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I let myself in thru the back gate, glad to be home at the end of a long day. As I reached for the doorknob, the door opened, revealing the darkened interior of the family room, lit only by softly flickering candles. My husband stepped out from behind the door, a devilish grin on his handsome face.

“What do you have planned?” I laughed, intrigued by the scene that had been set inside.

“Ahh, you’ll just have to wait and see,” he teased as he nudged me into the room and closed the door. “You forgot it was Valentine’s Day, didn’t you?”

I looked at him, stricken. He always went out of his way to be thoughtful and romantic, and while I am thoughtful, I am more practical than romantic. We were newly married, and money was tight, and so I had pushed the holiday and any accompanying gift to the back of my mind.

He laughed at my guilty face. “Relax, nothing is expected of you in return. This night is my gift to you. You letting me have this night is your gift to me.” I looked at him, not sure exactly what to read into that, and raised my eyebrows as he pulled a silk blindfold from behind his back.

He pulled me close to him, wrapping his strong arms around my waist. “Please, baby, trust me.”

I looked into those big brown eyes, and with a slight shiver, nodded my head. I trusted him, but he had far more experience in all things sexual, and I knew there were things he had done that I had probably never even heard of.

He gently covered my eyes, and tied the blindfold snugly around my head. “Ready?” he asked as he led me further into the room. He guided me to the floor, where it felt as though he had spread a thick blanket. He sank down next to me, and gently kissed me. His fingers slowly traced over my face as he deepened his kisses. His hands moved lower, as he unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it back off my body. My bra followed, and his tongue traced a path from my neck, down to where my breasts strained upward to meet that tongue. He fastened his mouth over a nipple, swirling his tongue, nipping gently with his teeth. The sensory deprivation provided by the blindfold was making all these sensations sharper than usual. I was already arching off the floor, and could feel between my legs beginning to moisten. His hands slid up along my arms, bringing them up above my head. I felt something soft slide around one wrist, then tighten. I started to protest, but he hushed me with gentle words and sweet kisses. My other arm was fastened, and I felt exposed and vulnerable. He must have felt the anxiety rolling off me in waves. His mouth close to my ear, he whispered I was safe, and he would let me go the minute I asked. I hesitated, and then slowly relaxed my body. He resumed trailing his tongue along my skin, across the flat plane of my stomach, to the waistband of my jeans. He undid the buttons, and then tugged the jeans down and off, taking my panties with them.

“Roll over,” he whispered, his breath tickling my ear and causing goose bumps to dimple my skin. As I complied, he straddled my lower back, and I realized he had removed all his clothes somewhere along the way. His strong hands began to knead my shoulders, and a small moan escaped as the day’s stress melted beneath his hands. He poured oil onto my skin, his fingers digging in where ever he felt a knot. I was lost in a sensuous haze as his hands moved lower along my spine, and used his palms to smooth it into my , stroking across my lower back, his lips and tongue following behind. His hands moved to my buttocks, kneading and rubbing. Then down my thighs and calves, every inch pampered. He brought his hands back to my shoulders, then took his forefinger and slowly ran it along my spine, down to the cleft between my cheeks. I startled as his finger brushed my back entrance on its way to search out and stroke my little pleasure nub.

“Shhhh,’ casino oyna he whispered into my ear, his tongue following the curve of my ear as I shivered in delight. My body was taut with pleasure, and I was aching for him to take me.

“Please…please,” I begged him, not sure myself what it was I wanted.

“Baby, we are just getting started,” he murmured as he moved to my other ear. His finger continued to explore the soft folds around my nub, then began the slow journey back up my spine, his finger again grazing my most private place, his touch whisper soft. His tongue took the place of his finger at the nape of my neck, and slowly, so slowly, his tongue followed the bumps of my spine back downward. I pulled against the restraints; the sensations were becoming almost too intense. His tongue paused at the small of my back, and he nudged my legs further apart with his knees. His tongue resumed its journey, delving between my cheeks and casually passing across my small puckered opening again. My body jolted, and his hands came up to soothe me, stroking my body in long, smooth strokes. He turned me over onto my back, and then lowered his head between my legs. I moaned, as he licked and stroked me. His fingers slowly moved lower, and I felt one long digit slide into me as his mouth fastened onto my clit.

“Oh, God….Oh, God…Oh, God…Oh, God…Yes, yes,” I babbled as I felt my release start to build. My muscles tightened thru out my entire body, and my head tossed restlessly from side to side. The build up to this had been so long, and so carefully stoked, I knew this was going to be intense.

“Yes, yes, YES,” I cried as I felt my pleasure peak. Just then, he slid his finger from my wet heat and pushed it into my small rear opening. I screamed as the sensations pushed me over the top, joining the orgasm starting to wash over me, my body shaking and shimmying. His finger slid in and out of my ass slowly and smoothly, teasing nerve endings I never knew existed. Gradually, my contracting muscles relaxed, and I sank bonelessly into the blanket beneath me as he pulled his finger from me. I felt him move up and settle next to me, pulling me into his arms as he undid the restraints and pulled the blindfold off.

“What the hell was that?” I asked, still a bit stunned at the intensity of my orgasm.

“Liked that, did you?” he laughed. His voice dropped lower, almost to a purr. “There is more, you know.” He reached behind me, and handed me a full wine glass. We clinked glasses, and sipped our wine.

“Did you like that?” he asked as his fingers dipped back between my thighs, stroking the soft skin, still slick from before.

“Which part?” I laughed. “The massage, the kissing, the blindfold, the sense of helplessness, the…” My voice broke as one of his fingers moved lower, lightly tracing the rim of my pucker.

“That part,” he said.

“That?” I squeaked. I cleared my throat.” I didn’t think I would, but I think I did,” I admitted. He had casually mentioned anal sex, and we had even watched porn together that had featured it, but I was sure it was dirty, wrong and painful. Was I wrong? The sensations that his gently probing finger were causing was making me reconsider.

“You think you did? Hmmm, how can we help you decide?” he murmured against my neck as his teeth grazed the tendons along my throat. His thumb found my clit and began to rub, as his finger slid into my backdoor just a bit. Encouraged by my soft sigh, he pushed in a bit further. He felt me stiffen slightly, and he stilled his finger as his thumb picked up the pace.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked softly.

“No, not really. It feels strange, and kind of embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing?” he laughed. “We’ve had sex in public places, in a million positions, you’ve left welts on my back from digging your canlı casino nails in, your screams of pleasure have left my ears ringing, and you are embarrassed because my finger is in your ass?”

I punched at him. “I’ve never been touched there! Stop making fun!”

His finger wiggled slightly, burrowing in deeper, and the laughter died on his lips as I gasped. He moved back down, his head once again between my thighs. He looked up at me.

“Trust me.”

I stared at him for a minute, then closed my eyes and lay back. He kissed me and licked me intimately, causing me to relax. His finger began to push insistently, working its way into my tight rear passage. He slowly withdrew his finger, and I felt cold lube being rubbed around my rim, then the tube against the pucker as he put lube inside me. His finger was back a moment later, rubbing gently around the outside, and then pressing firmly against my asshole until his finger slid in. It felt good, now that I was relaxed and open to the sensations. Slowly he stroked his finger in and out, and I felt the heat beginning to build in me. He pulled his finger out, and then added a second lubed finger alongside the first. I sucked in my breath as my sphincter stretched to allow them in. There was pressure, but no real pain. He continued to lick and suckle while his fingers probed, but he was careful not to bring me too close to the edge, he wanted my full attention on the sensations in my ass. From somewhere in the folds of the blanket, he pulled out a slim vibrator. He nudged my clit with it a few times, and then slid it back and forth along my soaking wet folds before sliding it into my pussy. He watched my face as he turned it on. I felt so full, his fingers in my ass, the vibrator in me too, and his tongue on my clit. He stroked the vibrator in and out, working out a rhythm with his fingers. I could feel my desire building, a slight sweat beginning to coat my skin. He eased his fingers out of me, then slid the vibrator out of my wet heat and placed the tip against my ass. I felt it move into me, stretching me, the sensations new and exciting. I was so turned on, I was afraid I was going to jump out of my skin.

“I need you inside me. Now. Please, right now,” I begged. He pulled the vibrator from me, and moved up and over me, sliding his huge cock into me in one thrust. I came instantly, the orgasm slamming thru me. He, as usual, exhibited amazing control, and continued to stroke in and out of me as my orgasm ebbed. He pulled out, still hard, my juices glistening on him in the candlelight. He flipped me over onto my knees, and slowly fed his cock back into my pussy.

“God, you are so hot and tight,” he groaned as he went balls deep. He filled me completely, his cock a full three fingers wide.

My head snapped up as I heard a soft buzzing and then felt the vibrator nudging up against my anus.

“Ok?” he asked.

I bit my lip and nodded. I didn’t know how he was going to fit anything more inside me, his cock was already taking up too much room. But slowly, firmly, he inched the vibrator inside me, filling me until I thought I would burst.

“I can feel it buzzing,” he said, his voice sounding a bit hoarse. He began to move in and out of me, sliding the vibrator out as he pulled out, pushing it in as he pushed in. I began to push back against him, wanting more as my body adjusted to the fullness. The feelings were overwhelming; it was almost too much stimulation. I could feel the familiar tightening starting to build again. Then, he stopped suddenly, his thick cock sunk fully into my body.

“I want to fuck your ass.”

I sucked in a deep breath. “No. It’ll never fit. You’re huge.”

“I won’t hurt you, I promise. Just let me try.”

I opened my mouth to say no again, but found myself saying yes, in a tiny whisper. Not tiny enough, kaçak casino because he heard me. He pulled out of me, leaving the vibrator inside me. He took the lube and coated his cock with a thick layer. He eased the vibrator from my bottom, and pushed two fingers in. I was pretty loosened up from all the activity back there already, and his fingers slid in fairly easily. He began to work them in and out of my rear passage, the bumps of his knuckles causing my anus to quiver as they passed thru the muscles. He slid his other hand under me and found my clit, rubbing it in slow, lazy circles. As I started to relax, I felt a third finger attempt to join the other two in my ass. It was too tight, and there was no more room. He eased his fingers from me, and loaded up with more lube. He stacked his fingers so his index and ring finger were together, and his middle finger was on top of them, making his fingers form something of a wedge shape. He placed his fingertips against me, and slowly, slowly began to push into me. I struggled to relax my muscles, but I was afraid of the pain. He continued to push, and I continued to try to open for him. Finally, he was in to his first knuckles.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

I nodded my head, not trusting my voice. The discomfort was intense, but I could feel the pleasure right there with it, and I wanted to do this. He wiggled and flexed his fingers, causing sensation to jump along the nerve endings. Then he slowly pulled out of me, leaving me feeling strangely empty. He took his rock hard cock and lined the head up with the tiny puckered opening. He pushed against me, but my body wasn’t yielding a bit.

“Bear down….you know, like you are pushing something out of your body.”

I bore down, and I felt him inch in. There was a terrible stretching, burning feeling, like I was being split in two. I whimpered as the pain flooded thru me, and he stilled instantly.

“Do you want me to stop? Am I hurting you?”

I thought about how this whole night had been about my pleasure, from the full body rubdown, to teaching me about new pleasure points. And now, even though he had been delaying his pleasure for hours, his only concern was for my comfort.

“No,” I gasped as tears rolled down my face. “Don’t stop.”

He pushed in, meeting resistance from my virginal anus the entire way. Then I felt a pop as his cockhead made it past the sphincter. He groaned as the muscle snugged down on his shaft, and held himself still as my body adjusted. The burning, splitting sensation eased, and I felt a fullness and a pleasure unlike any I had felt before. I pushed myself back onto his cock, and moaned as his thighs met the back of my legs. He slowly pulled out, inch by inch, the friction amazing. He began to move faster, and I pushed back to meet him on every thrust. I was amazed at how many nerve endings were lit up back there, every vein on his cock caused my sphincter to flex and contract. I felt my orgasm building, and then felt his fingers tighten on my hips as he began to slam into me. I came so hard, and so fast, everything went black for a few seconds. As I regained my senses, I heard him give a hoarse shout, his fat cock jerking as he shot his seed deep inside me. We both collapsed forward, him still inside me.

“I have never come like that,” he said, his voice shaking slightly.

After a few minutes of lying there, exhausted, he gently pulled out of me.

“Are you hurting?” he asked quietly, his fingers sliding lazily up and down my back.

“Not really hurt. More like sore,” I mumbled, already falling asleep. “Will it always be like that? Will it always be such a fight to get it in?”

“Always?” he said, perking up. “Does that mean there will be a next time?”

“That depends on how you answer the question, wise guy.”

“No,” he said, dropping a kiss on my cheek as he brushed the hair out of my face. “Your muscles will learn to relax. Even the next time will be more comfortable, I promise.”

He pulled her against him as they both drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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