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I almost laughed at the look on his face as he slowly turned around and saw Gail standing there. “Oh my gawd! How long…” He was dumbfounded, but his eyes traveled up and down her naked body.

“I’ve been here for a few minutes.” Gail had regained her composure and smiled as her hands fell to her sides. “Let’s say I was quite surprised to hear Jon say you enjoyed our home movies.” I didn’t catch what must have been a questioning look on his face, but Gail did and nodded. “Yes, I watched you do Jon. I wish I would have been here sooner.” With a small smile she looked at me and raised her eyebrow.

I knew what she was thinking, “Yes lover, I got Dave off first. It’s been a long time…and what a mouthful. He and Larry found our movies quite a few years ago, from what I understand.” Dave eye’s still roamed Gail’s body as we talked. Unconsciously his hand had found his hard cock and he slowly stroked it. “Speaking of Larry…where is he? I figured he would be here too.”

Dave finally found his voice. “ the apartment..I guess..” He said no more as Gail cupped her heavy breasts and fondled her nipples. Slowly she let her hands travel down over her belly and as she lightly touched her thighs her fingers moved closer to her sex. Dave’s eyes followed her hands like a magnet. A rush of air escaped him as she parted the dark hair and exposed her outer lips and protruding clit.

She walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. “Stand up here in front of me and let me get a good look at that cock of yours.” She instructed Dave. He moved off the bed and stood in front of her holding his cock. “It’s so big.” Gail leaned slightly forward and licked the precum leaking from the tip.

“Oh! It’s…it’s ten inches…” Dave stammered.

Pushing his hand away she took him at the base and pulled up. “And you’re not circumcised.” The foreskin came up over the crown, almost covering the tip. As she pulled down exposing the head she leaned forward and his cock disappeared in her mouth, well past the crown, and sucked up and down. Removing him she looked closely as her hand returned to pumping. “Damn, it’s so thick and hard!”

“Yeh…I…I…guess…” He stared down at her.

Holding him Gail stood and pressing her body tight to his stretched up and kissed him. His eyes went wide and he looked at me, I smiled and winked. He closed his eyes and his tongue parted Gail’s lips. His hands moved over her hips and along her sides until he held the sides of her breasts. Holding them firmly he pulled her closer to him. Gail’s free hand went around his back and forced him closer.

I sat mesmerized until they broke their soul kiss minutes later, Gail stepped away slightly. She was breathless and her face was flushed. Turning she bent over and put her elbows on the bed. From David’s position he had an unobstructed view of her tight puckered hole, and the wet swollen lips of her cunt.

“Go easy, but fuck me…” Gail looked me straight in the eye as she spoke to Dave. Stepping forward Dave held his cock and ran the tip up and down the full length of her slit. Her eyes took on a look that I hadn’t seen in years. It was one of pure lust, and I knew she had lost all ‘sense of decorum befitting a lady.’ Her focus was still on me, “Fuck my cunt and fill me with your cum!” She hissed. Her hand reached out and grasped my still spent cock. It was at that moment I yearned for the vitality of youth and envied their ability of rapid regeneration.

From the corner of my eye I could see Dave move closer and his hands caressing the roundness of Gail’s asscheeks. He continued to gently caress her, and a soft relaxing smile crossed her face. Suddenly her grip tightened on my cock; her eyes got bigger; and her jaw dropped open.

“Oh my gawd-d-d…Oh-h-h-h-h…” She cried out and stared at me, her eyes wide and straining. I could see Dave pulling her cheeks apart and pushing towards her. “He’s so big…oh fuck Jon! Ummmm…ahhhh…yesss…ok…”

I broke away from her gaze and watched as Dave slowly pushed forward until I saw his thighs press against the back of hers. He stood without moving until she indicated she was ready. I marveled as he pulled away and how his cock glistened from her juices coating his huge shaft. He pulled back until just the tip of the thick head remained inside her, upon withdrawal the foreskin had slid up and now covered the crown.

His hands traveled over the cheeks and then along the outside of her hips, as they came around her thighs he took a firm hold. Staring down at his cock tip just inside the outer lips he spoke. “It was always the missionary casino şirketleri position. She never did anything different. Before we were married it was ok, but afterwards…afterwards she said I was to big and it hurt when I fucked her.” He looked up at me the mixture of pain, anger and lust was evident not only in his voice but in his eyes.

Gail squeezed my cock and I looked back at her. She was almost panting and her eyes were want with desire. “Fuck me.” She spoke in barely a whisper, but her voice filled the room. “Fuck me-E-E-EIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! Oh! Oh! Yes! Ugghhh…yes…”

I had to reach out and hold her shoulders to keep her from falling over as Dave slammed into her. There was a loud smack as his thighs met hers. Just as quickly as he filled her he pulled back and slammed into her again!

Gail was in control of herself once again, she looked deep into my eyes and our minds were one. She spoke but not to me. “Yes David. That’s it baby…uggg…do to me what…uhh..she..ugg..ugg..wouldn’t let you do!” There was barely a break in the sound of Dave’s thighs slapping against Gail’s.

I quickly looked to Dave. His jaw was set with a look of determination on his face. He was looking down watching his cock pound in and out. His hip was a blur as he slammed in and out of her! I don’t know how to explain it but even with all the pent up anger and hurt he had inside him, he wasn’t being overly hurtful. Although he held her legs firmly for leverage, they rode lightly applying pressure only when he thrust deeply into her.

I looked back to Gail and smiled. Her eyes danced and suddenly she pursed her lips. “Jon. He’s getting ready…” she quickly licked her lips. “It’s getting thicker. I…”

“Gail. GAIL! I’m sorry! I can’t wait…” Dave’s words came out in short quick bursts. His hands rested flat on the small of her back, his body shook as his hips made short rapid jerks. “Damn, damn, damn!”

“David, it’s ok! Go ahead. Let it happen…it’s fine.” Gail was looking at me and as she nodded her head at me I knew she knew he was going to fill her.

“Inside?” He asked. “IN YOU?” He asked again.

“YES! NOW my sweet boy-y-Y-Y-Y-E-E-E-I-I-I-FUCKKKKK!!! YES-S-S-S” Gail screamed and then there was no sound. Her mouth was open but nothing came out. She stared wide-eyed into my eyes. I knew and could almost feel his hot cum spurting stream after stream into her.

“UGGGG!” Dave buried himself completely and using the flat of his hands held her back against him, and didn’t move. He had held back for so long, he didn’t have to. He felt each load travel the length of his cock and explode his seed into her. Over and over he erupted, the fantasy since childhood, coming true. “Ohhhhhh…yesssss….” As the volcano in his belly subsided he began a slow easy motion. His cum now flowing steadily from his spent prick.

“Jon, he’s still cumming. My gawd, I can feel every one.” I still held her shoulders and she spoke softly. “He’s so gentle, he’s fucking me and I can feel the cum still running out of him. Oh David, there is nothing wrong with you…you are fantastic.”

“Oh damn. I don’t believe this.” Dave stepped back and fell into the bedroom chair behind him. His cock, finally spent and flaccid, lay against his thigh. The foreskin covered the head, but leftover drops of cum puddled and ran down his thigh.

“When you feel up to it, why don’t you give Larry a call.” Gail looked over at Dave and winked. “In the meantime I really have to go!” She giggled and slid off the bed heading towards the bathroom. Not bothering to close the door we were treated to the sound of her relieving herself and then water running in the sink.

Dave grinned from ear to ear and walked over to the phone on the nightstand. He punched in Larry’s number and waited for him to answer. “Hey Larry, what are you doing?” He stood quietly and listened as Gail came out handed me a warm washcloth. Sitting on the edge of the bed she lifted Dave’s cock and began cleaning him. “OH!” Dave jumped and gasped as she pulled the foreskin back and gently cleaned. “Huh?…No, Jon’s working on the old Jeep and wanted me to get him a wrench.”

With that Gail and I began to laugh and had to cover our mouths to stifle the sound. Dave grinned but continued to watch Gail and tried to carry on a conversation with Larry. Her hands never stopped as she thoroughly wiped him clean and there were the beginnings of another erection.

“Hey Lar listen. We’re done here for now, and need to wash up.” I grabbed a pillow, as did Gail, to stifle the sounds of our laughter. The kid sure casino firmalari had a way with words! “Jon’s going to break out the beer and wanted me to invite you over.” He paused and listened. “OK, see you in a couple hours. About 7…yeh..ok…bye.” Hanging up the phone Dave got a goofy grin on his face and we all broke into laughter.

Gail was the first to regain her composure. “Hey you guys, I’ll put some fries in the over while you do some burgers on the grill.” She headed naked towards the kitchen.

I found a couple robes in my closet and tossed one to Dave. Seeing one of Gail’s sheer ones I took it with me as we followed her out. She was busy putting things together so I poured her a glass of wine and grabbed a couple beers, tossing one to Dave. He and I grilled the burgers and had a few beers while they cooked. During dinner he and I shared with Gail all that had happened prior to her arrival that afternoon, how Dave and Larry had found our home movie years before and how Larry had been ‘servicing’ Dave for the last few months. The topic of discussion had a definite effect on Gail and Dave. Her nipples were rock hard and she squirmed in her chair, and Dave’s cock, when he got up to get another round, was standing straight out between the folds of his robe. As for myself, the spirit was certainly willing but the flesh was weak. I had a partial hard on, but knew it would be a little while before I was fully recovered.

While cleaning up the kitchen we decided we needed a ‘plan’. Finally we settled on putting ‘the movie’ in and were watching it when Larry came over. Dave and Gail would be on the couch and I would sit in my easy chair. We had about half an hour before we expected Larry, so we got comfortable and started the movie.

I began by watching it with them, but as it progressed it was much more erotic to watch the two of them. Dave had his arm around Gail and was gently fondling her breast, while her hand had found his hard cock and was lightly stroking it, pulling the foreskin completely over the head then down tightly to the base. I had a sudden thought and hurried off to the bedroom, returning with the camcorder and tripod. Gail glanced over and smiled when she saw what I was doing.

Dave looked over and grinned, “Now that’s really cool…”

They went back to the movie while I set it up beside my chair. I was still planning and wanting to join in whatever was to happen, but the thought of getting it all on film seemed a much more interesting prospect. Everything was set and taking Gail’s empty wine glass and cans went into the kitchen for refills. As I was coming back the doorbell rang and saw Larry standing there. Making sure my robe was pulled tight I opened the door.

“Come on in Larry. Here, have a beer I’ll go get another one.” I smiled and closed the door behind him. “Oh! Take these in to Gail and Dave.” Handing him the refills I turned back to the kitchen.

“Hey thanks, Jon. Sure I can do that.” Larry headed towards the living room. As I stepped into the kitchen you couldn’t help but hear him. “What the fuck? Oh SHIT! Damn!”

I stood in the kitchen and laughed imagining the look on his face! I took my time getting my beer and without going in just stood in the kitchen doorway listening. Everything was going on tape so I wasn’t missing anything. Undoing the sash on my robe I took my cock in my hand and enjoyed the feeling of my hand stroking the length. The kitchen is adjacent to the livingroom so I had no trouble hearing everything. That alone was enough to excite me.

“I want this cock in me again, but let me go slow.” She had to be straddling him and lowering her pussy on his cock! “Oh yes, Larry bring that cock over here.” I knew that Gail was playing to the camera, but I also hoped she was doing it for my benefit knowing I was listening. “Your about the same as Jon, but not as thick…come here young man and let me see if I can suck it and make it thicker…..”

“I don’t believe this…just don’t believe…ohhhdamnnnn…” The disbelief could be heard in Larry’s voice. “Shit Dave! It’s a dream she’s sucking my cock..and…and you’re fucking her! Oh Gawd-d-d!”

“NO! NO! DAVE NOT MY CLIT! OHHhhhHHHHEEEEeeee…Oh gawd your cock is killing me! Oh fuck!…No! No-o-ohhhh..” I didn’t know what Dave had done to her clit, but I knew damn well that his cock was buried deep in her.

“Relax Gail, it’s ok, just let it happen…your clit is so big…” Dave spoke softly.

“Yes it is…no…yes..please no…oh…OH…please not this way… AHHHIIEEEeeee…” Her voice was both panting and pleading. Why?

I güvenilir casino couldn’t wait any longer and stepped into the room. Dave was slid down on the couch with Gail straddling him. He was motionless and his entire length was buried in her cunt. Larry’s actions got my attention! He stood behind Gail holding his hard cock moving forward. The head of his cock just pushed past the tight outer muscle of her dark puckered back hole. I stood frozen as inch after inch entered her. I had only had Gail like that once years before. She had found it to painful so I had never gone there again. Now here I stood watching Larry entering forbidden territory.

“Dave! No not my clit..stop please…Larry wait! Stop! Let me get used… grrr-r-r-r-r-r-r….oh FUCK!” Dave had eased up on her clit, but Larry kept pushing forward. He was buried in her and his balls hung down and rested against Dave’s. Leaning forward her took both Gail’s breasts in his hands and pulled on her turgid nipples. “OHHHHHHYESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

Dave’s hand began to move faster. “Gail, are you ok?” It sounded like ‘hiss’ but I thought she meant ‘yes’. I moved up next to them. “I can feel Larry’s cock against mine. We’ve talked about doing this to you for years. Did you know that?”

“hiss-s-s-s-s…” Gail’s fingers were digging into the couch above Dave’s head. He teased her clit with his fingers and Larry’s fingers now circled and caressed her nipples.

“Are you going to suck my cock off with your pussy when you cum?”


“Can Larry cum in your ass?”

“hiss-s-s-s…” “Aww shit Dave! She’s milking my cock with that muscle! So..fucking… tight…” Larry was slowly pulling his cock back.

Gail’s eyes suddenly opened and she literally growled into Dave’s face. “I’m going to cum…cum hard…fuck me now! NOW!”

Larry cupped her breasts as he jackhammered in and out of Gail’s violated ass. Dave’s hips pounded upwards into her cunt, his finger a blur as it rubbed her hard clit.




Gail’s climax was the catalyst, followed by Dave then Larry. The room was filled with screams. Dave’s balls pumped cum into her until it leaked from the sides of her stretched slit. Larry slammed in and out of her as his sac slapped against Dave’s. As he began cumming and would pull back I could see his cock spasming as it unloaded deep in her back hole.

“NO! NO!” All three looked at my outburst. “Fuck-k-k-k..” I hadn’t realized it but I had been standing there jacking off and suddenly I was shooting my load. As they stared my cum erupted over the three of them. I couldn’t stop and my fist pumped until I was empty and it dribbled down over my fist. “Damn…” My legs gave out and I sat straight down on the floor.

Larry followed me, collapsing on the floor, his cock leaving with a mushy ‘pop’. His cum flowing from Gail’s stretched hole, then mixing with Dave’s juices that leaked from around his softening cock.

I moved back and lifted myself up into my chair, turning off the camcorder.

Gail lifted herself off Dave and stood. “I’ll be right back,” then headed towards the bathroom. The home movie had ended and Dave turned the TV off. Gail came back with wet washcloths and a cold beer for each of us. “Let me get cleaned up and I’ll be back.”

The boys stayed for the rest of that weekend. Gail and I learned that one evening when they were babysitting, Larry had brought over his camcorder and using it made a copy of not only that home movie but also the others Gail and I had stashed in our night table. Their most favorite fantasy was just as they had done, and before the weekend was over it occurred a number of more times. Gail came to really enjoy it and in the years following I would satisfy her lust using that tight hole.

During the next year or so they would stop quite often. Most of the time they were considerate enough to call before stopping over. Sometimes they would both come over or maybe it would be just one or the other of them. Dave got a girlfriend and she joined us a few times. But as all things go they went on with their lives and both of them moved on. Dave ended up in Atlanta working as a supervisor for a UPS Distribution Center, remarried and the last we knew had 2 kids. Larry remained single, the last we knew, and had started his own business building Websites.

We had compiled quite a library of home videos, and of course, made copies. When either of them would get back into town they always stopped and we would all sit and watch one of them and have an enjoyable evening or weekend. I’ve lost track of them now, years later, and hope they are enjoying their lives, and just maybe they will read this story and enjoy the memories as much as I have in writing it.

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