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After mom and I crawled into bed naked like usual, we spooned for quite awhile with me at her back pushing my hard cock up against her rear end and into her ass crack; she rocked her ass back and forth working my almost perpetually hard cock deeper into her crack until I could feel my cock sliding across her soft pussy lips. She said, “Oh yes I love to spoon with you Peter, I love feeling your cock pressed up against my pussy lips, it feels so nice and is so sexy.”

In the meantime I was kissing her on the neck while fondling her big tits which we both like so very much. She said, “Baby, I’m really tired but I don’t want to go to sleep without having had you up inside me today. You know how much I love and enjoy you fucking me. How about you just slip the head of your cock between my pussy lips, just enough to get you inside me to stretch the opening of my pussy a little. I mean stretching my CUNT as you like to call it. Maybe you can even brush your cock against my clit enough to give me a little tingle. Then just cuddle me until I fall asleep.”

“Sure mom, I’d like that too.”

She then reached down between her legs and pushed the head of my cock in between her pussy lips saying, “Oh Peter doesn’t that feel good to you? You are just the perfect size for me.”

“I like it too mom. Having sex with you has changed my whole life, I feel like a man.”

My mom responded saying, “You are a man Peter. And you have become a great lover that all women would like to have in their life. I feel very womanly when we have sex. It always makes me feel good to know that I can make you hard.”

She then seemed to go off into lala land for awhile as I continued to fondle her tits. She turned her head toward me saying, “Would you ever have guessed before we started to have sex that someday you would fuck me, not only in my ahh … cunt, but also fuck me in the ass. That I would actually encourage you to slip your big cock up into your mother’s asshole and fuck me. And that I would want you to shoot a load of your cum up my ass. Did that thought ever enter your mind?”

“No mom, I never ever thought that I would ever fuck you, especially in your ass, but I’m glad we are fucking.”

My mom continued, “Or that I would bare my entire body to you and encourage you to play with every part of me, that nothing was off limits, that you could touch and probe any part of me, that my mouth, my pussy and my asshole was for your pleasure to do with almost as you please. I sometimes just can’t believe how intimate we have become with each other. Oh god Peter, I love having sex with you so much.”

She then moved her hips a little so that my cock was at a better angle and without me doing anything, my cock slipped deeper into her cunt. She let out a soft moan when I flexed my dick a couple times causing my cock to slide even deeper inside her slick love channel. I really just wanted to fuck her so I very slowly pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her cunt while she uttered low guttural sounds.

She finally said, “Oh my gaaaaawd Peter, your cock feels so absolutely fantastic inside me. Sweet Jesus I love how you are so slowly penetrating my body, my pussy, my cunt. Ohhhhh gaawwd, yes, yes Peter, push your cock really deep inside your mother’s cunt, yes, yes, your mother’s number one fuck hole. YES I want your cock buried deep inside me tonight, OHHH GAAAWWD I love it.”

When I felt I could not get my cock any deeper in her, I stopped and just held her in my arms while fondling her tits. I gently squeezed her soft boobs along with pinching her nipples getting them really erect. She wiggled her ass a few times and then seemed to settle down.

We laid there what seemed like just a few minutes when she said, “I know I can’t fall asleep with you so deep inside pussy like this. I think what I really need is for you to fuck me and shoot a big load of your cum in me and then maybe I can fall asleep knowing that I have a load of your sperm, my son’s sperm residing inside my body.”

As I started to thrust my cock into my mother’s pussy she said, “Wait, let’s fuck doggie style but don’t remove your cock from my pussy.” We both rolled over with me on top of her back and as she got up on her hands and knees, I began to fuck her. She was meeting my thrusts with her hip actions and we immediately got into a rhythm that got my blood boiling and within minutes, I began shooting a good size load of sperm deep inside my mother’s wanton pussy. It must have triggered her because she immediately had an orgasm. Oh god it feels so good to fuck my mother when her body goes stiff and with her pussy being so deep, I can just let it all hang out and fuck her like a wild man and really get my rocks off.

We were both sweating, but felt so relieved. My mom rolled onto her side and I snuggled up behind her again and pushed my cum coated cock into her crack. She reached down and again pushed my semi-hard cock barely into her pussy, she said she wanted to fall asleep kadıköy escort with me inside her and we did.

I was awakened by my mother stroking and sucking on my morning woody which is a very normal way she wakes me up; as soon as she realized I was awake she said, “We need to hurry stud, it’s late.” She quickly scooted up, kissed me and then headed for the kitchen. I showered and met her in the kitchen; she was wearing her little apron and was cooking some eggs and bacon. I patted her on her bare ass and sat down.

She said, “Get a good night’s sleep for a change?”

“Yea, I feel really refreshed after the nice fuck we had. I’d love to molest you right now before I head to school, but I know there is no time. That was a great fuck last night mom, thanks. Oh, don’t forget I have a date tonight so maybe you can have your fuck buddy over tonight. I know Randy would like the opportunity to fuck you again. When he and I are together, he does nothing but talk about you and how sexy you are and what a great fuck you are.”

“I think I’ll take a break, I don’t want him to get bored with me or expect me to call him every night you have a date. Also, with all the sex we have been having lately, a break may just be the right thing tonight, give my pussy a rest.” I gobbled my food and headed out the door, my mom said, “Have fun tonight and don’t be too late.”

“Okay, have a good day and say bye to granny for me. Shit I wish there was time to bang her again this morning, she’s a hot granny.” I high tailed it to school and waited anxiously for third period. Greeted Gloria with a hand squeeze, she looked so hot wearing a short skirt and a sweater that really fit her just right. During lunch she suggested that I go home with her right after school and have dinner with her and her mom. I agreed and headed for my afternoon classes.

After school was out, we walked to her home whereupon I told Gloria that I had some homework that I really needed to do instead of going to the movie. She was good with that. Her mother was not home so we went to Gloria’s bedroom and had another practice session. Gloria has been taking my entire cock lately but I know it still hurts her some, so I always try to shorten my down thrusts when we fuck. It works but doesn’t always satisfy me.

Shortly after we finished our practice session, we heard her mother and so we got up and greeted her in the living room. I had put on my boxers and Gloria slipped on her short little barely cover anything night gown. Her mother was wearing a really short skirt and a tight blouse with a very deep plunging neckline; she always looks so fucking hot.

Victoria said, “Hi you two love birds, dinner will be ready in about 45, so you still have time for more practice.” She winked and went back into the kitchen. We went back into Gloria’s room and necked for a short time, I was able to get her off with a finger fuck and she sucked a load from me. Then we got dressed for dinner. It was a nice dinner and Gloria informed her mother that we weren’t going to the movies, but staying here and studying.

Victoria said, “Good, maybe we could find a short flick on TV and we all could have fun staying home.” She also said that she had some book work to do in her studio. After dinner, I grabbed my books and sat at their breakfast table and studied; it took me about 90 minutes to finish. I found Gloria in her room and so we did some heavy necking for a short time.

We decided to see if Victoria was ready to watch some TV so Gloria called down to her mom in the basement. Victoria came right up and said she had found a nice flick to watch. We snuggled up on the couch and began to watch TV.

Gloria sat with her hip against mine with her back up against me while Victoria snuggled up against me on my other side, she was only wearing a kimono and I assume she was naked underneath. I placed my chin on Gloria’s shoulder and reached around her body sliding my right hand inside her blouse and played with her tits. Gloria put her hand in my lap and rubbed my cock.

Victoria had sat down with her hip also against my hip and so I dropped my left hand down onto her thigh; she grabbed my hand and pulled it directly into her bare snatch and I slipped my fingers into her pussy. She also opened her kimono and rubbed her tits against my arm while also reaching down and took turns with Gloria playing with my hard dick that Gloria had fished out of my boxers. So for the next hour or so, we three watched TV while we played with each other. When the show was over, I was hard as a rock, Gloria’s nipples were erect as can be and Victoria’s pussy was really wet.

Gloria got up first, I then pulled my fingers out of Victoria’s pussy and sucked on them before I stood up and followed Gloria to her room. I looked back at Victoria and to see she had pulled her kimono way up while spreading her legs showing me üsküdar escort her bare pussy and tits. She then took her middle finger and slid it in and out of her pussy and mouthed the words ‘I want you to fuck me’. I nodded yes just before disappearing into Gloria’s room.

We immediately crawled into bed and had a good hard fuck. Gloria was really horny and so was hot to trot. She took my whole cock on the first thrust and we fucked a long time before either one of us had an orgasm and when we did, it was great, I must have pumped a ton of cum deep inside her tight pussy. We both dozed off for a short time after we fucked. I found myself on my back lying next to Gloria. She was laying there totally exhausted and when I got up, she looked over at me saying, “Do you mind if I say good night from here and you let yourself out?”

“No that is fine sweetie, I would stay longer but I told my mom I would not be too late.” I bent over and kissed her then slipped on my clothes. Before I got out the door, Gloria said, “If you see my mom on the way out, tell her I’m tired and going right to sleep, but if she hurries, I have a pussy full of her favorite snack that she is welcome to. Oh Peter that was a great fuck tonight, I loved it. Will you please kiss me again and kiss my pussy lips too.” I kissed her and then pulled the covers down and bent over and kissed Gloria’s cunt lips. She said, “Thanks Peter and tell my mom that I really want her to eat me tonight.”

“Okay, I’ll tell her if I see her.” I slipped out the door and down the hallway toward the front door. But just as I got to the foray, Victoria was standing in front of the door waiting for me. She was wearing her robe that was slit way up the side and with a plunging neckline. She said, “Hi Peter, going so soon? Did you have a good practice session with my daughter?”

“Yes I going home, I told my mom I would not be too late, got a busy day tomorrow and yea, we had a great practice.”

“That’s good. You know it’s been awhile since we’ve done any practicing and I’ve missed you.” She then approached me putting her arms around my neck letting her robe totally open up exposing her nude body as she kissed me very passionately. Her mouth was wide open using lots of tongue, her kisses always stir me up and this was no exception. Here I was headed home with a vision of my mom stretched out on her bed naked waiting for me to mount her when I find myself in Victoria’s arms with her big bare tits pressed against my chest and her pelvis pressed against my hardening cock. Decisions, decisions.

Victoria said, “Are you really in such a hurry that we can’t even have a quickie? I really need to be fucked.”

“Yea I have been neglecting my mom and told her I would definitely be home at a reasonable time and I feel I’m already a little late.”

“Well that is too bad, I was hoping maybe we could have a little practice session this evening. I miss not having that beautiful huge cock of yours buried deep inside my pussy and to feel you pump a big load of your cum in me, it’s been awhile since we’ve fucked.’

“I know Victoria and I would stay if I had not already promised my mom.”

“I know and you should definitely keep your promise with your mom.” While standing there, she removed her robe and took my hand and placed it on her butt as she pulled me into her naked body with her tits being pressed against my chest. She took my other hand and pressed it down against her bare cunt. “Maybe you could at least play with my ass and pussy before you go; you know how much I like you playing with all my intimate parts.”

I turned my hand so that I could get my fingers in her pussy while she leaned into me giving me another hot kiss. I worked two fingers into her cunt and was able to rub her clit a few times while sliding my other hand in her ass crack finding her asshole and sticking my finger in it; she was moaning into my mouth as I played with her ass and pussy. She broke the kiss saying, “Oh how I like having your hands all over my body, your fingers always feel so good when you slip them inside my fuck holes. I can’t wait until I can again feel that big cock of yours penetrating either my cunt or my asshole, having your big cock inside me is the best, especially when you also fill me up with your sperm. I want you to fuck me so bad!”

She kissed me again as I continued working my fingers up into her cunt and ass. She was humping my hand as we stood there in the foray making out like two sex starved animals. She then said, “Can you meet me right after school gets out tomorrow?”

“I suppose. Where do you want to meet?”

“There is a little motel just four blocks from your school. I will get a room and we can have some time together just you and me for some hot fucking. I really need you to fuck me without Gloria being around. I want to show you how much I miss your cock, your mouth and your tongue; and I want you to fuck me without someone tuzla escort watching us, I want to be free to express myself.”

“Uhhh sure I can meet you. If I can’t make it for some reason, how do you want me to get a hold of you?”

“I have your number and I will text you my unlisted number, just call me it you can’t make it. But please meet me, please, please! You won’t regret it. I’ll also text you the room number so you can go directly to it, I’ll have the door unlocked and will be waiting for you with something sexy on.”

She kissed me again and pulled me really tight up against her body. I love feeling those big tits pressed against my chest. She then reached down and pulled my fingers out of her cunt and raised my hand to my mouth saying, “How do I taste?” I sucked on my fingers and said, “Real good as always.”

My finger slipped out of her ass when she stepped back and leaned against the wall spreading her legs and did a little bump and grind saying, “Will you do me a big favor and kiss my pussy before you go, I want you to have a quick snack and have my smell on your lips when you kiss your mom.” I couldn’t turn down a request like that so I got on my knees and put my face in her crotch and kissed her pussy lips and then stuck my tongue into her cunt. She reached down with both hands and parted her pussy lips saying, “Oh yea, get your tongue inside me Peter, get your tongue way up inside my pussy and lick my clit, oh god yes, suck on my cunt lips, oh yes suck my cunt into your mouth, oh fuck that feels good. I want your mouth to taste like my cunt.”

She then placed her hand on back of my head and pressed my face hard into her twat while wiggling her ass back and forth. She raised one of her legs and placed her foot on a nearby chair to give me better access to her crotch and said, “Oh please, now lick my crack, lick my whole crack.”

I stuck my tongue out and proceeded to lick the full length of her crack. When my tongue crossed over her asshole, she moaned and said, “Yes, oh yes lick my asshole Peter, that feels so fucking good, yes, oh yes. I want you to fuck me in the ass tomorrow. I want that monster cock of yours shoved way up into my ass, I want my asshole stretched around your cock, I want to feel your cock in my gut.”

I remained in that position for a few minutes licking the full length of her crack a number of times, pressing my tongue either into her pussy or asshole. I finally rose up my head to see her fondling her own tits and moaning. Wow what a great set of tits she’s got; I think I’m going to fuck them tomorrow. I looked at her saying, “Sorry but I’ve really got to go. Oh and by the way, Gloria told me to tell you that she has a pussy full of your favorite juice that you are welcome to all of it if you hurry.”

“That’s great. I’ll tend to her after you leave.”

I looked back and Victoria was still naked leaning against the wall while holding one leg up really high revealing her pussy and asshole to me and said while rubbing her hand along the full length of her crack, “These holes are all yours tomorrow baby. Do with them what you want. I want you to fuck me silly, I want you to fuck my ass off!”

“Hell yes if that is what you want, I’ll fuck your pussy, your ass, your mouth and your tits anytime.” I turned and headed for the door not looking back, I knew if I did, I wouldn’t be able to resist fucking her right there on the living room floor, I know I wouldn’t be able to resist her if I were to again see her hot naked body on full display and knowing how good it feels to fuck her, to slam my hard cock into her sexy wet pussy while playing with her fantastic tits. I was so fucking turned on.

As I headed home I was hoping my mom had not changed her mind and called her fuck buddy and was in the mood for some hot fucking. When I got home my earlier vision of her was right on, my mom was lying on her bed totally naked. She was reading a book and had her hand over her pussy gently rubbing herself. When she heard me, she set the book down saying, “So glad you are home sweetie. Are you fresh or do you have Gloria’s smell all over you?”

“What do you mean?”

Mom responded, “Well most times when you come home, I can smell Gloria on you.”

“Well tonight you can probably smell Victoria on me. I ate her pussy just before I left. She was begging me to stay and fuck her but I wanted to come home and be with you, the hottest women in town.”

“Oh baby, you are so sweet and know how to make me feel wanted, I love you so much.” She held up her arms and spread her legs inviting me to mount her. “Come her baby, I have been patiently waiting all evening to feel you slide that big monster cock of yours inside my pussy. I realized late this evening that I wanted to be fucked and almost called Randy. I’m glad I didn’t but I do need to be fucked really bad, and I’m thrilled that you came home to fuck me.”

As I started to undress, my mother continued, “Yes, it’s your mother asking you, her son, to fuck her, to stick your cock into her cunt and for you to shoot a big load of your delicious cum, your semen, your spunk deep inside her, deep inside your mother’s cunt, the hole that you like to fuck the most. I know it’s not right for a mother to ask her son to fuck her, but that is exactly what I want. I want you to penetrate my body with your cock.”

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