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This is entirely a work of fiction.

Simone was woken in the early hours by a fleeting kiss which dropped like a butterfly on her bare shoulder but before she had reached full consciousness her bedroom door closed softly behind the perpetrator.

The only clue left behind was an elusive trace of aftershave which she knew so well. She stretched out sinuously and sighed deeply with pleasure.

It could only have been Jake. Her brother was home. He had been due at around midnight and she had been anticipating his return for weeks, looking forward to seeing him so much that it hurt. But he had been late arriving and in the end she had fallen asleep.

Jake was her step-fathers son and Simone had admired, no loved, her elder brother for as long as she could remember. This was not merely a sibling love, in fact as time went on she had developed a full on sexual desire for Jake. A feeling which had at first disturbed the girl but as she had gotten older and the yearning grew stronger her shame got less, so with a hand between her legs she fell asleep again knowing she would see him in the morning.

But even before the alarm sounded Simone woke to a body crying out for relief. In truth this was not unusual nor was the solution. In fact lately her bodily needs had begun to interfere seriously with Simone’s academic studies. Not enough to reduce her exam marks but enough to turn her thoughts away from the studies she had enjoyed until her hormones had begun to take charge.

She felt the climax approach and welcomed the stiffening of her body as with muscles tensing like cramps the orgasm ripped through her loins. Simone’s murmur’s and sighs during the early build up of excitement, then at achieving satisfaction were like a running commentary. But while still gasping for breath her eyes eventually opened to find she had an audience.

It was her home again brother who was now applauding silently at the open door and clearly totally unapologetic. Annoyed she shot up only then remembering that she was naked and snatching up the duvet to cover her breasts.

“How long have you been spying on me?”

Despite her embarrassment which was now fading rapidly she drank in the sight of him. His tousled inky black hair, the come to bed eyes, and the stubble on his firm chin all served to make her melt like a slab of chocolate in the hot sun.

But even if his life had depended upon it Jake couldn’t say anything in reply being struck speechless by the brief glimpse of her perfect breasts. Those glorious orbs so suddenly revealed to his gaze had caused his already rampant erection to weep precum now visible on his track suit pants. So in an effort to disguise the evidence he swiftly sat on the edge of her bed and eventually replied.

“I’m truly sorry Simmi.”

His regret was genuine and she saw it in his eyes.

“Never mind Jake. At least you know I’ve grown up in your absence.”

“Haven’t you just. I’ve only been away for a couple of years and I return to find that you’ve gone from being a shapeless string bean to becoming a shapely woman… and how.”

Then, unable to control her actions, she ran a hand appreciatively over his bare chest before letting it stray down to rest on his muscular thigh. She giggled.

“So now were quits Jake, I’ve spied on you for ever.”

Jake’s scrambled brain at last began to catch up. When had she watched him? Had she watched him wank? Obviously, but then hadn’t he spied on her this very morning so perhaps they were even. However now she had become a stunner. Not only was she as sharp as a tack (Simone had always been much brighter than him) but now had a gorgeous body to go with the previous good looks. She could enslave any bloke she wanted, him included.

Simone eyes flicked excitedly between his face and the moist patch plain in his track suit bottoms. He had almost solely filled her lately developed sexual fantasies and now here he was, home and in her bedroom and with a stiffie she had only dreamt of.

“Who do you think of when you jack off?”

Her voice seemed to come from far away as he marvelled at the memory of her cute breasts so briefly exposed. But he seemed to know exactly what she was thinking and answered immediately.

“From now on it’ll be mostly you. Does that fill you with disgust?”

“No, I like it that you would. But only mostly?”

“Come on Simmi, isn’t that bad enough? But go and have your shower sister dear then you can join me and Mom for breakfast.”

But as she swilled away the suds her head was consumed in a swirl of conflicting thoughts. Why had she been so pleased that he had watched her masturbate.? And what did that say about her? Could she dare to wank him off? Would he let her?

Mother and step-son were already at the table when she drifted in. But when Simone was finally seated she found it difficult to meet Jake’s unfathomable expression. Realising her problem he smiled but then rescued his step-sister by taking his mother’s attention.

“I only got in very istanbul escort early this morning Mom.”

“I’m only sorry that I wasn’t up to greet you, but how was the flight my darling?”

“Long and boring, but it at least arrived on time.”

“Well it was you who wanted to do your MA in the States.” Simone was dismissive of Jake’s implied complaint.

“Enough of the scratching you two,” said their mother who was already sensing an undercurrent which she wanted to nip in the bud, “besides which it’s your summer holidays so I want no arguments while you’re under this roof.”

Jake and Simone each had a self contained suite of rooms on one side of the courtyard which contained the swimming pool. On the other side was the family kitchen and beyond that the pool changing room while joining those single storey wings was the two storey house occupied by their parents and by occasional visitors.

Jake’s father was considerably older than his wife and a university professor with family money. Simone’s mother was a doctor in a local General Practice. They had married shortly after their original partners had in his case died suddenly and in her’s had returned to his native country and to another woman.

By mid-afternoon there were three twenty four year old hunks lying next to the pool each oiled up for the sun and Simone had been summoned by her brother to provide a round of drinks. Not unwillingly it should be said but hampered by trying not to stare at the obvious bulge’s in three pairs of trunks as she took their orders and retired to the kitchen.

All those near naked bodies had pretty near blown her mind but by striving to concentrate on the job she had been set Simone finally managed to regain some control over her mind and body. Not that this was easy because the young lady was not as experienced in this male-female interaction as her beauty might indicate. In fact, if she was a boy, her description might have been ‘nerdy’ as her brilliant exam results might indicate.

“Rum and coke for Tarquin, and a beer for Billy” Simone had returned to their midst but gulped as Billy turned over to accept the glass only to expose the helmet of a full on boner which had crept above the material of his abbreviated trunks. The inadvertent gulp as she caught a clear view immediately destroyed the young ladies efforts to appear cool but she finally tore her eyes away from his challenging look to finish the job. “And a whisky sour for Jake.”

With the job now done she escaped quickly back to the house and sought her bedroom. A spot of revision might still her beating heart.

Jake had heard his mothers car leave on the following morning and was already stroking his erection when the door opened to reveal Simone.

He reluctantly let go of his favourite possession although it still formed a mountain in the sheet as she bounced into his room pretty nearly naked.

“Do you like my new bosom’s?”

She cupped her breasts and raised them saucily. He merely gulped in reply but his prick jerked. A reaction not missed by Simone.

“He did at least.”

She came over and sat on the edge of his bed, her manner changing in a second from joky humour to one of entreatment.

“Can I do that for you?”


“You know, bring you off.” Despite himself Jake burst into laughter but was sobered immediately by her look of disappointment. “Have you ever done it before?”

“No, that’s why I want to learn from an expert.”

Now the grin was back on her face.

“Be my guest.”

He lay down and she slowly peeled back the bedding to reveal his stiffie which she eyeballed closely.

“You’re bigger than Billy.”

“I thought you said you hadn’t done this before?”

“I haven’t. It’s just that he virtually pushed his cock in my face at the pool yesterday.”

Simone reached out tentatively and at the first contact of her fingertips the erect penis jerked and her breathing went up a notch.

“You’ve been circumcised.”

This needed no reply but her hot breath on his skin made him break into a sweat which increased as her hand closed around his pole. She moved the delicate palm up and down slowly while muttering “the skin is so smooth” than skipped up onto the bed and planted one knee on either side of his recumbent torso as if to improve her angle of attack.

By now he was incapable of speech, in fact near to shooting off, but she did something clever with her other hand to grip and successfully close off the urge. Then she lowered her tush to rub the damp furrow rhythmically on his taut thigh as her breathing went up yet another notch.

“Am I doing okay?”

Jake was only capable of nodding. He counted himself as pretty experienced but he had never been in a situation like this.

Twice more she succeeded in bringing him to the point of no return only to play that clever trick again and make it all recede but eventually as he rose a fourth time Jake grabbed avcılar escort her hands and with a grunt of pleasure spurted pent up cum against her little flat belly.

Simone fell against him, laid herself horizontal along his body and whispered in his ear.

“Was that good?”

“Bloody hell Simmi that was awesome, but where did you learn that trick to stop me cumming?”

“One of those magazines in the mom’s surgery waiting room.”

“So not one of your text books?”

“It might have been. But can you bear to do the same for me?”

“That seems a fair trade but can we clean up a bit first?”

Simone gurgled deep in her throat and bounced into the bathroom to reappear with wet flannels and towels which she used to restore order before flopping back on the bed with her legs splayed to reveal the blond hair which covered her pudenda. He gulped again feeling very un-cool.

“Are we allowed to kiss?”

“What do you think?” He was puzzled at the question.

“I need to practice.”

This unambiguous answer charmed Jake and seemed to break the ice that had suddenly formed. In fact she was a good kisser from the start but once his hand had found her clitoris she threw her head back out of reach.

Now she was panting, interspersed with mewings of pleasure, and when two of his fingers entered her sopping wet vagina and found the G-spot her head began rolling from side to side.

“There Jake, that’s the spot, but a tiny bit faster.”

He did as he was told and soon her body arched up and began bucking against his hand but as the orgasm washed over Simone her lips sought his again and her tongue was virtually rammed down his throat.

The two ensuing mornings were spent in a similar manner but on the fourth Jake realised that his sister was not her normal self.

“Can I get in with you?”

She spoke meekly while standing there in just her panties and with arms crossed under those pert breasts which still stirred him so disproportionably.

He could see eyes brimming with tears, and threw the bedding aside in a clear invitation which she accepted and then cuddled up to his front.

“What’s the matter Simmi?”

“Oh everything, just everything.”

She sniffed bravely in a effort to control the incipient tears.

“Then why are you so miserable?”

There was a silence as she seemed to be either plucking up courage or formulating the words before she buried her head in his neck and spoke in a muffled tone.

“You know I’m still a virgin…”

So what’s the problem he immediately thought. At the tender age of eighteen it was maybe unusual but in her case not surprising given that she spent every hour in the day with her pretty nose in a book.

“…and I don’t want to go off to Uni in that state.”

“But you’re beautiful. There will be a line of blokes falling over themselves to do the deed?”

“Sadly I don’t fancy any of them.”

“Well regardless, my advice is to just select someone who doesn’t completely freak you out and then get it over and done with.”

“No. That would be a recipe for disaster. I need someone experienced, you know…a real man.”

“Okay, I see where you’re coming from but who will you select?”

“Oh that’s easy, I’ve already decided.”

“Do I know him?”

There was a silence but then she pressed her stomach against his erection and giggled.

“Well brother dear, you fill the bill in every respect. So I think it would be great if you could help me out.”

“Woaah. Me! You want me to do it? Jesus H Christ!”

“Yes, you.”

“Why me of all people?”

“Because I trust you, I always have, and you know it.”

She fought shy of saying what she really felt. Couldn’t quite bring herself to say ‘because I love you’.

“Wow Simmi, okay I know we’ve got very close (a considerable understatement if he had only thought a bit deeper) but I can’t see myself doing that final act.”

“Why not?”

He shot out of bed and, despite feeling foolish standing there with a rampant boner not three feet from her face, protested with some feeling.

“Because it would be way wrong.”

“Okay, I admit that technically you are my brother, but we aren’t blood relatives so I reckon it would be alright.”

It was now clear that Simone was totally fixed on this solution to her problem but he still wasn’t sure. Okay, it was undeniable that his prick said okay and that he fancied her like hell, but despite their actions of the last few days, something still caused him to hesitate. But then she beckoned for him to return and when he was back under the sheet Simone continued on her quest to wear down Jake’s resistance.

“I mean we’ve got so near already.”

In this she was absolutely bang on the money. In fact it had been only with extreme effort that he had desisted up until now.

But she had already laid a small but persuasive hand on Jake’s erection.

“And this bit of you sez you wouldn’t have any trouble managing.”

He şirinevler escort opened his mouth to say more but she stopped him with a kiss which soon developed into a full tongue exploration leaving him with the sudden realisation that he did really want his sister enough to overcome every misgiving.

Simone’s breasts against his chest were now sending a surge of desire from toe to brain and her soft hand which was now slowly milking his prick made his mind spiral out of control. He would do anything, anything at all, that she asked.

She lifted her head to fix him with eyes full of trust and then confessed her deepest secret.

“I’ve loved you Jake since I was little but I’ve wanted you ever since puberty.”

With this admission she wriggled about under the sheet. He saw the panties appear and fall to the floor before Simone climbed over him and rose up with her knees planted on either side of his chest.

“Where do you keep the condoms Jake?”

He waved at the bedside cabinet and Simone fished one from a pack. After ripping off the foil she paused as she worked out the unfamiliar problem then un-rolled it carefully over his knob before giggling.

“Am I doing this right?”

He moved to help but she batted his hands away before rolling the prophylactic down the shaft and putting the bulbous tip at her moist labia.

“Are you sure?” He muttered although he was by now entirely committed having given up any notion of further protest.

But instead of answering she simply sank down to impale him. Her breathing altered momentarily at the twinge of pain when her hymen was pierced but once over the discomfort she recovered and began to move.

“That was easy,” She whispered but he was already too far gone to reply and much to his shame immediately ejaculated.

“I’m sorry Simmi, it’s not every day that you get to fuck your hot sister.”

“Believe me I know how you feel, but it’s really not important Jake. You’ve already done what I asked and besides that I’m sure you’ll do better next time.”

And he did, twice more in succession, so it was well after coffee time before the satisfied siblings eventually got round to showering together.

“I didn’t think I would but actually I came both times,” she said wonderingly as she soaped his back, “Like all the magazines that I’ve read reckon very few women have a orgasm during intercourse”

“I thought you only studied text books?”

“Not when I’m waiting in mother’s surgery, but thank you Jake, that was more than great.”

One morning a few days later and now well used to Simone coming barging into his room Jake didn’t even stop fisting his erection when the door opened. Indeed he would have had great difficulty in stopping and the evidence of his orgasm was soon plain to see. Although it was not his sister but his mother who then appeared. She stopped dead and a hand flew up to cover her mouth but she recovered quickly and apologised.

“I’m so sorry Jake. I should have knocked.”

Caught out he could only mumble incoherently as she came and sat nearby.

“Don’t be self-conscious, it was entirely my fault.”

She was clearly determined to take all the blame not least because the sight of his erect penis had immediately turned her mind and body to sex. But he couldn’t yet rely on stringing together any words that would make sense and then saw her glance at the copious discharge.

“At your age it goes with the territory Jake. When you get older you’ll wish it still happened.”

“Mo…oo..m?” He finally managed to get out that one single strangulated word.

“You’ve grown to be a very big boy.”

But Jake was shocked when she then reached out and calmly used the sheet to wipe him clean before disappearing into the ensuite where he heard the water run as she washed her hands. She reappeared soon in her pin stripe jacket ready for the day but not before leaving him with a promise.

“I’ll bring you home some fresh condoms tonight. Now you’re home I reckon a handsome man like you will need plenty.”

During the following weeks Simone rarely left him alone, in fact it was only the few days during her period when she stopped visiting his bed.

But, after the episode with his mother, he had taken to locking his door only to be forced up regularly to let his sister in. She would appear once their parents had retired for the night and there was no danger of discovery.

Years of lusting after Jake and lately of servicing herself had made Simone untiring in her pursuit of his cock and now that she had the chance to properly fuck her brother it became liberating. Having the use of Jake’s seemingly ever ready erection was not lost on his sister so in her hyper-excited state she decided to take every opportunity of cleaving to her love before she was forced to depart for University.

However their mother was no fool and one morning a couple of weeks later it was she who knocked on Jake’s bedroom door.

“Get back into bed Jake. I have something serious to discuss.”

He did as instructed and his mother weighed in without delay

“Have you had sex with your sister?”

He blanched but made no answer feeling that this was something he was not entitled to share but somehow his mother seemed to read the answer in his face and backed off.

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