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Danielle arrived at the door of the sprawling suburban detached, breathless and half an hour later than she had intended. She paused momentarily to regain her composure and smooth down her dress before seeking the doorbell. Still she hesitated, her perfectly manicured finger hovering over the button, the glossy red nail shimmering in the early evening sunlight.

She had been uncertain about coming here ever since the invitation over a week before. This whole set-up just wasn’t Danielle Clark’s usual thing. She was the introverted, curl-up-with-a-book kinda girl, only vicariously exploring human sexulaity courtesy of the latest Mitzi Szereto novel. But how many friends had urged her to get out more — to live a little, and get laid a lot?

Danielle took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell, once and hard. Well maybe her friends were right, although whether they’d had this sort of thing in mind when they doled out their advice was hardly likely. Having said that, she could well imagine Imogen from the typing pool being an aficionado!

It seemed to take forever for anyone to answer the door, long enough for Danielle to admire the large front garden hemmed in by Leyland hedges, and perfumed with the honeyed scent of alyssium carpeting immaculate borders. Long enough, also, for Danielle to reconsider making a run for it down the long drive….

Too late. She heard someone fumbling with the lock, and the stout hardwood door swung soundlessly open. Suddenly self-conscious, Danielle had trouble making eye contact so that the first thing she noticed was the luxurious crimson shagpile which swept down a broad staircase and into the expansive hallway.

“Now I’m guessing you must be Danielle,” the warm and slightly husky voice said, and Danielle finally found the courage to raise her eyes to meet those of the attractive brunette with the looks of Teri Hatcher framed in the doorway. “Everyone else is here, but don’t worry. You haven’t missed much of the fun!”

“Heavy traffic,” Danielle lied as she stepped into the hallway, but the woman dismissed her excuse with a shake of her head and an extended hand.

“I told you not to worry,” she rebuked gently. “I’m Clarissa; we spoke on the phone.”

Danielle nodded. How could she forget? The spur of the moment telephone call she had made during her lunchbreak at the shipping company. All week she had been left wondering what it might have been that had possessed her to throw caution to the wind like that. Answering a small ad for a second-hand sofa or something was one thing. But this?

Part of her was still hufely tempted to run for the door. The trouble was, another, greater part was more tempted to stay! She took a deep breath and told herself to get a grip. For God’s sake, you only lived once!

Up until a few months before, Danielle had never been into other women. But whether she illegal bahis had spent too many evenings in with rather one-too-many erotic novels, she didn’t know. All she did know was that she suddenly began to find herself attracted to certain members of her own sex. Imogen from the typing pool had been one of the first to catch her eye; the way her short skirt had clung to every beautiful inch of her arse as she had draped herself over the photocopier looking for the switch! After a few minutes, it wasn’t just the photocopier that Imogen had succeeded in turning on!

And today, Clarissa. Danielle felt her eyes drawn to her host’s figure-hugging blue dress, and the particularly daring neckline which offered a tantalising glimpse of a near-fathomless cleavage. Danielle’s eyes stayed there and stared — too long, she realised, for Clarissa not to have noticed the fevered fixation.

Coughing her way awkwardly out of her reverie, Danielle looked up to see confirmation of her fears in Clarissa’s smiling sapphire eyes. Should she say something? Apologise perhaps?

“Sorry,” she began, but was silenced as Clarissa took hold of her hand.

“What for?” Clarissa whispered, and then guided Danielle’s hand to one of her breasts, pressing it down firmly until Danielle’s palm was filled with its firm contours. Danielle caught her breath, at once shocked and thrilled by the sensation of Clarissa’s ripe tit within her grasp. She found herself unable to resist the overwhelming urge to squeeze, massaging her fingers into the delicious swell of flesh, drawing a soft sigh of pleasure from Clarissa’s lips, and causing a veritable deluge of juices to cascade into Danielle’s own pussy.

“Oh God,” Danielle breathed, almost unconsciously responding to the familiar fire that was beginning to burn deep between her thighs. All of her instincts wanted Clarissa right there and then in the hallway. It was crazy, she knew, when they had only just met. But that was animal attraction for you!

As if reading her every thought, Clarissa pushed her back against the wall and clamped her own hands over Danielle’s breasts, kneading them hungrily through the black satin of her dress. Danielle’s involuntary moan of pleasure was stifled by Clarissa’s lips pressing softly on to hers, with just the slightest thrust of Clarissa’s tongue uniting them ever so fleetingly. Danielle felt her dress being hitched up at the waist, and Clarissa’s hand gliding over her abdomen; pausing at the edge of her panties and then drifting ever lower, smoothing over the damp material until it clutched over Danielle’s aching pussy.

Planting a trail of kisses on her throat and neck, Clarissa’s lips arrived at Danielle’s ear. “Do you know how flattering it is,” she whispered, “to know I’ve turned you on so much?”

Danielle moaned as Clarissa fondled her pussy through her moist panties. “There’s something just that little illegal bahis siteleri bit special about a woman’s touch, don’t you think?” added Clarissa.

Clarissa pulled back suddenly, leaving Danielle breathless and tormented by a raging inferno of desire.

“But of course you do, sweetheart,” Clarissa smiled. “Or why else bother to answer my advert?”

She took Danielle by the hand and led her to the stairs. “Come on, it’s time to introduce you to the others.”

Danielle’s heart began to pound with excitement and an empty ache of longing gripped the pit of her stomach at the scene unfolding before her eyes in the huge master bedroom. Clarissa closed the door behind them and gently guided Danielle towards the outsize divan in the centre of the room, where a stunning redhead lay with her legs wide apart to accommodate the increasingly urgent caresses of the half-dozen or so other women surrounding her on the bed.

Danielle felt suddenly overdressed. All the women were either naked or stripped down to their lingerie. None appeared to be sensible to her presence as she drew closer to the bed in time to see the lovely redhead buck and groan at an especially powerful surge of sensation generated by the various fingers competing to rub her swollen clitoris. A film of sweat covered the redheads fabulous figure, and her nipples were so hard and erect that they had to be seen to be believed. As Danielle watched, transfixed, one of the women lowered her head,and began to suckle on each of the redhead’s perfectly-formed tits in turn.

“Her name’s Sarah,” Clarissa said. “Beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Oh, absolutely,” Danielle sighed, her awestruck gaze never leaving the erotic scene.

“Like to join in?”

Danielle swallowed. Her new self-confidence momentarily wavered, and she felt torn by the conflicting emotions of fear and yearning. But then Sarah groaned again, louder now, spreading her legs ever wider for her desire to be satisfied. And Danielle’s fear vanished at the sight of the gorgeous young nymph panting, sweating and writhing on the bed.

“Unzip me,” she pleaded with Clarissa, who smiled and nodded. Danielle’s dress fell in a heap round her ankles, and she stepped out of it, kicking off her high heels and shaking out her long black hair as she approached the divan. A pretty blonde sat on the edge of the bed, her hair twisted into a single braid which reached all the way down to a sexy butterfly tattoo at the bottom of her back. Danielle moved in behind her, smoothing her hands over the girl’s flawless shoulders.

“Hi,” Danielle said softly, and the beautiful blonde tilted back her head and smiled.

“Hi yourself.”

“May I?” Danielle broached, slipping a finger under the girl’s bra strap to show what she had in mind.

“What are you waiting for?” the blonde replied huskily.

The other women had begun canlı bahis siteleri to move their attention away from the spent Sarah to pair off with each other, and Danielle could barely contain her excitement as the sexy blonde unhooked her bra, slipped the straps from her shoulders and dropped the lacy lingerie onto the bed. Almost in a daze, Danielle ran her hands over the girl’s shoulders once again, but this time continued her exploration lower and curled her slender fingers under the firm swell of her breasts. Danielle squeezed ever so slightly, then lifted the full tits, cupping them reverently.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” Danielle enthused passionately, squeezing harder now as her lust demanded, and lowering her head to kiss the girl’s neck. “And I don’t even know your name,” she breathed into the soft caress.

“Kate,” the blonde whispered, turning her head to seek out Danielle’s lips. They kissed, and Danielle joined Kate on the bed, lying back to surrender her own curvaceous body to her new lover’s touch. Danielle sighed her encouragement at the eager fingers grasping her admirable tits through the low-cut bra she was wearing, and the warm lips which planted a kiss on each swell of flesh threatening to spill out of the delicate cups. Then Kate’s fingers located the front clasp and the bra released its voluptuous load fully.

“Yes,” Danielle urged, holding Kate’s head to her breast as she fastened her mouth onto the hard nipple whilst fondling Danielle’s other tit. Danielle was sure she must have died and gone to heaven! She groaned, far louder than she’d intended, but realised that she didn’t give a damn! Her pussy was aching like she’d never known, and all she wanted was to be fucked by the gorgeous blonde creature.

Closing her eyes, relishing the blissful sensation of Kate’s suckling, Danielle caught her breath as another pair of velvety lips began drawing on her other nipple. Her eyes flickered open again so see the ever insatiable Sarah staring right back at her as she cupped Danielle’s breast and swirled her soft tongue over the sensitive peak.

Danielle groaned and entwined her fingers in Sarah’s silky auburn tresses.

“Please,” she rasped, opening her legs. “Please, fuck me!”

Fingertips ever so slowly slipped down the front of her wet panties, seeking out the hard bud of her clit. Danielle almost sobbed with pleasure, and when other fingers strayed to the entrance of her pussy and pushed deep inside, her whole body shuddered. The massaging of her clit and the rhythmic thrust of fingers into her dripping vagina pushed Danielle beyond the limits of her self-control, and she cried out as the orgasmic inferno ignited between her thighs and roared over her entire body.

“Oh God!” she gasped. “Sweet Jesus!”

Then, too soon, the climax waned, leaving Danielle fighting for air. She released the damp sheets bunched up inside her clenched fists and opened her eyes to see not only Kate and Sarah, but the rest of the women staring in admiration at her flushed, sweat-soaked body.

Among them, the lovely Clarissa, who had already begun to slip out of that sexy blue dress of hers….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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