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Its Monday again, and I find myself lost in those delicious brown eyes. That sea of amber and desert sand, they glisten in the soft lighting. Words roll from his luscious lips in a language foreign to me; I think he’s English. His tan olive skin blends into the chocolate wood paneling of the bar in the mixology lab. Today we’re talking about vodkas, and I am already drunk off the sight of him.

We take our stations behind the bar to practice making drinks, my hand shakes under the weight of the heavy bottle. He watches me from afar drinking me in, or so I thought. It’s the last day I have this class and when our time is up his face curls into a conniving smile. We wash out the glasses and restock the bar. Everyone leaves and the room becomes quiet as the walls seem to move us closer together. He comes over and places his hand upon my shoulder and I can feel the heat through my shirt as if they were burning coals of desire.

“I’m really proud of the progress you have made in my class. You know you’re my favorite student right.” His voice melts me like butter. His hand gently begins to rub my shoulder ever so sweetly. “I’m really going to miss you.”

I inhale and shutter violently; my desires becoming ever so clear. “I think I’m going to miss you too,” I try to speak with a nonchalant attitude; my head begins to feel light. Those few seconds we stood in silence were minutes I wanted to savor. “Ummm I have to get going…” I managed to speak softly.

“Yeah you’re probably right.” He says. As I turn and walk towards the door I hear him sigh so benevolently. I pause before opening the door, he slowly opens his mouth to speak … “If you’re interested I teach private lessons on Saturdays, you should swing by.”

I turn away slowly as my heart flutters in my chest. Yeah I managed to gasp. I wink and walk out the door and reality hits me like a brick wall.

“I can’t do this, He is married,” I think inside myself, but my body longs to feel his touch more than my lungs strive for air.

Saturday came so quickly and I’m walking to meet him for my lesson. My body trembles as I ponder what’s going to happen next. As I walk into the lab yet again I see casino oyna him across the room. I stand and simply watch him move down the bar, not knowing that I’m even there. He turns around and rests his eyes upon me with this sympathetic look that makes my body tingle and my knees too become week.

We stand motionless and look each other over pondering the curves of our bodies. Slowly we move across the room in silence, our eyes never missing a beat. He is quick to the touch but soft and subtle in words. He places his hands on the small of my back and softly kisses my neck. Slowly he whispers, “I hope this is the lesson you were looking forward to.” Without missing a breath I lean into him and say,” Teach me what you wish!” A soft smile comes across his face and he gently rubs his hand up the inside of my thigh, my body quivers.

In the back of my mind I keep thinking he is married and has a child but my body takes over. I lean my head back and gently sigh. He knows he is doing something right! His hands feel so rough as they brush the skin in between my legs yet they are so gentle that my hips glide to the strides of his wrist.

This strange feeling swells up inside me. A feeling so new to me, mind, body and soul become one in the moment. The alarm goes off in his room its One o’clock, he has a class coming in a half hour. We rush to put things back to normal before anyone finds out. As I walk away to leave I feel a sense of disappointment. He notices the look on my face and pulls me close.

I Get lost in his eyes as he whispers “This isn’t over.” I smile and walk out the door.

I walk in my room and stare at myself in the mirror questioning what I had just done, when I noticed something new. My smile was brighter, and face was glowing and my body had seemed to transform before my very eyes. I lye in my bed dreaming of him and cant wait until next Saturday when we meet again.

Its 3 o’clock in the morning and my cell phone rings, it’s a number I had never seen before, I answer quietly as not to wake my room mate when on the other end I hear a soft sexy voice speaking my name. Is it him I question? “Meet me at the Vine Street Gate.” He says. I scamper canlı casino to get myself dressed.

“What do I wear?” I whisper, looking to my room mate. She’s in a dead sleep. “Jeans? No too casual. What have I got that’s sexy?” I fling clothes out of my closet, none of it up to par. I’m nearing the end of my rather extensive wardrobe when I see it. Until this moment I hadn’t even realized that I packed it. That sexy black dress, the one I wore to homecoming. I slip it on over my bare skin, no time for underwear tonight. The fabric feels strangely arousing brushing my bare nipples as I briskly pace down the hall. I float down the staircase, the tired steel creaking beneath my feet. I felt like an angel descending from the heavens. I pass the security desk, the guard giving no notice to my late night rendezvous.

The night is crisp, and the sky is clear. A hollow moon hangs somewhere above. The shallow light cascading down from the street lamps leave the streets dotted with yellow. There isn’t a soul about at this hour, even the destitute are sleeping.

I see him standing just outside the glowing light of the street lamps, close enough for me to see but no one else to recognize. I Feel my pulse rising and my pace begins to quicken. A warm wind blows and carries his scent of cologne; I take it in deeply, once again feeling drunk. He’s wearing one of his three piece suites, he knows I like them best. As I near him, he steps close and gathers me in his arms; once again mind body and soul I become lost in the moment.

He nibbles on my ear lobes and pushes my hips into him. I almost loose control in the heat between us. I moan my voice a surprising break in the silence. He presses one of his gilded fingers to my mouth. He pulls away from me looking back as if there was someone there.

“Not here, my pet.” His voice brings the warmth back to me. He takes me by the hand and we head off towards the academic building. His cardkey gains us entrance, and both elevators are on the ground floor thanks to the cleaning crew.

As soon as the silver door closes he pins me against the tall steel walls of the elevator. He gently caresses every inch of my body with his strong kaçak casino hands. I can feel the heat between my legs building. Slowly the elevator comes to a stop and the excitement between us spills into the halls of the empty desolate building. He grabs me just above my thighs and gently lifts me onto him. He whispers sweet nothings into my ear in-between his gentle kisses, as he carries me down the long abandoned hallway.

He presses his weight against me as he swings open the door to the mixology room yet again. I can feel his stiff member pressing against my skin. He sits me onto the bar, and turns away slowly watching my every move as he walks to the door. He quickly locks it and glares out the cracks in the window as to assure our digression.

His warm hand glides between me and the cold bar. His digits enter me breaking my innocence. I moan out in excessive pleasure knowing that the best is yet to come. I reach down and fumble with his belt and undo his pants. His stiff member spills out into my shaking hands. I can feel the adrenalin being pumped by my heart to my extremities. My face flushes an excruciating crimson as he takes my dress over my head. I am suddenly exposed and completely in his control. He pulls himself up onto the bar lying me down beneath him.

“Darling, “he begins, but I stop him before he can finish. I grab hold of his hips and push him down into me. I stretch around him and feel alive for the first time in my life. My primal needs take over and my brain no longer has control. My arms reach out and knock several bottles from the shelf. They crash to the floor unnoticed in our throws of passion. I yell out in ecstasy as I feel my self climaxing. My body quivers and he digs his hands into my soft flesh. My head feels light again and I can feel my hands tingling.

It’s my turn now to show him the child within has matured into the woman he desires. I push him away softly; he looks at me in a confused state of panic as if he has done something wrong. I smile as I push him onto the bar and climb on top to take control. As I stratle his hard member teasing him ever so slightly, and gently slide my hands down his broad shoulders onto his lean stomach inching back ever so slightly with my knees, and tracing my tongue across his tip. As I feel him quiver in delight I shift directions and move my body in a way that tantalizingly pleases him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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