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Wednesday, Joanna woke me by snuggling on me. When she saw I was awake, she gave me a kiss. “Had fun last night?”

“Mostly,” I said with little enthusiasm. First thing in the morning was when I felt the worst about our evening activities. Joanna obviously didn’t share my regrets or concerns. But then again, she wasn’t making out with a sibling.

Joanna smiled. “I had fun kissing Paul. I hope that doesn’t bother you. It wasn’t anything serious to me, just some naughty fun. And it was what Kaitlyn asked me to do to try to improve things with Paul.”

“How is you kissing Paul going to improve things between her and him?” The four us of switching for kisses wasn’t sitting well in my stomach.

“Kaitlyn can’t get him to listen to her about slowing down, but he listened to me. So now hopefully he’ll go more slowly with Kaitlyn.”

I didn’t want it to make sense, but it did.

Joanna waited, as if she was expecting me to make a similar remark about kissing Kaitlyn. When I didn’t make one, she said, “Look, I’m not going to judge you or Kaitlyn for what you did last night. I wouldn’t have felt good about kissing Paul if you hadn’t been kissing Kaitlyn. I would have felt like I was cheating on you. If it’s not even, it’s not fair.” Joanna’s face lightened. “An important part of my friendship with Kaitlyn is that we don’t judge each other. She’s okay with whatever I do; and I’m okay with whatever she does, including kissing you.” Joanna chuckled. “And did you get her worked up with your kisses. I could tell she didn’t want to stop kissing you. But she had to because you’re mine, all mine.” Joanna chuckled some more.

Kaitlyn had been so eager to kiss with me. And it had been so damn good kissing her…

I asked, “You’re not going to tell anyone I kissed Kaitlyn, are you?”

Joanna snorted. “Of course not. I’d do nothing to hurt Kaitlyn. And when I talked about the plan with Paul on the boat yesterday, I made him promise to never tell anyone. Did you enjoy it?”


“Kissing Kaitlyn, you idiot!” Joanna said with a smirk.

I didn’t want to tell her yes, but I didn’t want to lie. I went with downplaying the truth. “It was enjoyable. I’d never have done it on my own, but I didn’t mind it when she kissed me.”

“The whole evening was enjoyable. I’m looking forward to doing it again tonight.”

* * * *

We did jet skis after breakfast. At one point, Kaitlyn suggested she ride with me and Joanna ride with Paul. Once we were away from the others, Kaitlyn said, “Thanks for going along with everything last night. I think it was a good lesson for Paul. He was more flexible about having sex last night than he usually is. I hope you aren’t upset about Joanna kissing Paul.”

“I’m not. I’m not comfortable with it, but I understand why we did it. Joanna enjoyed it. She views it as innocent fun.”

“Good.” Kaitlyn gave me a squeeze. “Stop for a minute. I want to get wet.”

I brought the jet ski to a stop. Kaitlyn jumped into the water and swam around for a minute. She then came over to the jet ski, put her hand on it, and looked up at me. I asked her, “What does Paul think of what you and I did last night?”

“He didn’t say. He probably thinks it was disgusting and weird.” Understandably so. “Was he bothered by it? I don’t know. He’s a very simple guy; as long as he can play his game and have sex, he’s happy. I can tell he’s enjoyed the fashion shows, and that he liked kissing Joanna. And we had awesome sex last night, which made him very happy. Did you and Joanna have awesome sex?”

I blushed a little. “We did.”

“Great! Paul was probably too focused last night on having a good time with Joanna to have a reaction to you and me. And I don’t think he’ll say anything negative for fear that all of his fun at night will come to an end.”

All of that made sense. Kaitlyn then did something I’ve seen girls do countless time – pull her top out for whatever reason. This time when she did it, she gave me a brief view of her tits. She was looking at her top when she did it, so she may not have realized I could see her tits. Or maybe she didn’t think my seeing her tits briefly was a big deal after I had gotten a good look at them the other night. Part of me felt that I shouldn’t look, but I couldn’t resist looking as she had sensational tits. Her show was another one of the things that shouldn’t happen whose happening made my head spin.

I asked, “Are you thinking better about Paul after last night?”

“Too early to say. Paul is the first boyfriend that I’ve accepted as he is. Despite his flaws, he’s a good boyfriend. But he’s not a great boyfriend. If I knew of a guy who I’d thought would make a great boyfriend, I’d dump Paul in a heartbeat. What I don’t want to do is dump Paul and then date a guy that I can manipulate without really trying.”

“You’re that manipulative?”

“I don’t know if I’m so manipulative or if that I’m so good at it.” Kaitlyn’s face turned very serious. “I’ve casino siteleri learned the hard way that you can’t trick someone into being a better person, or into making the right life decision. I can’t change people; they’ll only change when they want to change. I’ve felt much better about myself since I’ve started dating Paul because I haven’t tried to change him. And I was open and honest with you and Joanna about why I wanted you two to date.”

“Manipulating us into dating would have been bad.”

“You say that, and I see how much happier Joanna is now that she’s dating you. I took a big risk in asking you to date her.”

Was she saying that manipulating was a good thing? “We would have figured out eventually that you had manipulated us, we would have been pissed at you and it would have hurt our relationship.”

“And your relationship is great without me doing any manipulation?” That smarted. I opened my mouth to rebut her comment, but I couldn’t think of one. Kaitlyn then said, “I used to think in too many cases that the ends justified the means. Or maybe I used to enjoy manipulating people more than I do now. I don’t like it when I do it now.”

“So don’t.”

Kaitlyn laughed. “Good suggestion. I try. Then things don’t happen the way I want them to happen. Look at you and Joanna. Joanna won’t accept that you’re dating her because you want to. She thinks you’re only doing it because of me. That drives me crazy as I think you’re a great couple. It’s the type of situation where I’m tempted to accept the ends justifying the means.” Again, I had the feeling that she was a lot deeper than most other girls. She shook her head. “I wish now I could have had her come over when you were home, had you two hit it off, and then you decided to go out on your own.”

“But that wouldn’t have happened. I wouldn’t have dated Joanna if you hadn’t asked me to.”

“Yeah. It’s just that…I’ve come to realize that Joanna needs to make her own choices. Even if I’m totally certain about what she should do next, I need to let her to come up with the idea on her own. Hopefully at some point she’ll choose to let herself fall in love with you.”

Another painful topic. “I hope so, too.” But I had no idea when that would happen.

“Thanks for not judging me. I think there aren’t many guys a girl could tell that she’s very manipulative, and they’d not judge her for it. I haven’t told Paul about my habit of manipulating.”

I shrugged. “If I got angry at you, how could I date your friends?” Kaitlyn giggled. “Seriously, I’ve been hanging out with two non-judgmental women this summer, so I’m learning to be non-judgmental.”

Kaitlyn climbed out of the water. When she got back up, I asked, “Don’t you think it’s weird for me to be getting you excited every night?”

Kaitlyn shook her head sadly, “I think it says more about how bad things have gotten between Paul and me that I find innocent kisses from you much more exciting than what foreplay he does.” Kaitlyn grinned. “We’re all having fun. For whatever reason, it’s like we’ve all gotten blank checks, during that one hour, to have fun like we’ll never have anywhere else. I’m never going to kiss you at home. Joanna is never going to kiss Paul after this week. I like the freedom we’ve been having, and I’m looking forward to more freedom tonight.”

* * * *

When Kaitlyn and I finally got back to the rest of the group, Mom and Dad gave us disapproving looks for being gone so long. We were suppose to swap jet skis every twenty minutes or so, and Kaitlyn and I had delayed this swap. Paul and I hopped on the small jet skis and raced each other. We played for a while longer before heading back for lunch. The rest of the day was pleasant and completely normal. The only slightly unusual thing was that after dinner Paul volunteered to do all the laundry, and Kaitlyn asked Joanna to help him to make sure “he washes the girly stuff correctly”.

I found the normality of it all disturbing. I had kissed my sister last night. I was going to kiss her again tonight. I felt like people should be acting differently because of it, but no one was.

As soon as Mom and Dad left, the girls went into Kaitlyn’s bedroom. Paul and I got the chairs into position and sat down. I asked, “Did you have fun today?”

“I did”. Paul winked at me. “And I’m hoping for even more fun tonight.”

The door to the bedroom opened, and the girls came out again in crop tops and terry cloth shorts. Everything was basically a repeat of the night before – Kaitlyn came to me for kisses, Joanna came for French kisses, and Kaitlyn came back for neck nibbles. When I reached my usual stopping point, I looked up and saw Joanna lolled against Paul again. There was something about their familiarity that bothered me.

Paul called out, “Keep going!” and laughed. What an ass! I couldn’t believe he wanted me to continue to make out with his girlfriend.

Then I had an idea – I’d get back at Paul by driving canlı casino his girlfriend crazy. Suddenly, I wanted Kaitlyn to dump him in the worst way. I’d get Kaitlyn superexcited so the next time she was with the big doofus, she’d be so frustrated with his pathetic foreplay that she’d kick him to the curb.

I moved back up to Kaitlyn’s neck and started kissing upwards from about halfway up. When I got close to her ear, I gently nibbled on her earlobe.

“Oh my God!” gasped Kaitlyn.

I inwardly smiled. I nibbled a few more times on her earlobe while I listened to her breathing quicken.

Kaitlyn gushed, “You’re giving me goose bumps!” She sounded shocked at how much I was exciting her.

I blew softly in her ear and got another gasp. I went back for another nibble when I heard Paul say to me, “Check out her nipple!”

I looked down, and it was easy to see through Kaitlyn’s thin crop top that her right nipple was completely erect. There was something about clearly seeing the outline of her nipple and that it was so stimulated because of me that greatly excited me. It looked so perfect, so inviting…

Paul said to me, “Go ahead and feel it.”

I looked over and Paul had his hands on Joanna’s tits under her crop top. Part of me was instantly jealous, but then it was like my hands moved on their own accord to slip under Kaitlyn’s crop top. I gently cupped her tits and…

…I completely forget about everything in the world except Kaitlyn’s tits. They felt perfect in my hands – just the right shape, the right size, and the right amount of heft. I savored their perfect-skin smoothness as my hands moved over them. I heard Kaitlyn suck in her breath. Initially, her left nipple wasn’t fully erect like the right, but I quickly got it erect by tweaking it with my fingers. I felt like a kid in a candy store – that wasn’t quite right, but it was close; I had the feeling that I had free reign to hold and squeeze something that I had deeply wanted to touch but had thought I’d never would. I had admired my sister’s tits for years, and now I had my hands on them with her approval, and apparently the approval of her boyfriend and my girlfriend.

Kaitlyn turned and looked up at me, an inviting look on her face. I felt like I was falling as my lips moved slowly towards her. Down, down, down I slowly went until my lips touched hers.

My lips had barely touched hers before Kaitlyn pushed her tongue into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and let her tongue in as I continued to squeeze her tits. This was so hot, so crazy; to be Frenching my sister like this. And she wanted it; she totally wanted me doing this – her tongue was dueling mine fiercely; she was pressing her tits into my hands; she was moaning every time I squeezed or tweaked. I was totally inflamed with lust, and I needed to fuck. I needed to fuck right now.

I broke off the kiss and looked over at Joanna and Paul. They were Frenching and groping like Kaitlyn and I were. Joanna must have noticed me looking at them as she broke off their kiss and stood up. She grabbed her crop top, pulled it over her head and threw it aside. She grinned mightily as she walked towards me while swaying her hips sexily. When she reached me, she took my hand and pulled me towards the couch. When we got to the couch, she pushed me to lie down the length of the couch on my back. She grabbed her shorts and slowly pulled them down while wiggling her ass. It was a crazy sex show. I stared at her neatly trimmed, dark brown bush while she slowly pushed her shorts to the floor.

Joanna stepped out of the shorts and came on to the couch on her knees. She straddled my face and commanded, “Eat me.” I stuck my tongue upward and parted her pussy lips. Her pussy was full of moisture – the wettest I could remember her being. I ran my tongue up and down the full length of her pussy, exploring how wet she was. I liked Joanna’s taste and slurped up her juices as quickly as I could. I brought my hands up to cup Joanna’s ass to help her balance. I’d done oral sex on Joanna many times, but this was the first time she had ever sat on my face like this.

As I slurped, I suddenly heard Kaitlyn’s voice say, “Fuck, yeah!” Based on the loudness, she was close by – definitely not in her bedroom. With Joanna’s legs pressed lightly against my ears, it was hard to place where the sound had come from. I gave Joanna a couple more licks before I heard Kaitlyn say, “That’s it! God, yes. Lick me, Paul! I’m so damn wet!”

I pictured this part of the living room – the coffee table to my right was the center of the furniture here. Above my head was the TV and on the opposite side of the TV were two comfy chairs that had low, U-shaped backs and thick cushions to sit on. It was from there that I decided I was hearing Kaitlyn. Knowing that my sister was having oral sex and was probably naked so close to me drove me wild. I redoubled my efforts to make Joanna cum.

I made a series of quick licks around Joanna’s clit kaçak casino as Kaitlyn continued to moan. I had no idea how I was doing as this was a new position, and I couldn’t hear Joanna’s breathing over Kaitlyn’s loud moans. I took a break from focusing on eating Joanna out to look upwards. She was holding her upper body straight, and her body seemed so long from this angle. She had her right arm on the couch back to help her keep her balance. Her small tits really stood out from her chest. I took a mental picture and stored it away as one of life’s precious memories before I returned my focus to making her cum.

As my tongue danced around Joanna’s clit, I listened to Kaitlyn continue to moan. The two couples having sex like this was incredibly crazy; like something out of a porn movie. What would Joanna do once I made her cum? Would she fuck me in front of Paul and Kaitlyn?

Kaitlyn’s moans got even louder. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” It was incredibly erotic to hear my sister’s cries of ecstasy. She sounded close to cumming. I had no idea how close Joanna was, so I continued frantically working her clit.

I heard Kaitlyn yell, “Yes!” and then she was quiet. A few moments later, I heard movement from that part of the room. Were they going to fuck in the chair right next to us? Then I heard them moving away from us and the door to bedroom close. Shortly after that Joanna came, flooding my face with her juices.

After Joanna clambered off me, I sat up. Joanna grabbed her clothes off the floor and said, “Let’s go to our bedroom.” I noticed Kaitlyn and Paul’s clothes were still strewn all over the floor. Joanna smiled and said, “They’ll have to pick them up later.”

* * * *

The next morning Thursday, I was awakened by the sound of someone entering our bedroom. I looked up to see it was Kaitlyn, dressed in her crop top and shorts from last night. Joanna was snuggled against me on the wall side, so I had an unobstructed view of Kaitlyn.

Once Kaitlyn saw I was awake, she said quietly, “Good morning!”

I shook my head. What was Kaitlyn doing in my room? She had never come into my room when I was with a girlfriend before. From the light, it was probably ten minutes before Mom would knock on our doors. As much as I loved my sister, I didn’t want her seeing me and my girlfriend in bed naked. It bothered me that another social rule was being broken. “What are you doing here, Kaitlyn?”

I noticed Kaitlyn had something in her hand, which she dropped on the floor. Joanna was awake now, and she partially sat up so she could see.

Kaitlyn said, “Last night, Paul got a look at Joanna’s naked backside. I want to keep things even.” With that, she turned around. She grabbed her crop top, pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. She grabbed her shorts and pulled them slowly down while sexily wiggling her ass like Joanna had done the night before. Joanna laughed good-naturedly. I admired Kaitlyn’s beautiful ass as she put on her show. She was a curvy girl and had a full, nicely-rounded ass. Her firm ass cheeks practically begged to be squeezed. Kaitlyn has to be the sexiest woman in the world. Eventually, Kaitlyn was squatting on the ground. There was enough light that I could see her stepping into something. Then she was moving upwards, swinging her ass side-to-side again, as she slowly pulled up her bikini bottoms. When she reached her full height, she pulled the bottoms into position. In her hand was her top, which she quickly put on while continuing to face away from us. She gave us a look over her shoulder, smiled, and said, “See ya soon.”

Joanna said, “Kaitlyn! I’d like to have a long talk with Brandon. Could you cover for me at breakfast?”

“Sure. Talk as long as you want.” And then Kaitlyn slipped out the door.

I looked at Joanna. I was curious as to what she wanted to have a long talk about. Last night, we had crashed right away after we had fucked, so there hadn’t been a chance to talk.

Joanna said, “I want to talk about last night. It went waaay further than I was expecting. While you were kissing on Kaitlyn’s neck and shoulders, Paul asked me several times if he could feel my tits. I said no, that we could only do what you and Kaitlyn were doing. Paul told you to feel Kaitlyn’s tits so he could feel mine. He was happy when he saw you kiss Kaitlyn as that meant he could kiss me. Everything had me so excited I had to have sex right there and then.”

So Paul had been more than fine about what Kaitlyn and I had done. Probably thought it creepy, but was happy to ignore what we were doing if he could do what he wanted with Joanna. I was not in a happy mood.

Joanna smiled at me. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; it was all harmless fun. This morning, I wanted to tell you why I think that. I have three reasons, the most important of which is you’re my guy; you’re the one I want to have sex with, the one I want to sleep with, the one I want to wake up with, the one I want to have fun with.” That made me feel warm all over. Joanna had never declared her affection for me so strongly before. “Reason number two is that I trust you and Kaitlyn. You aren’t going to do anything to hurt me. Hopefully you trust me to not do anything that hurts you.”

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