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Men have fantasies. Some men act them out. Women have fantasies as well, some more than men but are relunctant to act them out for fear of being labeled.

I am a woman and I have fantasies, I have yet to act out all of them but I’m not afraid to. It’s just finding the right guy and the right circumstances to do so. Here is a fantasy of mine…

I am in a hotel room overlooking the bay. The window is open. The breeze makes the curtain flow in the air, the wind on my body sends chills all over me. I am in your buttoned shirt, pantiless, awaiting for you to return from your shower. I do not hear your footsteps because I am too busy thinking of last night. I smell the water from the bay below us. You creep behind me. Startled at your touch, I giggle. Your hands are warm on my bare legs. You’re dripping wet from your shower. You are so close, so fresh. Your hands ease their way up both legs. I love the way you make me feel. Your hands caress my ass, a little longer than they should but I don’t mind, I like the way it feels. Your hands are soft, my ass fits in casino oyna your palms. You rub my bum as if you are waiting for a genie to appear. I am her. I am granting your wishes. I smile to myself.

“This shirt has to go.” You whisper in my ear. Your Russian accent sending my senses reeling. You undo each button, carefully, seductively. My breasts are exposed, you turn me to face you. You grab me in your arms and off to the bed we go. You lay me gently on the blankets. You notice my hardened nipples. You take each in a forefinger and thumb and play, making them harder. You bend nearer to me, to my breasts. You wrap your lips around my nub and suck and suck. Nibbling and sucking, teasing and pleasing. You move across to the other one, taking the nipple in your lips, sucking. I lay my head back and moan. I cum. You feel the orgasm ripple through my body. You smile to yourself, pleased.

I feel your hardness against my leg. I feel how much you want me. I hear it in your breath, I feel it in your touch. Yet you wait. Your fingers trail my stomach, down to my canlı casino womanness. You feel my swollen maidenhead. You rub, you play. I am wet. You have made me this way. You excite me, entice me, seduce me. You are finesse, you are strength, you are what you are and I can no longer hide my wanting. You finger me, inserting one deep inside and then another. I go with the rhythm you have set. I cum again. You move your way down, spreading my legs even further apart and bury your tongue inside me. Lapping me up, making love to me. Another wave comes crashing and I explode in your mouth.

I whisper your name in the air. You smile. You know you have me. I will do anything you want.

You ease up and sit face to face to me, caressing my chin, my cheeks, my hair. We kiss. A kiss to die for. Full of passion, succulence, musky, full of wanting, needing, craving, you want me, I want you. We kiss for what seems an eternity. Your hand at the back of my neck, playing with my hair, pulling me as close to your lips as you can. I taste you, I smell you. My need to have you kaçak casino again is great as is yours. I pull away.

I trace your body with my tongue. Your hardness evident. Your uncut cock waiting for release, pleasure, whatever it is I wish to give it. I wrap my lips around you. I take your shaft as deep as I can go with it. I feel your veins, your arousal. I suck and suck and I come up and move to your balls. I suck and play with them, gently teasing them. I go back to sucking your manhood. I go faster and deeper as I can. I feel you’re almost there. I go even faster, looking into your eyes, your close. I feel the waves crashing against the shore as you explode into my mouth. I have you. My hunger fed. I love the way you taste.

We lay there momentarily, sated. Until you scoop me in your arms and we play again. This time you roll me over and take me. No foreplay. You bury your cock deep inside my pussy and ram me hard. Faster and harder you fuck me. I love when you do me like this. My breasts flopping with each thrust. Your animalistic ways taking over. I am your prey. You explode again deep within me. You fall upon me. We kiss and kiss.

You have proven my theory for tonight, I have slept with my hockey player and I will forever be your puckbunny….to be cont’d…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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