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Intro: The exploits of a man whose given name fit him perfectly, Randy, and he certainly was that. He was a high-school history teacher and coach until he hit the lottery and retired early at 52. While he was not averse to returning flirtatious quips from the girls in his classes, he did avoid giving in to the urge, telling the more enticing of them to, “come see me after you graduate.” Some did, but these stories deal with his life after hitting it big and building two houses; one along a river bluff 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and another on a secluded portion of the Northern Outer Banks, both equipped with playrooms. And he still had over a hundred million to spare. All characters are 18+ years of age and fictional. All stories can stand alone, but reading the series gives added insights and descriptions as it unfolds.

Synopsis: Teen blonde spends July 4th week with her step-uncle for bondage and rough sex.

July, 2016 – River House

The last week of June had arrived with the heat and humidity that only the South can bring. The kind where you could feel the thick air as your body forged a swath through it. Halley had been toiling away at her summer job running the cash register in the snack shop at the city’s high dollar country club. She was thankful for the air conditioning.

Eighty percent of the golfers were male in a wide range of ages, and she had been hit on by about half of them, but had managed to deftly fend them all off with humor. Not that it was easy. It had been 25 days since her graduation party and post-party visit to her step-great uncle Randy (see previous stories) and she was extremely horny, though she had not given any male a second look during her first summer as a high school graduate. She was headed out of state to college in August and she wanted to be with Randy as many times as he would allow before she departed.

He had told her when she left their last rendezvous to text him this last week of the month and she made herself wait until the next to last day before doing so. Composing the text was easy, it was the waiting for his reply that would always raise her apprehension.

“Hey, happy last of June. Everyone is off to the salt water for the whole week of the 4th starting Sunday and I have to stay in town for work. You got any plans or are you leaving me too?” and she hit the send button on the burner phone he had supplied her.

She had barely laid her phone on the counter when it dinged, and she started to scoop it up when two older men in their late sixties who had playfully flirted with her several times that summer came and placed some wrapped sandwiches and cold beers on the counter.

She rang up their purchases and as they paid her phone dinged again. One of the men looked at it and then eyed Halley.

“It’s just my lover, he’ll keep,” and she winked at them. Both men laughed and told her to have a nice evening. As they went out the door Halley scrambled to check her phone.

“I have nothing planned, staying here. Everyone gone and you have to work? Sounds like you’ll have a happy first week of July. My house, after work on the 4th, ASAP. I’ll fix supper and we’ll go watch fireworks.”

Halley put her phone down and placed both hands on the counter and bent her head as she steadied herself for a moment. One thing she would give Randy, he knew how to make her pussy and ass twitch.


July 4th was on a Monday and she hurried to his house overlooking the river right after getting off work at five. Randy had left his SUV parked in the circle by the front entrance and the garage bay where it was usually parked was left open, so she pulled her little yellow compact into the stall, retrieved her overnight bag and hit the switch to close the door as she bounded into his kitchen.

Randy was at the sink and turned to see her come through the short hallway from the garage. She was dressed in a white spaghetti-strap top and hemmed jean shorts that came just above mid-thigh of her long legs and she was beaming. She dropped her bag but didn’t speak, just rushed forward, and engulfed him with both arms around his neck and shoulders as he tried to hold his wet hands away from her clothes.

“Well, hello to you too, be careful and don’t get wet,” and she let him go long enough to dry his hands before they embraced again.

“God I’ve missed you,” she gushed.

Randy noticed that the nose ring was gone as they parted, and he held both her hands and took her in, “You look fabulous. And thank you.”

She tilted her head and began to swing her hands as he held them, “For?”

He leaned in to kiss her, “Making the decision to take the jewelry out of your nose,” and he enveloped her mouth with his while still holding her hands, now out to their sides. He broke the kiss and as he pulled away, she came back for another and he wrapped her arms around her back and held her there as she passionately kissed him. When she relented, she leaned her head back and asked him, “What’s for supper?”

He continued to hold her arms tight around her back, “Well, since casino oyna you don’t eat much meat and I figured, given the planned activity of the evening that you wouldn’t want anything heavy,” her eyes smiled at him and she could barely contain her grin, “I put a salad together and did a little skirt steak to add to mine. That do?” and he released her.

Halley put one hand on the countertop and the other on her hip, “Planned activity of the evening, that’s a good one. Yea, a salad will do. Is it ready? Cause I’m starvin’.”

They sat at the breakfast nook that looked down upon the pool and the river at the bottom of the bluff and ate. He asked her what the overnight bag was for and she told him she just brought a change of clothes for afterward.

Randy pointedly turned in his chair and looked back at the bag, still on the kitchen floor. “How many clothes were you planning to put on Halley?”

“Shut up,” she mugged her face at him playfully and the conversation turned to her job and what she had been up to for the last several weeks. As she finished her salad, she changed the subject.

“I was wondering, can we stay in and make our own fireworks instead of going out?” and she gave him her best mischievous grin.

Randy forked the last of his own supper into his mouth and chewed, stretching out the process as he looked out the window. He could see Halley watching him and slowly starting to fidget. After teasing her enough for that moment, he wiped his mouth on a napkin and took a drink of sweet tea before looking back to her.

“I really like fireworks, but I tell you what, we’ll skip ’em and I’ll let you pick, but whatever you pick, I control. How ’bout that?”

She wrinkled her nose up and thought for a moment before replying, “I don’t know all the different details about how to do things like you do. So, I can’t tell you specifics, but since our last time I’ve been thinking,” and Randy interrupted her.


“Shut up,” and she threw her napkin his direction and laughed.

She looked down at her plate as the words came, “As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, I’ve been thinking. I wanna test my limits, so I want you to fuck me harder and rougher,” and she folded her hands under her chin and looked up at him in anticipation.

Randy tried to hide a smile, but was unsuccessful.

Halley rose from her chair and came around to his, asking, “What? What are you smiling at?” and she sat fully in his lap with her arms around his shoulders and kissed his shaved head before placed her forehead against his.

Randy held her around her waist and told her, “I love to see you finding yourself.”

“That’s ok, I love fucking you,” and she slid sideways and grabbed his cock through his pants.

Randy widened his eyes in mock indignation, “Oh this is what you want? OK, you little slut, on your knees over by the column,” and he pointed to one of the vertical support columns that separated the bar and kitchen area from the dining room.

The slut comment did not even phase Halley as she rose from his lap and made her way over, leaving a trail of her sandals, top, shorts and thong along the way. Randy followed her path and added his own clothes to it and when he caught up to her, she had turned defiantly toward him with her back to the wooden column.

He leaned in to kiss her and as he did, he grasped both of her hard, puffy nipples with a thumb and forefinger, giving them a good twist and making her squeak and rise on her toes.

“On your knees, feet underneath your ass and put your arms behind you around the post,” he commanded, and he went to the bar and retrieved a pair of bondage cuffs. He bound her wrists behind her around the column, connecting the cuffs with a double-ended bolt snap.

When he returned to face her, she looked up at him with shameless expectation. He ran his fingers through her hair and gently pulled it back behind her and out of her face and then straighten and presented his cock to her.

She purred, “Oh yes,” and she rose from her knees and engulfed the dome of his thick cock with her mouth. Working herself into a frenzy, she sucked him off hard as she proceeded to face fuck herself, intent on growing his cock to its full ten inches.

Randy just watched, hands behind his back as she buried it deep in her throat with her nose to his pelvis and held herself there for seconds on end, sucking as hard as she was able. When she needed air, she backed off all the way until just the head was in her mouth, took a deep breath and exhaling before sucking it to the root again with her next breath to the sound of her gullet swallowing. As it grew hard, she began to have difficulty taking it deep as the curve of her throat and the rigidness of his penis were at odds with each other; so she converted to tonguing the wide cockhead and after ten minutes Randy felt the rise of his climax begin to make its journey from his balls.

When he could hold back no longer, her took a handful of her scalp at the top of her head and bent it back off his cock and a thick, white canlı casino rope shot across Halley’s face from the tip of her nose up the bridge and the center of her forehead to the edge of her hair. She opened her mouth wide and took the excess onto her tongue and swallowed greedily. Randy used his stiff cock to wipe the rope from her nose and forehead and brought it down to her face and she sucked his jism from it until it was clean.

“That what you wanted?” he asked her.

“Yes, but I need you to make me cum,” and she rocked up and down with her legs.

Randy reached behind her and undid the snap on her cuffs and stood her up. Leaning her back against the column, he hooked both her legs and speared her completely with his cock and she sucked in air forcefully and looked to the ceiling, wrapping both arms tightly around his shoulders. He did not begin to fuck her, instead carrying her across the wide foyer to his bedroom and then letting them both fall onto the king-sized bed with his cock still buried inside her.

Halley locked her legs around his waist, her hands along his sides as they kissed deeply, and he began a steady fuck of her needy pussy with his equally needy cock. She came almost immediately but he did not slow down; instead, he increased his pace and she began to coo in his ear as he kissed her neck and ear.

As he rocked her body, Halley could feel something different about this second orgasm, whether it was the wait or the position she did not know, but it built deep inside her and the warmth of it spread, as if in her blood stream, throughout her body.

She dug into his ass with her heels and urged him on harder and as he responded she came to feel that every inch of her sexual self was sending signals to her brain. And then it overloaded.

When the orgasm hit, Halley’s legs moved higher along Randy’s back as if she were climbing, until Randy was pounding straight down into her pussy and she called to him, “Oh Randy,” her speech then devolving into gibberish. He could make out the occasional “Fuck” and “Please,” but the rest of her words were unintelligible.

Her legs worked in unison with his continued strokes and her fingernails raked fire down his back as she continued to call out in what Randy came to think of as speaking in tongues.

It was as she reached her zenith that his own second orgasm hit. He let her use her legs to lock him deep inside of her as he spurted three, four, five times. When he was empty, he noticed that she had fallen silent and her limbs had grown limp. He rolled off beside her and watched as she slowly regained herself.

When Halley opened her eyes, he asked her, “Was that Spanish?”

She slowly turned her head toward him, her face slack-jawed, “What are you talking about?”

“What language were you crying out in?”

She sat up and placed her far hand on his chest and supported her head with the near one, “I cried out? In a foreign language?”

He smiled at her, “Yes, but don’t worry about it.”

She stuttered trying to find the right words until she settled on, “I can’t explain it, but it was great! In fact, it was fan-damn-tastic!” and she rolled onto him and kissed him deeply. Randy reached with a hand and cupped a butt cheek, separating it from its twin with his forefinger and felt where his cum was leaking from her.

When Halley came up for air from the kiss, he told her, “We might need to look into getting you a manicure,” and her face quizzed him as she sat up on her knees and inspected her fingernails. Without a word she rolled Randy up on his side and traced two sets of four parallel red marks down each side of spinal cord from his shoulders to his kidney area.

“Shit! I did that? I’m sorry, Randy,” and she looked to him as she let him lie flat, “I’m so sorry, I don’t remember doing that.”

He laughed lightly, “That’s okay baby, you don’t remember speaking in tongues either.”

She grimaced a smile and shook her head, “No, I don’t remember that either. Guess I came kinda hard didn’t I?”

He rubbed her arm and lightly tweaked a nipple, “Wasn’t it good?”

“Oh yeah,” she acknowledged and switched gears on him, “can we do it again?”

“That depends,” and he nodded toward his limp cock.

Halley side-slipped on her knees until she was over it and, taking it in her hand, told him, “We’re gonna hafta get you some of those blue pills,” before she guided it into her mouth.

“Hey, even limp, it’s still bigger than Brandon’s!” and she swatted him on the chest with a palm while she continued to suck and lick his cock.

Randy decided to wade deeper, fishing for the right reply, “Oh, and I already have the little blue pills, I just didn’t take one today because I figured it had been so long that you would like to work for it,” and he barely contained his laugh.

Halley stopped sucking and turned her head to look at him, stating with emphasis on each word, “Fuck you!”

Receiving the response he had been trolling for, his playfulness melted, “That’s the general idea baby, now let’s see how good of a kaçak casino cock slut you are, shall we?” and he took her head and pushed it down to his hardening cock without resistance.

Halley went to work in earnest, knowing that the sooner it got hard, the sooner she got to get fucked by it. She sucked and licked and then for the first time she licked and sucked his balls as she stroked his shaft. Randy gave her encouragement and egged her on as her pace became more hurried and needful. When she had it ready, she jacked him off hard with her hand while she looked at him, “There you go, now use it, fucker!”

Randy laid out an open palm toward his dick, “Your chariot awaits, madam,” and Halley turned to face him and climb on. “No, turn the other way, reverse cowgirl,” and she reversed and swung her leg over his chest, his cum still leaking from her pussy.

She rose on her knees and placed the head of his cock at her entrance, adjusted her hips for a better angle and sunk down on it in one motion as more of his sperm from earlier squished out of her. This did not deter her, and she placed her hands on his thighs and began to work her hips on his cock.

Randy lay flat, letting her set the pace. This had been his plan for the evening, sans the face fuck bound to the post, to give her a good conventional fucking. When she had told him that she wanted it rougher and harder, it had surprised him, but pleased him as well. He would have to think up some more intense scenarios for the rest of the week if she wanted to return.

Back to the present, she was working hard on his dick, but wasn’t getting the full effect, so he decided the give her a hand.

“Halley, lean back towards me and I will support your back with my hands,” and she followed instructions to the letter, briefly pausing with his cock buried inside her. “Now, get up on your feet and use your legs to move your entire body up and down on me.”

On the first stroke, she immediately went into “Oh god,” mode as she began to work her pussy on his dick. Randy had his hands on her lower back, but was just supporting her as she rode. He could see the lips of her pussy as it gripped his cock like a glove, extending as she rose and folding in as she plummeted, faster and faster.

Her hands were behind her on his midsection and as he realized his orgasm was nearing, he took them into his own hands and interlocked fingers with Halley, allowing her to pound down on him with all her weight. He wanted to sit up and pound her, but on the bed he would have no leverage without sliding back to the headboard and he didn’t want to interrupt her, so he tucked the thought away for later as he felt his balls about to erupt.

When Halley felt the first spurt from his cock, she sank down on him to the root and ground her pussy into his cock and triggered her own orgasm as she continued to rock her hips back and forth into him. She tossed her head back and screamed in passion as his hot seed continued to fill her and when they both were spent, she fell back onto his chest and let his cock emerge from her. Randy caressed her breasts and kissed the back of her neck and shoulders as she wallowed in her afterglow.

After a few minutes she reached between her legs and felt the cum dripping from her snatch, tasted it, turned her head toward him and laughingly told him, “I think we need a shower.”

He laughed with her and added, “Yep, and a change of sheets too. Are you spending the night?”

She had never spent the night with him before. She had fucked him, but never slept with him or with any male for that matter. Without hesitation she quickly replied, “If I can, I would like to.”

Randy kissed her shoulder blade, “Good, let’s get that shower,” and he rolled her off him and smacked her ass before sprinting to the Master Bathroom. When Halley arrived, her face was agog at the huge dual headed shower, one on each end of the oversized shower done in Italian marble. What really set her to wonder was the giant tub for two that was built into a platform before three large windows.

“Can’t people see in?” she wondered aloud.

“Not unless they climb a tree, but it wouldn’t do them any good. Windows are one-way. If you looked in from outside all you would see would be smoke colored glass and your own reflection,” and he ushered her into the shower.

They washed each other lovingly, him taking care with her pussy, she with his back and when they were finished, they toweled each other off. Randy then used a hand-held dryer on her wet hair. Naked they walked back into his bedroom and looked at the mess they had made.

“Damn,” Halley laughingly observed. Randy just laughed and then hugged her from behind.

“Go get your bag and both our clothes, I’ll strip the bed,” and he pointed her out.

When she returned, she dropped her bag and clothes on the dresser and continued into the bathroom to deposit his in the hamper. Randy had already gotten out another set of sheets and was putting on the fitted sheet as she passed by. He had the bed finished except for the comforter when she returned and dug into her bag for her night clothes. Randy had his back to her, but when he went to the other side of the bed to tuck in the top sheet, he glanced and then did a double take.

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