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Kari looked down at her watch again and wondered if the plane was taking the scenic route around the airport. Jesse’s plane should’ve landed twenty minutes ago and the parking garage charged by the quarter hour. But she had yet to see anyone who even remotely resembled the scrawny little kid that had palled around with her brother Josh for as far back as she could recall. Although, to be honest, she hadn’t seen Jesse since the boys had graduated from high school. And then it was pretty much just a ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ before he rushed off to join his family.

She remembered taking the boys to little league games, the movies, to the arcade…hell, there were even times when Jesse was there to help her with stuff when Josh was no where to be found. How could she have said ‘No’ when Jesse called a few days ago and asked if he could stay when he came into town on a couple of job interviews? From what Josh had told her his childhood companion had apparently done quite well in college and was now being courted by some of the larger tech firms in the United States.

And she was looking forward to a visit from home, even if it was in the form of her brother’s best friend. Kari had gone off to college when the boys were still in junior high and met Ryan, the love of her life (or at least she had thought he was the love of her life.) She had followed Ryan to the other side of the country and her visits home had dwindled over the years. But Mr. Not-so-wonderful had skipped out on her with his dental hygienist three months earlier Kari decided to stay here in the life she had settled into. She had a good job that she enjoyed and good friends that kept her from feeling lonely.

“Excuse me, Kari?” The man walking up to her seemed to recognize her, which was sadly more than she could say because he was gorgeous.

“Yes?” She responded politely, wondering if he had maybe been a friend of Ryan’s. No, she certainly would have remembered a friend that looked this yummy.

“It’s me.” At her completely blank look he continued. “Jesse.”

Holy crap! Jesse was no longer the scrawny little kid that she remembered. Not by a long shot. “Wow. You grew up nicely.” Nicely was an understatement. Hubba Hubba was more like it.

Jesse grinned playfully and wrapped her in a friendly hug. “You didn’t do so badly yourself.”

Jesse wasn’t overly tall, which was okay because neither was she. But instead of the scrawny, gangly kid she remembered he was solid and muscular and just plain sexy. He even smelled good. “How was your flight?” She asked, pulling away from him and recovering her ability to speak again.

“Good, thanks.” He handed her over a bag he had been carrying. “This is from my mom…in way of thanks for letting me stay with you.”

Kari peeked into the bag and found a batch of her world-famous fudge. No kidding, his mom had to make the best fudge on the entire planet. She closed her eyes and moaned. “Oh I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“There should be enough there for both of you.” Jesse looked around curiously. “Speaking of, where’s your boyfriend?”

“We broke up a few months ago.” Kari looked at him in surprise. “I’m surprised Josh didn’t mention it.”

Jesse shrugged, looking a little uncomfortable. “We don’t see as much of each other as we used to. He’s kind of busy with his new girlfriend.”

“Hey, it’s not like I expect you guys to sit around talking about my personal life anyway.” Kari took his discomfort to be about Josh and wanted to put him at ease. “In fact, I’d think it was really rather sad if you did.”

Jesse’s laughter was rich and deep. “Oh yeah. In fact, you’re all we ever talk about.”

“Sad.” Kari shook her head, trying not to grin but failing miserably. “Very sad.”

“That’s why I’m really here, in fact.” Jesse easily fell into step beside her as she led him toward the parking garage. Kari glanced at him quizzically and he expounded, “To collect all the juicy details.”

Kari did laugh outright this time. “Well if you find any, be sure to let me know.”


Jesse was starting to wonder if this was some sort of penance for jerking off too many times or something. Not only was Josh’s sister even hotter than he remembered, but she was suddenly and rather inconveniently unattached. Of course he didn’t think for a moment that he had a chance in hell with her, but there was no telling his semi-stiff cock that.

“I think those two girls over there are checking you out.” Kari indicated two blondes across the bar before taking another sip of her beer.

Jesse watched her lips press against the beer bottle, at the moment completely unconcerned if there were ten naked women playing volleyball right in front of him. “I wasn’t really looking to—”

“Girl at home then?” Kari asked conversationally. “Josh never tells me anything either.”

Jesse took a big swig of his beer. He could’ve taken the easy way out and agreed that he was being loyal to that special someone, but he didn’t feel comfortable lying casino oyna about it either. “No. Not really. Just not into the one night stand thing.”

Kari laughed. “Are you sure you’re a guy?”

Jesse knew by the throbbing in his lap that he was very much male right now. “Ouch. The ‘ex’ must’ve been a real prize winner.”

She sighed and upended the rest of her beer, motioning to the bar tender to bring them two more bottles. “Lived off of me while he got through dental school and started a practice before dumping me for the girl that holds his floss.”

“Floss, huh?” Jesse chuckled, attempting to ease out of the hornet’s nest that he had inadvertently stumbled upon. “I’ve heard it called a lot of things, but never floss.”

Kari thought about it for a moment before smiling wickedly. “Well, let’s just say he wasn’t in danger of expanding any palates.”

He grabbed for his bottle and threw down the rest of his brew, trying to wash away the image of Kari giving him a very thorough blow job. “So, are you dating anyone now?” Smooth Jess, real smooth. Now she’s gonna think you’re asking her out. Of course she did start this conversation. Was she asking…no…too much beer…raging hormones…

“No. I’m kind of enjoying my freedom right now.” She shook her head dismissively and took another swig of beer. “I like being master of my own destiny, yada, yada, yada…” Kari winked playfully. “That and I’ve got a good vibrator.”

Oh man. No way in hell he was going to be able to sleep tonight with that knowledge. That and the hard-on that went along with it. He took a healthy drink from the new bottle in front of him and decided to forge on foolishly. “So, what do women use for motivation? You know, kind of like men and their stacks of girlie mags…what do you use?”

“Definitely not girly mags.” Kari joked before pausing to give his question more serious consideration. “If I read something erotic I guess…or almost any movie that Matt Damon is in.”

Jesse laughed. “So Matt Damon erotica would be a big hit with you?”

“Absolutely.” Kari grinned and rested her hand on his forearm. “What about you? Stack of girlie mags? Although I must admit that that would disappoint me somehow.”

“Only as an absolutely last resort.” He assured her, leaning in closer until their heads almost met. “I have a fairly active imagination.”

“Oh really?” Kari looked intrigued. “What do you imagine?”

Jesse took another drink for courage. “Tits mostly.” He glanced down and could see an entirely too inviting view of her breasts. Well, he certainly knew what his motivation would be next time.

Kari laughed, resting her hand on his thigh for balance. “Okay, I take it back. You are a man.”

‘Oh yeah, allllllllllll man…let me show you,’ his mind screamed. Jesse took another drink to silence that troublemaker inner voice of his. “Well, you asked.”

“Who’s tits?” She asked, much to his consternation wrapping her lips around the beer bottle again.

Jesse gulped hard. “Pardon me?”

“You know…” Kari tapped the neck of her beer against his chest impatiently. “I told you all about the tawdry things I do with Matt.”

“Well, not exactly.” He said, wrapping his hand around hers on the bottle in an act of self-preservation.

“I didn’t?” Kari asked in surprise. “Well, Matt does the most incredible thing to me with his tongue—”

“Enough!” Jesse said laughingly. “I want to be able to sleep at some point tonight.”

“And you wouldn’t be able to sleep if all you could picture was Matt’s tongue in my—”

“No.” He cut her off laughingly. “Not even remotely.”

Kari pulled a face. “Yeah, I suppose imagining me having sex is kind of like imagining your parents doing the deed.”

Jesse chose not to argue the point. It was far easier to let her think that she was his mother’s contemporary instead of the truth.

“But you never told me who’s.” She persisted.

“‘Who’s’ what?”

“Who’s tits?” Kari repeated succinctly, as if she were speaking to a small child.

Jesse racked his brain for some name that Kari might believe. “Angelina Jolie.” He finally threw a name out there, although he couldn’t remember Angelina’s tits ever doing the trick for him the way the set in front of him did.

“Oooh, good choice.” Kari nodded her approval. “I don’t even think I’d mind doing Angelina Jolie.”

Oh great. Add that mental picture to the things that would keep him stiff all night. “Bartender, could we get a couple of tequila shots here please?”

“Shots?” She asked in surprise. “What? Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?”

No. He was trying to get himself drunk enough so that he wouldn’t. “Just haven’t been out drinking with a friend in a while.” Jesse held up the tall shot glass that had been set in front of him in a toast. “Thought we’d do it right.”

“And get shit faced?” Kari surmised, picking up her glass as well.


“Sounds like a plan to me.”


“The canlı casino only trouble with drinking—” she paused and tried unsuccessfully to insert her key into her deadbolt.

“Aside from impaired motor skills.” Jesse teased, guiding her hand smoothly into the lock.

“Well, that too.” Kari agreed, leaning heavily on the door as she pushed it open and thus stumbling into the condo. She shrugged out of her jacket and tossed it in the general direction of the chair. “But the only trouble is I get so damned horny.”

Oh, yeah. He knew only too well how that felt. Jesse had really hoped that a row of tequila shots might slow down One-eyed Fred there a little bit, but the word ‘horny’ perked him right back up. “Well, you said you’ve got a good vibrator…” ‘Shut up Jesse. Just shut up before you hurt yourself.’

Kari sighed. “But it’s just not the same.”

Oh please God don’t let her start touching herself. He wasn’t sure he could survive that. “I’m sure you’ll find—”

“But I want it now.” She looked down at his jeans and smiled at him knowingly. “And so do you.”

Oh fuck. “Okay, so maybe it makes me a little horny too.” Jesse conceded, shifting uncomfortably.

“A little?” Kari giggled. “You’ve stopped talking with me since we started discussing tits.” One hand cupped each breast and hefted them in his direction. “They don’t have eyes, Jess.”

Busted. He felt his checks grow red. “Well, you do have great tits.” He conceded with a little laugh.

“Do you really think so?” She arched back, thrusting her tits thrust forward and it was all he could do not to reach out for them. “Ryan always said they were too big.”

“Ryan was an idiot.” Jesse said shortly, drawn closer as if by some big magnet. “Your tits are perfect.”

Kari beamed and before his fuzzy brain could comprehend what was happening her t-shirt was off and flying across the room. “Wanna see?”

Oh boy did he ever. Jesse knew they were both drunk and would probably regret it in the morning, but a guy just didn’t get this kind of opportunity everyday. “Better than perfect.” He whispered reverently.

Kari reached for his hands and brought them to her chest. “Touch me.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. His fingers flexed, stretching to get there before he woke up and found that this was all just some cruel dream. Jesse watched, fascinated, as his hand carefully cupped her soft, fleshy mounds. To say she felt good was an understatement. And the deep moan that slipped past her lips when he caressed her nipple thru the lace of her bra…oh yeah, this had to be a dream.

“Too—” Kari reached behind herself impatiently. “Much—” she grunted and she flicked at the hooks that held her bra in place. “Material.” A small pop and her breasts spilled out of their restraints and into his hands.

“Oh yeah, better than I ever imagined.” Jesse murmured, gently caressing her nipples into stiff little nubs.

“You’ve imagined my tits?” She asked in surprise.

He eased the straps off her arms and sent the bra in the same general direction as her top. Jess wanted nothing to impede his view of those beautiful globes. “You were my first wet dream.” Oh fucking hell. Goddamned fucking tequila. Not strong enough to make him limp. But too strong to keep his mouth shut.

Kari’s eyes widened. “I was?”

Oh well, in for a penny… “And a few subsequent dreams as well.” His attention was focused solely on the full, beautiful breasts in his hands. “Do you really think I hung around because Josh had better video games?” Jesse admonished, now working both nipples to taut points. He nudged her legs apart and settled between them, drawn to her heat.

“Uhm, yeah?” Kari chewed at her lower lip, unintentionally thrusting into him.

“Not even close.” He blew lightly across her nipple and delighted in her full body shiver. “I was there hanging out waiting for just a peek at these.”

“Only a peek?”

“Well, in my fantasies it was more like a long, leisurely taste.” He admitted, his mouth hovering over the distended nipple.

“Well, you’ve come this far…” She urged breathlessly.

Jesse would deal with the wrongness of his ways some other time. Right now her nipples were in his hands, begging to be kissed, laved, suckled…and he was just drunk enough to do it too. His tongue slid out and slowly circled her areola to get a taste of her. Gradually he moved his attention to her rigid nipple, teasing it with soft little lashes until she whimpered and arched impatiently up to meet his mouth.

“Oh God.” Kari gasped when he sucked her nipple into his mouth, his tongue eagerly exploring and caressing her sweet pink bud. Definitely better than he had imagined.

Jesse worked one nipple with his thumb and finger while he made an oral study of the other, painstakingly inspecting every inch of her soft, sweet flesh. Hell, he didn’t know if he was ever going to get a chance to do this again so he was going to make sure he did it right.

In fact, he was so kaçak casino caught up in the pleasure of the task at hand that he almost didn’t register her hand tugging at his belt. But her fingers wrapping around his straining cock was the bucket of cold water he needed. “Okay, I think its time for us to say good night now.” He whispered, reluctantly stepping away from her.

“Wouldn’t that be better after we’re done?” Kari purred, slowly running her hand up and down his length.

Jesse groaned and gently removed her hands from his pants. “I think we might be better off revisiting this when we’re sober.” He was sure he would be rewarded for this someday, but he was going to have a hell of a time convincing the lower half of his body that this was the best thing to do.

She crossed her arms over her breasts and considered him for a long moment. “Okay, I can see how this might be awkward in the daylight for you.”

“Actually, I was thinking more of you.” He put his hands on her shoulders, turned her toward the hall and gently nudged her toward her bedroom. “If you’re at all interested in revisiting this issue when we’re not drunk I’m all for it.”

“You’re a good kid.” She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at him. “A little misguided perhaps, but sweet.”

‘Good kid?’ ‘ Sweet?’ Oh, talk about a deflator…for a second there he expected her to pat him on top of the head and send him off to play. “Gee, thanks.” Jesse replied flatly.

Kari weaved uncertainly into her room and he heard her drop like a dead weight onto the bed. It had to be for the best, right? If she was that drunk she could’ve passed out in the middle…or worst still, woke up and gotten very pissed at him for taking advantage of her. And to be honest, as hot as it was sucking her tits, and it was hot, if he was going to get in her pants he wanted them both to be there for it. He turned and headed into the guest room, thinking that if his head didn’t hurt too much and his dick ever forgave him tomorrow might turn out to be an interesting day.


Kari woke up and wondered why she was sleeping on top of the covers. When she tried to lift her head up and felt the cement blocks weighing it down she had a vague idea what might have been the cause. The last thing she really remembered was Jesse ordering tequila shots. ‘What the fuck was I thinking?’ she wondered as she carefully sat up, her hand on the side of her head to hold her brains in. ‘And where the fuck is my shirt?’ she added when the cool air hit her chest. Oh she must’ve been in sad shape last night to only have gotten half undressed before she passed out.

Kari finished undressing and slid into her robe before going out to the kitchen to get the coffee maker going. Her mind wandered to a naughty little dream she had had about her house guest…damn, if she thought he was hot in person, dream Jesse did some pretty amazing things to her. It had definitely been far too long since she had gotten laid.

She wandered into the living room to check the weather while she waited for her coffee to brew and was horrified when she saw her shirt and bra laying on the chair…exactly where she’d thrown them in her dream. “Oh this can’t be good.” She groaned, quickly grabbing the offending articles and shoving them in her pocket.

“Please tell me that that is coffee that I smell?” Jesse’s voice was gruff as he entered the room, looking every bit as hung over as she felt.

She nodded her head and pointed in the general direction of the kitchen, her eyes inadvertently drawn to his boxer briefs. She had a vague memory of touching him in her dream, but if she had seen anything that looked that good she would’ve never let go. Kari had to pull her eyes away before she embarrassed herself. “Uhm, so, how did you sleep?” She asked over her shoulder as she headed into the other room. Oh holy hell, she was going to burn for this for sure.

He followed her into the kitchen, which was suddenly very small. “Passed out is more like it.” He replied with a rueful smile. “What about you?”

Kari watched him scrub at the night’s growth of whiskers on his cheek and wondered how it would feel rubbing against her skin. “Uhm, yeah, passed out pretty much covers it.” Snap out of it. She pulled a couple of mugs out of the cabinet and set them in front of the coffee maker. “You know, I had the strangest dream…”

Jesse leaned against the counter next to her. “Oh yeah?” He reached past her for his mug and she could feel his warmth in all the wrong places. “What about?”

“It’s the funniest thing.” Kari cleared her throat uncomfortably. “I dreamt that when we got home from the bar last night I kind of threw myself at you.”

Jesse swallowed hard and all of her worst suspicions were confirmed. “Oddly enough I had a similar dream, except in mine I was all over you.”

Damn. “Well…if it was anything like my dream I was stripping off clothes and shoving things into your face.”

Jesse shook his head. “Well, I have to figure that we wouldn’t have had those dreams if I hadn’t ordered a dozen shots.”

“Is that how many we drank?” She asked in wide-eyed alarm.

“I honestly don’t know.” He shook his head and winced. “But it sure feels like it.”

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