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“Ann! Hurry up and get down here! Breakfast is almost ready and we aren’t waiting!” Her mother’s muffled voice crept annoyingly up the stairway and through the bathroom door.

“One minute!”

Pulling back her silky chocolate hair with both hands, she formed her customary ponytail, and secured it using an elastic tie that sported a light-blue glass flower. The four-petaled jewelry itself had been given to her by her sister Tiffany, who had picked it out one day as they perused the storefronts of the nearby outlet mall long ago. It went well with her eyes, Tiff said to her. Now that Tiff had returned home, she found herself wearing it more often… not just to show her appreciation for the gift, but to attract her sister’s attention. As if she need to try very hard to do that…

Another warning came from the kitchen downstairs, and Ann rushed to apply her subtle pink lipstick. Just some extra color to match her already bright outfit. With one last check of the mirror, she whirled away and threw open the bathroom door, hurrying down the hall before her mother could pester her further. As she descended the stairs, feet thumping the plush carpet of the steps, the smell of waffles, butter, eggs, and sausage greeted her. Her stomach growled. Ann realized that she had quite the appetite this morning, and licked her lips hungrily as she reached the foot of the stairway. Only a few steps remained to the informal dining room where she’d eaten breakfast for most of her life.

It had been just over three weeks since the night that Tiff had arrived home from school and walked in on Ann. She’d been desperate and depressed before that moment, lost in the process of finding her path after graduating from high school. Confused and alone, Ann had turned to masturbation to calm herself, kicking off a series of events that led to her eventual discovery of the mutual love, and lust, that existed between her and Tiff. In the ensuing weeks, Tiff had begun to mentor Ann, walking her through college application essays, financial aid, and SAT review. Infatuated with her sister, Ann had worked diligently and shown improvement in multiple subjects. According to Tiff, she already had a good shot at improving her written testing scores.

Walnut-colored ponytail swirling behind her, Ann skidded into the eating area, ready for breakfast. Her older sister, already seated with her plate, looked up from her phone and squinted, giving Ann a sly smile.

“What took you so long?” teased Tiff, “Couldn’t find any clean clothes?”

Ann glared. “Maybe it’s because you took so long in the bathroom before me.”

She sat down across from Tiff, where a clean plate, a glass, and silverware had been set for her. There was a large loaf of cinnamon-swirl bread, along with several muffins and various fruits, placed on a tray at the center of the table. Ann could hear her mother moving about in the kitchen, still putting the finishing touches on the morning fare. Since she’d been a girl, breakfast had always been the most important meal of the day in the Webber household.

“Where’s dad?” asked Ann, pulling out her own smartphone to check her notifications.

“Oh, he left for work already, something about an early board meeting…” explained Tiff nonchalantly.

“That’s right, your father is very busy at work these days.” Elizabeth Webber entered the room, carrying a pitcher in either hand. “Would my girls like some orange juice or milk?”

“I’ll have some milk!” said Tiff.

“And I’ll have orange juice, please,” replied Ann, sliding her glass on the table.

Tiff leaned back in her chair. “I guess little sister has had enough milk the past couple weeks…”

Ann coughed loudly at the veiled pun, and shot a dirty look at Tiff. It was true, after all. The past weeks, she’d ingested more of her sister’s cum than she cared to admit. Though she’d become more comfortable sharing a bed… or a closet, shower, even car… with her sister, she still was nervous when it came to letting Tiff ejaculate inside. Condoms had been offered, but Tiff wasn’t interested. So, as of yet, her only options were a series of swallows, or a tremendous mess. More often than not, Ann chose to drink as much of her sister’s “spilled milk” as possible… though sometimes there was far too much to contain.

Her mother laughed sweetly and began carefully pouring the drinks. “Whatever makes my babies happy!”

Just as Tiff’s glass was full, a timer cried out in the kitchen, and Beth rushed off to sooth it, her shoulder length hair and golden hoop earrings whirling about her head. Ann had inherited her mother’s darker hair color… but not her deep green eyes. Tiff had those. As soon as the two were alone, Ann turned to her sister and whispered angrily.

“Don’t say stuff like that Tiff. Our parents can’t find out about… us!”

“You mean… that we’re fucking?” said Tiff, not trying to modulate her voice.

“Tiff! Shhh!”

“Oh, c’mon coffee bean, mom won’t find out. It’s been almost a month and she doesn’t suspect a thing.”

“I swear…” Just kadıköy escort then, their mother returned to the room to pour Ann’s drink, and both sisters stopped their hushed bickering, looked up, and smiled innocently. Beth eyed her daughters inquisitively.

“What are you two up to?” the older woman asked.

“Nothing mom!” replied Ann, a bit too quickly.

“Nothing is it? I don’t think so. Your mother always knows when her babies are trying to keep something quiet…” Ann fidgeted a little in her chair, causing the seat to creak. Reluctantly, Tiff jumped in for the save.

“We were just talking about a study plan for later today! Ann really needs to improve her trigonometry before she retakes her SAT.”

“That’s… that’s right! I need to bring up my math scores if I want to apply where Tiff goes!”

Beth straightened her back, and smiled. “I’m so proud of my youngest for wanting to follow in her big sister’s steps! I know you can do it Ann, I’ve seen a real drive in you lately.”

“Oh, she’s very eager…” chimed Tiff.

Under the table, a soft foot brushed against the inside of Ann’s calf, slowly rubbing her bare skin. It caused her to snort abruptly, eyeing her sister as she began to sip her milk slowly.

“And Tiff, I’m glad you decided to stay here for the summer, we thought you’d want to return to college for your studies last week.”

“Well, that was originally my plan, but I realized that Ann really needs my help in the bedroom.”

“PfftTT!” Ann spat some of her milk back into her cup in shock. There were more gentle touches on her leg.

Tiff looked at her sister calmly, then turned to Beth. “We’ve been doing a ton of studying in her room after all!”

“Yes, I have noticed you two have been spending most of your time in there with the door shut,” agreed Beth, not registering Ann’s display.

“Sure, it helps Ann focus. She’s been learning a lot.” Tiff winked subtly at Ann, a smug look on her face.

Beth laughed sweetly, backing away. “I’m glad to have both of you back in the house.” She turned, making her way back to the kitchen from which the delicious smells of sweet sausage and fried egg were emanating.

Alone with her sister, Ann scowled furiously, her cheeks turning a bright pink. Tiff seemed unaffected, even pleased with herself.

“Tiff! You’re going to get us both in big trouble! And stop rubbing my leg, you creep!”

The older sister drew her legs back under her chair. “We’ll only get in trouble if you keep acting suspicious! I’m just trying to have fun!”

“Well stop!” pleaded Ann, crossing her arms and looking to the side.

“Oh fine,” said Tiff, “I’m going to… have some cinnamon bread. Can you pass the butter?”

Ann slid the lidded tub of margarine across the table in her sister’s direction, a little too forcefully. Instead of stopping near Tiff’s hands, it cleared the edge of the table, bounced off Tiff’s torso, and tumbled to the floor underneath the table.

“Smooth! Would you mind picking that up for me?”

“Why don’t you pick it up?”

“Because you knocked it over, and it rolled over by your feet anyway!”

“Ugh… fine.”

Ann reached down between her legs and felt around but couldn’t find the butter. Reluctantly, she slid from her seat, lifting the tablecloth that obscured her view, and ducked under the table. She spotted the red lid of the margarine nearby, and reached out to grab it. Careful not to hit her head, she looked up briefly. As she did so, something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. There, on the other side of table, was Tiff’s fully exposed foot-long erection, foreskin clinging tightly to her glans. Momentarily entranced, Ann froze, her eyes not moving from where her sister’s dress had been hiked up. A hand appeared, resting a lone finger just at the tip of the engorged organ. It tapped twice on the head, instructing Ann to give it her full attention. Staring between the parted legs of her older sister, Ann felt herself giving into her base desires. Tiff tapped once more.

Sheltered by the long tablecloth, Ann moved closer, crawling on her hands and knees to avoid the wooden beams above. The diffuse light of the confined space somehow made her sister’s dick look even thicker and fuller than normal. She had been quite upset at Tiff just a moment before, but seeing her sister’s cock throbbing with such need was easily capable of changing her mood for the better. Tiff, realizing that Ann had not return to her chair, pushed her hips forward in her seat to improve the display. With her mouth no only inches from Tiff’s reddened tip, Ann’s heavy breaths registered against her sister’s skin. She heard a whisper come from above.

“You want it. I know you want it. Go ahead.”

Quickly confirming that her legs weren’t protruding from underneath the table, Ann flicked her tongue over the taught tip of the excited penis that filled her field of view. Just as she was ready to engulf it, an idea entered üsküdar escort her mind.

Ann sat back on her legs and removed the lid from the container that she held. The heat from her grasp had melted the butter inside, making it soft and malleable. With her free hand she scooped up a dollop of it and held it in her palm, then slowly brought it up towards her sister’s swollen shaft. Her hands closed around it, pressing the spread against Tiff’s skin. She heard her sister stifle a moan as the warm butter coated her dick and made it twitch with anticipation. The oily substance made Tiff’s skin slippery and gave it a brilliant golden sheen. Without thinking, Ann started to stroke the cock, spreading the butter over the underside and into every subtle wrinkle of the phallus. She peeled back the foreskin that clung tightly to Tiff’s glans, smiling as it gave way and revealed the bell-shaped flesh that lay beneath. She quickly rubbed her hands over this part as well, until it glistened sublimely. The sweet smell of it had her stomach growling… after all, she hadn’t yet had her breakfast. It was time for a taste. Pumping at the base of Tiff’s penis with her hand, she pressed her lips together and kissed the tip.

“Mmm, that’s it. Just make me cum before mom returns,” came a whisper from above.

Ann gave another soft kiss, this time applying a bit of suction. From the tone of Tiff’s voice, Ann could tell her big sister was desperate, and that had probably woken up with the erection that she now presented to Ann. It wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to satisfy Tiff, Ann thought. She was, at this point, quite good at judging her sister’s level of arousal. Opening her mouth, she moved in, careful to let her hot breath wash over the cock so Tiff wouldn’t cry out in surprise.

Sluurp! Keeping the dirty noises to a volume only Tiff could hear, Ann guided a few inches of delicious buttery breakfast into her maw. She felt the ridges of Tiff’s loose foreskin brush between her lips and paused, using her tongue to tease around the girthy tool as she felt out its now familiar bulbous shape. Gripping harder with her hand, she began to gently rock her head back and forth, working with her cheeks to pull the juicy meat slightly deeper. It wasn’t the sloppy deepthroat she’d been practicing, but she knew her sister loved these casual motions too. More than once, Tiff specifically requested Ann focus on just the final few inches of her full twelve, where the sensitivity was highest. Toying with the flared rim of the tip, she heard Tiff let out a cute squeal of excitement, watched as her sister’s graceful legs flexed their approval.

“Ohhh Ann… keep going. Right there…”

The encouragement wasn’t really needed. Ann could tell this technique was really working well this morning. She let her lips linger around Tiff’s glans, applying friction by drawing in air. There were more tells that her sister was rapidly nearing climax. Hot butter was replaced by the smooth, mild taste of Tiff’s precum on Ann’s tongue. The little vein that ran along the top of Tiff’s shaft shifted and bloomed forth, it’s surface becoming more apparent as her cock responded to the expert fellatio. Removing her grip, Ann carefully traced the vein with her index finger, memorizing every curve. Tiff’s penis twitched hard, bouncing against the roof of her mouth to show it’s love for her technique.

“Ann… hurry…” pleaded Tiff, her voice laced with the concentration of someone desperate to blow their load.

In her peripheral vision, Ann saw a shadow cross the long white tablecloth. Before she realized what that meant, her mother’s voice shattered her worship of Tiff’s member.

“Girls, food’s ready… oh! Tiffany, where has your sister gone?”

Tiff’s body went ridged. Ann froze, her mouth still locked on her sister’s cock.

“M-Mom! Uhhhh… she…”

Ann held her breath, hoping that her sister could make an excuse. She wasn’t sure whether she should let go of Tiff’s raging shaft, or if that would be even more of a distraction.

“S-She… spilled her drink on herself, and went upstairs to wash up.”

“Oh I see… such a clumsy girl sometimes. Well, when she comes back, let me know… I’ll keep the food warm while we wait.”

“Y-Yes… mom.”

Ann heard her mother take a few steps, moving back towards the kitchen.

“Tiffany?” came Beth’s voice once again. With no reply to the question, Ann assumed her sister had simply looked up from the table.

“Are you feeling ok Tiff? You look hot…”

“Mom, I’m fine!”

“You’re sure? Why don’t you come into the kitchen… I’ll take your temperature.”

“Mom, I said I feel fine!”

“It’ll only take a minute… come here please.”

“But… mom…”

“A said come here, young lady!” Beth’s tone shifted to a more insistent scolding tone that Tiff knew not to argue with. But how could she stand up without her huge wet erection going unnoticed?

“I’ll, um… be there in a few minutes… I want to finish eating my bread.”

“Oh… tuzla escort alright. I’ll give you one minute.”

“T-Thanks mom…”

For a moment, both girls remained still. At once, both of them exhaled, Ann’s warm breath washing from her nose and across her big sister’s cock. Both of them knew that their mother’s ultimatum couldn’t be ignored. They were trapped in Tiff’s lies now, and there was only one way out. Resting a hand on top of Ann’s head and combing her fingers through the soft mane, Tiff spoke in low tones.

“You think you can finish me in less than a minute?”

Her younger sister pulled her mouth away from Tiff’s dick reluctantly, letting off with a pop.

“Yes,” replied Ann.

“… and without making a mess?”

“No promises there…”

There was a pause from above, then some shuffling on the table. Tiff’s butt shifted in her seat for a moment as she reached for something.

“Here… take this.” From behind the tablecloth appeared a large loaf of cinnamon bread on Tiff’s lap. Ann picked it up.

“Bread?” she asked.

“Yes Ann. Bread. Just before I cum, shove that down on my cock so I cum inside it. It’ll prevent any accidents.”

“That seems…” started Ann, but she was interrupted.

“Shut up. You have about 45 seconds.”

Tiff was right, there wasn’t time for logic. Her hand squeezed Tiff’s shaft even tighter, near the base, and her jaw dropped open, ready to work. She let it entrance her for a moment, the size of her sister’s erection. The thickness. The wonderful perfumed smell. Drool leaked from the corner of her mouth. This would be easy.

Her hand first moved, then became a blur, gliding over Tiff’s shaft with the remains of the butter speeding it along. Ann’s biceps ached, but she wouldn’t allow herself to slow up until Tiff was finished. Staring at the tip, she watched as it leaked a string of precum that fell between her knees. Letting her hands do most of the work, she remembered something her sister had loved one morning in the shower last week. But she’d have to watch her volume.

“Tiff… your cum. Don’t make me wait.” Her voice was breathy and sensual, an act that had quite the effect on her sister. Above, she heard another high whine from Tiff’s lips.

Quick with her tongue, Ann lapped at the very tip of Ann’s cockhead, still tugging at the meat pillar furiously. Just a quick little tease to get Tiff really riled up.

“Shhh, big sister… just empty those fat balls for me.

She adjusted her grip and jerked harder, slamming her hand down to Tiff’s torso where she could feel the steamy air wafting off of her sibling’s testicles.

“Ann… s-slow down… I’m…”

Another drop of precum appeared, rising up from Tiff’s shaft. Ann flicked her tongue again, this time lapping it up before it could fall to the floor.

“Now, now… just let it happen. Embrace it.”

Ann kept her encouraging tone as she beat her sister’s dick, now gripping so tightly that she imagined it might hurt. Tiff’s hips were squirming like crazy, and her thighs were beginning to shake… something that only happened if she was really about to orgasm. Realizing that there were only seconds remaining, Ann gave her sisters tip a few more licks. She kissed the glans right on the tip, then lifted it a bit and smacked her lips against the underside. She rubbed the leaky thing against the flawless skin of her cheek, smearing the ooze over her face. Then more quick licks. Tiff groaned above her in between audible panting.

“Show me. Show me your cum Tiff.”

Ann popped her lips over the glans and pulled back with a hard suck. Her fist made loud slurping sounds as she tried to wring out Tiff’s spunk.

“Hurry Tiff. Now!”

From the kitchen, Beth called out, her voice filled with motherly impatience. “Tiffany Kristine Webber, don’t make me come get you!”

Ann saw Tiff’s balls contract, and felt a massive bulge at the base of her urethra. As fast as she could, she moved her head aside and slammed the loaf of bread down over Tiff’s cock, just in time. The rough feel of the pastry as it surrounded her dong was all Tiff needed.

“I’MM CUMMMINGGG!” cried out Tiff, her orgasm shattering her common sense.

Holding the bread still, Ann felt it swell as it was injected with a truly incredible load of her sister’s seed. She could hear each spurt as Tiff created a very impolite éclair. Afraid that semen would escape from the base, Ann pushed it down further, causing Tiff’s cock to experience and renewed round of spasms. Despite the intense orgasm, no more moans or cries escaped Tiff’s lips, surprisingly. Ann was almost proud of her, watching her sister’s hips thrust cutely, knowing how good she was feeling. It took a few more long seconds for the climax to fade.

“Ann… I’m done… fahh…”

“Good, now go see mom.”

Tugging hard, Ann pulled the loaf off of Tiff’s slackened cock, careful to wipe of the final drops from her tip. As she finished, Tiff repositioned her skirt and pushed back her chair to stand. Ann crossed back under the table to her own seat, pushed aside the cloth, and resurfaced, clutching the bread-condom in her hand. As Tiff walked towards the kitchen, Ann saw her sweaty, relieved face, and smiled happily. Tiff gave her a sly look, and mimed a quick blowjob motion with her hand and tongue. All Ann could do was roll her eyes.

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