rock hard cock, bottoming out over and over again deep up my abused ass! Those weird, long rubber gloves sticking through the wall had me around the waist and I wasn’t going anywhere other than slamming my dirty asshole back onto their cock which was bottoming out up my dirty ass. They would pull all the way out and then pull me back hard and SLAM fuck deep into my ass again and again. After a few minutes of this they pulled me back tight against the wall and I could feel them shooting a huge load of hot cum up into my ass! Rope after hot rope of slippery, sticky sperm was filling my ass.

After about a minute they released the grip on my waist and I moved away from the wall and I could see my ass prints against the wall, yes, it was a messy sight. I was sort of in a daze so I went into the shower stall where the water worked and I turned on the warm water and I started rinsing off my dirty body – it felt great. All of the dirty, messy, shitty water was going down the drain when I saw another dildo come through one of the empty holes in that shower stall and water was spraying out of the end of it! Now that’s my kind of shower head, a dildo shower head! I backed into and onto it and I felt it parting my ass cheeks and spearing my tender abused asshole and I sprayed that warm water up inside my ass and gave myself a couple of enemas, it felt great. I was sparkling clean again inside and out.

The same shitty hard cock that had just cummed in my ass was sticking through one of the other holes in the side of the shower wall so I backed onto it and started slamming my clean bahis şirketleri ass cheeks against the side of the wall, impaling myself on that hard shit-covered dick again. I could feel my own mess being put back up into my ass as that cock pounded into my tight little hole again and again.

Then I noticed another cock sticking through a hole so I bent over to that one, sucked it for a minute while I was being impaled on the other shitty cock, and then moved over to fuck that new cock deep into my ass. Then another one appeared and another one until six cocks were sticking through those holes! These weren’t dildos this time, they were six hard cocks and I fucked into all of them and milked them all dry of their sticky, slippery, hot sperm which they all deposited deep up my ass.

I stayed there for over an hour and fucked into those random strangers’ cocks and I was filled with so much hot sticky cum that I couldn’t even count the number of times I was cummed into. I literally had a cum enema. Most of them had pissed in my ass, too. I would just back onto a cock and it would start filling me with piss. I had no clue if they were young or old or who they were, if they were going to fuck my ass or piss in my ass. All I knew was that they wanted a tight asshole to abuse and to fuck and to use as a urinal and I knew that I wanted to have mine fucked and used and abused and pissed in and filled with cum.

After deciding to leave, I started to walk back down the hall towards the stairs and a pair of hands grabbed me from behind and fucked hard into my ass as we were standing there in the dark. It felt great not knowing who was slam-fucking me, just a horny random stranger who thought that I was sexy enough to rape, or maybe they were tired of fucking their own asses and it was exciting to rape a stranger, who knows.

They also filled my ass with piss again as we were slowly walking down the hall with them holding my arms behind me and their cock spearing between my well-spanked butt cheeks and landing onto and into my poor abused pink rosebud and slamming deep into it over and over again.

They also spanked my poor, abused asshole. A couple of them bent me over a dirty, dusty, hot, old puffy vinyl couch in a dirty, dark, hot room so my cheeks were spread apart and they held my ass cheeks apart as far as they would go and they spanked my asshole with their open hand until it was sore and puffy. They put their fingers into a cone shape and punched them into my poor asshole, trying to fit their hands into it but it was too tight.

They rammed their hard dirty, shitty, slippery cocks into me again and again until they filled it with more sticky sperm. Several of these abusive strangers spanked me and fucked into my asshole as I was held over the back of that dirty couch in that dark room.

All the way back to the stairs I could feel different hands on me, spanking and SLAPPING my ass cheeks hard, and grabbing my hips and ramming their cocks into me, even as I climbed the stairs someone was fucking into my asshole! I never did see any of them so I don’t know if they were young or old, dirty or clean, hairy or shaved, tall or short, skinny or fat. Was it a gang hangout and I was a gang initiation? A rape scenario with a stranger?

One of them whispered into my ear as he unloaded yet another load of hot cum deep between my ass cheeks, “Ahhhhhh!!…mmmm.. I’m shooting deep up your ass again! Your sweet little ass is so tight, we’ll be here the next time you’re in the area. You have such a tight, sexy asshole and you’re so dirty. We all love that you’re as dirty and nasty as we are and we would love to use and abuse you again, treating you like our personal dirty sex toy. We would love to spank and fuck your ass and use it as a urinal the next time you’re in the area. Filling your ass with piss and cum and spanking your puffy, abused asshole was so much fun.”

I said, “I didn’t know what to expect when I came in here but now I know that I’ll be back. I love to be used and abused and raped and to be used as a dirty sex toy and a dirty urinal for nasty, horny strangers. Having my butt cheeks and asshole spanked and my poor abused pink gaping asshole fucked into again and again and spanked and filled with cum and piss was great!”

I knew that I would be back on my return trip home, I needed to visit that abandoned school secret sex room again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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